Best Long Sweet Messages To Send To Your Girlfriend

I Love You Messages for Girlfriend

Long Sweet Messages to send to your girlfriend


You may not understand how much your woman wants your attention; however, the truth is that every woman wants to hear from her man. She wants to hear from you even in any good means you can take.

For you to enjoy this kind of privilege of winning the heart of your girlfriend, then don’t worry because you are now in the right place. Here are some cute I love you messages for her, which I believe you will enjoy! You may also love to read romantic love messages or love messages for him.

10+ Long Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend


1. Life brings you joy that you wanted only if you can meet the few right people. Thank God I met you and my life became so full of luck because you have such an amazing good heart. I love you baby and there is no lie in my words at all!

2. You are a beautiful queen that deserved to be cared for with all my abilities. You are my darling sweetheart, losing you is like a danger coming from a far away point. I can’t stand the risk of missing for any reason, I love you!

3. I love the way you walk and the smile you give whenever I set my eyes on you. You are my sweet love the most interesting lady I ever come across in life. For this blessed moment, I pray to God to honor you with the best in life. I love you!

4. For your interest is inbuilt in me and for that reason will I continue to love you till eternity. You are my joy the only God-sent angel that wipes away my tears. I love you with all my heart. These are my cool kisses and my hot hugs to activate your day. I love you!

5. I love everything about you because you are such a special girl that no other girl can replace in my heart. You bring endless joy to my heart and put a smile on my face, I love you!

6. My sweetheart, I have a wish for you. A good wish for you to live forever with me because I want to love you more and more without end. You are the best lover I have ever met in my life. I am close to shedding tears because I’m still amazed that a lady like you exists. I love you!

7. Whenever I touch my heart, I feel you in me and there is no doubt about it. I love your ways and your closeness to me has an impact that changes the mind for good. I appreciate all your efforts in my life. I love you!

8. You are my dream comes true. The first day I met you, I thought you will be so bored to my liking but I came to realize that you are the interesting angel that I have ever met in my life.  I cherish your smart smile and appreciate your cute face. I love you!

9. You are my surest friend I can lean upon. I trusted you with all my heart and never do I want to lose you at any time. Your impact in my life will be forever fresh in my memory. I love you, my dear angel!

10. I have this wonderful feeling and it is the fact that I found you in life—therefore I will live in peace with all over my life. My dear cool-headed angel, I must let you know that you mean everything to me and I love you until the end of time.

Romantic Long Sweet Messages to Send Your Girlfriend

1. Many of the reasons why I wish to live forever in life come from the kindness of a soft heart I receive from you—a specially made person full of life. The apple of my life the jewel I adore so much with passion. I love you!

2. You belong to me and everything you do I do. I feel you, I hear you and I touch you no matter how far you may be. You have become the satellite with which I see my passion and affections for you. I am sending you lots of kisses and chocolate hugs to replenish your energy. I love you!

3. For the rest of my life, I want to live with you to always see your beautiful yet powerful smile. The aura of your walking steps mesmerizes my heart and gives me more reason to always want to be yours more and more. I love you!

4. I love the best woman in my life. She is so cute, sweet, wonderful and above all cheerful. I love your stunning feet as I love your fine-looking nose, your forehead attracts of heart and gives it a passion jam. I must tell you that you are everything I needed in a woman. I love!

5. I dedicate my heart to loving you till the end of my life. I love you for what you are and how you are. No matter how far we may be with each other, my love for you will not fade away. I love, my sweet love has a lovable day.

6. I am appreciating you for all the impact you have taken in my life. Since the day I met you, my sorrow ceased to exist. You are all that I have ever needed in life. I can’t stop thinking about you at any moment. I am ready to always love you forever. I love you!

7. The distance might have torn us apart but the good news is that your thoughts can never be unplugged in my mind—you will continue to live freshly in my heart. That is where I kept you and  I want you to stay there till the end of time. I love you!

8. I rate you higher than the moon because you mean the world to me. You are my sunshine the light that points to the happiness of my soul, mind, and heart. A gem is so unique in her way. Loving you is a great privilege and accepting you is a wonderful invention. I love you!

9. You are my living princess to whom there no one among the princess can replace in my heart. I cherish you so much and adore you for the very you that you are. A flash of a smile from you can send me into love dungeon. I love you!

10. I love you, my darling angel because you touch my heart in a unique way I cannot comprehend. I wonder how brilliant you have become that I cherish everything about you. I am assuring you of a true love never-ending it is called. I love you!

Cute Sweet Long Messages to Send for Girlfriend

1. For my heart is calling on you because you are the best of companions that have ever come to my life. You give me reasons to be with you forever and will I always be ready to do so. I am stunned to realize you belong to me. I love you, sweetheart!

2. I love your beautiful eyes that melt my heart as though a burning candle. You are my joy the lovely angel that splashed my life with a deep smile putting a special kind of comfort on my heart. I appreciate your kindness and I love so much!

3. My life depends also on you because if I have not heard your voice for a day, I can’t just be myself for the rest of the day. You’re an angel worthy of been respected and cherish. So far so long, my heart sings the song of your love dying to always be close to you. You are my joy the treasure that marvels me beyond understanding. I love you!

4. I love you, my dear special queen. The apple of my eyes the most interesting girl I have ever met before. Since the day you became part of my life I have been so happy. Thank God I met you my jewel. I wish you know how much I cherish you, my love.

5. For what I rate you to be—a wonderful queen of my love palace. I love your passionate smile because it is a shining glory to my innocent heart. You are as beautiful as gazelle, well built like the most beautiful rose flower. I love you more than you can think. I mean it that I love you, baby!

6. I don’t know what to say because I am speechless been marveled with the power of your love and passion showed to me. These blue eyes of yours may cause a love attack to my heart however that’s my wish because I love the way you are. I love you!

7. A flower is beautiful and it smells pleasant to the one that acknowledges its presence—that’s exactly what you are. You are so sweet and pleasurable to my judgment. I love everything about you. A special queen of my heart I love you!

8. Love is more interesting when it involves a special pearl like you because with you beside me, I feel the impact of what the joy of life can bring to the heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you!

9. Whoever it is that I cherish most among the female mortals is you. Whatever it is that I admire most among the rose flowers is you. I love all the beautiful treasures scattered around in the world but you the one I cherish most. My lovely princess, I love you!

10. You are specially made for me and there is no doubt about it. You put a smile on my cheeks whenever I set my eyes on you. I can’t stop admiring you anymore my love. I hope to see you smile for the rest of your life. I love you!

Long Sweet Messages to Send to Her

1. This powerful smile of yours gives me more interest to forever want to live with you. I see you as my hope and future joy that will never cease to grow. You are my light and passion,  forever will I cherish you, my sweetheart. I love you!

2. My heart is filled with some contents I cannot easily explain by words—my heart is filled with joy, happiness, positivity, hope, good aspiration, and lots of the good this life can bring because you love me. I am lucky to have found you in life. I love you!

3. For all the joy you brought to my life, for all the blessings I found been in love with you and for the entire smile you put on my cheeks whenever I see your beautiful face. I love you and everything about you. I am pleased to live with you forever. I love you!

4. You are the princess which my heart has chosen. In the palace of love, I recognize you as my only queen to be loved until the end of time. My dear angel, I want you to know that nothing can ever make me leave you for no reason or even for a reason. I love you!

5. Your love in my heart will never find an ending point because you are my life and I can’t live without you. I wonder how boring this life will be without you, my angel. You mean the world to me and will love that you stay with me until the end of time. I love you!

6. I am proud of you my super-lady because you are so smart. You never let me down especially when I need you most. I love your lips and the well-built waist of yours. You are my God-sent angel, I love you, my sweetheart!

7. Loving you will forever be my watchword. I love your eyes, lips, and the passionate kisses which you endow me with. I love your walking steps and your voice whenever you speak to me. You are my beautiful queen, the one that my heart has chosen to have a sweet day.

8. A world with you is a bliss that every man wishes to have until the end of time. A second with you is endless joy and a moment with you is a voyage of happiness. My joy I wish to tell you something special and it ‘I love you!

9. My dear love is the best girl I have ever met before. You are my romantic companion whom I will love forever I believe it. I thank the Lord for making me meet in life, baby I aspire to be your husband. I love you!

10. For all I have for you, for the success you helped me to achieve I melt in awe of your kindness. You are so sweet, my lovely angel the most important thing I want for you is to see you been happy for the rest of my life. I love you!

11. Had it been that I could explain the content of my love for you; you will accept that my promises for will never be in vain. I promise to be with you until the end, no matter what happens. Your tears will not waste for anything. I truly love you!

Romantic Messages to Send to Her

1. Since I was created into see world, I have never come across an amazing angel like you. If I am to describe to you, the whole book in this world cannot contain my sincere description.

2. My life cannot be complete without you because you are my covenant, my convenience, and promise that I have before me. I love you from my heart, and I won’t let your eyes see tears but that of joy and passion for the one you love. My love yours I will do forever.

3. Since the day the owner of the world has created me, I don’t think I’ve met a person like you before. Truly my love for you can never be exhausted because you are the pinnacle of my heart—my dear love I love you from the depth of my heart!

4. This life that I come in to make and fulfill a covenant. A promise to make you what you actually want to be and to put a smile on your face. Your love cannot fade away in my heart because you are my true love. Wash away your tears for you are too sweet for such childish play. I love you!

5. All of my body wants your love because you are the one my heart has chosen. I love you with all my heart; there is no time that comes but your thoughts find a place in my mind. I love you dearly!

6. You are my missing rib, I knew since the day you came into my life. My dear angel, loving you is my goal and thank God I have achieved it. For I am so close to your heart perhaps you may not notice but whenever you need me just know that I am there for you!

7. I have seen my true love that makes this life simple for me to live with her. Your eyes shine like a star when it smiles in the darkness of the sky. In this my life that I found myself, on you alone I trust my heart among every other mortal. I love you, baby!

8. For all I care about is to see your face as shining like the rays of the sun. In your eyes, I find comforts and peace in my heart. Your presence I work hard to get, and now you’re far away from me, I miss you so much and that’s why I love you my heartbeat!

9. This wonderful night I think of you with every means available. Whenever I am alone, your thoughts are my companions. My love is so real for you dear angel. I want you to understand that you are my missing rib. I love you!

10. I saw you and saw the joy of my life because, since the day you became part of my life, the sorrow of the pain of love has left my heart completely. You are my heartbeat the reason why I wish to live forever in life. I cherish you so much, my sweetheart.

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