I Am Sorry Messages for My Darling Dad-I am Sorry Messages For Him

I Am Sorry Messages for My Darling Dad: it is often difficult to find the right word to apologize to your father when you realize that you have offended him.  The same guy who wishes to spend the rest of his life just to ensure that you are happy; that same man who is ready to die for you, the one who works in the sun just to earn a living to take care of you and your siblings are now been hurt badly.


This post will be containing a mixture of quotes that both sons and daughters can generate ideas of what to say or write while apologizing to your father. It may be that you are willing to apologize for telling lies, breaking a promise, not keeping in touch with the old man, or probably insulting your dad by raising your voice at him.


The first step to fix the relationship between you and your dad or every other person is to use the word “I am sorry”.Time waits for no one and life is too short to live with broken hearts, regrets and egos cannot bring any good thing to our relationships with our family members.


So if you are in such a condition that warrants that you should apologize to your daddy, don’t even hesitate to take your time and start composing cute messages to send to him. Who knows the word that will touch him most? You May Like to Read these two: Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings for Sweet Lover, 20 Long Freaky Paragraphs for her Copy and Paste.

I am Sorry Messages For dad





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1. Dad, thank God that you are still alive up till this moment. Now, I have come to realize that there is a need to apologize for the entire wrongs I made towards. Please, forgive me daddy.


2. An elderly man who shows remorse for his lambs will surely find lots of herds of sheep around him. Please forgive me dad I am willing to receive your blessing.


3. Please forgive me dad. I am sorry for hurting your heart and promise that such action will never come from me towards you again.


4.  I regret my action daddy; I wish I did not wake up today but it has happened but the pain refused to leave my heart. If you can find somewhere in your heart to forgive me, I will be happy once again.


5. I am waiting for the approval of my apology so that I will follow it up with the coolest hug in the world because you are the sweetest father.


6. I am proud of you and I know that you are my biggest fan so far but it is a shame that I disappointed you which denied me even a smile from you.


7. How I wish I listened to your elderly advice? How I wish I didn’t go against what you told me do perhaps this pain will not come to your heart. I am sorry.


8. I used to think that I am stronger than you until I realized the hugeness of your strength for you forgave me despite what I did to you.


9. For the special love you have for me, you always quarrel me so that I will not continue with the wrong I thought was right but I formed rebel against you. I am sorry.

I Am Sorry For Messages For My Dad


10. If you are not pleased with me, how can the Lord be pleased with me? Please, dad, let there be a blessing in my heart so that the Lord will lift the veil of shame on my face.


11. Please dad, consider the way my life has become since the day I hurt your feelings by foolishly embarrassing you in front of your friends by my silly joke and find a place in your heart to forgive me.


12. I grew up to foolishly hate you my dad, simplify because you used to scold me to stop doing the wrong thing. Please dad, forgive me for everything I did wrong.


13. I am not intending to stop you from enjoying the bliss of this world but I was so foolish enough to have been the reason why you are always sad among your children. I am sorry.


14. Anything I needed you gave to me; why then on earth did I hurt your feelings? I am so sorry my sweetest dad, please forgive me.


15. You wanted the best for me but I chose the worst future for myself. I love you so much, my darling father. I am sorry my dear love.


16. It is still shocking up till now to realize that I had the gut to disrespect my old man who gave up everything just to provide for me. Dad, I hope you will find a reason to forgive me for hurting myself?


17. I am sorry for taking you for granted. How I wish your kindness truly appear to me as kindness; your sincerity appeared to me as sincerity. I love you so much and wish I can change the hand of time to make you be proud of me. I am sorry.


18. Regret has overwhelmed my heart for disrespecting you; I know I have disgraced myself. I wish that I have not been given birth to. I am sorry my dear love.


19. All my life I disappointed you and now on your sickbed, I came to realize that you are the kind of father everyone which to have. I love you.



20. I am sorry not because I failed my exam but because despite your efforts I disappointed you. Please, dad, find just a reason to forgive me and I promise to do better in the next exam.



21. Your aim was to make me a famous and religious boy but my bad attitude made me an ordinary and unreliable monkey. I am sorry.


22. I have been searching restlessly searching for the most amazing father in the world while he is right here building me to fit for the top. I am sorry dad for ignoring you.


23. A hug from you means a lot to me—it can fix the past, manage the present and put the future in order. Forgive me, dad, I am really sorry for everything I have done.


24. Dad, sorry please hug me. I need your hug, your warmth and a prayer from you so that my heart will find rest once again. I am sorry for my action.

Sorry Messages To Father- I Am Sorry My Father



25. When the sun shines, it goes away; when the moon comes, it smiles at us and when the stars speak they sing for us; please, dad—I need your smile once again in my life.



26. You chose the right for so that I can excel in life but I chose the left for myself just because I wanted to prove that I am stronger and wiser. I’m a sorry dad.



27. You are such an amazing father who will not stop loving me; I believe in your efforts and wish to put a smile on your face one day. Dad, I am sorry and will never like to lose you.


28. Dad, you taught me to forgive but now I can realize that you are finding it difficult to forgive me; please sir, don’t be angry at me. I love you.



29. I have been a bad daughter to the best father in the world. I am sorry dad, please forgive me and I will never repeat the mistake again.


30. My friends have been singing that you are the sweetest father in the world please keep my secret by forgiving me as a means to maintain the true man of dignity the people know you to be.



31. It baffles me that I wasted most of my life looking for a mentor while I failed to notice the strength of a great father like you. I am sorry dad.



32. I have been living with the most inspirational person in the world yet I never notice it. In my life, I have made lots of mistakes, turned a new leaf, became a new person but will not forgive myself until accepting my apology.

I Am Sorry Messages For My Dad



33. I regret hurting your feelings due to the foolishness of my action that caused a great disappointment to you. I never knew you were fighting and dying just to make sure that I am happy. I am a sorry dad.


34. I promise to change, dad. This time I want you to believe me for the last time because I will prove to you how truthful I have become since that day. Forgive and I will show you the good boy I have become.


35. Had I known, I will have listened to your advice but in the end, I am now living in regret for disobedience to my parents. Dad, please forgive me.


36. It can’t be my wish to make you sad, believe me, that since these days I have been too childish to realize the evil I cause to my future. Now, I am ready for change, please accept my apology.


37. You brought me up with the hope to make me into a responsible person but I ended up bringing embarrassment to you; please forgive me for everything I have done.


38. How I wish I listened to you at due time, I think now life will have become better. I think I will not be living in sorrow right now. I think my heart will have been the sweetest. I am sorry.


39. How I wish I can tell you something right now, but this severe condition will not let you hear my voice but I hope that as you read my heart in the text; please find a place in your heart to forgive me.


40. I may not survive this condition but one thing will make me rest in peace in my grave—forgive me and overlook my mistakes so that God will do the same.


41. What mistake can be so touching and painful than being disrespectful to parents? Please dad, for the sake of God; forgive me and overlook my foolishness. I will never repeat it again.



42. You brought me up so that I will put smile on your face but today, I realize how much I have caused you pain due to my bad attitude. I am sorry.

I Am Sorry Message For Dad



43. I thought I was wiser though my heart was signaled me that I was a fool to think so; now I have come to realize that a father will always be ahead of the son in wisdom.



44.  Whenever I looked into the situation of my people, I realized that you are the best father in the world but I failed you through my action. I am sorry.


45. I am sorry that I have ever been this annoying. I am sorry that I am always the one that causes trouble. Please forgive me for everything I have been doing.


46. Dad, if there is anything I can do just to make you forgive me; I will not hesitate but to do it. I am dying in sorrow since the day you showed me how upset you are to me.


47. I am sorry dad, please forgive me and draw me close to you so that I can learn from your pearls of wisdom which God has given to you.


48. I am sorry that I failed to listen to your voice when you cautioned me about the whole thing. I am sorry for every evil you caused me. Please forgive me.


49. I love you so much dad, please forgive me. I know that what I did is wrong but if you can find somewhere in your blessed heart to forgive me, I will have been the happiest son on earth.


50. I wish I can find a piece of mercy from your eyes but all over your face, it is written” I am disappointed in you my dear daughter”.


51. There is nothing we can do once in a while quarrel or fight will come; dad that time has come and it is only your acceptance of my apology that will make me soar higher like an eagle. I am sorry.


52. Daddy, how I wish I could turn back the hands of time. If I could make it undone I swear I will make it reality no matter what. I will make it up to you my sweet dad.


53. Deeply I regret my actions. It almost cut off my head thinking about how I could possibly change the past but unfortunately, it is not possible because the past has gone and will never come back again. I am a sorry dad.

Sorry quotes-I Am Sorry Messages For Dad



54. Dear Dad, I am sorry I accept that I am such a naughty boy and I hope that you will forgive me so that my heart will be at rest once again.


55. The truth is that I know that I am a horrible person; I am willing to turn a new leaf. I know I am willing to put smile on your face. I am sorry.


56. I am sorry to have brought all this mess upon you. I miss our talks, I miss how we gist and I miss how you smack my head whenever you are upset with my attitude and this is what signals me that I have transgressed my point this time.


57. I remember that I was free with you. I remember that you smiled and played with me; all this I have missed and it really boils in my heart, I miss you.


58. I know I’m a big chaos but this jumble loves you now and will continue to love you till the end of time. I am sorry my sweetheart.


59. When I realized that this is how things turned out to be, I felt so sorry and regretted that I hurt you. I am so disappointed in myself. Please dad, forgive me.


60. I am sorry that I was not enough despite the fact you gave me everything yet I failed you. dad I am sorry please forgive me.

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