Quotes of Birthday Wishes for Lovers 2021

Quotes of birthday wishes: Lovers are interesting in their doings. The way lovers find time to help each other happy sometimes baffles me. This is why we are always interested in providing messages for lovers to text to each other. Are you a lover? Common, this is the time to cheer your partner up for his or her marriage.

Quotes of Birthday Wishes

Sweet Quotes of Birthday Wishes for Her

• She suddenly came into my world and changed everything for good. She must have been divinely sent. Happy birthday, dear.

• The joy of my life is celebrating her birthday today being a special day in my mother’s life. So I have a double celebration.

• Today is yours. Enjoy every bit of it and find endless joy in whatever you are doing. I wish you all the best.

• Happy birthday my beloved angel, may your new age bring peace and harmony to your life. I wish you all the best.

• You gave me the pleasure I expect in life and my heart beats for you alone. I wish you all the best on this day.

• May you be celebrated on your birthday. I wish you more success, I pray for a new down in your life.

• Congratulations dear, you are the best human I have ever met on this earth thanks for the love you have been showering on me.

• You may not know that you deserve a lot of accolades for your sincere love for me. I want to wish you all the best.

• Thank God for the true love you have been showing in my life. This is a special love I cannot avoid. Happy birthday.

• As you decided to celebrate this day in a good mood, may the Lord maintain a good mood for you forever.

• Good morning, have a nice day and enjoy your new age. I am wishing you perfect success in the nearest future.

Best Quotes of Birthday Wishes for Him or Her

• Definitely, I am going to eat more cakes this evening, my love is plus one.

• As you age, always remember that it is another year closer to wisdom. Happy birthday.

• Wishing you long life, success, and breakthroughs in life. I appreciate you for being a strong man. Happy birthday, dear.

• Well, you are getting older but to me, you are the youngest man on earth. I love you.

• In less than a minute, you will be celebrated with the most delicious cake ever. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

• May your new age crown your effort and fulfill your dreams in life. Have a superb birthday.

• Read the card I sent to you and you will definitely see why I am happy to be yours always.

• When you were born, you were celebrated but when you became somebody, you are celebrating yourself. I wish you millions of positive things.

• May the Lord in His infinite mercy bless you abundantly, grant you endless success. I love you so much.

• You are 50 but your face looks 20. This is a sign of pure blood in you. I am really proud of you. Happy birthday.

• This New Year means a lot to you and that’s why I am sharing the joy with you.

• Your special day has come and that’s why I am wishing you a belated birthday.

• Dear wife, your special day is here again. Congratulations as you start a new life.

• I wish you every precious thing in life, may your day be filled with joy, happiness, and endless peace.

• I couldn’t wait for a day like this to come and now that it is around the corner, I am pleased to say happy birthday.

• You are the best, the most amazing person in my life. I wish you all the special things life has and wish you all the treasures in life.

• In addy to my beloved woman. May your new age be celebrated in great joy with the rest of the family.

• Keep shining, a star like you is a perfect reason why the world is smiling. Happy birthday.

Advanced Birthday Wishes for Him

• Every great guy has a way he is celebrated. I want to celebrate you in a unique way you may hardly expect.

• May the rain of success shower on you this blessed day. I couldn’t stop thinking of this day at all. Happy birthday, dear.

• I am so excited about your birthday and feel like to take you to the most amazing places in life. Have a perfect moment dear.

• Your birthday is fast approaching, and I can’t stop dreaming of that day to come. Have a nice day dear.

• You gave me the reason why I am so happy on this wonderful day. I will be there all the time. Happy birthday.

• Wishing my love a fantastic birthday full of fun, joy, happiness, and above all the most joyful moments in life.

• Birthdays are awesome so you are. When you have an awesome person as your lovers, you have the world.

• Your love is fantastic. There is no love like yours when it comes to the realm of men. I have searched nooks and cranny of my heart but you are the best.

• As you celebrate this day with lots of happiness, I pray that you find peace and harmony in whatever you are doing. happy birthday.

• Since today is your day, you can dance as you want. Don’t waste your time, don’t be scared, you can always do it.

• I have to wish you a happy birthday in advance because I can’t wait for the day to come.

• In case you can’t find me on your birthday, please remember this caring note. Happy birthday in advance.

• Best of friends with each other birthday. I am wishing you this birthday in advance to make you happy.

Quotes of Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

• Sometimes, I used to think if my best friend is an angel until I look at her again and realize she is a human. Happy birthday, dear.

• I am glad that you are here, you have been making me happy since the day I was born. I love you for being a wonderful friend.

• If the whole world understands that you are a great friend, they will be glad to have found a genius.

• As your special day is now, can we just cruise each other to the best of places in the world. Happy birthday.

• May your fame continues to reign in this world, and the Lord will guide you to your fortune. Happy birthday, dear.

• I didn’t know that you will be here so soon, I am happy to share this moment with you and to make you smile always.

• You have been so nice to me and as my friend, I can’t wait to move the world for you. May your birthday mark the beginning of success in your life forever.

• Your birthday is a must for me to celebrate. Since the day we have been together, your impact has been the best that changed my life.

• You can be more special than you are now. Honestly, I will not tell a single lie to you that you are gifted. Today is another day in your life that adds up to your wisdom.

• Diamond can’t be compared to a true friend like you. Heaven and earth, I swear you are my best friend chosen by God.

• If friendship can be exchanged with gold or silver, I will not be able to exchange a valuable friend like you.

• Every single day reminds me of the kind of person you have become. I wish you more and more success in life.

• You have been so nice to me and for that reason, I still can’t wait but to begin the celebration of your birthday.

• When someone is happy to be with you, it means your spirits agree. You are the best friend I have and as such, I am wishing you a prominent birthday.

Quotes of Birthday Wishes for Wife

• My wife is plus one today, I want every one of you to celebrate her new age with me. happy birthday dear.

• You have always been a good wife and the most amazing mother. I pray for a successful birthday celebration tonight.
• You have the heart to make things happen and that’s why you have become a great woman with great passion.

• If I failed to text this message, it will be so bad. I am desperate about celebrating the woman I cherish so much.

• There are lots of reminders on my mind, but the rememberance of your birthday is above the rest. Happy birthday, dear.

• May your new day be filled with joy, happiness, and success; as you begin to enjoy this wonderful day, I ask God to touch your heart with peace.

• Nice meeting a friend as you are. I salute you for always been a great guy and my heart will always beat to celebrate you.
• I want to say thanks for the time you always spend with my kids when I am not around. Happy birthday my darling.

• You have been a very special person in my life and for that reason, I will always support you as you have been so nice to me ever since I married you. I want to say happy birthday to you.

• There are lots of bright days in life but the day I found you were the brightest day of my life. As you are now celebrating your birthday, I will like to say, happy birthday to you.

• You are such an amazing person, and being there for you is always my priority. I wish you a fantastic birthday.

• Good days are coming, days we will all thank God for sparing our life to see. As for today, it is not just good but the best. Happy birthday my wife.

• I had a crush on you last night but this morning I am only having the burning desire to celebrate with you.

• There is this flame of joy you have in you, the flame doesn’t finish because I have noticed it in you several times. Happy birthday.

• Today, tomorrow, and forever, I will be there for you. I am your hubby so it is my responsibility to make you smile. Happy birthday.

Quotes of Birthday Wishes for Husband

• It was when I met you that I understood the true meaning of true love. Happy birthday to my love.

• If I am to scale through the widest ocean to prove how much I care about you, I will not be able to do so because you mean more than the ocean to me.

• I will be there for you all the time and will never forget you all the time as you have been nice to me. Happy birthday.

• A man that cares so much for his family. How is the day going? I hope this day will make the greatest sense in your life. I wish you all the best things in life.

• I am counting days to see you being celebrated. When that day comes, I will be the one to celebrate with you the most.

• A life without you may be hard to find and I am grateful to have you in this wonderful world. I wish you all the best.

• Join me and celebrate my king. He has been there for me since the day I met him. I am happy to have this blessed man.

• Arise and shine my beloved. I am sending you the most amazing wishes in life. Happy birthday, dear.

• Every day takes me deeper to your heart. As I have found you in my life, all I want is to celebrate you forever.

• Even if I am to give you millions of gifts, it cannot satisfy how much I wish to celebrate you.

• I will still celebrate you no matter what others say. I will make you smile according to my capacity.

• Surely, you are the man of my life. The man that’s cares so much and has always been there for me. I wish you all the best.

• Maybe you don’t understand how much I have wanted to be there for you but now, you should be ready to smile because I am celebrating you in the sky.

• No matter how plenty the gifts could be, they can’t be enough for me to celebrate a man like you.

• Being an amazing husband, you are still an amazing friend and mentor. I love you, darling.

• You have led me to the point of my fortune in life. This qualifies you as the most interesting thing that has ever happen in my life.

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