Awesome I Want You Messages for Her

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I Want You Messages for Her

I Want You Messages for Her: You may want to send good messages to your woman who may happen to be your wife or fiancee, we have gathered these messages for you to go through. Messages of this nature are rare, and therefore, you need to explore the best of them.

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1. There is no way I try to remain peaceful without you, I find out that loving you is divine, I keep wanting you all my life.

2. My joy in this world is that I met a woman whose love for me is irresistible. I want you all my life.

3. I have come to realize that I can’t live without a gem like you. I wish to be with you all my life.

4. You are the future mother of my kids, I need you to know this all the time. I love you more than anything.

5. Giving you all attention in life is what makes me happy, I will always be by your side. Thanks for the passionate life you have been living with me.

6. Being in love with you is a good thing because it is the reason why I am always happy. I love you so much.

7. You are my star, the best light sent to me. I have been so blessed because you are my world in which I live.

8. The pain of the past is gone. If you didn’t show me, true love, I wonder how I will live in this world without you.

9. Anything that caused me pain, has been dealt with. I am lucky that I found a woman who is ready to make everything easy for me.

10. The love of my life, you are so special. I have searched the entire world but could find someone like you.

11. Loving you makes me happy, I will be glad to see your face soon. This will be an opportunity to smile again.

12. Any moment that joins us together is blessed. I want to be yours for how long the world may stay.

13. Whenever you are tired of everything, always remember that I will never be tired of bringing happiness to you.

14. I will live my life to make you happy forever. You are my world, come let’s live together. I love you.

15. The joy of being in love with the right person cannot be overemphasized, may the Lord bless my heart with true love.

16. I don’t know how to forget you because it is in my blood to love you all the time. Wishing you more joy in life.

17. The very moment you came into my world, everything I ever needed has been so easy for me. I love you.

18. Every minute with you really matters to me. It is your presence that changed me for good. I love you.

19. Truly, it is my pleasure to have met you. Your hospitality is confirmed the best ever. I want to dwell forever in your heart.

20. The very love that gives me joy is the one I find in you. I love you to the core.

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21. I want you in my life forever, you are my golden treasure, there is no treasure like you in the entire universe.

22. Being with the most beautiful woman in the world is my greatest gift so far. I am the luckiest man in this world.

23. I am not shy to show the world how much I love you. I wish you all the benefits of true love. May you find endless peace in your world.

24. I will never forget your precious face, I will never let you down day and night because you have all it takes to be my angel.

25. I wish to see you smile all the time, I will be yours no matter how long it takes to see you again. I love you.

26. There is no reason why I should lose you for anyone else. I deserve you because a person like me needs a queen in his life.

27. All I need in my life is a woman of understanding. On several occasions, you have shown me how sensible you are.

28. I can go to every length of life to prove my love for you. I will not regret risking my life for you. I want you forever.

29. The queen of my heart, how are you? I hope you had a splendid day? I love you like never before.

30. Thanks for the passionate attitude shown to me. If not for you, I wonder how sad I will be now. Thanks for everything.

31. I will do everything to let you know that being in love with the right man really worth it. You will be treated like a queen.

32. I will make you look special. I will try all my best to shower the entire love I have in my heart on you alone.

33. Wherever you are, I will wait for you. I will not be tired of you all the time. I love you so much. Thanks for everything.

34. You are my heart and soul. Anytime I see you, my heart is calmed and my soul is energized. Take good care of yourself.

35. Love will not end until we are no more. I cannot stop loving you, as long as you are alive. Thanks for everything.

36. You have been showing me, true love, since the day I met you, I will be with you no matter how far we are.

37. Distance is not strong enough to separate you and me, we shall live together to enjoy this life. I love seeing you.

38. There is no doubt I am in love with you. No matter how busy I may be, I still find time to remember you.

39. You are the woman I, you are the woman that can tolerate me. You are the only woman that is compatible with me. I love you.

40. If you know how I have been. Looking forward to a day to finally show you the depth of my love for you.

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41. In no time, no matter how difficult things may look, I will try all my best to put a smile on your face.

42. You are the mother of my blessed kids. A blessed mother is bound to give birth to the best children in life.

43. No matter how anyone tries to change me against you, I will never succumb to the trick. I want you for myself alone.

44. Good to have met a woman of honor. A woman that gives me joy anytime I see her. I love you truly.

45. Your good and welcoming attitude is one virtue that turns me on. I am lucky because you belong to me.

46. Whenever you are sad, I fall sick, please don’t be sad at all. I am in a deep love for you. I miss you to the core.

47. I love you to the moon and back. If you doubt me, come let me buy the entire world for you. I want a wife like you.

48. I realized that you are the kind of mother needed for my kids. The most beautiful woman in the world. I love you.

49. It is good that I have met a woman that understands me the most. I wish to see you on my lap soon.

50. The most times spent with you have been the best ever. I am glad you are here when I need you most. Thanks a lot.

51. The basic thing about love is to get it right from the beginning. I am happy to have found a lovely angel like you in my life.

52. There is no reason why I should forget a pioneer like you. You are the pioneer of my life sent from above. I love you.

53. The prisoners cannot see light because their loved ones have been separated from them. I can see everything around me because you are my eyes.

54. I have been so sad thinking about you. I really miss you, I wish you are here. I miss you like never before.

55. Thanks for the passionate environment you formed around me. I am lucky because you gave me a good reason to want to live with you forever.

56. To my surprise, I realized that a day without you means a lot to me. I love you like never before. I am happy with you.

57. You are a sweetness love, a precious companion. It was the very day I met you everything began to be OK once again. I love.

58. I shall be happy with you no matter what. I shall love you like never before. Thanks for being a precious gift in my life.

59. If you give me the time to take good care of you, I will do so forever. I am in dare need of you. I can’t wait to show you how beautiful you are.

60. You have touched my heart in such a manner I can’t easily figure out. All I know is that I am happy because you are part of my life.

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61. How beautiful you have become. I still can’t tell why it is very difficult to do without remembering you a day.

62. The smile from your heart is precious, I don’t think there is anyone that can beat you up on this precious virtue.

63. True love is found in the eyes that are soft. I wish to be with you even in the hardest moments. I love you.

64. Whenever I miss you, life becomes a beat bored, until I see you again, I am happy once more. I love you.

65. There are many reasons why we can’t talk about our past, it could wake our pains but for me and you, our pasts only bring a reason to be glad.

66. I have decided to remain with you all my life, I pray you to find that special moment that will live you in joy forever. I love you.

67. The very moment I realized how much you have changed my life, I couldn’t hold my tears. How I wish I had known you for many years.

68. I have your thoughts all over my mind, I don’t even know how to let you understand that my love for you is larger than life.

69. I don’t want to see you sad, I am in love with you because there are many reasons for being in love with you. You are an angelic friend and a pious wife.

70. To be in love with someone unique is a grace from God. I am happy that you became part of my life. I love you.

71. Thinking about you is a good influence, I will be there for you no matter the condition of our relationship, I will try all my best to make things work for better.

72. It is not easy to meet the right person. If you find someone that gives you attention, please, don’t let him go.

73. Your face is like a mountain raised above the ground, it shines like a star, a beautiful star for that matter.

74. I have been searching for a way to bring peace to your heart but that can only be done by God. I will try my best to make you happy.

75. Whenever you are ready to smile, think about me, close your eyes and you will see me. I do much miss you.

76. Above and beyond, I am always happy to see you smiling. I am in true love with you. Thanks for being in love with you.

77. Don’t be scared, I will always be there for you. I am happy to have found you in this wonderful world.

78. To the most beautiful woman in a world full of sorrow, do you know you have wiped away my tears of ages.

79. Your love has been a great gift in my opinion. There is no doubt it has been so special having a woman like you in life.

80. There is no reason loving a person like you, I am happy to have a lovely angel whose heart is like a treasure to me.

81. Getting better now. I will soon come to spend enough time with you. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks, dear.

82. I will be there. If you need me, I will not be far away from you. I will stay with you in love, and in spirit.

83. I will always support you in anything you are doing. I will bear the pain of ensuring you are happy.

84. I shall love you with care, cherish you with calmness, hug you with pleasure. I wish you the best in this world.

85. The star is smiling, the heart is trembling, I wish to be with you all my life. I don’t like it when a minute causes separation between us.

86. I wish you were with me decades ago, I will be so overwhelmed with joy. I am yet to see someone special like you.

87. You belong to me. You are my best friend, the only true angel that makes me happy the most. I love you.

88. You are so cool and cute. You are the reason why I am happy with you. I love you so much. Thank a lot.

89. I am always in the mood to see you before me. I hope you will be happy all the time. I love you, dear.

90. There is a reason why the sun is up. There is a reason why the river flows, I have a reason to love you forever.

91. A smiling lovely face like yours is the best I have ever encountered on earth. You belong to me. I miss everything that concerns you.

92. To the one that makes me smile, you know I love you. I can do everything for you. You are the best of luck.

93. For over a year now, the pains of the past are nowhere around my heart. You have wiped every single pain out of me.

94. The pleasure of having an angel as a wife is not common. I am lucky to have you in this world. I love you.

95. May your face see the light of a blessed day. I wish you more enjoyment in the world. I love you so much.

96. If you want me to come and stay with you until you finish cooking, I don’t mind. You are my heart, so there is no evil staying close to you.

97. I love it when you breathe in me. I am happy to carry your heart along with me. I really want you.

98. The love I have in you is the most amazing love that cannot be comprehended that easily. I hope you understand.

99. Thanks for everything you have done in my life. I will be there when no one cares anymore. I love you.

100. There is no woman as you are. You are a faithful woman, so sweet, so lovely and above all, the best for me.

We have prepared these beautiful messages for you, we also believe that you will enjoy texting them to those who really matter to you. Enjoy the messages as usual.

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