Happy birthday Wishes for Him or Her

Happy Birthday Wishes for Him or Her and Lovers

You are special and as such, we decided to bring you some fantastic birthday messages for that special girl or boy you really love so much. You are actually wonderful, full of love and experience why not blend these skills with our text messages and move your relationship to the next level?

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1. Happy birthday to my adorable beloved girlfriend, wishing you a brighter future ahead.

2. Your life is a moonlight to me and it has brought warmth beautiful happiness to my life and it would be very awesome to share that beautiful happiness with you, happy birthday.

3. Growing up with a wonderful person like you gives a lot of beautiful memories of our past. I wish I can continue to find you around me every time of my life. Happy birthday to my love.

4. You showed me, love, you showed me how beautiful it is to have someone you love, and you are such a caring and wonderful person. Wishing you success in all that you do. Happy birthday.

5. I’m very thankful to God for making someone like you my love, wishing you all the best in life. Happy birthday.

6. Today is your birthday, I’m happy because it is another day for sweet cake and chilly ice cream. Happy birthday dear.

7. I almost forget to celebrate a superstar, happy birthday to you dear love, have a great day and more fun ahead.

8. I love these three words combine together for you, it’s happy, birth, and day. I’m sure that means happy birthday for you, have sweet happy birthday love.

9. I can still feel all the reminiscence and the beauty of our childhood together; you are such an amazing person. Happy birthday to you.

10. You’ve thought me beauty, you also thought me love, I am happy to be with you today. Happy birthday my dear.

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

11. May God continue to bless you with everything that is good for your soul on this day of yours, Happy birthday my dear.

12. Happy birthday to my sweet and lovely angel, I’ll always adore you and wish you well in all that you lay your hands. I love you, happy birthday.

13. Because lovers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone I love my dear, happy birthday to that special companion of mine.

14. Sometimes being a very good companion is even better than being a superhero, happy birthday to the most amazing companion ever.

15. People used to say we were the same soul split into two and walking around on four legs. It seems unnatural being born together and then dying apart, happy birthday to this special person of mine, I love you.

16. After a girl is grown, her loved ones are now her protectors, happy birthday to you darling, have a lovely happy day, I love you.

17. The highlight of my life was making that special person in my life to laugh so hard and that’s what I would like to do on this amazing day of yours, happy birthday to you dear.
18. I will always be for you to share your joy and happiness from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk, happy birthday love.

19. Hey love do you know that helping your loved ones’ boat across to flow in the river of joy and happiness, and your own will reach the shore, it is the best thing to do.

20. There is a destiny which makes us brothers; none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.

Birthday Quotes for Husband and Wife

21. Never make a companion equal to a brother. You companion is your heart and your brother is your blood. Happy birthday.

22. It was nice growing up with someone like you someone to lean on, someone to count on… someone to tell on! Happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday to love, May you be gifted with many happiness and joy on this special day of yours, once again happy birthday to you.

24. Hey love do you know what I would like to do for you on this special day of yours; I’d like to engage nature to sing for my love on this very day, happy birthday.

25. Happy birthday to my darling who have added many beautiful colorful things in my life and loving you is a decision which I would never regret in my life, happy birthday.

26. Loving and showing you true happiness and joy is hobby for me as long as I live, I am so glad I found love in you, happy birthday to you.

27. The very special thing about you is your love that is a refreshing spring of beautiful happiness which you have brought into my life; I will forever be grateful, happy birthday dear.

28. The very joyful thing which makes me happy with you is that I am contented with your love. Happy birthday to my beloved angel.

29. Happy birthday to you dear, may your day be extraordinary as you are, have a wonderful day.

30. No one could fill that beautiful space you’ve occupied in my heart and my life; thank God you are mine, happy birthday to this precious gift of mine.

Sweet Happy Birthday to My Girlfriend or Boyfriend

31. Each time I count my blessings you are always at the top because you are the greatest blessing ever in my life, happy birthday to beloved sweetheart.

32. Happy birthday sweetheart, may our love never go down in this life and in the next world, have the most awesome and best day.

33. You will always be my fantasy which made reality in my life; you are my dream, happy birthday to my beautiful angel.

34. Happy birthday sweetheart, I pray this day of yours should receive wings and fly to the highest height of love and perfections, have a spectacular day love.

35. I am very happy to be contented with your love and beauty which are refreshing springs to my life and heart, happy birthday sweetheart, have a great day.

36. For one to desire and love something, it means that’s what he has and what he desire and I will never want to live life without you, happy birthday darling.

37. Every special and interesting moment of your life, I promise I will always be there to share them with you my sweetheart and I’ll never let go of you in my life, happy birthday to the love of my life.

38. They is one special fact about your love which is it always renew itself in my heart every blessed day, I will always cherish your love and affection towards my life, happy birthday dear.

39. Your love is like a bright rainbow which beautifies every part of my life. I just want to say, happy birthday.

40. You have ignited a warmth gracious joy into my heart which will be a satisfactory peace to my soul, happy birthday to you sweetheart.

Birthday Messages for a Boyfriend and Lover

41. Happy birthday to you, congratulations on adding another year of prosperity, have a lovely happy birthday dear.

42. I hope to spend the rest of today with you, celebrating this special moment with you, happy birthday to the love of my life.

43. You are the only woman I will always want to make happy in my life, happy birthday to the joy of my life, love you.

44. Happy birthday to the joy of heart, I will always give you all my love and happiness until the end of time, have a lovely happy birthday.

45. An angel like you should be showed all the happiness and joy of this very special moment of yours, happy birthday to that pretty princess of mine.

46. Words would not express the happiness in me, age gracefully sweetheart, I will always be there to celebrate every beautiful moment of yours, happy birthday to you love.

47. Sweetheart do you know you are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me and it would be so unfair not to wish the love of my life a beautiful happy birthday, have sweet happy birthday love.

48. The last thought of my heart yesterday was to wish my love a beautiful and amazing happy birthday, enjoy every beautiful moment of today.

49. I am so happy to have you by my side as you celebrate this very interesting day of your life, happy birthday to you darling.

50. I wish to hold your hand, celebrate this beautiful day of yours with you and I’ll stay beside you and share every lovely moment of this day, happy birthday to that beautiful woman.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Him or Her

51. I wish to share your entire happiest moments or days with you and give you the most unending joy and happiness on this very day, happy birthday to you darling.

52. Happy birthday to you darling, I pray we live long to share and celebrate every lovely moment of ours, have a beautiful splendid happy birthday.

53. Happy birthday to my beautiful sunshine, thank you for coming into my life, I love you and will always be there for you love, have an awesome day.

54. I pray for an endless life to celebrate and share every joyful moment with you, and stay by your side and share your happiest days with you, happy birthday.

55. Happy birthday to the joy of my life, I pray we live long in this world to share our happiest moment together and be united, have nice day sweetheart.

56. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and most adorable girl in this world, I love you my dearest woman.

57. Happy birthday to my beautiful angel, you are made for me and I’m made for you, thank you Lord for giving me a beautiful angel, have a great time.

58. In your eyes I see hope, joy and happiness, in your voice my spirit is derives joy, living and sharing beautiful days with you is like I’m dwelling in paradise with my princess, happy birthday to you love, I will always be there for you.

59. A day without you is like a fish taking out of water, I wish that I can be in your eyes forever, happy birthday to you love.

60. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and adorable girl in the whole world, I love you my princess and I will always be there to share your happiest days with you.

Cute Happy Birthday Wishes for my Wife

61. I’m drawn to you, and forever be there to share every beautiful moment with you, I will remain in your heart, happy birthday to you love.

62. You are my smile and happiness, I will always be there to wish you a wonderful happy birthday to you, have a nice day sweetheart.

63. I have always try to figure out what it is that so much attracts you to me, but I found out that It’s a supernatural bond full of love and happiness, indeed You are my special angel, happy birthday to the love of my life.

64. I thought I could never find love again, until I met you. You are truly an angel sent to me from above, happy birthday to that beautiful angel of mine.

65. Happy birthday to you, you are such an incredible girl, thanks for all the love and care you have shown to me, I will never make you regret the first day we met. I will always make you smile and happy.

66. Happy birthday to the joy of my heart, you are the sweetest treasure in life, I love my dear wife.

67. Life is good when having good times and sharing beautiful moment with you, I don’t want to miss you even for one second in each beautiful times, happy birthday to the love of my life.

68. Happy birthday to that special woman in my life, all through my life I have prayed for a good woman like you which I could share beautiful and amazing moment with, thank God I finally found you, have a beautiful day dear.

69. Happy birthday to that amazing and awesome woman in my life, you are the most beautiful lady I’ve ever met life, my love is unimaginable for you.

70. I will always do what it takes to put beautiful smile in your face, you are so precious to me, happy birthday to my lovely woman.

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