I Will Miss My Best Friend Quotes

I will miss my best friend quotes. Have you lost contact with your best friend recently? Or what is it that you want to express to your best friend to let him or her know that you will miss them? We have got your back here, we have the best quotes to help you convey how much you value your best friend.

I Will Miss My Best Friend Quotes

• You are my best friend. I love you so much. I will miss your spirit, energy & laughter dearly for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine my life without you! You have changed me for the better in a million ways and without you, I would not be truly happy in life!

• I never expected it to be hard to say goodbye. The last ten years have been the best years of my life, knowing you and having you as a friend I can’t believe how blessed I am. I will miss your smile, your laugh, your light-hearted humor and even your bad jokes but mostly I will miss the way you make me feel like we’ve been close forever. You are precious to me and I hope you know that. So much has happened since we have been together.

• I will miss the silly conversations and random text from you. I will miss our long talks on the phone when one of us is feeling down, and I will miss how you always know when I just need to talk. We were more than just friends but less than lovers, I see that now. It might be hard for me but I can’t wait to move forward with my own life.

• I know you and I aren’t together anymore, but I still miss you. A lot. In fact, I miss you so much that sometimes I just can’t breathe. I thought we had it all figured out, that even getting older wouldn’t hurt us. But as it turns out, we were wrong. And life stands to prove that no matter what happens, time changes everything. I will miss your sweet smell when you lean in for a hug.

• It is not easy to lose my best friend, but that is what I am experiencing. I love you more than my words could ever express. Stay strong and be brave. Do what you need to do, just think of our days together with a smile on your face and know that I will always be there for you, just know that no matter where in this world you might go, I will always be on your mind.

• I love you! You always make me smile. You always know what to say. You, in my eyes, are perfect. I will miss our late night calls, the nights where you sleep over, and the days we drive around town going to look at apartments. The distance is going to hurt, but I know it will pass quickly and I will be back with you soon. I can’t wait until then!

• I don’t know how I could live my life without you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you with such fond memories. You have always been a huge part of my life and will continue to be. I value every moment we had together and I’m thankful for every one we will have in the future. I Will Miss My Best Friend Quotes.

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• I love you. I’ve always loved you. I will always love you. It doesn’t matter whether we see each other every day, or multiple times in a day. It doesn’t matter if we fight, or if we get along great all the time. I will never stop loving you. If I could wish myself to be with one person for the rest of my life, it would be you. I love everything about you. I will miss seeing your name too.

• We will never forget our wonderful times together and the fun we had. Some day we will look back at our pictures and laugh because they will remind us of the great times we shared with one another. This poem is just something to remember of the good times that we shared together. And you will forever be my best friend!

• We’ve been best friends for so long. There truly isn’t anything that we can’t tell each other. I feel like you are my own sister, someone that I will love no matter what. As we grow up I hope we will always keep in touch and never forget how much I love you.

• You are my best friend, the one I can tell anything. You make me laugh like no other and I can always rely on you. You are one of a kind and there’s no one else like you!

• I know that these days we don’t have a lot of time to be together, but I want you to know I think about you all the time. When I am lonely and sad, or angry and lonely, I always think about what life would be like without you and I can never bear living in a world without you. You mean everything to me.

• You were with me through the tough times, and now you get to be with me through something even better. I love you both, so much! Just knowing that you are there for us, is all I need to learn and grow. The only person I could have gone through this wonderful experience with is someone as perfect for me as you are.

• Though the miles between us are many, your thoughts and dreams are never out of my mind. I promise to carry you with me always, for there is no one else that I would rather have by my side.
• Forever your best friend. I will miss you dearly, my sweet friend. You are more than just a sister to me; you’re one of the kindest people I have ever known. I love how easy it is for us to talk, and I hope to feel the same way forever. I Will Miss My Best Friend Quotes.

• We shared so many memories; so much laughter. You are always there for me through all the good and bad. I will really miss our talks, our chats and late-night movies together. Thank you for being my most trusted friend.

• I can’t believe my best friend is moving away in less than a month. We’ve been together since the first day of 6th grade and I don’t know what I am going to do without you. I love you so much, you are my other half!

• I love you, my best friend. I miss your laugh, your smile, and your big heart. You are so special to me, and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You make every single day better than the last one. I love you always!

• My best friend, the man I love, my one and only, my heart. I don’t know how to put into words how I feel, the world is a better place because you are in it. You give me strength every day and make me a better person.

• It’s really hard to say goodbye. I’ve had a lot of them lately, but yours will be the most difficult. If we can fall in love without knowing the person you become, then maybe that is the sign that we were made for each other, and that we are destined to always remain friends!

• I can’t even begin to describe what a great friend you have been to me over the years. You are hilarious, always positive and make me laugh every single day. I love you like a sister and all the great memories we’ve created are irreplaceable. You will be my best friend for life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!”

• I will miss my best friend when she is studying abroad next year. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you around! We have been through a lot together (both good and bad), I’ve laughed more with you than anyone else! You never seem to get irritated by my many quirks, and always accept me for who I am. I love you so much dear friend, and I can’t wait until we meet again after the semester is over.

• Best friends – We have been inseparable ever since I can remember. You’ve always been there for me and I am forever thankful…I’ll miss you most of all.

• You’re my best friend and I will always love you. You’re the warm, sunny day that brightens my dreary rainy day. When we are together my heart feels so happy and when we are apart I feel so lost and cold. We have seen each other through the lowest of lows and felt complete joy before the sunrise because of our friendship. You mean so much to me and have made me a better person, someone who can now recognize all the great things around us.

• My best friend doesn’t comment on my looks; she compliments my heart. My best friend doesn’t make me happy all the time, but she is always there when I need her most. She isn’t afraid to tell me how she feels, even if it hurts. She knows I am an imperfect human being and she loves me anyway. Thank you for being my best friend in every way. I Will Miss My Best Friend Quotes.

• I love you more than anything in the world. We will miss you and I will always love you no matter how far away we are.

• Your friendship is one of a kind. You’re the sort of friend you don’t just meet once in a lifetime, but twice. You bring me more joy than anyone else can. I will miss you so much when we graduate and move to different cities, but I always know that you’ll be with me in my heart. I love you, friend!

• He was the brother I never had, we will miss him very much. He died in a tragic car accident.

• I can’t believe that you will be leaving me so soon. You are the best friend I have ever had. I actually cannot imagine life without you. It is hard to say goodbye, but maybe it is time for me to let you go. This doesn’t mean that I will never love again, it just means that I will love differently than I did with you. Love is beautiful, it can break the heart and mend it all in the same instant, but nothing in life than you are to me.

• I’m going to miss you so much. You have been there for me when I was at my lows, and you always said the right things. I am really going to miss & love you for a very long time.

• You are my best friend, and every time I think about you I smile. You will never understand how important you are in my life. Our friendship is like a color, and your face lights up my world into the most beautiful rainbow.

• Never have I ever loved someone as much as I love you. I want you to know just how much your friendship means to me and how thankful I am that you are a part of my life. Good friends like you are hard to come-by, but impossible to forget. You are a light in the dark and darkness never shines so bright as when we are together. Thank you for being my best friend and here’s to many more happy memories.

• You are my best friend: remember that.

• Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for me. For leading me to God, being the best friend I could have ever asked for and for helping me make the best decisions in my life. You are always there for me, even when I push you away. You have touched my heart and soul more than you will ever know. There is so much more to come in our friendship and we have a lifetime full of happiness ahead. I love you with all of my heart!

• I miss you already. I don’t want us to ever be apart but I know you are making your dreams come true. Never forget that I love you and will be here waiting for your return.

• I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend. I will miss so much about our friendship, but most of all I will miss sitting on the couch, talking about everything and nothing for hours.

• I will miss you like crazy. I will miss our long text conversations, and I will miss being able to share every little detail with you. I will miss your optimism and your love for me. Your love makes me happy, and I know no matter how far we are apart, that you are my best friend and always will be.

• I miss you more than I ever thought possible. I know that you were my best friend, and it’s just weird knowing that I have to go on without having you in my life. You are going to be missed beyond comprehension. You have affected many others in ways that I can only imagine. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the memories that we created together. Thank you, for everything that you did for me and everybody else. I Will Miss My Best Friend Quotes.

• I love you more than any thing in the world. For so many years now we have been the best of friends. You have crossed oceans and mountains to see me again. You are the love of my life and my heart aches at the thought of saying good bye.

• You mean the world to me. I never thought I could find a best friend like you. You have grown up with me as if we were sisters and you mean so much to me. I will miss you terribly and ask that you never forget me. You are my soul sister and I will love you forever.

• I love you. It’s as simple as that. I love every part of you from the silly voices you do to the way you rub my back, the thoughtful presents you get me and the way you make me happy. But most of all, I love that you are such a good friend and would do anything for me. I will miss your face everyday, but know that I will always love you.

• We have known each other since Kindergarten and we have been best friends ever since. I love you like no other, I would do anything for you and vice versa. Our friendship assures me that there is hope for the world, that people can be kind to one another and not judge each other by outward appearances. You are the best thing to happen to me, you know everything there is to know about my heart, mind, and soul. You are the person I want to spend my whole life with you.

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