50 Happy Birthday Wishes And Prayers For him or her

Happy Birthday Wishes And Prayers for Lover


Happy Birthday Wishes And Prayers

Happy Birthday Wishes And Prayers: Who said you cannot wish yourself a happy birthday? You can actually wish yourself the biggest happy birthday in the world. Many dudes and ladies like you out there have been wishing themselves the best of their cheerful day in life on Twitter, Facebook, and so on so you have the absolute right to do the same.

We also want to recommend that you should read 50 birthday messages for my girlfriend or boyfriend. Happy birthday wishes for my love is also very interesting to send to your loved ones. Here we also have varieties of messages for you to wish yourself a happy birthday:


1. It is not of my power that God has kept me alive for the past years and continues to spare my life for another 365 days. Thank you, Lord and I wish myself a very big happy birthday. I ask the Lord to increase my means of income!


2. I thank the Lord that I am plus one year older today, it was my wish and it came to pass meeting me in good health and rest of mind. I am wishing myself a very big happy birthday, long life, and prosperity. Thank you, Lord, for all you have done in my life.


3. I wish myself every good thing life can bring because I am celebrating my birthday today. I beseech you, Lord, to spare my life for better things ahead in life. I ask you to bring me closer to your glory and admit me into your dominion!


4. With all the joy in me I am wishing myself a tremendous happy birthday, thank you Lord for sparing my life this far. I appreciate all your selfless kindness in my life and acknowledge your agape love for me. Happy birthday to me!


5. Every day, every time, every hour God has been so kind to me. He blessed me with five senses, taught me all I know gave me wisdom and guides me to His path of light. Through 365 days, I am still alive throwing up a flower called a birthday. Happy birthday to me!


6. When my soul became so weak and about to give up, I knelt down and said a prayer to the Lord—my soul was revived. All glory and thanks belong to the One who spared my life until this moment. Happy birthday to me!


7. I feel the good omen from a garden of joy that today is my humble self’s birthday so I’m wishing me a great and gracious year ahead. I ask God to shower me with successful dealings and secure my life and properties. Happy birthday to me!


8. In this my special day, I am wishing me the best I can be in life now and forever. I wish me the best of luck, love, success, and compassion in anything I lay my hands upon. I ask the lord to cover me in His light and guide me to the straight path. Happy birthday to me!


9. I wish for me more faith, more piety—more joy, money, and prosperity. I wish for me all the good things life can bring. I am plus one today so I thank you Lord for all you have done in my life, happy birthday to me!


10. Some years back, I was born into this wilderness as an innocent child, therefore, I need to be grateful to the Lord Almighty for sparing my life up till this moment despite the difficulties and challenges this life brought. Many started the race but few ended it. Happy birthday to me!


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11. What else will I do than to be happy as I wish me a prosperous birthday and joyous years ahead? Thank you, Lord, for all your supports in my life since the day I was born until this special moment. Happy birthday to me!


12. I am wishing me the best thing this life can offer now and forever so I could feel more special than I used to be. Happy birthday to me, a life full of joy and good dealings I pray to come ahead. I just want the world to know that I am a plus one today!


13. I thank my very friends and family for the entire gift they gave me. I must acknowledge them for honoring my invitations while I appreciate my beloved Creator for making it a special day for me. Happy birthday to the gentle me!


14. I celebrate me for all the hustles, struggles and puzzles I have faced until I got here. I thank the Lord for the entire path He has been taking in my life. Lord, I’m grateful for sparing my life up till this time. I appreciate it now and forever! Happy birthday to me!


15. No matter how far the life struggle has gone, I must celebrate me today because many started the race with me but here I am today. I wish me the best in life, all thanks and adoration belong to the Lord the highest. Happy birthday to me!


16. Having seen the light of today is enough to say thank you for the entire blessings you have been showering on me. I must say Lord Glory belong to you now and forever. I wish you a very big happy birthday!


17. The gift of the soul is a precious one so I have the gut to celebrate me for who I am today. The Lord has blessed me so far and I believe He will continue to bless me forever. I love you Lord for everything you have done in my life, happy birthday to me!


18. God be praised, blessed for all the kindness you have shown to me in life. I have never done anything special for you before and I believe I can’t do so till eternity, yet you still love me. I am humble my Lord for sparing my life. Happy birthday to me!


19. I am as astonished as my haters keep stunned because God keeps adding enough to me; anyway, it is not easy to scale through 365 barriers. Thank you, Lord, for everything you have done in my life. Happy birthday to me!


20. Is there anything I can give to the One who keeps saving me from the tragedy? I will rejoice now and forever to have you, Lord, as my personal God. Happy birthday to me and I am appreciating all my dear friends and family!


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21. Can I use this opportunity to wish me a happy birthday because I believe wishes will soon flood my timeline? As for those who have forgotten already, don’t worry I have settled your part with self beautiful wishes. Happy birthday!


22. Wow, today is a special day in case you have forgotten; that special day when a gem was born into this beautiful world. Thank you, Lord, for your protection over my life. I wish myself the most beautiful happenings in my life. Happy birthday to me!


23. I don’t really mind how old I am today all I’m concerned about is that a gem that I am is a year older and I’m very happy to wish me the best in life. I want to thank you, friends, for all the good things that occurred in my life. Happy birthday to me!


24. I know very well that the calendar counts in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, yet I count them in the flood of merriment from my well-wishers. It is my birthday again thank you Lord for everything now and forever!


25. I am a year wiser today so I want to appreciate me by celebrating the best of days in my life. This sweet day, an innocent child was born into this world. Wow please come and dance and party with me. Happy birthday to me!


26. I will accept all the good wishes in good faith and hope that they return in blessings and increased wealth and health. I love my life more than you can ever think. Thank you Lord for sparing my life; happy birthday to me!


27. It is another wonderful, special and joyous day like never before. I ask the Lord to make today’s new dawn in my life and bless me with all the means to excel in life. Friends I love you all please help me celebrate my new age. Happy birthday to me!


28. I wish you a wonderful and joyous life ahead. You are excellent O lord—you are marvelous you created me, trained me, and watched over me since I was and now that I’m an adult. Thank you, my darling God, for everything in life. Happy birthday to me!


29. I just have to comply with the calendar on how it reads my age but deep within me I know I am the youngest guy in town today. I am a year older today and I wish to announce to the world so it can feel how joyous I am today. Happy birthday to me!


30. Hello guys, ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce to you that I’m plus one year older today. I hope you will roll in the end parts of my new age celebration. I pray that the Lord bless you and me and bestow upon us all the glory that life can bring. Happy birthday to me!


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31. I am a year older today so glory belongs to the fashioner of my soul. I can’t deny the fact that I’m so excited today because no one is as joyous as I am today. I love myself so much. Come and celebrate with me, friends, and family.


32. Life is a wonderful place to be and this is the reason why I’m so excited to announce to the world that I’m a year older today. Happy birthday to me the queen of the house. Friends before the arrival of your gifts I will like to cheer me up in the most suitable manner.


33. I thank almighty God for the giver of life who kept me up till this moment. I am plus one today may the glory of the Lord shine upon my soul now and forever. I wish me wonderful years ahead in love and prosperity. Happy birthday to me!


34. It is not always easy to scale through the rivers of life but here I am today smiling and living in good health. Thank you, Lord, for everything I have become today. I appreciate you for this special day in my life, a happy birthday to me!


35. I love the brightness of my face this morning and the very cause is that my birthday is on the corner. I am plus one today I ask God to bless and draw me close to Him. Every good thing that life can bring should descend on me this special moment. Happy birthday to me!


36. Happy birth to Mrs. Cute that’s me of course I am plus one today let the greetings come in their numbers. As I clock a year old today I want you all to celebrate with me. I appreciate you all last year and tonight I’m extending a bigger thank you!


37. Check me out I’m missing beautiful, happy birthday to the most loved person on earth—guess who that queen is; me of course. With the numerous wishes here and there I want to appreciate all my well wishers. Happy birthday to me!


38. I don’t care about every matter of age because I am celebrating the younger me at heart. For the unending kindness from all my fans out there I ask God to bless you all and take care of your entire generations now and forever, happy birthday to me!


39. Whenever I remember how much wishes will flood on my timeline, I smile because my special day has caused this for me from the leave of the Lord. Thank you, God, for all your special treatment since these years in my life, happy birthday to me!


40. If 60 seconds make one minute, 60 minutes to make one hour—above million wishes make my birthday. The boss is now a year older, I appreciate all my friends and family. I must confess that your wishes have gone a long way in making my day. Happy birthday to me!


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41. Beyond the beautiful and wonderful wishes from my loved ones, I am specifically appreciating God for keeping me alive to receive them. Thanks to you O Lord, Honor, and Glory belong to you! Happy birthday to me!


42. I am plus one today and I believe that in no time my inbox and timeline will be flooded with wishes from my well-wishers so I pray that God should spare my life to receive them in good condition. Happy birthday to me!


43. No matter how much I may spend today it can’t bring satisfaction to me until I can see my timeline flooded with your beautiful quotes and heartfelt wishes. I will be so grateful for having found my day made by you guys. Hurray to me!



44. With all these flying quotes and wishes on my timeline, I am already getting satisfied that my day will be fantastic. I appreciate you all for loving me. I pray that God brings joy to my heart now and forever, happy birthday to me!


45. I may be too excited to go on and rejoice for my birthday but it is sure that I will be incomplete without your beautiful wishes and quotes. To me, the most precious gift is the one giving out of true love for someone. I wish me a wonderful happy birthday!



46. I know many people will be celebrating their birthday today, among them is the most loved one. The most cherished one is me. I love myself so much about everything. I pray that the Lord should help and support me in every ramification in life, happy birthday to me!



47. Hurray to the queen it is another day for me—not everyone made it to this time but here I am today living fine and shining in the glory of the Lord. I wish me a very big happy birthday, prosperous life ahead!



48. As I am a plus one today, I wish success, joy, prosperity, and endless fortune now and forever. I am happy to be alive today. To friends and family I am wishing you the best in life too, thank you for all your wonderful wishes and quotes. Happy birthday to me!


49. Been alive to witness your birthday is a kind of special feeling that melts the heart. I am so excited today so I need to wish me first a big happy birthday before the beautiful wishes from friends flood my timeline. Thank you all, happy birthday to me!


50. Guess what? I am plus one today so I am excited but will be incomplete without your wishes and compliments. Thank you all for the support you have given me any time I need it. I am plus one today so I beseech the Lord to grant me all my heart desires to celebrate my existence now and forever.

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