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Cute Special Love and friendship SMS

 Love and friendship SMS

Love and friendship SMS: We have come up with text messages that are specifically meant for you the readers. All we love doing the most is to ensure that you guys are served properly. You can always come back for the best. We have more than enough text messages on our website.

The Trends of the Day

1. The most important thing in this world is when your heart is at rest. When you are happy, things will be cool with you.

2. There is no reason to forget you in this world, you have always been a gift to me, and I will not let anything come between us.

3. Loving you is something that cannot be taken for granted. In my life, there is something beautiful that makes me happy the most and it is being in love with you.

4. Don’t forget every step, every minute and every moment we shared in this world. They are the reasons why we are still together.

5. Love is something worth having. You are my love and will preserve you for the rest of my life. I miss you so much.

6. It is my pleasure to have met you in a world that brings joy to the heart. I wish to let you know that you are the best woman in my love.

7. I cannot let you suffer for any reason as long as you are part of my life, no part of me shall suffer pain when I have the solution.

8. I will try my best to ensure that you are happy. I will give you every reason to be happy all your life. Thanks so much.

9. In no moment shall I forget you for the rest of your life. Thanks for the love you show to me. I miss you so much.

10. The joy that makes me happy is the one that emanates from you. I am always ready to be with you at all times.

11. When you need me the most, I do care to come for help. Even when you don’t need me, I will always be there for you.

12. You are the reason why I chose to stay around. I still want to see your face all the time. I miss you so much.

13. If you understand how much you mean to me, there will be no reason why I should forget you for any reason. I love you.

14. Many have come and gone, there is none of them that could win my heart you do. I love you so much.

15. You are precious, may the Lord continue to bless you all the time. I miss you like never before and hope for a better day with you.

16. I will not forget you because you are my beloved angel, the one whose presence is an amazing gift for me.

17. When things are not fine, you took the time to make me happy, you never forget that I can always do it.

18. I shall be yours all my life because there is no way I can ever be happy without you.

19. Every single day reminds me of the fact that you are the one meant for me. I will keep being in love with you.

20. I wish to be with you to make you happy every day and night. You are special and it is lovely that I am opportune to find someone like you.

21. You are to me as the flower is to the beautiful butterfly. I don’t think there is any friend better than you are.

22. I’m not going to lose feelings for you; I’m not going to lose focus on you because you deserve a lot of love and respect from me.

23. You are such a good friend; my love for you is not measurable because I have decided to love you forever.

24. A wife, a precious love and the most beloved companion in the world. I wish you more success in this world.

25. Thanks for being a success angel; I just wish to let you know that a special person like you is worth more than just a friend.

26. You are always on my mind, day and night, I still can’t forget everything that has happened between you and me.

27. You are the only one my heart accepts, you are my star and the missing rib; your love makes gives me more energy.

28. I am so happy because I found you as a friend and husband; this is what gives me the confidence to trust you the most.

29. You have been there for me, you have been precious and my love for you will always be there. I love you.

30. The pearl of love in my heart, I wish to be with you every second of my life. I hope you will be fine with this sincere love of mine.

31. More love, more joy, more success in my life, I wish you will be fine with everything that makes me smile. I love you.

32. Dear special angel, the impact of your love in my life is immeasurable, I am happy for you. I will be with you when you need me most.

33. To the most beautiful love of my life, you are special, you have been in existence since these years, and I didn’t notice you.

34. When I look at the moon, I see you smiling at me. You are so unique, and the light of your eyes makes me happy.

35. Whatever it takes to let you understand that I can’t forget you all my life, you are the best of all the ones I have met in my life.

36. Truly, I don’t want to notice your tears or to know that you are sad. You are so blessed and I love you.

37. What makes me smile the most is every encounter with you. Your bright face makes me feet unstable.

38. At the glance of your eyes, I see the flame of passion. Whenever we walk together on the street, I become more confident.

39. Surely, you are the happiness of my heart. You make my smile deeper, removed my pains and I am now happier.

40. Well, it is possible that the love I have for you is something that cannot be taken away from my heart. I love you to the core.

Trend About Friendship Text Today

Now, let’s write on friends, let us read and text friendship messages:

41. Day and night, I will be glad to be with you. I love the fragrance of your body, especially when we hold hands for play.

42. I miss those days in school, and you have always been the most valuable friend of my life. You are the number one friend in my life.

43. A good friend like you is more beloved to me than anyone else. Your sacrifices have been a great impact on my life.

44. Truly, it is not easy to find a reliable person like you as a friend. Indeed, it is very rare in this world. I love you.

45. Thanks for the benefit of your friendship; I am lucky because there is no friend that can make me happier than you do.

46. You are like a father to his friend to me. Your maturity in dealing with me is so amazing. I wish you the best.

47. Thanks for being a great friend, you will always be my happiness, I miss you like never before. I so much love you.

48. Bear me witness that today, my personality wants to cheer you as a special friend. I will always cherish you.

49. Thanks for everything you have done in my life. Your effort to make me become somebody in life will never be taken for granted.

50. You have always been an inspiration to me. Your words of encouragement will always remain in my head.

51. The best friend of life will never be tired of you. He or she will always be there for you. They are the shoulder you can ever trust.

52. I will always value our friendship because it is one of the most amazing things ever. I love you so much.

53. A friend whose aim is to make you happy is the best friend in the world. You should value such a friend always.

54. I wish you all the best in this world, I pray for a lot of success in your life. Thanks for everything that concerns you.

55. I remember every moment we shared, I remember all the moments we were playing together when we were in college.

56. We are destined to always be together. Indeed, a good friend like you is the most precious friend I have.

57. My dear friend, you are blessed, you are dearer to me than any other friends in this world. I love you.

58. It will be very hard to forget someone like you, I love every single thing about you because a friend like you is very rare.

59. Every moment I shared with you brings more success to me. I will never make a mistake of losing a friend like you.

60. There is nothing you have always wanted for me, except that you wish I am happy. I am so much lucky to have you.

Trending for Friendship Continues

61. The joy of having you as a friend is so intense that I still can’t remember my name. I am happy for being your friend.

62. The moment I set my eyes on you I realize you will be a friend that will take another friend to a top of success.

63. The value of friendship is to have someone that is ready to make you happy. I hope you will find endless peace in your life.

64. May we continue to enjoy the blessing of this friendship, may we find joy, peace, and harmony in our daily life.

65. I can’t wait to see a good friend like you. Since the day you came into my life, I feel like hugging you tonight.

66. You have always been a very special person in my life, thanks for this pleasure you brought to my life.

67. I will never forget you no matter what. I will stand with you in stress, distress and joy, and happiness.

68. Thanks for your outstanding friendship. You have always been a wonder in my life. Your efforts to change me for good really worked.

69. I have a brother from another mother. He is the best friend that I am always proud of. I wish you all the best.

70. Thanks so much, I will really miss your company. I will miss those precious moments we used to enjoy together.

71. What a bright face you have got, I wish you a splendid day ahead. May you find it easy to enjoy the rest of the day.

72. Dear good friend, the kind of love you show to me is not easy, it is a kind of love that only a blood sister can show to a person.

73. Thanks for standing by my side when I was in dare need of help. I used to see movies of true friends not knowing I have you as such.

74. I will be glad to see your face tomorrow, I don’t actually like the feeling of missing you. I love you so much.

75. You are my heartbeat, my joy, my blessed angel. The most amazing things are rare in life. You are one special friend I can never forget.

76. We may be separated by distance, but a good friend like you is actually uncommon. I miss almost everything about you.

77. The day I set my eyes on you, I realized that you will be a good match. You are a good friend that should be valued the most.

78. I wish to be with you all the time, I wish to let you smile the most because I value you as a very. I wish you all the best.

79. Thanks for being a special friend, I will always be glad to have you around me. I miss you like never before.

80. Thanks for the joy of being a blessed friend. I am so proud of you because you are very special. I love you.

81. The very day I set my eyes on you, everything I ever needed comes to me so easily. I love you so much.

82. A special friend with a special reason to be admired. Out of the entire friends I met in life, none won my heart like you.

83. I shall be with you all the time. I shall be happy with you for the rest of my life. I love the company of true friendship.

84. Being with you is a blessing as I am always happy around you. Thanks for the coolest words ever heard from you.

85. I shall be with you in every situation, thanks for the joy of being with you all my life. I wish you all the best.

86. The best moment of my life is the ones we spent together achieving our goals. I am happy for you.

87. I love the fact that you are always around me. There is nowhere I am except that I found you the best around me.

88. You are my dream comes true, you are the pleasure that keeps me strong all the time. I wish you all the best.

89. You may not understand how much you have been touching my heart with your powerful words of encouragement.

90. I have not seen a friend as special as you are, and as such, I can’t wait for you to be here once again. Thanks for everything.

91. The very moment I set my eyes on you, I realize that you have been so worried about me. I am sorry for not understanding your moves.

92. A good friend is like a light that creates ways for a person to get to his destination. I wish to be with you all my life.

93. Who can let you understand that you are a very special friend? You are a moonlight that helps a person to excel in life.

94. Good friends are always happy for each other, no matter how it seems one is doing better than the other.

95. My life has always revolved around your environment. This could mean that we are meant to e a good friend from the beginning.

96. As you finally come to my world, I will be glad to accept you. this is because a friend like you is very hard to find.

97. I value this friendship like never before. I am happy that you actually understood to honor of a friend.

98. Friends are meant to help each other; the purpose of being your friend is beyond this life. I love you.

99. You are going to enjoy every moment with me because I really miss you. I miss those games we played when we were together.

100. The love between two friends is the one I cherish the most. I wish you all the best from now on.

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