2020 Cute Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend              

2020 Best Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend

Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend 

A paragraph is said to be a distinct part of a piece of writing that normally deals with a single theme and identified by a new line or numbering.  Paragraphs give the complete explanation of a matter for the reader to understand the point you are trying to hammer upon, through the introduction, argument, elaboration, examples, and other information.

We have some paragraphs for you to explore in the light of the value of friendship. We believe you will enjoy the well-organized paragraphs as they should.

The Trend of the Day

  • Your friendship is of great value. Can you remember the other day I was sick and you have to quickly rush to my place without taking your breakfast? That’s the meaning of the value of a friend. There are many sacrifices you have taken in this world which ordinarily, not everyone can do so. In terms of generosity, you don’t hesitate to give me whatever I need. Therefore, the truth has come that you are a friend with great value.


  • There is no friend like you. I have come across many people in life; they all have a different attitude, conduct, and character. I have seen nice people around the world. They are all good people that a person should get close to every second. But one thing that amazes me the most is that I have never seen any of these people being as unique as you are. Through this special gift of yours, I concluded that a friend like you is rare.


  • You are my best friend. Okay, look at the other day I was in dare need of help for my hospital bills. Please among the entire people I sort help from, who gave the help? None of them. Despite I know I can always lean upon you in times of hardship, I was shy that it is not necessary to come for help because it has not that long you just did. When you noticed I was dying, did you hesitate to help me? Tell me who will be a better friend like you?


  • I will never forget you. There are many things you have done in my life which will make me never forgive you. I was amazed when I needed someone to help me with the money to complete my building, and you did without even looking back or giving me an excuse. Apart from this, you have always been a good childhood friend. Our days in primary school were awesome because we were friends. Our secondary school days were super fantastic, and now that we are adults, we are holding the best of memories. Can I possibly forget a friend like you?


  • You are better than a diamond before me. Can diamond keep me busy when I’m bored? No! Can diamond tell me sorry when I’m hurt? No! if I am lonely and I need someone to keep me active, it is human that I will call because he or she will understand my stand and feeling better than a none human. These are the values that I saw in you that made me accepted that you are more valuable than a diamond.


  • Do you know that you are such a peaceful friend? Several times I have come across a scenario where people annoy you and yet you are not offended. Your level of patience is undisputable and rare. Sometimes, I use to think about what kind of woman you are—with the large heart you tolerate everyone through love and peace. Indeed, you are the most peaceful lady I can present to anyone.


  • There is no time I don’t think of you. Sometimes, I will sit all alone wondering why I so much love you as a friend. I got to understand that your resilience makes it so. It is hard to come across someone so special as you are. Imagine your level of education, yet you don’t take anyone for granted. Imagine your inventions, yet none hear from your mouth that you invented to robots. Tell me, why I will not keep thinking about you? Is it possible?


  • A friend in need is a friend indeed. I search the whole world in my heart to see if there is anyone I can lean upon when disaster freezes my heart. I looked through the nooks and cranny of life to see if I can meet that special man that will make me happy but it was to no avail. When I met you, the story began to change. I realized there is a spirit in you that makes you stand by your friends in times of need.


  • A day without you is senseless. I have observed this several times to see if a day without you will be meaningful. To my surprise, anytime you are not around me, I feel empty and as a result, loneliness overshadows my spirit. This is the reason why you need to always be around me to make my days count.


  • Thank you for all the sacrifices you took for me. Can you remember the other day under the mango tree? Can you remember that I ran into trouble that could have claimed my life? Dear friend, you didn’t deny that you know me. You rather stood by my side, fought along with me until we both escaped death badly injured. I saw you in the hospital bed unconscious and I was scared that you may die. Still, you never gave up. You struggled for your life because you still want to see us smile together. These are the greatest of sacrifices a friend can take for a friend.


  • Smile and never get tired of trying. Life is indeed a place where we are faced with difficulties and various challenges. Life is full of ups and downs; life is a place where everyone will have his or her share of pain. However, I get to understand that, after the pain is a relief.


  • I will rate you five stars. So long so that I’m alive, I can never rate other friends beyond you. I don’t see what other friends have done that is as special as things you have done in my life. They cannot stand your place in any way. You are the most valuable friend I have.


  • I am lucky to have you as a friend. Your level of intelligence attracts me to you. Your words of wisdom changed my life for good. Your character is the most amazing one I have ever seen since the day we met. Anyone that sees us together tells me how lucky I am to have a good friend like you. For this reason, I can’t be luckier than this.

Trending today

  • Having you as a friend is a thing of celebration. Like a good friend that you are, it is a good thing to celebrate because there is no time, I repeat, there is no time you are around us, except that you make us happy. To us, you are like a gatherer who gathers to make others feel okay with their selves. Thus, a friend like you is the best everyone who wants to happy should have.


  • Your heart is full of kindness. I looked at you and realized how kind you have become. Your heart is full of love, happiness, and good wish for others. I can remember how you help hundreds of people out of poverty and then provided shelters for the widows. You are indeed a living hero for the less privileged. I gathered all these good gestures of yours and then realized that you are a man of generosity.


  • Whoever stays with you will never remain the same. One thing I observed about you is that there is no one that you befriend that remained the same. I don’t know how you do it but there is a big difference between you and other friends I met in life. There is this unique way you do things which makes me feel good about having you as my best friend. It was when we became friends that many things became clear to me. I am grateful for the kind of friend you are. Your presence in a person’s life only changes it for good.


  • Sadness comes before happiness. Dear friend, I want you to be strong. I want you to know that this world is like a transformer—step down, step up. It is never stable and that’s the very reason why it is interesting to live in it. Sometimes, we may not get what we want but it doesn’t matter because we are going to move out of every pain someday.


  • You are a role model for everyone. My best friend is a living example of a good leader. I have seen you leading. I can see how those you lead succeed in life. I am very sure you are the best I have ever seen in the realm of leadership. Keep it up and continue to change lives for good. You are just the most amazing living example of a comforter.


  • I will cherish you forever. It occurred to me that you deserve to be loved with endless passion. I am so happy because you are an understanding person and your lifestyle is so simple and worthy of emulations. To my special man, you are a treasure to me, a treasure that will be preserved forever.


  • True friendship is rare. It is now clear to me that having a companion that is ready to stay by your side forever is very limited. I thought it was over for me when I looked everywhere and couldn’t see anyone assist me with what I need. Suddenly, you came into my world and then sacrificed almost everything just to see me through. This is the fact that makes true friendship uncommon.


  • What makes the difference is in character. The reason why I chose you as my best friend remains in your attitude. People of wisdom used to say that “the character is human”, now I understand why they said so. I now understand why some people are celebrated. It has to do with the great character they possess. You so cute, so special, and above all, a man with a great impact on success.


  • Believe me, I respect your person and value your friendship. No matter what, I will continue to be there for you in rain and storm. Do you know why? It is because you are a woman of integrity, resilience, and good character. These qualities of yours make me wonder about the kind of human you are. Whoever doesn’t respect or value a friend like you cannot detect a good thing.


  • I need a person with true ambition. This was my watchword in selecting my friends. I go for friends with focus and a bright future so that we can build a nation together. I searched from south to north I couldn’t find one. I looked from east to west none was identifiable. When I looked at you, I saw the kind of friend I need in my life. This put in summary; you are a responsible friend to be with.


  • Hello good friend. Look around you; is there any friend better than you are? You may not know but I have been observing and in my conclusion, there is no friend like you. Many of your help has been speaking for you despite your humbleness by keeping quiet about the good you have done. A friend with a good heart is very uncommon.


  • When it rains or storms, we will still be best of friends. You see friend, the only time you can identify someone who cares about you is when things are rough for you. Such people come to your aid unexpectedly. Such people are the best you can ever meet in life. But what baffles me about them is that one of them is already in my life. I have seen how you work tirelessly to see that I’m happy. I love you to the end.


  • To my beloved one, it is my pleasure to have you in life. It is because I have you that’s why I am happy. It takes me time to make a difference when you were not present in my life. As soon as you become part of my life. Everything changed and then, I am the boss of myself all of a sudden. I am happy today because you decide to be my happiness.

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