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Birthday Messages to My Wife from Husband

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Love Birthday Messages for: cheer up your wife with our romantic messages to make her day. She is your beloved, show her how much. You may like these ones too: Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Best Friend or Happy birthday status for boyfriend on Facebook-Cute birthday messages for him

1. My dear wife, you are the light that brightens up my life and I will always appreciate you for who you are. Happy birthday, honey.

2. You are just like a mother to me, you really merit to be honored and respect. Happy birthday.

3. Today is a special day in your life, may everything be soft for you now and forever. Happy birthday my darling wife.

4. My beautiful wife, may your day be as splendid as you have made me I really appreciate your love for me, thank you for caring. Happy birthday!

5. Been with you all this while has changed a lot in my life, I am so lucky to have you as my wife. Happy birthday my sunshine.

6. You are such a beautiful wife, a bracelet of success, the bed winner of my heart and wishing you long life in good health. Happy birthday.

7. Hope your cake is as giant as my head? I just want the cake to look like me so I will have an excuse to consume it. Happy birthday my dear wife.

8. You are such a wonderful wife, a lonely superhero. I pray that your day is celebrated in sound health. Happy birthday!

9. I love you, not because you are my wife but because you are the super angel behind my success. Happy birthday my lovely wife.

10. Today is your day, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget to make a nice and memorable wish for us. Happy birthday my dear.

Cute Birthday Messages to My Wife

11. Happy birthday to you my beautiful wife, I wish you long life, prosperity and lots of good things in life. Happy birthday.

12. Happy birthday my love, my life my wife, happy birthday to the woman who gives meaning to my life. Wishing you more funds in your pocket.

13. Despite the fight and quarrels, you are still my wife, my angle. Thank you for been there for me, I love you so much. Happy birthday, love.

14. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and awesome woman in life. You deserve to be loved and celebrated. I wish you many more returns in life.

15. I cherish you more than you think, love you more than you can ever imagine .you deserve to be treated like a queen. I just want to say happy birthday!

16. You are special, sweet, loving, and caring. I love to cherish every part of you, you are just so extraordinary. Happy birthday my lovely wife.

17. You are so special than you think of yourself. I know you might laugh but that just the fact about you. Happy birthday my special one.

18. From the moment I met things have really changed in my life because you are a God sent to me. Just wanna wish you a happy birthday.

19. I love you from the bottom part of my heart, you are such a wonderful and caring wife. I really appreciate you for all you’ve done. Happy birthday and have a wonderful day ahead.

20. Happy birthday to the one that still makes me feel like a man, I am so proud to be called your wife. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

21. My heart pounds for you, you are really a woman that deserves to be cared for. I love celebrating you at all costs. Happy birthday my queen.

22. Happy birthday to the woman whom I love and cherish so much, thank you for always been there for me. I love you so much.

23. Happy birthday to the love of my life, you really deserve to be celebrated and cared for. May all your wishes come to pass!

24. Your line will always be busy to make sure the loveliest wishes reach you at all costs. Happy birthday and I wish you many more in good health.

25. I am wishing you a super superb birthday that has no limit. I wish you a happy birthday my dear be a loving wife.

26. I hope you will let me have you tonight by letting me embrace and show you some love. Happy birthday my wife and my queen.

Birthday Messages to My Wife to Celebrate her

27. You have always motivated me to be strong, you thought me what I never knew about life. I wish you good health in abundance as you celebrate your new age. Happy birthday.

28. You are a tree that shares its fruits without hesitation. I love you for your kindness and generosity. Happy birthday!

29. You mean a lot to me and my greatest joy is that you are my wife, my guardian angel, and mother of my kids. I just want to say happy birthday.

30. I will do whatever it takes to make you smile and always find a reason to be happy, because you mean a lot to me. Happy birthday.

31. I do love you, cherish you. Care for you and always want you to be the mother of my children. Happy birthday to my loving wife.

32. I will do what it takes to be at the party tonight because a night with you is like forever with you. Happy birthday, sweety.

33. You are so special and lucky to be the mother of my children. I wish you all the best wishes on earth has your celebrate your new age in happiness.

34. Thank you for your advice and always been there for me. All I wish is the best on your birthday. Have a wonderful night party

35. May your new age bring more respect and honor to your status; I just want to say happy birthday. Do enjoy yourself.

36. You are so lovely sweet and quit may find peace, love, and grace. Happy birthday and have a wonderful day ahead.

37. Happy birthday to the hottest, prettiest, cutest and amazing wife, am so proud of you. I love you so much.

38. As you celebrate the new age of your life, never forget I love and care for you. Happy birthday my sweet wife.

39. May the spirit of the Lord come down and bless you as you open a new chapter in your life. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

40. I demand you peace, love, and the grace of the lord, to be with you as you celebrate your day. Happy birthday and many more returns.

Birthday Messages to My Wife to Smile

41. Today is a day worthy of happiness because it a day set aside to mark my beautiful and beloved wife’s birthday. I just want to wish you long life and prosperity as you celebrate.

42. I am so glad to have you by my side during the hard times of the past. I will always value your presence in my life. Happy birthday my love.

43. I have been searching for a true friend who really deserves to have me, thank God I found you. I pray that this day is remembered. Happy birthday.

44. You are the most beautiful wife have ever seen, I am so lucky to have you as my wife and am also happy that you are going to be the mother of my children. Happy birthday to you.

45. Am wishing you the most celebrated birthday in town. Hope you will enjoy yourself to the fullest. Happy birthday my darling wife.

46. No matter what might come my way, I will forever be glad and happy that I got you as my wife. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

47. You are beautiful, kind, loving, and worthy to be celebrated. Thank you for the love you’ve shown me. Happy birthday.

48. Hip hip! My darling wife is plus one today, wishing you long life and good things in life. Have fun.

49. May all that you wish for yourself come to pass as you celebrate your day with our children, family, and friends. Happy birthday my darling wife.

50. May God bless you for me, keep you for me and always remember that I love you. Happy birthday my lovely wife.

51. My dear wife, another year has been added to your life history today, wishing you love, the lords grace and his mercy upon you. Happy birthday my queen.

52. It is a pleasant opportunity to have this memorable day celebrated with you my humble wife, am also using this medium to wish you a happy birthday in sound health.

Romantic Birthday Messages to My Wife from Husband

53. Since the first day I set my eyes on you I knew you were going to be the woman I desire. As you celebrate this great day, may you find the Lord’s grace and mercy? Happy birthday my joy.

54. Special thanks to you, I love you so much and am wishing you long life, peace, and prosperity. Happy birthday once again.

55. I know we’ve talked earlier today, I also think I should send a special message and well wishes for you. Happy birthday.

56. I am so so proud to have the most beautiful and richest woman as my wife, as you celebrate this day, may you serve as a mentor to others. Happy birthday.

57. I want to seize this precious period to wish you a gigantic happy birthday to my one and only beautiful wife. Enjoy your day.

58. Put a smile upon that beautiful face of yours and thank the Lord for keeping you cool till this moment. I just wanna wish you a happy birthday celebration.

59. Am using this medium to thank the Lord for sparing your life, wishing you the best moment on earth as you celebrate your day. Happy birthday my darling wife.

60. You have been the best wife have ever seen so far, I wish you happiness and joy as you celebrate your birthday. Love you!

61. I celebrate you today as my dearest wife is as added another year older in life. Happy birthday my dear and be-loving wife.

62. All have wished you today Is an amazing birthday with lots of goodies as you celebrate your day. Happy birthday and don’t forget I will be waiting for you.

63. You are truly a wonderful woman, a lady worthy to be my mother, ever since we got married, have never regretted it. A big thanks to you. Happy birthday.

Sweet Birthday Messages to My Wife from Husband

64. Am eager to spend the rest of my entire life with because you are such a superwoman. I wish you long life and good health.

65. May your day be filled with joy and lots of goodies and gifts from all angles. Enjoy your day.

66. You are my joy and my queen, I cherish and love you so much. I just want to wish you a happy birthday and many more in good health.

67. You are truly my dream woman who understands and knows the meaning of love. Am so happy that I married you. Happy birthday my love.

68. You are always the breadwinner of my heart and always shall you be, happy birthday my beautiful wife.

69. My darling wife, I know I can pay back all the good things you’ve done in my life, I will never ever let you go and promise to be by your side. Happy birthday.

70. Your birthday is a festive period of love in our family, may the love that bound us together never depart. Happy birthday.

71. I pray the wonderful memories of your birthday rings and last forever, may we live long to have a great time together. Happy birthday my love.

72. Your birthday is a celebration of love from the entire household, we wish you long life and prosperity. Have fun.

73. You are such a beautiful woman, full of happiness and lots of inspirational act. Happy birthday my beautiful wife.

74. Happy birthday to the woman that has the key to my heart, the true mentor of my life. Happy birthday my angel.

75. I feel so blessed and happy whenever I see you around, have never seen a good wife like you. You are just so special and kind. Happy birthday to you.

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