Happy Birthday to my Twin Daughters

Happy Birthday to my Twin Daughters. Daughters are adorable and precious, cheering them up on their birthday is another wonderful gift in life. Do you want to cheer up your twin daughters? These text messages are specially written for that purpose.

Happy Birthday to my Twin Daughters.

1. I quickly just want to use this opportunity to reach out to you and wish you a very, Happy birthday, my lovely daughters.

2. I appreciate all you have done for me writ from your childhood, am looking up to GOD should give me the power to keep blessing you in multiple ways, Happy birthday, my queens.

3. My dear babies, I can’t start to explain the sacrifice you have done just for me, my prayer to almighty GOD is to pay you back .happy birthday.

4. Happy birthday my twin daughters, I pray your day should be filled with happiness and joy; you deserve it every second of the day.

5. Don’t know what I could have done without you my dear love, you are the only blessings I have. Have a beautiful, Birthday.

6. Happy birthday my dears, you are full of wisdom and knowledge you have trained me to become one. All the thanks come to you.

7. You are my amazing babies, I am proud to be your mom/dad you are always been Kind and loyal to me in every possible way thanks to you and. happy birthday.

8. You are my super twins, thanks to you for making me feel special in this word I will always be obedient to you dear ones.

9. Best wishes to my amazing twins. I pray that your special day brings you joy and happiness in this world, happy birthday babies.

10. My sweet ones, I am sending warm wishes on your way for your special day. To thank you for all you have done for me. I hope someday you will rip what you sow.

11. I am so lucky to have beautiful and kind-hearted daughters like you guys; you are so nice if I am to come to this world by any chance again, you will still be my babies again.

12. I feel proud whenever I look up to see that you are my daughters! I wish you should stay with me forever, happy birthday.
13. Thank you so much for all your love and support you have given to me. I hope almighty GOD will pay you back in multiple ways.

14. With you by my side I know that am safer, thank you for making me so comfortable. Happy birthday to my infuriating and adorable sweet twins.

15. Thank you so much, dears for putting smiles on my face, wishing you all the best and happy birthday.

16. Hey guys, you are so special to me, you are always there for me in times of hade time I pray you should find endless happiness on your special day.

17. Today is a special day in your lives; I pray you should find it easy. Wish you a very happy birthday. I am so fortunate to have caring daughters like you,

18. You are the significant and adorable persons in my life which I always wish to make happy every moment in this life, happy birthday to the most awesome twins ever.

19. I will forever cherish you, dear daughters, after all these years you still stood by me, and now am going to make your birthday a special day for you.

20. Today is the most joyful and happiest day for you all. I wish you guys all the best in life, happy birthday babies.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Twin Daughters

21. People may not know why I’m so close to you guys, the truth is that the day will never know, because they don’t know how good and fantastic, you are my blessings.

22. My love for you is beyond the word itself, and I will always feel lucky to have daughters like you, happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday my lovely twins. You are my pretty flowers you are two in a million, your types are rare to find sweet girls.

24. I am the luckiest person in the world to have daughters like you two; you both are number one in the midst of many.

25. You mean everything to me, whatever it takes me to make your birthday special for you I won’t hesitate to do it, my dear sweet daughters.

26. I have kept this particular word for months, days, and now it’s time to say it because is your special day. My lovely twins, I am very proud to be your mom.

27. You don’t know how happy I am to witness a very special day like this; it’s an opportunity for me to wish you guys a happy birthday.

28. I pray to almighty to make your day awesome as you are celebrating this special day of yours, happy birthday dear my twins.

29. I wish you a joyful and wonderful birthday. Just want to quickly say I love you so much and Happy birthday.

30. A beautiful and cute twin like you guys are rear in this world, I am so lucky to have you in my family, happy birthday daughters.

31. My pray to almighty GOD is to put a smile on your faces on this special day for you, however, my prayer is already accepted for you to be my daughters.

32. Your success will begin to rise from this special moment in your lives, wishing you a very, happy birthday. From now you find nothing but happiness in your life. You may not know but you deserve it.

33. I pray that the Lord should bestow you with endless happiness and blessing upon you, happy birthday sweet daughters from heaven.

34. I pray that the almighty lord should keep you safe for me, and bless you with long lives and prosperity, Happy birthday.

35. Am very happy to witness your birthday, my sweet daughters are plus one today, Wishing you the most beautiful things ever.

36. As you are plus one today, I pray that almighty should have known chose but to bless you with harmony, happy birthday.

37. With you, I have no fear that harm can come to me. GOD knows why he sent you as angels to our family you both are a set of fabulous twins.

38. As you are celebrating this special day, my prayer for you is to become more successful in whatever you are doing.

39. I am so fortunate to have amazing daughters like you. I love you beyond the world itself, happy birthday my cute daughters.

40. I love you the way you are my loves. I wish you a belated birthday that has no borders. The reason for my existence, enjoy your day.

Birthday Wishes for Twin Daughters

41. Thank you, babies, for letting me knows the basic side of the word. When I was a little child I know I would be blessed with things like this.

42. Even when the word is dark, I always find the light that is because I have your blessings. You guys are so sweet, Happy birthday.

43. No one understands me as much as you guys. May you find a beautiful, fabulous, and gracious birthday.

44. You’ve taken care of me up till this time. A big thanks to you for the unconditional love you have shown me, happy birthday.

45. I pray that my beautiful daughters should live long enough to enjoy the sweetest and the best part of this world, happy birthday to my awesome twin daughters.

46. You have supported me in every difficulty in this word. Now is time for you to enjoy what you have done for me. Happy birthday

47. I hope this year. You will find the happiest part of your life, happy birthday to my amazing twins.

48. I am very happy to wake up and see that today is your special day. I wish you the sweetest thing in the world, happy birthday.

49. I love you so much my most beautiful and gorgeous twins. You have showered me with lots of love and pride and now is a time for me to do the same for you, happy birthday years with grace, happiness, and the mercy of the lord.

50. Being my daughter is a stroke of great luck to me. I will always be grateful to God for having you as my mom, happy birthday dear babies.

Lovely Birthday Messages for Twin Daughters

51. I love you beyond the sky, my sweet children. I really appreciate all the hard work you have done to make me proud. Happy birthday.

52. Happy birthday to the most beautiful twin daughters on earth, may this day bring to you joy and endless happiness.

53. I am highly favored by God for giving me such a nice set of children, thank you so much for everything you have done for me.

54. I beseech the Lord to make this special day a memorable day for you; I hope you find the endless happiness you deserve at the end of this ceremony.

55. Thank you so much, my dear daughters, you have given me more than enough this is my prayer for you today may the Lord bless you in multiple ways in your life as you celebrate this special day.

56. You are my joy, my happiness, and you are the reason why am in this world ______ what could I have ever done without you sweet girls?

57. Happy birthday children, I wish you age with grace, joy, and endless happiness as you are celebrating this amazing day.

58. I beseech the Lord to bring to you long life, with good health, and prosperity as click another chapter of your life.

59. Starting from now till the end of your existence I want to be seeing you smile because I cannot bear to see you in tears for any reason, happy birthday.

60. You are my beautiful loves, the ones that always make me proud to be called a mother/father.

61. I want to embrace you, love you more, and treat you like the queen that you truly are I hope you will permit me to do that?

62. You live in my heart and you both are with me anywhere I go, that love will continue to flow in me forever, happy birthday to my daughters.

63. I must confess that I am the luckiest person on this earth, to have a nice set of daughters like you guys. I adore you more than anything in this world, happy birthday to you.

64. I beseech the Lord to bless you on this special occasion and to protect you from all evil on this world for me, Happy birthday to you sweet loves.

65. As you are celebrating this special birthday I pray that success will have no choice but to find you, happy birthday.

66. You have influenced me with your good character, now am left with no choice but to be nice to you all the way, happy birthday.

67. I wish you the entire beautiful thing in the world, as you are celebrating this special day of your life.

68. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have done to make me a good mother, happy birthday to my wonderful twins.

69. I beseech the Lord to upgrade you in your work, and grant you a long life, as you are celebrating this day, happy birthday to my dear babies.

Awesome Birthday Quotes for Twin Daughters

70. My beautiful children, my prayer is always with you all the time because you are my sweetheart and I will always love you till the end of the world.

71. You always told me that no matter what, you will always love me and care for me, but my fear is death I hope you will stay with me much longer because I cannot imagine myself living in this world without you.

72. Despite that I have disappointed you severally you still considered me as your mom, thank you so much. And I promise to make you proud again.

73. Happy birthday to my beautiful twins, I wish you all the best in everything you lay your hands on this special day of your life, and I pray that you should find all the happiness, joy, success, you deserve in this world now and forever, Happy birthday once again.

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