Romantic I Miss You and Love You Poems

Lovely I Miss You and Love You Poems

I Miss You and Love You Poems

I Miss You and Love You Poems: Have you ever experienced the moment it feels you are the only one in the world and it weakens your soul and body so badly that you become so devastated? Have you ever been in a situation when you feel an emptiness in your heart as it aches dying to see someone and yet there is nothing you could do about it? All this is happening to you all because you can feel the loneliness of not having someone close to you. It is normal.

We all miss the one we love, the one that touches our hearts with laughter, love, compassion, and what have you. We are humans, we feel emotions, we feel passion for each other. This natural tendency pushes us to want to express our feelings of loneliness to the lucky person that stole our heart away.

We have composed a lot of interesting poems to take care of the aspect of expressing your feelings to the one that cherishes you so much.

Cute I Miss You and Love You Poems

• I couldn’t find myself in a world without you.

• There is no soul in this body without you.

• I feel lonely when you are far away from me.

• I wish you know how excited I will be to see you close to my arms.

• My night was bored just because you were not by my side.

• I feel bad in my days mourning the fact that you are far away.

• I miss everything about you…I wish you understand.

• I desire you so much and I wish you get me right.

• My loneliness makes me feel like I might die soon.

• I long to see your beautiful face once more.

Are you feeling these simple poems already? Ok, let’s move on to the next level.

I Miss You and Love You Poems for a Lover on a Journey

• I can’t handle the pain of not having you in my arms.

• Your sweet chatters, that sweet voice all is gone with distance.

• Until you are back, I will believe a part of me is back.

• Please come back soon, I really miss you.

• You are my perfect match that’s why I can’t forget you.

• I love the way you smile when you were with me.

• I become the best of me when you were here.

• You love and care makes me miss you more.

• Please, I need to see you soon.

• My heart may break into pieces for missing you.

Let’s keep reaching out to our lovers in a long-distance relationship. Here we go:

• No matter how long it takes to see you, I will endure this pain.

• My heart is burning in flame just because I miss you.

• In the softness of your love I found my happiness.

• Today is a happy day because I found you.

• In your smile I find my comfort. In your tears, I find my weakness. In your laughter, I find my world.

• I can’t hide the feeling of missing you any longer.

• Thinking about you being far away from me hurts my heart a lot. I am seriously in need of you.

• My head hurts a lot just because I am missing you.

• I have found complete joy in the way you look at me.

• You are the treasure that my tongue sings about. You are coral my eyes see at night.

• Even if I cannot stop thinking about you I wish you are feeling the same.

• It was through your love that I understood that there is paradise on earth.

• You are simply the best person in my life. I cherish you seriously.

What if the lucky man or woman is on a long journey and you are missing them?

I Miss You and Love You Poem for Him or Her

• You finally captured my heart with your absence. Can’t wait to find you.

• There is no need to deny that I miss you already. You are my love.

• Until you are back. I miss you so much. Please stay safe for me.

• What is the meaning of a home without you? Always home alone.

• I don’t have a choice but to watch you walk away—please come back soon.

• No matter how I pretend to be strong, I become sadder missing you.

• The last thing I could say is I am missing you.

• You have to take the fact that I am missing you seriously.

• There is no queen that can fill the emptiness of my heart. That’s why I wish you a safe journey.

• No matter how far your journey could be, I will wait patiently to cuddle you once again.

I Miss You and Love You Poems for Him

• I have always wanted you to dwell in my heart. You are the sweetest man standing in my life.

• Having found you, I found my missing star. Good to have you in my life.

• Come and wrap your hands on my waist. I love the touch of silver and diamond.

• I hustle this hard just because I fell in love with you.

• I miss you so much as a daughter misses her father.

• None of the poets could describe how much I feel for you. I miss you.

• The taste of your lips is like a mixture of milk and honey.

• A million stars in the sky are not enough to count how much I miss you.

• If you can count the drops of rain, that’s how much you mean to me.

• The moon in the sky smiles at me because you are behind it.

• No lies at all, I have really missed you, I swear to God.

• I want to explain my love for you with wishes and prayers that touch the heart.

• I love you from head to toe. I am always interested in loving you forever.

• Come close to me forever. Don’t even move an inch because I may die.

• In the end when we finally meet again, I will be the happiest lady on earth.

• You are my man. I miss and love you at the same time.

• I am lost in your smile. That’s why I wish you are here to keep me warm.

• I try not to be sad because I am always with you like never before. I love you.

• My heart is skipping for the power of your absence.

I Miss You and Love You Poems for Her

Let’s check out what romantic words we have for her too.

• She is the most beautiful jewel in the garden of love. I cherish her so much.

• No human understands how I feel when I miss you. I love you, honey.

• If I can see your face. I will be the gladdest person tonight.

• I am happy because I found you. I am glad because you belong to me.

• You are my missing rib that continues to miss every day and I am not tired of finding you.

• I feel so lonely whenever you are far away from me. I love you.

• You are my love and I miss you seriously. You are my dream woman.

• Little did she realize she has stolen my heart away? I miss her so much.

• Whenever I think of you, hunger finds its square roots.

• I can’t tell lie to you. I am sure you are the best queen in the house.

• I love and miss you so much. You are the reason why I am happy.

• I hope you understand how I feel missing you.

• My love, you are the only woman I miss the most. Thank you so much.

• The rain that fell was full of my passion for you.

• Every single rain that dropped reminded me of the beautiful moments we share together.

• The power of love stole my heart away. I am completely immersed in you.

• The further you go the dullard I become. I can’t live a life without you.

I Miss You and Love You Poems for Lovers

Let see what we have in stock for lovers. Are you ready to taste the aromatic fish?

• One million years is not enough for me to spend with you. You are the best.

• I don’t want to spend a day without you. I’m missing you already.

• For the way I go crazy about you, I have no evidence.

• It is the thought of you that reduced my sensibility.

• I am completely locked in my brain because I have fallen in love with an angel.

• I went through a sleepless night to make you happy. It has always been my calling.

• Like the flower misses the flower, I miss you so much.

• I might collapse just because I am missing you.

• The coolness of your touch makes me happy. I am yours forever.

• Please come closer to my heart my love and happiness.

• I cannot get tired of missing you. To me, you are the best.

• Anytime I set my eyes on you, I see a thing that makes my heart blow with passion.

• You gave me the taste of true love. I am glad you did.

• Missing you is like I have an empty heart.

• Who can fill this gap in my heart if not you?

I Miss You and Love You Poems for Boyfriend

• I feel like a dead woman whenever I miss you. I love you, dear.

• You are the perfect match for my life, so nice to have.

• I am seriously missing you for the true love you show to me.

• Who understands how much you mean to me? I swear you are my dream comes true.

• Words cannot explain how much I miss you. I am grateful to have you.

• Thinking about missing you is like my soul is empty. I need your presence to feel it up.

• I pray I do not go insane before we meet again.

• Missing you makes my heart sick. I can’t spend a day without you.

• I miss your laughter, passion, and love and you are the best.

• Anytime I start a day without your thought on my mind, that day is filled with gloom.

• I need you to understand that you are the reason why I smile.

• All I need today is the glamour of your love and the happiness of your compassion.

• Take me seriously; I am getting more insane about your matter.

• I am missing my mind gradually all because you are nowhere to be found.

• How I wish you are here. Making me miss you more hurts me more.

I Miss You and Love You Poems for Girlfriend

• If you come back home, I will be the happiest. If you love me more, I will try to live longer.

• I am not just in love with you. I am completely in love with you.

• You changed my life with your love and this is the reason why I care so much about you.

• I cannot stop loving you more than ever. You are the sweetest person my eyes have seen.

• That you came into my world to change it, I cannot deny.

• That you care about me, I still can’t overlook it.

• I found my true love in your eyes. I am grateful for this sweetness.

• I miss you so much and that’s why I want you to come back to me.

• A day without you means I am completely bored. I need you by my side.

• Deny no more. It is your passion that I want anything else.

• No blood in my veins anymore, I have thought about you with each flow.

• A moment without your thought is impossible to me. I miss you and I love you.

• I miss you and I love you poems cannot explain how much I feel for you.

• I don’t mind living in a corner in your heart, I am fine with it.

• Come back to me. I don’t want to lose my mind. I love you truly.

• I will not give up until we meet again. I love you, honey.

• A moment without you leaves me in a frantic dilemma.

• I swear you are the missing rib I have been searching for. I love you so much.

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