50+ I Love You Messages For Her

Love Messages for My Wife

I Love You Messages For Her

Love is an amazing bond existing between the husband and his wife. However, this divine force loses its value when it is not fueled with the right means of preserving it. A lot of marriages have failed because both the husband and the wife involved did not take their responsibilities in it. There are many ways of keeping our relationships safe and longer than we can imagine. One of the ways is through beautiful love text messages. You will be surprised how you will have taken your marriage to the next level by subscribing to our “I love you Messages”.

The meaning of my life, for the woman I love and cherish so much. All I want for you is joy and a smile on your face. I want you to understand that I love you beyond how you can imagine. Put your mind at rest for you have married the right man willing to sacrifice everything for you.

You are my joy the Queen given to me by the Lord. I am lucky to have you as a wife, a mother of my kids, a sister, and a friend who stands by me in times of need. You support me when I am weak. You find me when I am lost in the world.

The angel of my life, I adore you so much that no machine can calculate how much I value you. Your beautiful smiles make my days; your warm hug gives me a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • There is nothing else that keeps me willing to always be with you than the love you shower upon me, the cool moments you always share with me whenever we are together. Sweetheart, I want you to know that you mean the world to me and nothing else can replace you.


  • If love is everything then you are exactly the love itself. I have never experienced a feeling of satisfaction like every moment spent with you. The Queen of my heart, love they say is sacrifice so I give my heart to you – keep it safe.


  • You have taken over my thoughts sweetheart, not because I cannot control my emotions but because you really deserved to live in my thoughts. You are a special angel amongst every other angel you can imagine.


  • You are the wings through which I fly to higher places. Places full of flowers of roses, castles of love and palaces of pretty Queens like you.


  • If I were asked, “What does love mean to you?” I will answer, “Love means everything about you”. Your beauty is love, your smile is love, your presence is love, your absence is love; above all you are the lovely mother of our kids.


  • O my jewel! With your thoughts in my heart, I feel satisfied, and never do I have any regret on my mind. Ever since we met, your love for me has always put a smile on my face. Can’t you see how bright my face has become? Smile!


  • In a world designed as perfectly as it is, a world containing all beautiful things of life, a world filled with many great men and women performing wonders; I found no one but you, my love. I love you so much.

Cute Love Messages- for Her

  • Your smile is sunshine that brightens up my day. Your hug is a massage that softens my heart and soul, it assembles them to become more productive but your kiss is so powerful that it sends me to paradise.


  • My mother told me that, there is a paradise on Earth. I was shocked and wonder if truly there is such thing like paradise on earth. Now that you are mine, I realize truly that there is paradise beneath the sky.


  • Loving you is a life time angenda, cherishing you is my hobby, taking care of you is my responsibility. Dear love, I want you to be rest assured that your heart will be overwhelmed with joy been my wife.


  • O you the mother of our kids! The jewel of my heart, the one that puts smile on my face, the one that took me where I have never been. I love you so much.


  • If the trees can witness how much I love you? If the mountains can testify how much I cherish you? If every living soul can agree that I am in love with you; then why won’t the Almighty who created everything not bless you for me?


  • I will be there in the time of summer and winter. I will be there when the earth is dead and when it rains to revive it back to live. I will be there when you need me most. I love you my heart and you mean everything to me.


  • Whenever you are lost in the world my dear wife, always remember that there is a hand willing to see you holding on to it. A hand is willing to pull you out of the dungeon of this world. I will always stay by your side. My love


  • In times of hardship and sorrows, we find only those who truly love us beside us. We feel their warm hand around our hands and their blessed tongues giving us hope of a brighter future. You have always been my joy ever since I married you. I love you dearly my angel.


  • What else can be so sweet like the love you show to me? You gave everything you could lay your on to me, just to please me your dear husband. You left your parents and siblings just to put smile on my face. You never stop caring for me and our children. The pearl of my life, you deserve to be loved endlessly.


  • I am cool because you are with me, though an hour of your presence can fill a thousand years of your absence, yet I never for once want you to go out of my sight. My dear wife, I want you to know how much you mean to me. I love you.

Heart Cooling “I Love You Messages- For Her”

  • The angel of my life, the treasure whom I adore so much. The mother of my beautiful kids, time can have a limit called time bound. Life can have its fixed date in which it seized to exist but I am sure that my love for you will be eternal. I want us to be together in another life more beautiful than what we have seen.


  • The tears that roll down my chicks are nothing but the contents of the love I have for you. The endless joy you have installed in my heart, a tear of passion for having met an interesting woman like you. Even this life will testify that you truly love me my dear wife. I love you too.


  • Everything is perfect and beautiful, every nonliving and living creature is designed by the wisest. This is the reason why I looked into our love and saw that the most beautiful gift God has given me is you.


  • With you in my heart, I have a special feeling an ordinary word cannot comprehend, you make me feel like a legend- a superhero that is proud of his Queen. You shower me with your true love- I will continue to love you beyond the end of time.


  • If there is any other talent that can win a person a billion pounds, then it is the talent of finding you as a wife. You are the epitome of peace in a man’s life, not just any man but me. I love you, my angel.


  • I am willing to be yours forever so I can show you how love can transform sadness into endless joy. What else is the reward of a marriage, if not a happy home? A happy home set along with a kind-hearted woman like you. My dear wife; put the smile on your face for you have found the best husband- smile.


  • Imagine that this world is a woman, not just a woman but a super lady like you. Imagine how more beautiful this world would have been. The reason why I want you to imagine is that God has specially created you to please my heart. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever come across.


  • No one knew how sweet true love could be until they meet the right person chosen for them. Ever since I met you, have tasted the real nature of what love means. Loving you is from the beginning- a primary assignment.


  • You are my number one priority in the matter of love, I can’t stand the risk of not having you in my thoughts for a second; because you deserved to be treated like a Queen that you are. I love you my sweetheart.


  • The real love begins after marriage, it is never before it. We have come to realize that those with cheerful faces have one secret- taking care of their wife and loving her endlessly. I love you, dear wife.


Heart Touching Love Messages- For Your Wife

  • The woman of my life, the angel I cherish with all my heart. I just want to say I love you. Thank you for taking care of me. I appreciate your effort to make me happy always. A woman worthy of been proud of, the mother of our children, I will love you till the end of time.
  • My love, why are you shedding tears when I am with you? Since the day I married you, have not found any fault in you, could this be the tear of passion and affection we share together? I am so lucky I found you the woman of my life.


  • Since the day you came into my life, every past pain has vanished; the tears that flow around my eyes became a thing of the past because you shower me with true love.


  • Hmm, dear wife! Do you know why I’m happy in this text? I just remember that delicious soup you made for me last night. I can’t wait to come back home to see your beautiful face. Hope my favorite will be ready? I love you.


  • You are everything I wanted, the epitome of peace in my heart. A treasure worthy of been kept safely forever. I love you my sweetheart and I want you to know that I really mean my words, the angel of my life.


  • We are meant to be, this is the reason why I met you. Do you remember the night of our wedding? That night when the woman of my life became dearer to my heart than ever. The night that marked the beginning of joy in my life.


  • My innocent soul finds itself in life- indeed a mighty prison full of tragedy, atrocity, wickedness, killings, and human right violations. I thought could not find any good thing in life until I met you.


  • You are the woman I love most and nothing else can change the fact that I adore you so much. The lovely life affection you give to me brightens up my life and makes me willing to have more of you. I love you.


  • Words cannot explain how much I adore you. You are the superstar my heart cherishes most, the woman that makes me smile. You give me the real love I have always wanted. O the princess of my heart, I love you more than you can think.


  • In the beginning, I thought Romeo and Juliet had the best love ever. I was wrong because I came to realize that with you in my life, our love became the best thing that has ever happened to a man.

Love Messages That Cool Her Mind

  • I have installed your love in my heart like an application, just know that any notification you receive comes with my love, passion, prayers which I have programmed in my mind for you alone.


  • I love you, my dear wife. Don’t cry again for your sweetheart is right here beside you in your thought. I may not know how much you have missed me that took out your tears of passion for me but I want to assure you that your angel is right here on the door-smile.


  • The only talent I cherish most is how to love you until you beg for more of me. But the only problem I have not been able to solve is to give you more of me. This is because I am always designed for you, my love.


  • If the sky is full of love, I won’t see any other love but you. The only diamond I see around me or all over me is you. The treasure that I adore and never want to lose is you. How then will I not be happy, when my angel is you?


  • You are the reason why I am smiling because you never cease to amaze me. When I met you, I thought you will be just like every other woman, now I have come to realize that you are a woman worth more than a million ladies. You have changed my mind for good; I love you, baby.


  • The meaning of love is when it is you that is involved. Could you believe that you have taught me what it means to be kind to everyone, I may be an expert in the game of human psychology but your lessons are another philosophy from the world specially created for love. I love you.


  • If loving you is the only matter that exists in life, I will be so cautious not to lose you even for a second. I love you because you wipe away my tears when I was crying looking into the face of the Lord, you kept encouraging me, motivated me, I stood by me. Even if you are the whole matter that exists in life, I still will not risk losing you for a second.


  • The real happiness of a man in life is when he finds a good wife. I am lucky to have found a cute soft-hearted woman like you. The only advice I can give you is that continues to be the good woman that you are.


  • You are not bad, a gazelle whose dance steps please my heart. The zebra that entertains me with her beautiful love race, a dove that comes to my home with peace. I love you my treasure.


  • The bluish light that comes out of your eyes put a smile on my face, your beautiful legs appear to me like that of Cinderella, everything about you gives me satisfaction in my heart. I want you to know that I love you, my sweetheart.

Cute I Love You Messages For Her

  • The most interesting thing I love about you is that your smile sparks like a light of passion bringing the sweetest sensation to my darling heart. A divine spark of light that touches the deepest part of my heart I cherish and adore you. loving you is the cutest thing my heart wants. I love you, sweetheart!


  • You are my superstar the owner of the eyes of pearls the one in a million angel I cherish you so much with love. I need you in my life because you are pure and I’m sure you will stay by my side anytime any moment. You are the treasure my heart has been searching for, I love you baby!


  • If love is a garden of passion and love, only you, I will select among millions of flowers smiling at me. No doubt I have found the joy I have been searching for in my life. You are a wonderful angel of compassion, now and for the rest of my life, I will continue to love you!


  • I love the feelings that come with having a jewel-like you in my life. No doubt, you give me the endless joy which no other woman can do. I have a reason to want to love you for the rest of my life and it is because no treasure can please my heart like you. I love you!


  • Love is sweet having it shared with you, my beloved angel. I am pleased to be yours now and until the end of time. I cherish you, my sweetheart. For all the dazzling things you have done in my life. Baby, I wish you can see through my heart, you will see how pure it is for you alone. I love you!


  • Heaven and earth, now and forever, my heart will never be tired of loving you. I am dying for you because you are worthy of been loved with rains of passion. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I touch my chest to feel the coolness of the bliss emanating from your smile, I love you sweetheart!


  • You are to me, the way the most beautiful flower is to the eyes of the beholders. Indeed, baby, you are so gorgeous that I became speechless–I can’t describe your beauty. I can stop loving you my superhero the only woman I cherish most. I love you, sweetheart!


  • Now and for the rest of my life, I want you to know that no other man can love you as I do. I am very sure of what I’m saying. I dearly love you with my life and ready I am to die for you. You are my joy the sweetest angel I ever come across in life. I love you!


  • Love is a life-changing matching to those who can drive it well. Thank God I met the very good driver of passion. You are my joy the love I adore so much. You mean the world to me. I wish I can explain somethings to you in words but not possible. Just know that I love you!


  • The most interesting thing I can ever be the boast of is the fact that I met an angel like you in my lifetime. You are my dream come true. I love the light that comes from your beautiful eyes. I cherish you so much, my dear love. Today and for the rest of my life, I will never forget you. I love you!


  • Heaven and earth may testify that I love you from the bottom of my heart but I swear by the Lord who created me, I love you so much.


  • Your love grows like a flower in my heart and the passion that I feel whenever I look into your eyes is the water.


  • In the shadow 9f your love, I have found a comfort zone that makes my heart beats like a drum. I love you, dear.


  • Love comes to us, joy comes to us but love must be found. I have found the mountain of passion that makes me happy always.


  • The kind of love that reigns in my heart is not from the west or south, I have found it in you. I want to nurture my love for you forever.


  • You are the blessing that my heart wants to mix with. You are the pool of passion flowing in my eyes.


  • I realized that it will be difficult to find someone like you in life again, no wonder I will always be there for you.


  • I need you more than you think, you are the engine of love that starts my day with smiles. I love you.


  • What will make me forget an angel of joy? Nothing. She is the most amazing flower that sparks comfort to my heart.


  • Whenever I see you, I see an angel walking towards me. I want to be yours for the rest of my life.


  • I still can’t forget the day you walked into my life, you changed my life for the best. I love you, dearest.


  • For all the things you have ever done in my life, the love you show to me is the best ever. I love you, wife.


  • There is a success in you and the success is that amazing love you display to me whenever we are together.


  • God knows I cannot live without you, I want to spend every minute with you, curdling you until eternity.


  • The power of your love is so strong that I feel like I am in paradise whenever I set my eyes on you.


  • I don’t know why burning always sees the lamp of love in your eyes. Are they for me alone?


  • You have the power to make me cry and smile because my heart has been stolen away by you. I love you.


  • I can’t deny the fact that I love her so much. She is the only woman whose love has ever driven me crazy.


  • You have won my heart so, there is no need for you to worry about losing me because I cannot pretend to hate you.


  • I want you to know that you belong to me, you have won the biggest portion of my heart among women.


  • Your love is irreplaceable, it burns like fire, and pleases like the taste of honey. I love you to die.


  • I am supposed to put an endless smile on your face if I have the power to do so. I wanted to show you the kind of love I have for you but I couldn’t explain.

We want you to enjoy these messages as you text them to those that matter in your life.

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