60 Cute Goodnight Messages for Special Someone

 Goodnight Messages for Special Someone a Crush

Goodnight Messages for Special Someone

Goodnight Messages for Special Someone: These are the latest goodnight-message you will like. You may like to text them to your loved one. You may also want to read these: 60 Cute Love Quotes to Tell Your Boyfriend or Some Beautiful Happy Birthday Memes For Me and Funny Quotes

1. I always have rest of mind whenever it’s time to enjoy sweet dreams and memory of you in my heart. I wish you sweet love and a happy night rest.

2. am so glad and proud to have someone like you as my friend; you’re so superb, awesome, and precious to me. I hope I will see you tomorrow. May your dreams come through? Goodnight, my pride.

3. I am sleeping all alone in the darkness and it is so tough for me, but seeing you’re tired is tougher for me. To make sure you have a good night rest so that your energy will be regained.

4. I miss you, my love, since I can no longer kiss and romance you, I will be waiting to kiss you in your dream. Do have a night sleep.

5. I know the sun is already set for the day but will never set on you because I will always shine and brighten up your day every moment of your life.

6. I love to feel your hands around me, and it makes me feel good and warm. I heard love and wish to have you around me tonight. Goodnight honey.

7. You are my first mindset and prayer point whenever I want to say my goodnight prayers and I wish you goodnight and good wishes. Sweet dreams my dear.

8. You’re the reason I keep smiling and still keep me happy all the time. I wish I will be there to cover you and prevent you from the cold of the night. Sweet dreams, dear.

9. Whenever am beside you, it makes me look and feel special and close to you, even though we both pretend not to be friends. Do have a sweet night rest.

10. May this lovely night bring a lot of fortune, progress and sweet dreams; Have a peaceful night rest. Hope you know I care a lot.

Goodnight Messages for Special Someone my Love

11. Am so happy you came to my place today, I feel have been blessed with a beautiful wife. Of which I know you will be; Sweet dream honey.

12. May your dreams this night bring to you; blessings and fortunes tomorrow, I am so hastened to hear and know what it all about. Goodnight, my darling angel.

13. I feel so special to be with you, and wish I was your bed so you could lie on me. Do have a wonderful night’s rest and pleasant dreams.

14. Have not been getting myself ever since I saw you in those romantic dresses of yours. I wish am right beside you; so you could feel the love and affection I have for you.

15. Whenever am depressed, I do think of the good time and fun we’ve heard together during the past. I wish you a warm night rest. I love you.

16. Your love keeps ringing in my heart, which has always made me love you so much and I wish the connection that brought our light together never be a disconnect. Goodnight baby.

17. The love I have for you keeps getting stronger and stronger every day by day, I wish you sweet night dream and may our love last forever. Kiss kiss!

18. I don’t know what and how I would have been okay without you, I don’t even know where I would have been right now; because you’ve made me so calm and be a man on my own. Goodnight my love.

19. Baby, you mean a lot to me and I wish your heart gives me a chance to love you. Make sure you sleep and dream of us. Goodnight darling.

20. Am so sure am going to dream about you tonight, I do dream of you every night and do hope you will also dream of me one day; I will be waiting to hear that from you. Goodnight honey.

Goodnight Messages for Special Someone Sweet Love

21. This one is the weather for two and I hope you will be coming this night to kill the coldness of my body with your beautiful and warm body. I Will be expecting you; Love you.

22. The only promise I have and will always have at the back of my heart is; to love you; I so much love you and cherish you. Have a good night’s rest.

23. I wish you could see my heart and see how much love I have for you. Do have a great night’s rest. Love you.

24. Is it not so painful to love someone and not been loved in return; I wish you could have a chance in your heart to have me. Goodnight.

25. You have always been on the top of my mind, and have always been crushing on you since the day I set my eyes on you. Sleep tight and do think of this.

26. I have every reason to love you. I don’t care whether you love or you don’t love me back, I will always cherish and love you and will forever be in my heart.

27. Every time that I look into your eyes, I see the love and lots more, now that you are far from me, all I look forward is to see you in happiness. I cherish you.

28. Hi darling. I hope you’re getting ready to go to bed now. Do enjoy your sleep and stay safe. I hope you know how much love I have for you.

29. You are everything to me. My love and my joy, always have it at the back of your mind that I do love you and care a lot.

30. Thinking of you was the only meaningful work I had to focus on today. And am sure have done well by doing that. Though it has past bedtime already, I can’t sleep without saying goodnight to the only love of my life.

Goodnight Messages for Special Someone Cute Crush

31. The last thing I did before going to bed was the thought of you. And every time I sleep, all I could see is you. I am short of words my darling. I want to wish you a beautiful night’s rest.

32. If crushing on you was the only option left for me, trust me I will do that. And if crushing on you were a sin, and then I will ask for forgiveness after crushing on you! Make me be the one to make you smile every day and night. Give me a chance to love you.

33. You own my heart every day and night. You make my day awesome even though boring, and also brighten up my night even when it’s dark. Just as the stars were made to brighten up the sky, you brightened mine. Thank you, my love.

34. Hi, my baby beauty. I didn’t plan to disturb you, and I hope you will see this when you wake up and smile after; I do care for you baby! Sleep tight.

35. Hello, my beautiful angel. Hope you can sleep? I can’t come here. I have been thinking of you all through the night. I predict you are doing the same as well.
I can’t just wait to see you smile tomorrow.

36. For me to be far away from you is the impossible risk for me to take. It like am been punishing me. I want to be with you forever. I love you so much. Goodnight, my darling angel!

37. I am longing to see you because I have a lot in my mind. I want to say to you, but am going to keep my cool and wait till I see you. That is the only thing I will be looking forward to. Good night my precious love.

38. I will be the first to smoke if marijuana were legalized. I am not so bad to that extent, but this is to show you how much I love and care for you. I wish you could say yes and give me the chance to love you forever. Goodnight, my queen.

39. I guess it’s not too late. Not it not; I believe it’s not too late to say goodnight to the man so much cherish and admire, the man of my dreams. I will love you until I die.

40. I know I don’t really like night, but as long you are always with me, I have no fear in me. Because you are always intact for me and love the nights because I always dream of you. It’s just you, my dear. Sleep well, my love.

Goodnight Messages for Special Someone that Cares

41. Hey. I want to be your source of joy and happiness. I want you to be mine forever. I want to be all yours forever and to love you more than you’ve ever been loved. Have a lovely night.

42. I still don’t know what is in you that makes me so happy whenever I set my eyes on you. Because of this, I do keep praying that God should keep you alive for me because I want to see you around me. I love you, and people can testify that I do. Can’t wait to see you around, love you baby.

43. You are such a beauty and you are dear to me. This is the feeling I have got whenever I see you around me. My love, Give me a chance to love. Sleep tight.

44. It not long we met now, but you are more attracted to me than other ladies. Am in love with you sweetheart, anything for you my queen. I love you. And don’t forget to dream of us.

45. My boss. The one and only boss that has the full right of me. I call you my boss because you own me and you mean everything to me; I so much care for you, do remember that I love you and will do anything to make you smile.

46. I’ve been dreaming every day and night about you for a long time now. Close your eye and imagining us together, isn’t it cool? Please let me am the one to make you smile every day and night. Be my wife.

47. I do feel special and different around you; we both are a perfect match. Can’t explain it but when I am with you, I do have a feeling that you complete me and that we are a perfect match for each other. I love you so much, dearie.

48. I am so proud and happy I am crossed with a sexy damsel like you. Goodnight my love. Kindly dream of us.

49. Baby, you own my heart couldn’t even spend a day without you. Goodnight and don’t forget I crush on you so hard.

50. Your love always rings in my mind like a jingle bell. Wishing you a lovely night’s rest.

Goodnight Messages for Special Someone that Loves me

51. I miss the good time we heard together. Your presence alone makes me so happy and brightens it up. Can’t wait for the day to come. Please give me a chance to love you. Good night.

52. I miss being with you. Your absence weighs me down and makes my day boring. Can’t wait to see you around once more. And that you let me have a way into your life. Good night beautiful.

53. I will always try to make you happy forever. I will make you smile always and forever make your dreams come to reality. Please let me have a positive impact on your life: Am in love with you.

54. You own a huge place in my mind. I do think of you, and that has been bordering me a lot. I think I am so much interested in you. Do you feel the same? Please let me know. Have a wonderful night’s rest.

55. Ever since you came into my life, you’ve changed the bad in me to good, and you have been so dear to me. Thank you for that. Have a good night’s sleep.

56. I have become so much addicted to you, ever since I slept in your room, I always think about you. I can’t hold it any longer. I need to let you know about this. I love you and won’t stop thinking about you. Have a good night’s rest.

57. I love you from the down part of my life. I don’t even know how to express myself because it has gotten out of hands. We need to talk. Please let me know when you will be less busy. Sleep tight; love you!

58. O baby; Come into my heart and feel the love I have for you. And don’t ever live me alone, I will be so sleepless without having you by my side. Let me feel the love together once again.

59. Every day and night of my life, I dream of you. It is you I see whenever I close my eyes. I will also want to see you when I wake up; I imagine you and me in the winter. Won’t stop thinking about you. Goodnight gorgeous.

60. Hello baby. I have not heard from you in a while now. Hope you are doing well and fine. I miss you so much.

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