Powerful Prayer for Exam Success 2021

Powerful prayer for exam success. Exam is generally accepted as the next step to the next level. We write it in different institutions including schools and organizations. We can wish our loved one’s exam success wherever they are. We have varieties of exam success quotes for you. Feel free to text them to those that matter to you.

Powerful prayer for exam success

Focus Prayer

• The all-knowing God, this semester is fast going to an end, and we are preparing for our exams. Lord, I beg you to open my heart to understand whatever I am reading. Reshape my heart to remain strongly focus, don’t allow Satan and his soldiers to distract me, make me happy, and make the exam easy for me to handle. Do not allow my focus to shrink away, any kind of distraction, any kind of misfortune that will hinder my success in this coming examination, I place under your Feet O Lord, destroy them with your power and put a smile on my face.

Guidance Prayer

• I seek your guidance in this examination. Lord, you are the master guardian; please guide my heart to read the exact topics that will come out during the examination. You are the protector, please, preserve every single thing I read in my memory, and make the question over easy for me so that I can smile out of the exam hall with the rest of my friends. Bless me and make my papers the best among the rest.

Protection Prayer

• Protect my exam sheets from the evil marker who desires to let me fail. Protect me against every evildoer that is planning evil against me. Protect my body, brain, and everything I need to pass this examination. I seek refuge in you from all kinds of mistake that causes failure, shield me against failure and wrap me up with success.

Memory Enhancement prayer

• Precious Lord, the master cleaner, please clean my memory of every error, cause me to understand every single word from my subject, let every formula stick to my memory, do not allow my memory to skip the most important points that will earn me marks. Lord, give me a magnetic brain so that I will be able to write this exam perfectly.

• You are the highest God, and there is no one that can challenge your decision. Please, magnetize every book I read in my memory. Purify my heart to remember better, guide my soul to do the right thing that will push me towards the success of my exams. I am pleading with you my Lord, to help me remember the necessary tools and material needed in the exam hall. Let me pass the question without any stress.

Stamina Prayer

• Lord, I am weak this morning and it is due to the overloaded material I have to cover before the exam. My brain is heavy and I am finding it difficult to remember all I read. Lord, please, come to the rescue, ease my stress, and strengthen my brain so that I can easily recall the most important points to pass this exam. Shower me with your mercy and make my way to success very easy for me.

• I ask for the stamina to survive this bulky material before me. Teach me the simplest way to divide the reading into smaller units. Show me the way to answer the exam questions with ease. Keep me alert upon all the necessary information needed to pass my exam. Don’t sever my focus with laziness.

Health Prayer

• You alone are the healthy one o Lord, please, strengthen my body and brain to be able to read and study my book as supposed. I am not that strong for today’s paper, Lord, show your miracle and send your helper to ease things for me. I don’t want to fail this paper o Lord, please remove the pain that distracts my focus, and replace it with good health and exam success.

Prayer for Rest

• Everlasting Lord, as the exam is approaching I am having a hard time resting at night, please, Lord, I pray that you would bless me with healthy and good sleep to refresh my brain and memories. I pray you will bless me as I always desire or beyond. Grant me rest in this stressful time, give me the rest of my mind and bless my life with great joy.

Powerful Prayer for Exam Success

Exam Success Prayer for Him or Her

• May the Lord bless your paper with high grades that will lead you to a higher place in life.
• You are a great person, you are always there for those in need of help. May the Lord be there for you today as you write your final exam.

• Your name is not just success, it is because you deserve it in all your activities. I wish you exam success dear.

• May the infinite mercy of God cover your paper to yield a successful result on this day.

• You are the best friend that never gives up on her friends. I pray the Lord becomes your helper on this examination. Don’t panic, the Lord will show you exam mercy.

• May you finish this exam in good health and flying colors.

• Your eyes are nice and your face shines with light, may your exam come with a smile.

• You have been a kind brother to me all over the years, may the Lord compensate you with exam success.

• You are always nice, may your Lord be nice to you all the time, may your exam be filled with lots of As.

• I wish you an excellent parallel on this examination. I wish you all the best and the Lord shall continue to bless you.

• May your effort on this examination benefit you. Promotions and success shall follow you all your life.

• I am happy that you are finally writing your exam. May you finish it in the coat of success.

• I appreciate all you how been doing in my life, I want to use this opportunity to wish you exam success. The Lord shall bless you, promote you through this examination by His infinite power.

• I appreciate you so much and pray for happiness, success, and greatness in this world for you.

• You are so nice, your Lord shall continue to bless you in a wonderful way till eternity. Your exam will profit you.

Exam Prayers for Brother

• Dear brother, you are like a rock behind me, you never let me down whenever I need your help. Today you need the help of God on your exams, may He grant you the success you deserve.

• Your impact on my life has changed me for the best version of me. I pray these last papers to transform your life for the best.

• You are my truest friend and the most favorite brother I have. I pray for the mercy of God upon your success in this exam.

• I wish you the free will of God on your exams. May the Lord bless your pen and open your memory to remember.

• May you not regret this exam. You shall overcome it once and for all.

• You are the cutest brother in the college. I pray for your happiness in the of every paper.

• Good luck sweet brother. You will come out in flying colors.

• I miss you so much because your exams have occupied your heart. I beseech the Lord to crown your effort with A1 parallel.

• As you are preparing to enter the University, the good plan will not miss your lane.

• I ask God to protect you against exam failure and promote you in all ramifications.

• It is a piece of good news that we are alive today. I also heard that your final exam is on the corner. Success shall be yours amen.

• You have the whole features to make your younger ones happy. I am grateful for the kind gesture. May the Lord be your own helper in this exam too.

• You will be happy when your exam is full of excellence. I pray such reality comes upon you.

• I want to thank you for the support you rendered during my graduation and to also wish you exam success.

• You are my diamond in the midst of a million treasures. I wish you great success in this year’s exam.

• You have always been the closest and nicest brother to me. Thanks for the blessing that finds abode in your heart. I pray for more success in your exam.

• You have always worked hard, your study, your reading, and hard work shall profit you on this day by the grace of God.

• I want to thank you for every single thing you achieved for me as your younger brother. May you find this exam easy to pass.

• Everyone wants success in life. Exam success will not be your burden by the grace of God.

• You will smile out of the exam hall by the mercy of God. Your smile will have no limit by His grace.

Exam Success for Sister

• Is there any good sister comparable to you at all? The best friend and closest companion to me. May you pass this exam with peace.

• You are the best friend and sweetest sister in the world. You will continue to succeed in anything you do. This exam will not be excluded from your success stories.

• Your beautiful face reminds me of the lovely person I have as my sister. Anyway, I just want to wish you success in your exams.

• Lord I call on you. Bless my sister with victory in this exam. Make her Tue happiest in the hall.

• You will smile out of the exam hall for the ease of your paper. I am grateful to you.

• I am happy for you. Success will continue to be yours forever and ever. Your exam will profit you.

• You shall overcome your worries in life and your caring heart shall be filled with joy for your exam success.

• My happiness is found in being your sister. This is enough great luck for me. May you succeed in this exam.

• Congratulations on your final exam. Success shall be the final result. I wish you more prosperous moments in life.

• Your smile after this exam shall be wider than the widest ocean. May your pass every paper with excellence.

• I want you to be happy all the time, no matter what, keep striving, until success is written all over your face. I ask God to fulfill His promises to you after this exam.

• Your effort throughout the lower levels will not go in vain. You will be celebrated after this exam.

• Your warm smile will not wash away, your exam will come with ease by His grace Congrats.

• As you are writing your last paper, may it not be the end of your life. I wish you success in this exam and in life.

Exam Success Prayers for Lovers

• My eyes flow in tears because I miss you. My heart skipped because you are not around my arms but my fear rose because I don’t want you to fail your exams. May your Lord make things easy for you.

• As your heart is blessed with my love so shall your exam be blessed with success. I wish you all the best.

• The almighty shall bless and protect you in good condition and make your exam the simplest ever.

• May the exam come with ease as paper burns easily with fire. Good to hear you are about to finish your last paper.

• I wish to end up in peace and harmony with you. May you finish up your papers with a cute smile.

• I am so glad that you have reached the final stage of your exams. All we expect is a success.

• Loving your give me peace of mind. Hearing about your victory keeps my heart warm. May you succeed in this examination.

• She has always been my happy home and away. I pray you don’t regret coming to this world. You will pass your exams in flying colors.

• Loving you is my pleasure, your success is my hope in life. I wish you the best in your exams.

• You need focus, happiness, and joy in your life and I pray the Lord grants them to you. Your final exam will not hard for you to pass.

• Loved, I am preparing for another examination this year, please honor my effort with success. Let my focus sharp, do not push my focus away from passing the exams with flying colors.

• I call upon God to protect me, grant my wishes, and promote me to a greater height after this exam.

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