I Miss You My Love SMS-Goodnight Messages For Her

I Miss You My Love Messages-Goodnight Messages for Her

I Miss You My Love SMS

“I miss you my love sms” is a special kind of text message which I will be mixing with goodnight messages in other to bring out the beauty and effect of missing a lover and wishing them goodnight can bring to the heart. Though we have written lots of goodnight messages indeed we will try our best to blend this current one into something unique.

You can actually enjoy the previous goodnight messages for mom and this other one titled goodnight messages for father.

Now you can feel the impact of what uniqueness can always stand for now and at all times:

1. The only dove that sings in my heart, it is my solemn pleasure to inform you that I have really missed you since the day distance has taken you away from me; whenever you are back, I will feel once again a blissful joy in my heart. Goodnight love!

2. The bliss of the air that comes from the deepest part of your heart gives me joy and that’s why I always feel your absence like I have never seen you before. With you beside me, my heart finds the comfort it wants. Goodnight!

3. I love your ways and the richness of the way you smile whenever I find you beside me. I feel like you are the most interesting person I have ever met in life. I really feel the pain of your absence so I wish you are back soon, I miss you, goodnight!

4. The first day I set my eyes on you, I knew you will be the special woman I have always prayed to meet in my life. I wish you can check my heart to see the depth of my feelings for you; now and for the rest of my life, I want to be with you, goodnight and I miss you!

5. In the beginning, I thought I can’t cope with you until now I realize I have been given the best gift in life; since the day you became part of me, I feel like this life should never end again so I can always feel your presence, goodnight and I miss you!

6. I did not notice your great impact until you left then I realized how wonderful your presence is in my life, today I can’t stop thinking about you because you are so special; please come back soon. I just wish to be by your side right now—goodnight!

7. Whenever I spend a moment with you, I feel great in my heart because you are a very cheerful person. I love your company and will always love to be around you for the rest of my life, even now that I am missing you; I will wait until you are back—goodnight!

8. My love for you has no bound or frame that can stop it from growing for you. My love is like a shooting arrow, it has a target and an ultimate focus. I could not survive without you my sweetheart because I really miss you—just want to say goodnight!

9. In the beginning, when I set my eyes on you, I was contemplating if you will not be like every other woman I once come across in life but now, I have come to realize how wonderful you are my dear angel. You are such an interesting person to be with. Goodnight I miss you!

10. Take this piece of short lines to cool your heart for the morning hustle. It is not easy because nothing good comes so easy. You are my angel and the light of your love shines on my heart every day. Although I am sad right now because your face is far away, goodnight!

I Miss You My Love Messages and Goodnight for Her

11. Until you are back, I will find in my heart once again—a genuine joy. I am so attached to you and no one can separate you from me. I love everything about you my dear angel the most beautiful lady I have ever met in life. Goodnight!

12. You are my dream come true the treasure of my heart the one I cherish with all my heart. I wanted to reach out to you but the situation snatched away my thought from reaching out to you. I
wish to meet you as soon as possible. Goodnight!

13. I am writing these romantic messages to you in other to try my best to put a smile on your face. I am willing to let you understand that you mean the world to me, living without you will bore me to the core. Goodnight!

14. My chocolate angel, I really miss you since the day you left, and this is really bothering my heart because I am already addicted to you. This night is indeed special for you alone and that’s why I can’t even take the risk of losing you for just a second. Goodnight!

15. You are my joy and that’s just the truth since the day we got married. I am so lucky to have a cool-headed angel like you as my wife. I love everything about you beginning from your smile and ending at your beautiful face. Goodnight!

16. What has distance done to me’ that I can no longer sleep without thinking about you? Every day of my life is filled without your thoughts on my mind. I wish I can live without then I won’t bother been alone, goodnight!

17. In this night that I am missing you and your sweet romantic stories, I pray that the Lord bring you back safely. You are the most interesting person I have ever met in my life, that’s why I can’t see your face once again. Goodnight!

18. I was scared the first day I met you so I could not say even a single word to you; gradually I summon the courage to say “Hi” and to my surprise, you responded in the most polite way. I am so lucky to have met a wonderful lady like you in my life. Goodnight!

19. The best way to put a smile on a lady’s face is to let her realize how beautiful she is. It is to tell her about her smart cheeks and that her waist that moves like a serpent. It is to tell her sweet words that get deep into her heart. I miss you goodnight!

20. You are a treasured baby you are not bad. You are as beautiful as a parrot but calm as an eagle. Since the day I set my eyes on you a beautiful flower of joy has been growing on my mind.  I love you and wish to meet you soon. Goodnight!

I Miss You My Love-Romantic Goodnight Messages for Her

21. With the joy that emanates from the deepest part of my heart, I salute your courage for loving me this much. You are such an interesting person and that’s why I will continue to appreciate you until the end of time. I miss you and will like to say “goodnight my love”!

22. Having found a superstar like you in my life, I began to see a very bright future with you. I see a wonderful angel carrying my kids. I saw you waking up next to me, baby just know that you are my heart and everything I love, goodnight!

23. Thank God I married you in spite of all devil’s whisperings for me to leave you, I overcome the temptation and became the husband of the most beautiful woman on earth. I wish to let you understand that no matter how far you have gone; your love will remain the same in my heart. Goodnight!

24. I am lonely right now because the jewel of passion has left my presence for so long. I will not die in sorrow but to wait until God reunite us once again. I cherish you, my sweetheart. Wherever you may be, just know that a soul is missing you, goodnight!

25. This very special night I dedicate my heart to you to think about all the beautiful moments we have shared together. I am so pleased with you my dear angel. I miss you my love that’s I want to say goodnight!

26. If I knew this is how tough been lonely without you will result, I will have chosen to go with you that day. Up till this moment, the trace of the pain of missing you still lingers on my mind. This night, I wish to let you know that you are the best among the millions of angels, goodnight!

27. I am wishing you all the best wherever you are. I am wishing you complete peace of mind and comfort that has no bound. I miss you; I miss your smile and that light that shines on your face. Goodnight!

28. You are such an angelic lover, a princess that puts a smile on my cheeks. Anytime I set my eyes on you, my heart melts and falls deeper in love with you. I miss you, have a sweet dream!

29. I cannot tell you how exactly your love is in my heart because words cannot describe it but I will try to show you how much you mean to me, now and until the end of time. Goodnight I miss you!

30. The day I set my eyes on you, I had a feeling that my missing rib is right here before me, it is just the truth because you have proven it beyond my expectations from you. I miss you, goodnight!

I Miss You My Love Messages-Cute Goodnight Messages for Her

31. In this night hour, I pray to the Lord Almighty to shower you with a special package that will fill your night with joy and your day with success. I really miss you my sweetheart,

32. With you beside me, I feel the passion that comes with every moment we spend together. You are such an amazing jovial queen and for that reason, I miss and cherish you so much, just want to say goodnight!

33. Goodnight the only treasure I have in my home of treasure, the only ruby I admire most among others. You are a specially made guardian angel, my love, and my happiness—I miss you goodnight!

34. It was like a dream the first day I met you, gradually I realize I am not dreaming that an angel is right here in my life just like that. I am lucky to find you, goodnight I miss you!

35. Certain things occur in our life which we can overlook but having someone like been far away from my reach can never be overlooked because it really hurts my heart. Goodnight baby.

36. You are the chosen one for me, the princess that pleases my heart. I love you and never want you to leave me in any second. I miss you dearly my queen, just want to say goodnight!

37. I am weary for your absence since the day you left. I wish you understand how much you mean to me, perhaps you won’t move even an inch away from my sight. I miss you baby—goodnight!

38. The distance may be cruel by snatching you away from me but no matter how far you have gone, your love will continue to reign in my heart, now and for the rest of my life—goodnight and I  miss you!

39. It is my pleasure to live with a woman as simple as you are and it is a privilege to find a cool-headed superstar like you. I will never let you down no matter how far we may be from each other; you will always be my number one. Goodnight!

40. You are a very beautiful woman though this is not the only reason why I love you but for your good character and the inner beauty which you possess. I miss you, goodnight!

I Miss You My Love Messages-Sweet Goodnight Messages for Her

41. A man that finds a good wife has found everything because she is the best gift a man can get in his lifetime. Thank god for giving you to me; I miss your smile, kisses, and hugs—goodnight

42. It is not easy to live alone without a special person like you because every moment with you is a moment full of joy and happiness. I really miss your jokes and those funny stories you used to tell me—goodnight!

43. In no time I will find a means to reach out to you in person, I will find the best time to love you more and I will be glad that I did so. My love, you are my best friend so it is sure that I miss you—goodnight!

44. You are such an intelligent angel—this is one outstanding reason why I love you with all my heart. I wish you all the best in life, my sweetheart. Until you are back to reunite with me once more—goodnight!

45. You are my dream comes true, the only one I need as a companion in my life, I wish to let you know that only you alone can bring joy to my heart through the leave of the Lord, goodnight I
miss you!

46. I miss you so much my dear angel, the living treasure that I hope to give me the comfort I’ve been searching for; in the beginning, I thought I won’t be able to cope with you but I have come to realize that I am the luckiest man on earth, I miss you—goodnight!

47. For all the good things you achieved for me in my life as a friend, lover, and wife, I am appreciating you for your kindness. Although I actually miss you but no matter what, I will always wait for you until you are back once again—goodnight!

48. The love of my life has run away with my heart and left me with an empty body. I don’t know how to make myself happy unless you bring back my passion which you took away. Goodnight, I  miss you!

49. I wish you are here right now to witness how painful I feel for not having you around me—baby truly you are the angel that my eyes want to see, the lips my lips want to touch and the body my body wants to feel. Goodnight, I miss you!

50. We have been together for the past ten years now and no quarrel between us; I thank the Lord for putting love and passion between us. I feel your absence, goodnight my love!

5 thoughts on “I Miss You My Love SMS-Goodnight Messages For Her”

  1. You have doubt that my love was fading because you thought I have cheated but I don’t. That is why when you asked me to let you go I set you free. I let you find the person that would give you happiness than I could ever give you. It was the most painful and hardest times of my life. And the days passed, you find that person but I’ve always loved you without love in return. It feels like dying everyday hoping that you will get back until the hope is gone and it never happen. However, it makes me stronger and chose to love myself more and wait for someone who will love me unconditionally. The love that is meant for me finally came I’m happy and blessed. But eversince the day you left me I still love you the same, nothing change and will not forget you. The happy moments, the pain that brings me to success. You will be forever stay in my heart and in my thoughts. How I wish I can say it to you personally. But have no chance, and will need courage to do it. I’m sure this thoughts will give you a BIG smile remembering someone, ME! Yes it’s ME!


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