Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes For My Love

Happy Birthday Wishes For My Love: Birthday messages sent to our loved ones are an essential part of a good relationship. They keep our relationships going steady and unoffensive to both parties involved. Here we have lots of collections of romantic love birthday messages for your loved ones. You can also read these our romantic messages too: birthday messages.


Happy Birthday Wishes For Her to Smile

Happy Birthday Wishes For My Love


1. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a very big happy birthday. Every part of my life rejoice with you today my dear angel, I pray that your life is prosperous till the end of time. Happy birthday my sweetheart!

2. Love is the powerful force that brought us together as one making us more used to each other every day as we share our feelings. Today, I will be extending my greatest love for you because you as so special as your day. I am looking forward to a better and more romantic birthday celebration. Happy birthday my love!

3. I am so pleased to know that a special angel came into my life to change it. Today is a special kind of bliss in your life. May the most peaceful rain of joy descend upon you bringing all kinds of grace and prosperity into your life. Happy birthday my angel!

4. Love is to be a blessing worthy of been forever appreciated because it is not just a word from the mouth but a bond beyond what you are thinking. Baby, I hold you so strongly in my heart than how you may be thinking. For the benefit of today which is your special day, I show my own part of gratitude by saying happy birthday my love!

5. Sometimes, ordinary words cannot describe how much we love a person yet actions are not helping matter but no matter how hard it becomes for us to extend our feelings to each other as they really appear in our hearts, it is more appreciative to still reach out to our beautiful angels. Happy birthday dear!

6. I will be always glad to find more and more of your blissful passion. You are always in my heart as the same queen that you have been. I am happy because today marks a special day in your life and needed to be well celebrated. Happy birthday my love!

7. There is no rhyme for the love I have for you, it comes naturally as the dew drops on the heart refreshing it for a better benefit for all. in all seconds and minutes of my life, your love in my heart clicks, renews and increases ever, today I am appreciating the fact you have always been with me since these years. Happy birthday my love!

8. On this special day of yours my darling, I am giving my love to you to make you happy and to add more joy to your life. You are the only queen I chose to be my partner till the end, I love you! Happy birthday to you!

9. Little by little I fell in love with you, now your love is so permanent in my heart, may I use this opportunity to appreciate you and celebrate you, my dear princess, I am saying happy birthday to you!

10. The most beautiful lady I have ever met in life, you made me believe in my dreams once again, you treat me special and give me hope of a brighter future with you! Happy birthday, darling!


Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend


11. The immense power of my love for you can never be overemphasized. Baby on this special day of your life, I am ready to give my right arm for you so you can have the best birthday celebration. Happy birthday!

12. Happy birthday to the jewel that lights up the love in me, I will love you until the end of time. I want you to realize that between the North and the South is a great distance- yet can never separate you from me. May your new age be fruitful!

13. I can feel a special joy in me this morning, having known that my angel is plus one today. Dear baby, right and left I can see your passionate face filled with joy and happiness. Every nooks and cranny of heart celebrates with you, happy birthday!

14. Since the day I met you I have taken a shine to you, praising your beauty, admiring your charming character. The whole shooting match of my desires today is to wish you a very happy birthday! May your days be filled with success and prosperity!

15. Anytime I remember that I have a very beautiful angel like you, born on a special day like this, my heart becomes so joyful willing to always be close to you, hold your hands so you can fill the power of passion I’ve got for you. Happy birthday to you the love of my life!

16. The best lady of my life, how are you doing’ I hope all is fine with you? Having met you, I knew have seen God sent an angel to me! You complete my ribs and give me the whole support I have ever wanted from a woman. Now you are plus one, I must make your day an unforgettable memory! I love you, my dear wife, happy birthday to you!

17. You won’t believe the package I have for you until I send them. Once the message gets to you, open the package and you will find many things, some things, and everything you may not think about. You will find a lot of gifts of this kind, that kind, those kinds- I mean you will find lots of prosperity, success, joy, happiness, and favor all packaged in them. Claim them, they are all gifts for your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

18. My beloved, how wonderfully big lady have you grown into? You have become so more gorgeous than I could ever imagine. You amaze me with your beauty, mesmerize me with your powerful smile, and melt my heart with your gentle and cool-headed attitudes. Less, I forget just want to also say “happy birthday!”.

19. Love will have been so boring without you my angel, however, I can feel the sweetest part of passion because you are mine. I love you more than anything I have come across in my life. You are more precious to me than even a diamond. You are plus one today darling, may the rest of your life be filled with a pool of prosperity. Happy birthday!

20. I have this special feeling which only you can accept. It is a feeling that cannot be shared with others but you alone because of you so special. From the depth of my heart, I am wishing you a big happy birthday, long life and prosperity!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Her Love

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21. Your new age is a blessing not for you alone but also for everyone around you. We are so happy for you that this same blessed day of yours, you are been promoted to the new height you achieved. I celebrate you especially my dear love, more grease to your elbow. Happy birthday to you!

22. I am always happy whenever I see you been lively, cheerful, and full of life; this gives me lots of inspiration about you; especially this special day of yours. Happy birthday to you!

23. You are the apple of my eyes, the love that keeps putting a smile on my cheeks. I love you with all my heart, cherish you so much, wishing you every good thing in life. May your new age be fulfilled with joy and prosperity. Happy birthday to you!

24. Like a honey river full of sweetness, I pray that your new age is filled with joy. Loving you my dear angel is the easiest task I have ever handled. You are so special and wonderful a kind of woman, you deserve the best birthday celebration. I am sending you my own part of your joy, so I say “happy birthday to you my love!”.

25. Your presence is always blissful whenever I’m with you. I can’t help to stop thinking about the fantastic memories you give to me whenever we are together. This golden moment you always share with me has given me the zeal to ever want to cheer you up the most of your birthdays, the dear angel I wish you the best in life!

26. I can’t believe my beautiful angel will be celebrating her birthday today, however, I am so overwhelmed with joy because you are plus one today, may the Lord be pleased with you and grant you favor for the rest of your life. Happy birthday to you!

27. I always remember your birthday in my heart, I can’t afford to be a bad husband to my queen, the mother of my kids. I love you with passion and now I say. Happy birthday!

28. I love you my dear jewel. Can’t you see the light of love emanating from your eyes? It gives me more strength to love you more and more. Happy birthday my love!

29. To a unique woman and a charming wife, the joy of my home may this special day, and all the other days of your life be endowed with blessings from God. May all your needs and desires be accomplished this day and the days to come. May you always be happy throughout your life as you have always been!

30. You are such a wonderful lady, caring wife, respectful daughter, beautiful and charming mother, and an interesting friend. May the blessing of God descend on you with all good health, wealth, and prosperity.

31. You are a good teacher of love my dear wife because you taught me to love and to be loved. I will always appreciate you because you are the best friend I have ever met in my life. Happy birthday to you!

32. With love, I pray for you to be lifted above your expectations. You may not understand how deeply in love I’m with you but have one thing in mind that, I can’t do without you by my side. I will always love you till the end of time, happy birthday, my love!

33. I have never met a special angel as sweet as you in my whole life. Let’s celebrate your new age, for it is not easy to come this far. May the rest of your days in this life end well with joy and passion. Happy birthday!

34. One tree may start a forest, One smile may keep the love flowing, One word may bring the best out of a person. I love you with passion, have a wonderful birthday celebration!

35. Congratulations to the womb that carried you. Your parents are so lucky to have given birth to such a beautiful angel like you. Your Birthday reminds me that you are the only woman I want to spend my life with. Happy Birthday, dear wife!

36. Because today you’re celebrating your birthday, And because you’re an extraordinarily beautiful lady, millions of wishes are not enough for you, so here are uncountable wishes all for you alone! Hoping your Birthday’s fantastically fantastic In every single way, and next year brings happiness For my love every day!

37. I wish that the shoulder you rest your head upon is not anyone else but always mine forever. I wish the hand that always supports you is mine. I wish the ears that listen to you when you say your mind is always mine. I just want to be there for you always and until the end of time. Happy Birthday to you, beautiful queen!

38. I love you with passion because you are a special kind of woman in my life: You’re my strength when I’m down, You make me feel happy about myself, You make me smile and laugh, You show me the best parts of your love in so many ways. Happy Birthday, my love and my friend!

39. I wish to send thousands of words to you on this special day of yours… However, I’ll structure them into only 3 words! WHERE’S THE PARTY’ Hope you are feeling wonderful now? Happy Birthday, love!


40. Sending you a wonderful Birthday wrapped with all my love and passion! Every man dreams of having a wife like you. You are so charming and lovely my dear wife. Happy birthday to you!


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