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Have Wonderful Weekend Quotes for Lovers


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Weekend Quotes Trends for Mother


1. She is the most caring mother in the world, the heart of the nation the Lord gave to me. Happy weekend.

2. Mother is the most beloved person that can do everything to take care of her children, thank you, mom.

3. If you have a mother, take good care of her to the best of your capacity. She is the most beloved friend you can ever have.

4. Mom has been there for me at the time of pain and happiness, she is always the best of companions. Happy weekend.

5. If I don’t say hello to my beloved mother, who else deserves my sincere greetings on this earth. I love you.

6. There is no doubt that I have really missed my mom, she is one of the beloved treasures that ever existed.

7. Thank God for the blessing of a wonderful mother, she breastfed and nurtured me from the first day I set my foot on earth.

8. Just want to know how my wonderful mother is doing this weekend. May the Lord bless you with abundant health.

9. All my prayer is to see you reap the fruits of your labor. I wish you the best of luck. Happy weekend.

10. I am proud of you all the time, that’s why sometimes, I just want to see your beloved face, that shining face with love.

Trends for a Happy Weekend for Father


11. Dad, you are always amazing in your ways, the way you trained me is a super approach that changed my life.

12. The very moment I realized that you are my father, I thank God for the gift of a righteous father. Happy weekend sir.

13. Enjoy this colorful weekend in love and happiness, I am proud of being your son because you are fantastic.

14. When it comes to a good upbringing, I have never seen a wonderful person like you before. Your impact is great in our life.

15. I miss your gentle face, I miss your love and the good advice you used to give to me. The truth is that I will miss you more when death takes you away.

16. The fear I used to have the most is the fear of losing a great father to death. Your companionship does not have a rival.

17. Happy Sunday to my dad, the only first love of my life, I am so much grateful to God for giving you to me.

18. May the Lord in His infinite mercy bless your hustle and promote you in every aspect of your life. I am happy to have you around.

19. Every single day brings new love to my heart because I am gifted with a father that teaches me how to love humanity.

20. What will be my gain if I cannot say a big hello to the man that trained me to this level in life? thanks to my wonderful father.

Trends for a Happy Weekend for Siblings


21. If I said I didn’t miss any of you, it will be a big lie, because there is no doubt that I miss you so much.

22. The most beloved brothers in life, may the Lord bless your hustles and continue to enrich you in a miraculous manner.

23. The Lord almighty shall bless you with grace and success, he shall promote you in all ramifications of life.

24. There is nothing like family, I am just too lonely here so my regards to everyone at home. Happy weekend.

25. The love I have for you guys is undisputable, the love that comes from the ends of my heart. I miss you all.

26. When you are with yours, they make life a good place for you to enjoy, I am happy for you all the time.

27. Never forget that I miss you all the time. Whenever you all are, may the Lord protect you against this pandemic.

28. May the Lord shower your home with great happiness, I cannot stop loving each and every one of you. I am really proud of you.

29. May the mercy of the Lord descend upon your home to bless your generations to come. Happy weekend.

30. It has been a while we see, may the Lord continue to spare our lives until we meet again. I miss you.

Weekend Wishes Trends for Lovers


31. The truth is that you are my heart robber, I wish someday, you will bring my stolen heart back to me. I just want to be where you are.

32. The standard of my heart is found where you are, I always beg God to bless you abundantly so you can be there for me.

33. The true meaning of love is when you have an undying feeling for the one you love. She becomes your love flower and the most beautiful fragrance you ever perceived.

34. The power of your love is intoxicating me, and I can no longer think straight because the plague of your love has affected my brain.

35. Whenever I close my eyes, I see nothing but your powerful smile, I see you coming to me in an exceptional manner none has ever experienced.

36. I love your way of life because it is the most amazing lifestyle a man should possess. You are a man with great love.

37. The truth is that I will always deeply miss you. I will not forget you all the days of my life. I miss you.

38. Wonderful people are not hard to get, they are only hard to see. Thank God for opening my heart to recognize you in time.
39. She is the only pearl of my life, she makes me smile whenever I set my eyes on her noble eyes. She is everything to me.

40. Wonderful things have been there for me, and I am proud of being your wife all the time because you are the best of all the wonders in my life.

Long Weekend Wishes for Friend


41. I doubt if there is any friend like you in this world. You are simply the most amazing friend in the entire world.

42. What you have sacrificed for me is beyond what anyone can ever imagine. I am so much happy for having you around.

43. Thank God for a reason I have decided to keep to myself but will soon reveal to you. I swear a friend like you is rare.

44. I hope his weekend is being a great impact in your life, may the Lord bless your hustles beyond your expectations.

45. May the success of this day reach you in great abundance, I am so happy for you and your linage shall celebrate you forever.

46. I know how much we have missed each other but I don’t know how much extra you wanted us to spend time together.

47. Every minute of my life has to do with every day I see you coming to my dream. I have never been this bonded with a friend before.

48. Happiness is another way to live long in life, I must confess that you are a kind of joy I found in my life.

49. I don’t know why God gave your like to me, but the truth is that it is only a person of God that deserves a good friend like you.

50. Despite the way this world is now a bad place for people, it didn’t change your good attitude toward humanity. I am proud of you.

Weekend Wishes for Sister


51. I salute a wonderful sister for her effort in my life, I am proud of the most beautiful sister ever had in life.

52. She is always the reason why I smile, I can never forget all her efforts to put smile on my face. Happy weekend.

53. How are you and your husband? I hope everything is going on fine? I just want to say happy weekend.

54. Thank God for everything, may the Lord bless you in such an amazing way that reliefs you in all ramifications.

55. I am always proud of you, I am proud of your smile, your hard work to become great in life. I wish you the best of lucks.

56. Sharing a bloodline with you is one of the most precious things in life. I am happy to be there for you all the time.

57. May the mercy of the Lord continue to be with you all the days of your life; I wish you the best of luck this weekend.

58. Wow, I am sure you are so happy today, may the Lord bless your hustles and grant you endless success.

59. I wish to be there all the time so you can hear those beautiful stories that bring us close to each other.

60. I need you to understand that you are the best sister that makes me happy the most. I can remember when we were younger, how you use to back me.

Weekend Wishes Trends for Brother


61. All my wishes for you today is to see that you are healthy and wealthier. Happy weekend dearest brother in the world.

62. I can’t deny the fact that I so much miss you. I miss you with all my strength and energy. Thanks for everything.

63. You are one of the most beloved chocolate I have ever tasted. Don’t smile, I mean you are the best brother ever.

64. My best friend, you know how much you mean to me? You mean the world to me and so no other brother is better than you are to me.

65. It will be hard for anyone to replace you in my heart. Imagine the sacrifices you made just to make me happy.

66. For the very moment I set my eyes on you, things have changed especially when I was told you are my elder brother.

67. Thank God for a beautiful week like this, I am sure you are enjoying this weekend in great abundance.

68. May the almighty God lead your way to the top, may He grant you an endless success. I wish you the best.

69. Thank God for everything, may you continue to enjoy this day in great essence. Life is good with you.

70. Without a wonderful person like you, life is like something else I cannot explain. I am so much proud of you.

Best Trends of the Year on Weekends Quotes


71. It is my pleasure that I have found you in a moment I needed love the most, and lucky I am that you are a good person.

72. The tears on my eyes are there because I don’t want to lose you to anyone. I am in love with you.

73. The way I see you makes me happy, I am so much proud of you. I want to assure you that you are the best for me.

74. A weekend brings a soft dream, it brings relaxation so if we are opportune to witness it, it worth being celebrated.

75. Good people are happy because it is weekend. They can now enjoy the beauty of a new week ahead.

76. I smell happiness because it is another weekend, we are going to enjoy ourselves to the best. Happy weekend.

77. A weekend is like chocolate, I cannot get tired of eating it. I hope you will come and enjoy the weekend with me.

78. This is the day we have been waiting for, happy weekend to the most amazing people in my life. Wishing you all a precious weekend.

79. I just want to say, happy weekend to the most blessed people of life, may the Lord bless you all. Happy weekend.

80. Thank God for the things you have done in my life, I wish you all the best this coming week is endowed with.

81. Shower me with endless love and I will always be proud of you all the time. Happy weekend dear angel.

82. You are so sweet, I pray for your happiness all the days of my life. Thanks for everything you have been doing for the family.

83. There is no doubt that you are one of the best people in my life, I will always thank God for making you a part of our family.

84. Surely, you are one of the most amazing people in my life, so being there for you is not my burden.

85. Ensure you achieve something great this weekend. I wish you all the best on this special day of your life.

86. May the Lord bless your hustles and give you that blessing you need the most. I miss you beyond your imagination.

87. A wonderful man like you is a rare gem, you are just the best for me, and there is no doubt about this.

88. Thanks to the one that is always on my mind. I wish you the most beautiful weekend ever. Wishing you the best.

89. Success and happiness, natural relief from all pains shall reach you from this moment on. I wish you all the best.

90. May this weekend be the beginning of your breakthrough in life; may your life be filled unexpected triumphant.

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