Prayer for Exam Success Catholic 2021

Prayer for exam success catholic. Let’s explore these prayer quotes for exam success. These quotes will expose you to a lot of prayer ideas so you can easily say your next prayers for exam success and mercy.

Prayer for exam success catholic

Prayer for Exam Success Catholic Students

• Lord, thank you for making me succeed to this level in life. I call upon your holy name, bless me with exam success, and make me smile forever.

• You are the most merciful God, accept my prayers, and grant me easy understanding and exam success.
• Protect me, bless my hustle and let this exam be the last I will write at this level. Every spirit of carryover should be destroyed by your holiness.

• I want to thank God for the opportunity of living up to this moment. Lord, protect my memory, make the end of this exam a huge success in my life.

• You are the most merciful God, the blessed, the honorable, the one whose whole being is a success. Please, let me succeed in this examination.

• Every spirit of failure flying around, every bad omen dwelling in my heart, I commit them to you o Lord, flush them away, and grant me exam success.

• Good news that the Lord protected me up till this moment in life. I beseech His infinite power to help me succeed in this exam.

• All I need is exam success, Lord blesses me, and allow this exam a successful one for me. Have mercy upon me and bless my effort.

• Let me smile after this exam o Lord. Complete my effort with success and a huge smile after the whole paper.

• Lord, you are the one that has succeeded the most and there is no one that can forever reach your level on earth and heaven. Lord, bless my memory and make this exam easy for me.

• You are the Lord of lords, King of kings, the omnipotent God, the final decider, and the best in making His servant succeed. Let my prayer answer and grant me success in this exam.

• If you don’t sign a thing, it will not work. Lord sign my success in life, let me succeed in anything I am doing.

• You are the most worshipped of all times and places. There can’t be any success more than this. Lord, bless me with a success that has no limit.

Prayer for Exam Result Catholic

• As I expect this result, Lord, let it come in excellent parallel. Make it a blessed result for a better promotion in life.

• I commit my effort for this exam on your Hand o Lord, crown my effort with good result and make me smile in the end.
• My Lord, the most powerful, the best, and the blessed one. You are the greatest, may the Lord continue to bless my effort in life.

• We await our result, may it come in good grades. We ask God to reward our sleepless nights with better results.

• God almighty, the most wonderful one, the greatest and the most precious Lord whose type does not exist. Help us with good exam results.

• We hope to find good grades in this result, Lord, do not spoil my heart with bad results. Guide my papers to the right person to mark.

• The bad luck following my result, Lord, remove them for me. Guard my result with your mercy and deliver it to me with your blessing.

• Lord, you are the highest, the mightiest, let my result be the highest and the best. Grant me a huge smile on my exams.

• Promote me, bless me, crown my effort and make me succeed in every angle of this wonderful examination.

• Lord, the most powerful, grant me a good result, bless my effort, make me happy and promote me in this life.

• I want to be among the best in my class, possibly, Lord make me be the best student in my class. I worship you o Lord.

• You are the master giver, the master helper, give me your mercy and bless me with good grades.

• Lord, bless my effort; make my result the best among the rest.

Prayer for Exam Mercy

• There is no mercy except your mercy. There is no success except the one you grant. Lord, show mercy on my exams.

• You are the Lord of mercy, shower me with your mercy on this exam. Bless me, o Lord, and make me happy at last.

• You are the blessed God without any fault. You don’t make mistakes and mistakes don’t near you. Please, don’t let me forget every material needed to pass this exam.

• Guide my heart to read the most important points in these papers. Let me find peace in this exam.

• Lord, make me happy all the time. Grant me love, joy, and happiness in every angle of this life. You are the best.

• You are my perfect Lord; to shower me with your blessing is nothing but ease to you. Stabilize my health throughout this exam.

• You are the perfect God whose mercy will not finish forever and ever, engulf my life with the ocean of mercy. Let me succeed in all my exams.

• Success and mercy of God shall be my own all the days of my exams and beyond.

• I commit my papers to the hand of God, may He grant me success and mercy in my final papers.

• Your mercy has always been with me, Lord, I am crying before you today, begging you to grant me success in my exams.

• Your mercy is all I am asking for in this exam. Let my effort come in the green light. My papers are committed to you o Lord.

• You are super special, lovely, nice, and above all the blessed God without limit. I appreciate everything you have been doing in my life. I also want your mercy on this day.

• You have been my God right before you created me. I seek your mercy for my exams.

• Lord of mercy, grant my effort with your mercy and let me pass my entire papers with your permission.

• Good morning Lord, bless my effort, crown my effort, and control my paper with your supervision.

Prayer for Good Health Before and After Exam

• Lord, I am not feeling strong for this exam, and for this reason; I am begging you to restore my health, kill my pain and let the exam easy for me to write.

• My arms are weak, my legs are aching and my spirit is down. Lord, I call upon you to raise me up from this pain and let me overcome it sooner than later.

• Lord, you are my strength, my grace, and the energy I needed to pass my exam. Lord, bless me with an excellent result.

• Do not let my memory tire this day that I am preparing for my exams. Help me overcome my fear, and give me the complete health to pass my papers.

• I am glad that the exam is fast approaching because it is my last paper but I am not strong enough to write. O Lord, I bring my problem to you, heal me, and allow me to pass this exam.

• My heart beats with fear for this exam and I see it as a trial I must face. Lord, remove my fear and teach me how to deal with my papers.

• Lord, the omnipotent, the greatest, and the honorable bless me, bless my papers and grant me exam success.

• I pray for a strong body that will be fit for the entire paper. I ask for good health that lasts forever. I pray for a rugged body that never gets tired easily.

• Give me a strong mind to engage in exercise, give me a fatigue-free body that can work tirelessly, grant me powerful muscles that can write conveniently.

• Lord, I trust in you. I appreciate your doings in my life. Please, bless me, protect my interest and let me find endless peace in my heart. Make my body strong, and be full of energy to read and study for my exams.

• The All-Mighty, I pray that you will grant me the spiritual shield against all kinds of illness. Bless me with the strength needed to do more work and to pass my exams.

• The Lord blesses and protects whoever He likes, may He bless me with exam success and restore my health before the battle day.

Prayer for Good Memory for Exam

• The All-Protector, preserve my memory to remember a lot of points I read for this exam when they appear in the question.

• Purify my mind so that my memory will be sound to read for this paper. Remove any illness that will hinder my understanding of the papers.

• Lord, I don’t have the power to remember things on my own except with your permission, Lord, bless my memory to remember everything I learned.

• Lord, I plead with you with all humbleness to bring back everything I studied for this exam. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to learn further.

• Thank you O Lord for guiding me throughout my study times, thank you for leading my heart to the right points to learn for this exam. Make my memory sharp for the exam in front of me.

• I have fears and anxieties about this exam, Lord; I lay them before you, remove them and bless my memory.

• Lord, I accept that my value is not based on my performance; I want you to refresh my memory for the entire paper.

• My Lord, as I write this exam, I thank you for the love you showered upon me. My performance was based on your guidance and protection.

• Lord, protect my memory from any spiritual hijackers; shield whatever I read against every evil and principality.

• Lord, you are closer to me than my own self, please, come into my heart and walk me through the journey of my final papers.

• As I take this exam, Lord, help me take it with good memory. Purify my heart with the honey of good memories and wash my heart with water that washes any dirt away.

• Lord, bring back to my memory everything I studied, and forgive me of everything I overlooked so that I will pass in flying colors.

• I am completely confident in you O Lord, please bless me, protect me against all odds, and shower me with great love as you have always done.

• Lord, I agree that you are with me all the time and love me. Grant me peace of mind as I study for this paper. Wash my memory with protective water that gushes out of your Mighty Throne.

• Lord, give me the insight so that I may understand everything I study for this exam. Lord, bless me with a champion-like memory so that I will be happy for the rest of my life.

• Thank you Lord for many talents and gift you have given me—do not let this exam becomes a burden upon my heart. Help me to pass this paper this year once and for all.

Prayer for the Understanding of the Subject for Exam

• Lord, broaden my understanding of this subject matter so that it will be very easy for me to pass my paper.

• Dear God, source of all understanding, master of all the sources of wisdom, the holy, the one, the greatest, I call upon you for the complete understanding of this topic so that I can pass my exam.

• Help me to dispose of myself so that I can accept your guidance in anything I do in my life. Help me to remove my ego, bless my heart with peace and harmonized gentleness.

• Your supremacy has no bounds; your mercy has no limit. Lord, I beseech your holiness on this very day; please make this subject easy for me to understand.

• You are the All-living, and there is none that reaches your honor living and the dead. You are the most hidden and the most exposed, Lord, do not hide the understanding of this topic from me.

• Lord, I don’t have the power of my own to understand without your permission. I don’t have the brain to assimilate any topic on my own except with your permission. I ask for your aid to help me understand this difficult subject.

• I am scared, anxiety has accumulated my mind and my spirit is down. Lord, I don’t understand this subject and I don’t want to fail. Please Lord, Please Lord, help me to pass this paper with excellence.

• I will never ask less from you my Lord. You said you are the most generous, Lord, prove your majesty in my life and let me understand every subject matter in this level and later life.

• Lord, the most merciful God, the source of all wisdom, the engineer of every life affair, bless me with good understanding.

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