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Romantic Love Letters for Him: This is the latest article on our website and it is based on a love letter to a male lover. We hope that you will enjoy sending the messages to that lucky guy. That lucky man you will never regret that he came into your world. You are both made for each other to always put an endless smile on your face.

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Missing your Lover

romantic love letters for him

I hope everything is fine over there? The problem is that I am pressed with love and wish I can just see you any moment from now. I hope that my sweetheart is fine and sound. Though it has been long we see but it does not even change the way I feel for you. My dear angel, I really have to let you understand how much you have been missed since the day you left. Please, tell your dad that I really appreciate his gift though I have officially appreciated him before now. Our children are doing fine but they really miss the love of their beloved father. I hope that you will be back soon? My regards to everyone around; I love you. Wherever you are, I want you to know that you are simply the best love I have ever met in life and you can’t be replaced by anyone until the end of time. I so much miss you and wish that we meet any time soon. I love you.


You are special and therefore deserve to be by my side every time but distance has taken you away. However, I will never forget you in this world no matter the condition. The purpose of this letter is to reveal my intention to you that I love you with full sincerity. I am about giving my heart to you so that you can feel free around me. I miss you; in fact, God may testify that I really miss you without any doubt. Please, come back home and get the date of our wedding. Mom and Dad are already worried about your stay in the United States. I hope that you will not be too busy this time around again? I love you and will always do. I miss you and will always do it because you are a special gem. I love you, my sweetheart.

Since the day I set my eyes on you everything about me has changed. I just have to thank you for everything you have achieved for me in my life. I miss you beyond the sky, miss you more than you can ever imagine. You may not be around but in my heart, you are one of the closest people to me. I could remember those moments we shared together and I am sure that no day will those moments skip my heart forever. I will always remember you for whom you are; my beloved husband the one I love with my sincere heart. I may not have done something superb but loving you will speak for it one day, perhaps when we meet again. Until you are back once again, greet your dad and mom for me. Tell them I love them all and appreciate their efforts on our wedding day.

You may not know how much you mean to me until you come back home and see me losing weight so rapidly. I believe that you may think that I am joking with my words but believe me that they are words of sincerity. Always remember that I owe you a lot and it is your right that I should remember you in my heart. Sweetheart, it is so painful that you are not here to celebrate your birthday; I will have been the happiest lady on earth. I miss you so much. I am so lonely and wish that we shall meet anytime soon to keep you warm. To never let your hands go off me again because I can no longer bear the pain of being in loneliness. You are the most handsome man I have ever met in my life.

The most beautiful thing that has ever occurred in my life is that I found someone like you. Maybe you are not aware of the fact that you mean the world to me but now you should understand this very fact. I love you so much and shed tears anytime I remember every moment we shared together. I miss you more than you can ever think my lovely angel the most amazing husband in the entire universe. Indeed, I am hoping to see you soon to put a smile on my face and to light sunshine in my heart with your passion. Since the day you came into my life, everything is now beautiful and wonderful and my past pain is no more in existence. I love you so much.

You are to me like the most valuable treasure on earth or let me say you are far better than the world’s most valuable mineral. I can’t even for one day forget about you, my beloved husband. You are so special and I am addicted to you. An epitome of passion that never fades, the divine love that God sent down to bring joy to my heart, after years of sorrow searching for the right man. You may not understand the impact of your love and passion on me until one day it becomes possible to read what is on the mind. I really miss you and behold I can’t live without you. Less I forget, I am wishing you all the best wherever you are. Now, I want to inform you in a special way that our daughter is rounding up her first degree next week Saturday. Please give us a surprise visit and it will be appreciated.

Life is full of ups and downs but only the strong and faithful ones can stand the pain that comes with it. So long we have been separated but it does not mean that I will ever forget you. I wish to see you soon however if destiny does not allow such thing what then will I do? I hope I can just possibly meet you at any moment from now because you are my beloved angel. The one I cherish with all my heart. There is nothing I do except that your thought will be part of it. Those beautiful moments we shared together. You know those days that what I need is no nothing but your presence. I so much miss you, my sweet angel. Now and for the rest of my life, I will always miss you. I will always want to be yours forever, my dear love.

It is my wish to be where you are right now and to be sincere with you, I don’t know where to start thanking you from; is it those dreams you achieved for me or those moments you stayed when I needed you most? I pray that your entire heart desires to be fulfilled anytime soon. My beloved sweetheart, I hope that you are fine where you are right now? I just want you to know that you are the most amazing husband in the world. Please come back home soon so that I can keep you warm. I love you to the core, my sweet angel. I will like to inform you that in my heart I kept your thought and never want to make them escape for any reason. You are my last man standing the most amazing friend and husband ever met in the entire world. Put a smile on your face and never find sorrow in your heart about me. We are fine so don’t panic.

Since the very first time I met you something told me that you will be one of the most amazing people on this earth and now I have come to realized that it is just the truth. I am so lucky to have met a very kind and wonderful person like you in my entire stay on earth so far. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see this sincerity of love and affection for someone and I believe it is for me. I just can’t stop being happy to have met a lovely man like you in life. I miss you so much that I can’t stop thinking about those cool moments we shared in the realm of love. Forever I will always be yours no matter the condition.

I will always be there for you so any time everyone seems not to be by your side just remember that after God I am the next beside you. I will never let you go; I will never stop loving you my dear heart. Day and night your thoughts will never leave my heart. You are cool, a special gem full of love and passion for me. I really miss you so much and never will I stop thinking about those beautiful songs you wrote for me. I really miss you. Believe me, you are such sweet chocolate that tastes endlessly. Just want to say I love you so much.

To Say You Mean Everything to Me

I am writing this letter in order to extend my whole feelings to you. You are such a wonderful person worthy of being celebrated forever. I love you and cherish you because you are so special, lovely, and wonderful. You mean the entire world to be the most handsome man in my life. Thank God for meeting in a lifetime, for if I never met you I wonder how boring this life will have been. I miss you at the core though you may not understand. I can buy the entire world for you if I am capable because in the first place worth more than the universe to me. I respect you and hope that God will always keep the best gift ever given to me until the end of time. I really appreciate the privilege granted to me by God for meeting someone as special as you are.

You are my ruby, love, passion, happiness, joy, compassion and husband. I love your smile because it means a mountain of joy to me. I love your face because of it worth more than a golden ocean. I love everything about you because it gives me endless joy as huge as the entire universe. I can’t compare any other man to you on this earth as you have touched the deepest part of my heart with your true love. You mean the world to me just believe me. You won’t believe how I cherish you with all my heart and so it is because I will never tell lie to you about my love. I also must let you know that you mean everything to me. Beginning from the day I set my eyes on you up till this blessed moment. I love you.

Just like yesterday, I met you and met the love of my life. I met the most handsome treasure that God has ever created for me alone. My joy and happiness the father of my kids, the one I cherish beyond the sky. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see a mansion of a love, passion, love, and endless bliss that never disappoints. Let me seize this opportunity to show you how much you mean to me. I love you beyond the most beautiful minaret on earth. My beloved angel loving you with all my heart has never been regret. I just want to say you mean the world to me. I love you.

You took this great risk to show me how much I mean to you but I want you to know that I respect you even more than the largest treasure on earth, I adore you, love you and wish you the most beautiful moment ever. I love you and wish you all the best in this world. I hope that everything is fine? Just want to let you understand you are my happiness and no one can replace you in my heart. I have come to realize that a life without you is just like an ocean of sorrow, a mountain of pain, and a river of regret upon regret. I must confess this beautiful secret that you mean the world to me. I love you, my beloved husband.

In this world, I have come to realize that a wonderful gem-like you is uncommon. I appreciate your efforts in changing my life. Thank you for supporting me when I needed you most, thank you for everything you have done in my life. Without you, beside me, I don’t think this life is worth living in but God gave you to me to make me smile. I love you beyond the sky my lovely angel. I miss you so much and you mean the world to me.

You are the blessing that was divinely sent down to me from heaven. My beloved angel you are the sweetest love that eyes have ever seen among men. I cherish you so much because you are the sweetest chocolate that tongue has ever tasted. Whenever you are lonely just think about me and I will be right there before you. I love everything about you and you mean the world to me.

Whenever I am lonely, I try to remember those funny moments we have shared together. Believe me that I see you as more valuable than the most valuable treasure on earth. You are such a wonderful man, worthy of being celebrated until the end of time. I really miss your smile, those words of wisdom, and the love song you use to write for me. I love you beyond what ordinary head can think. You mean the world to me.

You make me happy anytime I set my eyes on you but since the day you left, my heart has been filled with lots of sadness. I wish you the most outstanding moment on earth because you are so sweet and intelligent. I love you specifically for the kind of passion you show towards me. I need you more than you can ever think. I pray that the Lord be pleased with you my darling angel wherever you are right now. A day cannot pass by except that I miss you with deep sorrow and love.

Loneliness is tough to handle especially when you are so much addicted to the love of your life. It gives me happy whenever I think about you and my heart becomes so pleased with you. Just like the mountain of passion, I cherish you with boundless compassion. I want to be with you forever because you are my dream comes true. In the whole world, I searched for someone more cute and handsome like you but could not even find. You are my best friend, my love, and my dear husband. I miss you and hope to see you soon.

Believe me that you are the sweetest last man standing and I adore you for what and who you are. You are a divine flower of love from the Hand of the Most Blessed God. I pray that the Lord should draw you close to Him to feel the impact of love and passion now and for the rest of your life. I miss you with all my heart and cherish you with everything I have. I love you beyond the sky and will love to be where you are in every second of my life; to feel the passion of the fragrance of the unique love you show to me. Now and forever your love will always be found on my mind. You actually mean everything to me, my sweet angel.

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