Happy Good Night Quotes For the Year

Happy Good Night Quotes for the New Year

Happy Good Night Quotes

Happy Good Night Quotes: Do you need one of the most amazing quotes in the world? Do you want to be classified as one of the best text messengers of the year? This is the right opportunity for you. You will actually enjoy this post, we assure you of this. Most Amazing Pleasant Evening Quotes, Best and Romantic Cute Sorry Quotes 2020.

Sweet Happy Good Night Quotes for boyfriend


1. You are my inspiration and I am happy to have you in this world. Goodnight to my heartbeat and I am happy to be with you.

2. You are so sweet and the kind of love I have for you is the type with endless joy. I hope you will enjoy this world with me.

3. Goodnight the most amazing heart robber, I am in need of my heart but the joy I derive since the day you stole it away will never let me bother about it.

4. Love is like the best choice, I am happy because you make me happy all the time. I am so lucky to have and I can’t wait to see us marry.

5. I want to see you in my dream; therefore, I will sleep early so that my system will be prepared to meet you.

6. Happy night time. Sweet man of my life, I want you to know that I am in love with you tonight and I am thinking right now is to see that we are already married.

7. I can’t wait to see myself in your home any moment from now. You are so sweet when it comes to love and passion. Goodnight.

8. You are a kind person and your sincere heartbeat makes me happy to the extent that I don’t even know what to say due to excess joy I feel in me.

9. Keep your worries out of sight and give a thought about how this night will be the most amazing one. I love you.

10. Goodnight my last man standing. I don’t have any other choice but you. I am in love with you, your love lingers with great force in my heart.

11. Goodnight to my love. Your love is written all over my mind and now I don’t even know what to do to make you happier than you are now.

12. The moon is smiling at you, I am the one telling him to smile at you because I am thinking about you right away.

13. You are my role model in almost everything, no wonder I keep acting like you. I am sending you my warm wishes tonight.
14. May you find peace in your heart, may the love of the most merciful shower you with lots of success.

15. What a precious man you are, and this is one thing I cannot forget. You are more beloved to me than every treasure on the earth.

16. You are the kind of treasure I need in this world, you are my sunshine and I have been so closed to you since the day we met.

17. Loving you is something I cannot deny, it makes me love you day and night and I will be glad if you understand.

18. Don’t you know how much you mean to me? I am in deep love with you and now you should understand this.

19. The most important moment of my life was the day I met you. I realized that I have met the man that is meant for me.

20. I don’t love any other man save you. I am only being kind to my male friends. Goodnight the love of my life.

Romantic Happy Good Night Quotes for Girlfriend

21. Your face is like a lamp of light that pleases the heart of the beholder. Your character is beyond the standard. Goodnight.

22. Good night to my choice, the only man I feel more comfortable around. I miss you, and I hope to see you soon.

23. I can’t sleep right now because the only way to make it happen is to hear your voice. Goodnight to my smart angel.

24. Goodnight to the girl I cherish the most, my prayer is that the Lord should hold you tight for me, He should protect you when there is no other protection.

25. How I wish I am there to tell you goodnight rather than sending this message. To see is more interesting than to hear from someone.

26. There is no time I don’t forget you. You are so sweet and the most amazing moments of my life are those ones I shared with you.

27. You may not understand the power of my love for you as it has completely taken over my heart and now I can’t even think about any woman again.

28. The fragrance of your body is so amiable to my heart, anytime I see you, I feel like a prince because a princess is already steering at me.

29. Goodnight to the girl I aspire to marry someday, a lady whose presence in my life is more of a blessing than a mere encounter.

30. Hello, sweet, I just want to be sure that this night is bringing you the freshest moment because I am already thinking about you.

31. You make me happy, so every night is always meant for you because I solemnly think about you all the time.

32. You are my precious love and I have been so happy since the day you began to be mine. I love you. Goodnight.

33. I hope this wonderful will be one of the most amazing times you and I will spend together this year. Goodnight, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

34. Anytime we have to depart in the morning, I am always sad because I will so much miss your beloved face. I love you.

35. Don’t you know how much you mean to me? I feel like loving you all the time because you are more beloved to me than millions of women out there.

36. A pearl of passion like you should minimize her smile because you may cause natural disasters in the heart of a man.

37. I want to be your blanket someday to keep you warm all through a cold night. I am willing to be your wife someday.

38. Your tall and slim shape is very enticing, I have forgotten then you are a man because your shape is too sexy.

39. Tell me something, I just need you to smile today because you are more loving than the rest of the men I met in life.

40. Let this night be more enticing than you ever can think because you are one of the most amazing people the world has ever produced.

Happy Good Night Quotes for and prayers for him or her

41. I need a day with you that will make me happy forever, but I want that special day to be a day after our wedding.

42. May your night be filled with lots of comforts you hardly expected, may your happiness continue to spread above the sky.

43. I pray that your night brings lots of sweet dreams so that you will wake up tomorrow in the most amazing good condition.

44. May your night make you smile as you wish, may your sleep feature lots of beautiful angels and love that never ends.

45. May the fragrance of a wonderful night spread all over your life to give you the comfort of a new day ahead.

46. Wishing you lots of love in this special moment of your life. I pray the Lord to continue to make you smile every single day of your life.

47. Thanks for being there for me, I hope you will find this night a blissful one. May the Lord in His infinite mercy protect your night.

48. The Lord shall cover you with His protection and make you smile while you wake up strong tomorrow.

49. I have really missed you, may the Lord protect your ways in this night and in the morning. I miss your beautiful face.

50. Thank God for everything, the most interesting this morning is that I have really missed you. I just want to send a good wish for you tonight, may the Lord be with you throughout the night.

51. Wishing you the most amazing things in this world, the Lord shall shower upon you the rain of protection against nightmares. Goodnight.

52. I am not that happy right now because the night has snatched you away from me, I pray we meet again in the morning.

53. My prayer for you is to see you brighter than the sun in the morning. I don’t know why my love for you keeps increasing.

54. May your stress be washed away by the relaxation of this precious night, may your success continue to grow in such a manner you don’t expect.

55. This night is meant for you and me alone, you are more than special, and above all the most amazing man I am proud of, goodnight, may we see once again.

56. Lord, I hand over my love to you, I pray you take good care of her throughout the night. Baby, I just want to say goodnight.

57. Goodnight dear, may your heart desires be granted to you tonight; may your face become brighter than the sunshine.

58. I just want to say, goodnight to my amiable angel. I have really missed you and it is my pleasure to reach out to you. God bless you.

59. I don’t know what next to do but to appreciate you for everything you have done in my life. May your days be filled with lots of love.

60. I just want to be happy with my life and that’s why I chose over every other man, you are nice and I am happy that you belong to me. Goodnight.

Happy Good Night Quotes I Miss you

61. I have no other reason why I am lonely except that I want you to know that I am lonely. I miss you so much.

62. Goodnight to my special wife, I hope you are not feeling too lonely at home? I miss you too and will be with you soon.

63. You should know that I will always be with you all the time. No matter how far we may be with each other, as long as the root of our relationship is strong, we will be good to go.

64. I know I miss you, in fact, your thoughts have engulfed my heart this afternoon and I am really willing to meet you soon.

65. Loneliness comes when there is no hope to hug the one you love with your heart. I miss you, darling.

66. Please come back home to make me smile again. I have missed a lot of things about you and my heart is fixed to your absence.

67. I hope I will be happy soonest because, without you, everything may be hard for me. I just want to say goodnight.

68. If I miss today again without telling you goodnight, it will cause me another hour of regret and loneliness, I miss you.

69. I want you to know that I miss you and it is the truth. I miss your smile, your love, and your passion. I hope to see you soon.

70. There will be no joy when there is no music to dance to. You are my music but your absence makes me bored.

71. I just want to send this message to my lovely wife; I can’t wait to see you soon. Goodnight and have the most amazing moment with mom.

72. I love you so much and your love for me makes me happy all the time. I wish you all the best on this earth.

73. The only time I hate most is that time when all I see is your back while you walk away. I don’t want to remain lonely all my life.

74. If you come back home and find it difficult to recognize me, it means your absence has really hit hard on me.

75. I am happy for you as you are all I have. I miss you and you should know this. I wish you a sweet dream tonight.

76. I am currently missing you because your giggles and laughter are a gift that cannot be found elsewhere.

77. Hello Dear, I can’t wait to see you coming back to me. I miss your kisses and hugs. I miss your companionship that makes me smile.

78. I just want to say goodnight to the one I cherish the most, may your new work benefit us. I miss you.

79. I want to use this opportunity to wish you all the best on this wonderful moment, goodnight and may your success continue to reign forever.

80. I just want to ensure that you are happy, may you find endless peace in anything you do, Goodnight to the man of my life.

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