50 Beautiful have a nice day sms for my love

Beautiful have a nice day SMS for my love

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 have a nice day sms

1. The greatest value of having good people around us is not just about mare antics but for the best and noble unison compassion of sharing love between each other for loyalty like always. Have a blissful morning my lady.

2. Togetherness and love for one another are not about what we gain of materialism but for the better person, we become with the love we have shown unconditionally to the woman we truly love. Good morning dear

3. The scary thing about two loving heart is not about The fun fare that tingled bond in their heart but for the affection they’ve already shower for each other especially to a well-deserving princess like you. Good morning my queen.

4. The bond that holds the ties of love in once heart is just like a noble servant that serves his king diligently for loyalty and wish to be consumed by it, and such is the love bond that evolves for eternity I have for you. Good morning.

5. Cherishing every little moment can only soothe the pleasure that mantles our togetherness for the blossom of love to an adorable, loving and charming angel like you with a glittering smile on a cool winter morning. Good morning my love.

6. Good morning to you my charming princess, with you by my side every break of the dawn I feel I can stand the heat of the fire from a dragon’s mouth not for teasing but for factuality. Do have a splendid day my love. *SMILES*

7. Exploring more pleasurable moment of togetherness with you has never been what I dream of but the yearn of it is beyond comparison because you are the true definition bond of love and all to me. Good morning

8. Your love hold has grown the ties in my heart just like a tree which stem is strengthened by a whiff of oxygen which enables it to spread it shoulder for all to lean on without rationalisations. Good morning to you.

9. The limitless love that mostly caught up with exciting moment which I believed it’s derived from the first day I set my eyes on you and I’ve never doubted the affection of you that grows in my heart. Good morning my darling queen.

10. Just having you my lovely queen and the gorgeous queen of my heart, it has been an honour for me like never before to have such a wonderful princess like you beaming to my world in the path of love. Good morning.

Cute have a nice day SMS for my love

11. My life has felt the noble and unique care ever since I met you and because my heart vision true worth of being with you for much distinctive success has been the bane for meeting in the path of love. Good morning.

12. I can’t imagine less always but to feel special for being with such an amazingly lovely lady like you because you are the angel with the best heart of gold that I’ve ever met. I don’t really know what my world will be without you. Good morning darling.

13. The most heartfelt pleasantry goes out to you my lovely queen this morning as I feel so delighted to have seen myself waking up beside such a wonderful angel my heart so much desire. Good morning.

14. Wow! What an awesome and beautiful morning, I feel so happy and cheerful like a blooms white roses in the garden just for witnessing all the love you’ve promised turns out reality. I love you and good morning my dear.

15. The love of my life was actually birthed the moment I set my eyes on you and ever since then, no word could put down in writing the realms of my affection for you for every passing day. Good morning my darling queen.

16. Wow! What a lovely day to enjoy with my lovely queen, I had really thought I will be bored hence it’s without you around but my hope for awesome has been restored just for having you. Good morning honey.

17. A lovely morning can only be free of worries only when the conquest of man’s life Is not distance miles away from him in times of his need, because of you the best thing that has ever happened to me. Good morning!

18. Good morning my gorgeous queen, my wishes this beautiful day is to glance at your face like this at every sunrise for it enticing smiles and blossom of wondrous adorability like this at dawn in the morning.

19. So much of empathy gleams toward at me at dawn day for the moment because my world without you would be a peril of anguish as in you I found what sweetens my heart. I love you.

20. I wake up looking into the sky with only one wish to my lord and that is to have you to myself because with you happiness remains unlimited hassles in my life. Good morning dear.

Romantic have a nice day SMS for my love

21. As long as you’re with me my heart will know no bound in loving and cherishing you for the rest of my life because life has no diminishing face or challenges. Have a lovely morning filled with grace.

22. Looking into your eyes at every rise of the morning sun I glance and see nothing but an overwhelming smile, full of blessing flowing through in path that is unforgettable for a loving angel like you. Good morning to you my darling.

23. The sky is looking gloomy because unlimited blessing has set out and spread a delightful grace to the chamber of the most amazing queen of the universe like you are my princess. Good morning.

24. What a wonderful angel with a unique fragrance and fumes for love raining out from a cherishing damsel like you. My love adorable you shall remain to my loving heart darling. Good morning to you my lady.

25. A wonderful morning to calm the nerves and get my gorgeous queen ready for yet another new week in anticipation for sustainability in Peace and happiness to an angel like you. Do have a cool day darling.

26. As you set out for the day this beautiful morning, I personally beseech for you with pleasant and excellent day today and beyond my lovely queen. Do have a wonderful day and joyful day my love. Cheers.

27. Wow! It’s a beautiful morning with such blooming sunshine for my one and only darling, I can’t wait to say I do and have you forever to myself darling. I love you a dear and good morning to you too.

28. My duty is to put on some cute smiling face on you till you object of it which perhaps it’s indeed impossible to alter the happiness that gleams out from a goddess like you. Good morning.

29. Good morning to you my darling angel and as you crown yourself with much fresh news this may you continue to fill the impact of those fresh happened that emanates from the sunrise for the rest of your day. Cheers!

30. Good morning to you honey! Today, I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude for having you to myself alone and wish to be more of the happiness you feel for the rest of the day. Good morning darling.

31. I had long beseeched for a unique angel from my lord and here am blessed with much of loves and affections from a goddess woman as my love. Good morning to you my gorgeous queen and have a wonderful day dearie.

32. What would my world be like without you as my better half “Anguishing’’ off course if you ask me my darling? I love you so much darling and do have a pleasant day as a step into the sunrise, my dear. Good morning!

33. It is beautiful morning already, I just want you to know that I really love and cherish you so much because you’re the reason why my heartbeat just because you remain the only source for its oxygen, my love. Good morning.

34. The heart respiration is deemed to the only function because there is a gorgeous angel that whiffs the kisses of happiness and love into it every break of the dawn unconditionally and that come no one but you my “LOVE” Good morning my darling Cheer!

35. The eyes roll white-out to sight and glance at a very astonishing beauty like you because you’re the most perfect creature amongst other women on the planet earth. Good morning and do have a splendid day dear.

36. Honey! If I could give you one thing in life as to demonstrate my truest affection for you, my love I’ll delightedly give you the ability to glance and see yourself through my eyes always. Good morning to you.

37. If you were a movie, I’d watch you over and over again to make sure I never escape a bit of scene of the pleasure from the episode of smiles and beauty that I see in you, my love. Do have a sweet day morning.

38. In a crowd and ocean of people, my eyes always search for no one but you because only your image the pupil of my eyes capture and save to my memory every day my love. Good morning and hope you had a nice rest at night.

39. In the world of love and its path to happiness, I think about nothing but all the splendid and wonderful times we spent together with you and only then I realize how special you’re to me. Good morning my gorgeous queen.

40. Every break of the dawn looks like a million day to me because I woke up sighting at the most pretty angel of my life besides me with smile blooming all over her face just for me. Good morning to my sweet darling queen.

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41. Fairy tales come true because I have you which I feel proud of every bit of smiles that lines the gleam of my face just for been with the angel my heart so much desire and I want to say this “love you so much, darling’. Good morning.

42. I love it when I blink and roll my eyes towards you and caught you looking selflessly at me because those looks make me feel I have a secret admirer and it’s no other person but you’re my lovely princess. Good morning to you darling.

43. Waking up every morning listening to the crow of the cork rooting I wish not to listen to it sound but that of your voice which sound brings all the pleasurable rhythm of joy and happiness that calms and cool my heartbeats.

44. Your voice is my favourite sound because it is the genre that soothes into my soul with a lot of joy and happiness every morning and which makes me forget the sadness and worries of life. Good morning my darling princess.

45. Ever since the time I’ve met you, every moment we spent together has been the testimony of my life and I never wish to let go of you again because I believe with you the best discovery for my destiny will come to be.

46. Since the day I met you, darling, I cry no more for disappointment, I laugh little harder always and smile all day more than I could ever imagine just because I have you and my life is now the better place like diction of sweet wording. Good morning.

47. Every day with you is an awesome addition of success and happiness to my journey of life because just when I think it’s impossible to love and hold back any more than I already did, you prove me wrong on thought. Good morning.

48. Honey! So far but good very excellent it’s the mark of every moment we’ve been together is no less like a paragon of love affection beyond compare and composing on the wording because is outstanding with you really. Good morning to you darling.

49. If only you know how honoured I feel so lucky of having you lying beside me every night you will wish the morning should extend it fold till another and never comes because I wish to continue dreaming of you. Good morning dear.

50. The most unforgettable memory of my life is the first breakfast I had with you and you said to me word straight that you wish the radiance of our love continue beyond the earthly and world journey with no obstacle like ‘’DEATH TO TEAR US APART’’. I can forget that every day.

Toast these messages to your woman or man to love you better. Enjoy every bit of your time with your angel.

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