Romantic 214 Questions to ask your boyfriend about his ex

Questions to ask your boyfriend

Questions to ask your boyfriend about his ex

Questions to ask your boyfriend about his ex: here are some therapeutic questions you can ask your boyfriend about his ex. These questions will help you in your relationship with him and then save you from future conflict. You may also like to read these: 100+ Questions to ask your Girlfriend dirty for Love and Romance, 30 Long Love Paragraphs for her to make her Happy.

  1. Could she be cool alone?
  2. What made you end the relationship?
  3. Was she as beautiful as I am?
  4. Has she ever in any means lied to you?
  5. What was the coolest characteristic you love about her?
  6. What gave you a hard time throughout your time with her?
  7. What was the most difficult thing about been with her?
  8. What does she like to say often and often?
  9. What was her preferred mean of communication?
  10. What type of relationship does she end up wanting?
  11. Does she ever make you feel awkward?
  12. Tell me what she likes during s*x?
  13. What makes you guys break up?
  14. What made you fall for her?
  15. Could she be happy on her own?
  16. Has she ever lied to you?
  17. What’s the most difficult think about her that really amazes you?
  18. Does she really like you?
  19. Is she beautiful than I am, objectively speaking?
  20. Or am I the hotter than me?
  21. Hope you won’t dump me as you dumped her?
  22. Does she even care for you?
  23. What kind of underwear does she like wearing?
  24. Does she like pulling her bra and panties in presence?
  25. Was she proud of her body?
  26. What if she agreed to come back, will you accept her back?
  27. What are the horrible things she does and will never take such from me?
  28. Does she like eating alone?
  29. What are the chances of not getting dumped, as you did to her?
  30. What’s the most horrible thing you’ve done for love?
  31. What does she like to eat for dinner?
  32. Does she drink wine or alcoholic drinks?
  33. What makes you guys broke up?
  34. Do you both read together on the bed alone?
  35. How does she feel, whenever hug her?
  36. Does she run her fingernails down his back upon request?
  37. Do you massage each other body at night?
  38. Does she really steer at your times?
  39. How often does she really have s*x?
  40. Was she as better than I am in bed?
  41. How often did she give you a message?
  42. Did they do it more tenderly or rough?
  43. At what point did she say “I love you”
  44. And how often do you both take bath together?
  45. What was it like going out with her?
  46. Was she a cool temper kind or a hot temper kind?
  47. Has she ever open up to you during pillow talk?
  48. What was her favorite dressing code?
  49. Did she tells you all her secrets or keeps some just for herself?
  50. How much of her past did she reveal to you?
  51. Does she like everything about you?
  52. What was her kind of pet?
  53. What do you do about her annoyance over you?
  54. Does she surprise you often?
  55. Did things get boring times?
  56. Do you both laugh together often as we do always?
  57. Do they laugh as hard as we do all the time?
  58. Does she crack jokes for you?
  59. Does she have a nickname she calls you often and often?
  60. Has she ever imagine you be together forever?
  61. At what point did things start going rough?
  62. Did she fall in love with you at first?
  63. Did she break your heart?
  64. Do you wish she could still come back?
  65. If she’s here tonight, will you be mad at her?
  66. Of all the beautiful ladies around you, what made you chose her?
  67. What’s a problem you’re trying to deal with right now?
  68. What’s the biggest struggle that you’ve ever experienced during her stay with you?
  69. Would you let me help you correct her mistakes?
  70. What makes her laugh whenever she thinks deep?
  71. Is there any part of her body you like the most?
  72. What do you think of her?
  73. What romantic movie can she watch over and over?
  74. When did she realize you wanted to be with her?
  75. Was she really committed to you?
  76. What was your first impression on her?
  77. Does she believe in heaven?
  78. Do you ever think it’s better to have the worst enemies than to have someone like her?
  79. When did you start to notice some bad and awful behaviors on her?
  80. How was life after she left you, and how have you been able to cope?
  81. Would it be better to have been alone?
  82. Is a good life full of love or a life full of treasures?
  83. Can a positive mindset make any situation better for her?
  84. Do you think she would have been more of a blessing to you or a burden?
  85. Do you ever believe in her?
  86. Do you believe in this saying “opposites attract”?
  87. Who are special people in your life that are worth dying for?
  88. If you were ever advised to date her, would you ever make such a mistake you did for the first time?
  89. Do you feel sorry for yourself?
  90. What was your bad experience during your stay with her?
  91. Would you recommend her to anyone?
  92. If you could go back to give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would you say?
  93. What can you briefly explain about her?
  94. What roles did she play in terms of love and affection play in your life?
  95. Does she really believe in soul mates?
  96. Do you forgive and forget what she did to you?
  97. Does she forgive and forget or forgive and remember little issues?
  98. If she happens to bear kids for you, what would be your biggest fear for them after all this?
  99. What is one area in her life did you feel like something is wrong?
  100. Does she believe it is good for everyone?
  101. Do you think you both can still come together?
  102. Would you surprise her with an expensive gift?
  103. Would you consult her before doing anything?
  104. Was she really good in the kitchen?
  105. Was she good in the bedroom?
    1. When did you first realize she doesn’t want to be with you?
  106. What exactly made you committed to her?
  107. What was her first impression of you?
  108. What will you regard as the biggest achievement you gained from her?
  109. What do you think is more admirable on her?
  110. A stay at a home woman or a career-driven woman?
  111. Would you rather live a big impact on the world instead of her?
  112. What song does she sing a lot?
  113. What are some of the good morals you left on her?
  114. Does she have any phobias?
  115. What makes her angry?
  116. What is her deepest, strictly minded secret?
  117. Has she ever wanted to be a good woman?
  118. What is one question she refuses to answer you?
  119. What are you most insecure about living with her?
  120. What does love mean to her?
  121. What kind of parent do you think she will become?
  122. What would she do if your parents didn’t like her?
  123. Who is that one person she can never talk to about in your presence?
  124. When was the last time she bought gifts for you?
  125. Did she ever write a journal?
  126. What are you most thankful for about her?
  127. Does she even believe in second chances?
  128. What part of her behavior will never make you never to forget her?
  129. What is something you appreciate about her?
  130. What do you think are the major things we have in common?
  131. What are the biggest differences between us?
  132. Is there anything she was not able to make right?
  133. What’s something she could never compromise about?
  134. If it happens to writes a book about her, what name will name it?
  135. What was her position on premarital s*x?
  136. What do you look for most in her body part?
  137. What religious/spiritual views does she have?
  138. How important was it for you to save money for her?
  139. How important was it for you to invest in her?
  140. How often does she like to cook?
  141. If one of us is to move far away from each other, would she be able to handle a long-distance relationship?
  142. What is that thing she can do to destroy a relationship?
  143. Do you ever want to have kids someday with her?
  144. Does she even spend her leisure time with you?
  145. Do you think she can ever find a good man like you?
  146. Do you believe still believes she played fast with your conscience?
  147. Do you think of she does love you?
  148. Did she ever think about loving you?
  149. Did she ever imagine what married life is?
  150. Would she have dated you without cash at hand?
  151. Did she introduce you to all her friends?
  152. What do you think of her?
  153. Do you ever imagine yourself as a couple?
  154. Has she met your parents?
  155. Do you assume she’s the mother of your kids?
  156. Does she ever dream of having a wedding?
  157. Does she have a lot of girlfriends?
  158. Was she a good dancer?
  159. What was your goal in her life?
  160. Does she like the lights on when it off?
  161. Does she enjoy one on one outings or prefer big groups?
  162. What is your favorite body part on her body?
  163. What is one thing you don’t like about her before marrying her?
  164. Was she a virgin?
  165. How many times has she been in love?
  166. Have you ever fell for a woman older than you?
  167. What was the worst date you’ve ever been with her?
  168. What is a deal-breaker on her?
  169. Is she a religious type?
  170. What is your strangest habit over her?
  171. Have you ever had a wet dream for her?
  172. Are you financially stable to meet her needs?
  173. Does she usually stay friends with her exes?
  174. Has she ever lost someone close to her?
  175. If you are in a bad mood, does she have any special way of petting you?
  176. Does she like to be left alone?
  177. What’s an ideal weekend she does like?
  178. What do you think of a good and loving the opposite?
  179. Do you judge her by her bad characters?
  180. Is she confrontational?
  181. Does she consider herself as an introvert or an extrovert?
  182. Which parent are you closer to and why?
  183. What was the best scripture in her life?
  184. What was the worst phase of your life?
  185. Is what am doing now, what you always wanted to be?
  186. What makes her feel accomplished?
  187. Was she a great cook?
  188. What do you do best together?
  189. Has she ever thought of bearing kid for you?
  190. Does she check on you on social ever?
  191. Has she ever reminded you of how you met her?
  192. Does she long for you?
  193. Does she miss you?
  194. How do you feel with her keeping you company?
  195. Does she think about you?
  196. Was she ever jealous of you?
  197. Was it hard for her to get over you?
  198. What’s the one thing that she always misunderstands about you?
  199. What is her idea of a perfect vacation?
  200. What has your past relationship through you?
  201. Who was her favorite family member/sibling?
  202. Does she like to talk dirty on the phone or online?
  203. What about her pet?
  204. What was the worst lie that she ever told you?
  205. What is your happiest memory from her past?
  206. How do you spend your weeks both?
  207. Does she ever feel the need to have privacy talks?
  208. What are the things that she likes to do all alone?
  209. How would you term your type of a perfect home?
  210. If a song were to describe your life, what song would you choose?
  211. How could you have dealt with her attitudes?
  212. Does she have any close female friends?

Get more of these questions and enjoy the best thoughts that will come out later after your man would have answered them accurately. Questions are powerful and as such if you carefully asked them, they will go a long way to make your relationship stronger.

Some people don’t bother to ask good questions and that’s why their relationships have some setback they can’t easily figure out on their own. Ask, and directions shall be given.

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