30th Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife

30th Birthday Messages to My Wife


Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife: Our wives are the closest companion to us in life and they are the one that understands us the most among humans. It is good if we appreciate them for the good job they have been doing in terms of our relationship with them. You may like to read this one too: Happy Birthday Mom from Son 40th Birthday or Happy Birthday Wishes for him or her.

Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife

1. We have been married for so long now; I want you to know that every day of my life has been so wonderful and splendid. I wish you a long and prosperous life. Happy 30th birthday my love.


2. We’ve heard disagreement and lots of differences, but that doesn’t disrespect my love for you. As you celebrate your 30th birthday, may the Lord enrich you in all corners of the world!



3. Happy birthday to the most gorgeous and beautiful wife any man will always wish to have, thank god I married you. Happy 30th birthday. Wish you the best in life.



4. My life has been so perfect and cool since the day I married you, you changed my style, I thank god you are the mother of my children. Happy 30th birthday love.



5. May the blessings of 30th birthday in life be showered on you and our children today and forever; enjoy yourself.



6. Here is to the most gorgeous and prettiest woman who deserves to be cared for and giving all the best goodies in life. Best wishes to you dear.



7. The 30th birthday of your life is a great move in your life and I thank god that you are moving from being just a lady to a woman. Happy 30th birthday.



8. You have always been the woman of your dream, I pray that your 30th birthday marks the beginning of joy and great dreams in your life, now and forever.



9. So many people in life always think life before the 30s are mostly to struggle but you that I know we’ve had a good time together before now, and so shall it be till the end. Happy birthday my darling wife.



10. May the candles on birthday cakes shine bright in your life, as you celebrate this day of your thirties; Have fun and enjoy yourself.



Cute 3oth Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife



11. You have always dream and focus on the life of our children, may your days be showered with lots of good things you don’t even expect. Happy 30th birthday.



12. You have reached the new stage and period of life. I wish you a happy 30th birthday and many happy returns in good health and more fun.



13. You still look so beautiful and healthy as you have ever been, thank God for the beauty which can never be faded. I wish you many more years to celebrate in good health.



14. May each day and steps of your life, bring peace, and greater achievement for you. Have fun and great pleasures in life.



15. How can I let this memorable day pass by without wishing you my beautiful wife a memorable and sweet 30thbirthday!



16. I feel like am old to say happy birthday but notwithstanding a happy 30th birthday. Who knew we will make it till this present time. Am so happy for you my darling wife.



17. Happy 30th birthday! You are now moving to the matured stage of life, you are so special and kind. Have a happy birthday celebration.



18. The days of the 20s are gone, now you have to act and think like an adult, no more coming home late. Happy 30th birthday.



19. My beautiful wife has made it to the thirty! A big hurray for you, I hope your life in the 30s will be greater and more superb than your 20s. Happy 30th birthday.



20. I hope you won’t find it so difficult blowing up the candle lights. Happy 30th birthday.



Sweet 30th Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife



21. The day has been waiting for has finally come. Happy 30th birthday! I know you are having lots of fun with your friends, don’t just forget to reserve my cake for me.



22. I can’t believe my beloved wife is 30 today. Never thought we could be this bound together. I wish you long life and good health.



23. I am so pleased to wish you a happy 30th birthday. You’ve now grown up to the stage of an adult.



24. Whenever I flashback to your 20s, I always feel good and overwhelm with happiness. A woman like you deserves to be celebrated. Happy 30th birthday.



25. I know that the last few years have been so hard for we both, I pray as you celebrate your 30th birthday, that the Lord shall make a new way In the life of our unborn child.



26. The way you act like an adult also describes the way our children shall act whenever we are not around. I just want to wish you a big happy 30th birthday.



27. I don’t think there are other ways to show you that I love you, other than the way have always been. A happy 30th birthday to you.



28. You have fulfilled so many promises and have also done wonderful things In life, it be so splendid to be with throughout this time. Happy 30th birthday.



29. You are such a wife every man will boast of! Happy 30th birthday. This is from your beloved husband. Enjoy yourself.



30. The new age of yours marks a special journey of your life and am so honored to have this shared with you. Happy 30th birthday to you!



Beautiful 30th Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife



31. Am so proud and happy for you, as you celebrate your 30th birthday, may be blessed with beautiful and handsome kids. Have fun.



32. Honey, I hope you are so happy as your clock and celebrate your 30th birthday. Thank you for being part and letting me share this with you. Happy birthday.



33. I can’t still believe you are 30 today! I hope you are really happy and cool about that. Am so happy for you baby. Happy birthday.



34. Happy 30th birthday to my one and only wife, queen, an angel of my life. I know you are going to be glad, cause have got lots of packages for you.



35. Happy 30th birthday to my love and my sweetheart, you really deserve the best and I hope you know how much I cherish and love you. Hurray!



36. Wishing you my favorite friend, queen, angel, and wife a happy 30th birthday; I hope you know I love you.



37. I am so grateful and pleased for making every single day of my life so superb; can’t really wait for the daybreak to start pumping some wine.



38. To my beautiful wife on your 30th birthday. You are a very kind wife and loving wife, you really mean a lot to me. Have a happy birthday.



39. Happy birthday to the best wife and partner, I hope you enjoy each and every moment of your day. I so much love you with all soul and heart. Happy 30th birthday.



40. Am so glad to share this celebration of 30th birthday with, I wish you all the goodness and joy of this day. I love you so much and will always be by your side.



Wonderful 30th Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife



41. I can’t just imagine a moment without you, you are just so god-fearing and loving. Happy 30th birthday my love.



42. I am so lucky to have found and made you my wife in this part of the world to have to find someone like you. I thank you for letting me have access to your life. Happy 30th birthday.



43. Happy 30th birthday to the wife who can turn your boring day to the most lively you’ve ever. I am so lucky to have found a superwoman like you.



44. I have had several friends for years before now. None as ever touched my life the way you do, on your 30th birth celebration, I just want to express my feelings and appreciation I have for you, you’ve always got my back and have been so kind-hearted. Happy birthday.



45. As you celebrate your 30th birthday, I pray that the lord should reward you with lots of goodies and happiness throughout your entire life. Am happy for you baby.


46. You are 30 today! I wish you good health and also wish you happy many more in returns and prosperity; hurray. Happy 30th birthday.



47. My humble and dear wife, my love for you will never be disputed, I love you even more than what you think. Happy 30th birthday.



48. Dear beloved wife, your 30 has arrived and am so happy and filled with great joy for sharing this with you. I love you so much dear; happy 30th birthday.



49. Happy 30th birthday to the happiest woman on health, I know you must have been expecting this day of your 30 to come because it a stage to display maturity and be respected by others; am so happy for you.



50. I thank you for being my wife and since all this while, happy 30th birthday.



Excellent 30th Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife



51. I thought of a gift to be given to a lady who just hit her 30, and I just felt I should send some good wishes because this is a stage of maturity and adult; no more childish pay. Happy birthday.



52. Today is your birthday! Congratulations and happy 30th birthday celebration. May the Lord grant you success as you begin this journey of a new life.


53. Thank god you said yes I will when I proposed. Am so happy to share this honorable moment with you. Happy 30th birthday.


54. Have never been ashamed of telling you I love you even in the public, as you celebrate your day, may it be a remarkable and awesome day for you. I love you; happy 30th birthday.

55. Today we officially welcome you to the thirties, a stage to display the good and matured part of you, happy 30th birthday.


56. Here comes your thirties stage, may it mark the beginning of good signs and wonders on your life, now and forever. Happy 30th birthday.


57. It is your thirtieth birthday today; may you be blessed and rewarded with lots of great achievement, I love you, happy 30th birthday.


58. May today marks the beginning of great triumph in your life, I trip for you, my love! Happy 30th birthday.


59. Happy 30th birthday to the one and only woman, who make each day of my life a superb experience. Am so lucky to have you; love you so much.


60. My love, on this special stage of your life, I just want to thank god for showing me and making me know what through love means; I appreciate you with all my heart. Happy 30th birthday.


Perfect 30th Romantic Birthday Messages for Wife

61. Today, am going to show you how comfortable you’ve cloned my life for the best, am really so lucky to have you. Happy 30th birthday.


62. I should express my love for you tonight by showing you how much I love and cherish you so much by rolling over to the sex bed. Happy 30th birthday.


63. You are the most beautiful wife worthy of my heart, this is why have never been looking elsewhere other than you. I love you so much; happy 30th birthday.


64. Babe, I love every single aspect of you. And I find it so amazing because am honey right. So come to me let celebrate this your 30th birthday in a romantic way. I love you.


65. No matter the wall they might build to have us divided, my love shall be only for you. Happy 30th birthday.


66. You are my everything and ever remain the love of my life till the end. Happy 30th birthday.


67. I officially welcome you to the thirties, you are the most superwoman in my life and won’t share you with any other woman. Happy 30th birthday my wife.


68. Am so lucky and proud to have you as my wife. Happy 30th birthday and wish you good luck from now on.


69. Have been a happy man all because of you, no woman can ever be compared to you. Happy 30th birthday.


70. I hope that your thirties will be as gorgeous as you’ve been. Enjoy the new age and always have it on your head that I do care for you. Happy 30th.

Cheer your wife up for the best, and she will love you better than ever. She will be your angel for the rest of your life. A man that puts a smile on the face of his wife should be called an ideal man.

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