100 Best Happy Birthday for Friends Quotes

100 Birthday Wishes For Friends & Best Friend- Happy Birthday My Friend!

happy birthday for friends quotes

Happy Birthday for Friends Quotes: If we can acknowledge the esteem reputation of our friends by celebrating them in the best available ways, it will have made both of us become a person of superior standing because the people around you will realize how much you love and respect each other. But in other to find the best word to qualify your friend, you need to search deeply into books or the internet. If you are on here already, then count yourself lucky because we are going to spoil you with lots of words to send to your friend.

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This article comprises of:

Birthday wishes for a friend

Birthday wishes for a best friend

Funny birthday wishes

Birthday post for a friend

Birthday wishes for best friend forever

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Birthday Wishes For best Friend-Happy Birthday Best Friend




1. Happy birthday to you my best friend, I wish you all the best in life; may your lord be with you forever.


2. May the Lord be with you and protect you against all evil. I pray that your new age should bring lots of success to you.


4. I ask God to honor you, raise your status in every angle of life you find yourself. I beseech Him to protect you—happy birthday.


5. I wish you all the best in life, I pray that the Lord should endow you with everything you need in life; I just want to say, happy birthday.


6. Happy birthday my dear angel, the one I cherish with all my heart. Don’t be surprised that I said so because that’s how it is. Happy birthday.


7. Happy birthday to my lovely friend, the best friend ever. My gorgeous twin sister from another mother.


8. Cheer up because today is your birthday. I pray that the Lord should honor you now and forever. I just want to say, happy birthday.


9. You are my best friend, so why don’t I celebrate you more than every other person? I love you, my good friend. Happy birthday.


10. I hope you had a sweet night dream’ did it point to your new age? I had a cute dream about you that your new age brought peace and success to you—happy birthday.


11. You are a man of your words and I love this about you because it gives me a maximum kind of feelings that satisfies my heart. Happy birthday.


12. You are such a beautiful angel, a lovely friend, and an uncommon gem that brings joy to my heart. I cherish you—happy birthday.


13. Lovely friend, you know I respect you so much? So please, put the smile on your face, may the Lord continue to honor you, happy birthday!


14. I ask the Almighty God to ease your affairs on this earth and crown you with every kind of honor in the hereafter. Happy birthday.


15. You are a special kind of angel sent to me to change my mindset. I just want to say a very big happy birthday to you.


16. I am happy to be with you now and for the rest of your life because a friend like you is rare to find, happy birthday to you.


17. May the Lord be happy with you for the rest of your life; I ask Him to finalize your matter this year. Happy birthday to you.


18. Happy birthday to the gem of passion and good companionship. You are special among millions of friends, a happy birthday.


19. The sky is dark; it is about to rain success on you. I pray that the Lord should grant you all your heart desires. Happy birthday.


20. May the sunshine be yours forever bringing light for you to accomplish your tasks in this life; may your new age be fruitful—happy birthday!


21. You are such an angelic friend, you stay with me in every angle of my life; I am so lucky to have you as a best friend. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes For Best Friend-Happy Birthday Best Friend



22. This is my wish for the best friend of life; I am so happy that you are plus one today. Happy birthday.


23. You are my darling friend, a wonderful angel of my heart. I honor you with strong honor. Happy birthday.


24. I am lucky that you came into my life to change it. Since the day I met you, everything has become so sweet. Happy birthday.


25. Happy birthday to the one I cherish with all my heart, the one that pleases my eyes whenever I see. A good friend. Happy birthday.


26. I am satisfied that you are my friend, a wonderful angel that set me free from sorrow. Thank God for being my friend. Happy birthday.


27. You are such an uncommon friend, worthy of been celebrated until the end of time. I love you, my good friend. Happy birthday.


28. Among millions of people out there, I chose you as my best friend; can’t you see that you are an honored fellow? I am pleased to say, happy birthday to you.


29. You are a friend worthy of been proud of, a trustworthy leader, and an uncommon father for his children. Happy birthday to you.


30. You are my sweet angel, a wonderful gem of joy and happiness. I see you and I admire you above every other treasure in the garden of love. I just want to say, happy birthday.


31. Happy birthday to the most beloved of all my friends. Since the first day I set my eyes on you, everything has been going on fine. Happy birthday.


32. You are my dream comes true a wonderful angel filled with lots of success and continuous prosperity. Happy birthday to you.


33. You are my joy, peace, companion, and a lovely rose flower. You are the best treasure I have ever met in life; happy birthday.


34. My sweet lovely friend, I am using this golden opportunity to celebrate you for the gem that you have become. Happy birthday.


35. May the Lord have mercy upon you and grant you all your heart desire from this moment on. I just want to say, happy birthday to you.


36. Having a beautiful friend like you is a big pride on its own, staying around you is a wonderful feeling. Happy birthday to you!


37. I love your face and that smile of yours that never ceases to bring joy and happiness to my heart. You are such an executive princess. Happy birthday my friend.


38. I search the whole world to find a special friend like you but there is no way. Not even in the sea or on the moon, I have never seen any friend that replaces you. Happy birthday.


39. You are such an interesting friend, the best of my friends ever; I am willing to do my best just to see that you are always happy. May your new age be fruitful!


40. Lovely flowers and the best of fragrance shall be yours today been the best day of your life. Happy birthday the true friend ever.


May the Lord bestow His mercy upon you and you are the most interesting friend that I ever set my eyes upon. I just want to say, happy birthday to you.


Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend- Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend



41. A funny friend like you is rare to find but thank God we met each other, there is no other match for me, only you—happy birthday to you.


42. You are a wonderful monster that’s why you nearly kill me with a laugh the other day. I don’t mind dying over and over just to hear your jokes. Happy birthday.


43. Having a sweet friend like you is like eating a bar of chocolate mixed with strawberry and milk. I hope you will allow me to eat you better? Happy birthday.


44. You make me laugh till I shed tears, though I don’t know why you always like to see my tears. May your birthday party be protected from gluttons!


45. You need a lot of things on this special day of your life; you need my smile, joke, and my blessed stomach to consume your birthday cake. Happy birthday to you.


46. You are so special and truly I must confess that you are the funniest of all my friends. I mean it when I said, I am addicted to making unnecessary troubles since the day I met you, happy birthday.


47. You are so much sweet, in fact, sweeter than the sweetest orange. You are such a treasure that shouldn’t be kept in a dirty basket. Happy birthday.


48. May the Lord that protected Moses from the evil of Pharaoh protect you from the evil stomachs that will consume your birthday cake without mercy, happy birthday!


49. I am ready to lie on a high way just to show you how much I am happy that you are plus one today, sorry will I be crushed by a vehicle? Happy birthday my friend!


50. You are my good friend and we are both known for our love for food. How do we do it now, should I come to your birthday party or allow ordinary people to eat the food alone? Happy birthday.


51. Loving a friend like you is a big work although you are very interesting your trouble is too much. I just want to say, happy birthday.


52. From the first day I met you, I knew you will be a troublesome friend, I knew you will be a stubborn companion that I will love with all my heart. Happy birthday.


53. I was searching for a good friend who will keep me happy and God sent you to me to disorganize my ribs with funny words. You are a great comedian. Happy birthday my friend.


54. Nothing can stop me from getting addicted to you because every moment shared with you always bring endless joy to my heart. Happy birthday to you.


55. You are such a wonderful friend but if you can be smarter than I am, I will appreciate it better. I love you so much but my problem is that you are a glutton—lolz, happy birthday!


56. Friends are known for their occasional jokes whether they hurt or not they just have to be the best of a friend. This is my joke of the day—you have a big head. Happy birthday!


57. It is my personal pleasure and romantic selflessness to say hello the best friend of life, hello my dear partner in crime, I hope you have eaten? I doubt your cake is still intact. Happy birthday!


58. Those silly talks we made are now backfiring us; I wish I did not go out with you perhaps I will have been able to sleep well last night. You are so funny, happy birthday to you.


59. May your day be filled with fun things that will bring you a lot of joy, may your age be filled with a lot of success, happy birthday!


60. You are the most interesting person I have ever met in life; I wish I will always be with you for the rest of my life to feel happy like a queen for the rest of my life; happy birthday.


Birthday Post for Friend-Happy Birthday Post for Best Friend



61. May you be granted every desire of your life; I pray that the Lord should raise your status above your expectations and continue to protect you for the rest of your life—happy birthday to you!


62. I am sending you this birthday greeting in order to appreciate you for being a good friend. Happy birthday.


63. May the Lord ease your way and shine a light in every part and path you take now and forever. Happy birthday to you!


64. Every day of your life shall be filled with endless joy; I just want to let you know that you are the best friend ever. Happy birthday!


65. Loving you as a friend brings lots of joy to me; may your days be crowned with unconditional success. Happy birthday!


66. You make me happy whenever I set my eyes on you, may the same joy that your presence brings to my heart be filled in your heart too, happy birthday.


67. You are such a wonderful friend; I pray that your days be accomplished with endless love, passion, mercy, and success. Happy birthday!


68. I give you every single day of my life as a means to always think about you. You are the sweetest man ever. Happy birthday.


69. Every day of my life will always have a part that I will think about you, night and day your thought never leaves my mind. Happy birthday!


70. You are a genius rare to find, a wonderful treasure that touches the deepest part of my heart. Happy birthday to you.


71. A lovely friend like you is not easy to find. They are strongly rare to see or feel but since the day I met you, I met the best of gems. Happy birthday.


72. You are such an amazing friend, a friend with a soft heart, and unending mercy. I salute you for your virtues. Happy birthday.


73. I am so happy this morning and I wish to be the number one person to wish you a very big birthday. Happy birthday my friend!


74. Hurray, my darling friend is plus one today. I wish you all the best in life; wishing you the most interesting thing ever in life.


75. Your opinions really matter to me because they are full of wisdom. Since the day I met you, everything became better. Happy birthday, friend.


76. I wish you the most interesting things in life; may your days be filled with endless joy and continuous peace of mind. Happy birthday.


77. A wonderful friend like you is worthy of been celebrated until the end of time. I beseech the Lord to ease your life affairs. Happy birthday.


78. With you in my life, I feel deep joy and a special kind of happiness which I cannot comprehend. I love you to the core because you are an uncommon friend. Happy birthday.


79. It is my pleasure to reach out to a gem of passion and satisfaction. Knowing you are a complete blessing—no doubt about it. Happy birthday.


80. You won’t know how much you mean to a person until he loses you; I wish I could say some things before you left. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wish for Best Friend Forever-Birthday Quotes for Best Friend



81. Forever, I will continue to love you as a good friend. I will never let you down. Happy birthday to you.


82. You are a general in terms of friendship. I salute you with every single capacity that exists. Happy birthday my friend.


83. You are meant for me and I’m sure we are meant for each other forever. I am a lucky guy to have met you—happy birthday.


84. I am looking forward to that day when we will leave forever and will never depart again. Happy birthday to you.


85. In no time, I pray that the Lord should answer your prayer and grant you all your heart desires. I just want to say, happy birthday.


86. You are more than what people think about you, to me you are the best friend ever and I will like to be with you forever. Happy birthday.


87. Been with you forever will never bring a single regret to my heart. You are my dream friend, thank God I met you—happy birthday.


88. I wish to tell you something special today, a thing of joy and cheerfulness. Something that will put a smile on your face no matter what. Happy birthday, friend forever.


89. You mean the world to me and truly that’s just the truth. I belong to you and you belong to me—together we belong to each other forever. Happy birthday.


90. I wish I have known you twenty years ago, perhaps my life will have changed beyond what I see now. Happy birthday.


99. I am willing to lead this life with you forever so that death may not separate us; so that sickness will not hinder our affairs in life—happy birthday.


100. In the beginning, I thought that you are just like every other friend until you proved to me that I’m wrong, and then I began to respect you beyond imagination. Happy birthday.


101. I am here for you just as you are always there for me. Today, you are weak and sick on your bed. Truly, it brings tears to the eyes. Happy birthday.


102. I am so much interested in one thing about you—to become a gentle princess like you. I used to think that no one can influence me until we met. Happy birthday.


103. God has sent you to me life delivered the message of the highest Lord to put an endless joy to my life. Happy birthday to you.


104. I wish you all the best in life. May the Lord continue to build your home against all evils and setbacks happy birthday!


105. Friend, you have done a lot of things in my life which I cannot recall all. Though with God, our friendship lasted until this time. You are indeed patient. Happy birthday.


106. It is my pleasure to say a big happy birthday to you. I want to celebrate you for the rest of your life—happy birthday to you.


107. Lovely angels like you will never stop to exist in my life. You are so wonderful. May the Lord be with you forever, happy birthday!


108. The most interesting person that has ever occurred to me, a rare gem like you will forever be remembered until the end of time. Happy birthday.

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