Goodnight Messages for My Husband-Romantic Good Night Msg for Her

Goodnight Paragraphs for Her to Be Happy

We are sure that once you see this article, you will fall in love with it and won’t hesitate to send the messages contained in it for your loved ones. You are the best person to send sweet messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Take that advantage right now and dominate their hearts.

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The special love I have for you is unexplainable but fantastic. I love you to the end of time. Goodnight.
1. Goodnight to the most beloved angel of my life, wishing you a cool night with of love and happiness. Goodnight.

2. I don’t know why your love continues to grow in my heart; it could be because you are the best of the entire guys in my life. Goodnight.

3. I will always be yours for the rest of my life, the most beautiful angel I have ever seen in my life. Goodnight.

4. I am willing to spend the rest of my life with you because you are worthy of being loved forever. Goodnight.

5. I want you to understand that this night is dedicated for you from the deepest part of my heart. Goodnight.

6. I wish you the best of the night ever; I love you more than you can ever dream about. Goodnight my love.

7. Having seen the best in you, I was pleased to spend the rest of my life with you. Just want to say goodnight.

8. Happiness is found only in a face that readily gives it. Your kindness has really affected everything about me. Goodnight.

9. You are indeed a divinely sent angel to me, I will always love you for what and who you are. Goodnight.

Good Night Messages for Lovers and Couples

10. A day without you is like a million years without happiness. I am always baffled by how wonderful you are. Goodnight.

11. No matter what anyone says about you, it will not change the way I feel for you even in the slightest second. Goodnight.

12. This night is a wonder and I wish you a great portion of it. Goodnight my lovely angel. Goodnight.

13. You are the most handsome girl ever, the best guy I have ever seen in my life. Goodnight my angel.

14. Wishing you the most beautiful things on this special night, have a very fantastic night my sweet angel.

15. You are the best angel ever, the most beautiful angel that has ever come into my life. Goodnight.

16. There are lots of reasons why I am deeply in love with you and one of it is the fact that you are the most beautiful lady in the world. Goodnight.

17. You are my dearest companion, the most brilliant girl I have ever come across on earth. Goodnight.

18. If there is any flower sweet to smell, then it is you. A wonderful and lovely angel worthy of been preserved forever. Goodnight.

19. With you, I want to spend the rest of my life. I want to be the reason why you smile. I love you more and more.

Good Night My Dear Love Short Messages for Him or Her

20. You are my dearest love; I wish I can spend the rest of my life with you. Goodnight my angel.

21. You are the most beautiful angel of passion in this life; you are the best lover I have ever seen in my life. Goodnight.

22. You will always be the best guy ever because you indeed achieved for me what others could not achieve. Goodnight.

23. The best day of my life was the day I finally got married to you. I love you beyond the sky. Goodnight.

24. Wishing you the best of nights on this special moment. I just want to say I love you more than any other man. Goodnight.

25. I am so much happy to be where you are because every single moment spent with you are always full of joy. Goodnight.

26. I wish you all the best in this world; have a very sweet and nice night ever. I love you so much.

27. The night is a wonderful thing to celebrate, you are the best friend and lover I have my angel. Goodnight.

28. I wish you the most beautiful thing on earth, you are blissful and lovely my darling husband. Goodnight.

29. Wishing you the most beautiful night ever. I wish you to see you right now my beloved angel. Goodnight.

Good Night Quotes for Lovers and Spouse

30. May you find everything easy for you as the light of this night brings a cover of sweet sleep onto you; have a blissful night.

31. Life has done me the best thing ever since the day He brought you into my world. I love you, my blessed angel.

32. Anytime I look up at the sky, I see a beautiful moon shining at me. That’s you in my life. Goodnight.

33. There is no night I don’t think about you because you are simply the most beautiful pearl ever. Goodnight.

34. You are the most wonderful flower that the eyes have ever seen. You are the most blissful diamond that earth has ever kept. Goodnight.

35. No one will stop me from loving you because your endless passion refused to live my heart. Goodnight.

36. I will always be happy that someone as special as you come into my life; goodnight my beloved angel.

37. Your love has overhauled my life because you are full of endless joy and happiness. Goodnight.

38. No matter the time of the day, I will always love you till the end of the day. I wish you all the best. Goodnight.

39. No one can stop me from loving you because you are the best lover in town and your love is unique.

40. You took me to the land of love and spoilt me with passion in the valley of joy and complete happiness. Goodnight.

Good Night Quotes Funny for Lovers and Couples

41. I will try my best to make sure that we are together tonight and spend the best of times together. Goodnight my husband.

42. I will always love you for whom you are because you change my life with your kindness. Goodnight my love.

43. Wishing you the entire bliss in this night but I don’t mind if we share them together. Goodnight husband.

44. I love the very smile that emanates from your face because it always makes my day and night.

45. Loving you is the most interesting experience that lingers my heart with endless sensation. Goodnight.

46. Make sure that this night favors you with lots of bliss and coolness. I just want to make sure I say goodnight to the one I love.

47. You are my joy because anytime I am with you, happiness covers my heart and love overwhelms my soul. Goodnight.

48. The way I feel about you will never let me forget a wonderful gem like you. Goodnight my angel.

49. You are the best guy my heart is pleased with, and for the reason willing to spend the rest of my life with you. Goodnight.

50. The best thing that has ever occurred to me is the very day I set my eyes on you. Goodnight my sweetest love.

Good Night Quotes and Image Quotes

51. Anytime I keep my head on the pillow, all I think about is you, and me. I can’t possibly stop loving you until the end of time.

52. I have been searching for the best man to set me free from my past pains and now I met you. Thank you for showering me with lots of love. Goodnight.

53. I can bleed passion for you and shed treasure from my eyes because I fell in love with a person worth more than a million pearls. Goodnight.

54. No one can stop me from loving you because you are indeed a rare gem sent into my world to change it forever, goodnight.

55. You are my heartfelt angel, the one I cherish with all my heart, the most beautiful jewel in the land of passion. Goodnight.

56. Shake spare may be great in his time but he can’t beat the special love I have for you in the assumption that it is a poem. Goodnight.

57. Romeo and Juliet may be great lovers, but you and I are a greater lover now and forever. I will always cherish you. Goodnight.

58. Since the day I was born, I have never seen someone as special as you are; I love you beyond the sky. Goodnight.

59. The most beautiful smile I have seen ever was the first one that came from you to me. I just want to say goodnight.

60. Loving you is a thing of joy; I will always love you until the end of time because you are such a gifted lover. Goodnight.

Funny Good Night Poems for My Lover

61. Whenever I look into the sky, I see nothing but you all over smiling at me like some uncounted small lights in the sky. Goodnight.

62. You are that smile that comes from the deepest part of my heart. You are that happiness of mine transformed into a human. Goodnight my love.

63. Wishing you a great night that will live you with lots of joy, the relief you of your anger, bring coolness to your heart. Goodnight baby.

64. I just want to say a big goodnight to the one I cherish from the nooks of my heart to the cranny.

65. Every second of my life, I carry your thought in me to the most beautiful places the human eyes have not seen. Goodnight my love.

66. The best way to put a smile on your beloved lady’s face is to send her beautiful poems the way I have just done. I hope you enjoy this poem?

67. Whenever I look at you, I see a burning desire to love in your beautiful eyes. I love you so much. Goodnight.

68. Wishing you the most beautiful treasures that come with night time. Among them are passion, love, peace and endless compassion. Goodnight.

69. You are that lovely companion that puts a smile on my face whenever I am sad. I must be lucky to have you. Goodnight.

70. I must be the luckiest guy on earth to have met someone as kind as you are. I wish you the best in this blessed night.

Funny Goodnight Quotes for Her Your Lover

71. I want you to see me as your best friend and a wonderful husband, cos surely you deserve to be loved till eternity.

72. I hope for a day we shall meet for the second time in another world. This is a covenant I wish my Lord should make with me. Goodnight.

73. I want the Lord to destine us to be together once more in the afterlife. I love you, my princess. Goodnight.
74. If I can find a possible way to make you understand how deeply I have fallen in love with you, I will quickly adopt that. Goodnight my baby.

75. You are my beloved angel, my success, and joy. Since the day I set my eyes on you, the past pain has vanished away. Goodnight.

76. Whenever I look into your eyes, everything I suffer in the past seems not has happened cos my joy is right here in front of me. Goodnight.

77. You are the most beloved angel I have ever seen. In the beginning, I never took you too seriously but now I came to realize that you are simply the best.

78. I love you beyond the sky or whatever you can think. I love you more than the most beautiful treasure ever found.

79. Loving you with all my heart is a great feeling. Truly, I must confess that you are the most beautiful person in my life. Goodnight.

80. With you, I am willing to spend the rest of my life. I love you so much that not even a Romeo or a Juliet can do.

Good Night Sms Love for the One I Love

81. Meeting you in life is the best discovery ever; the reason is that I got to understand that the best gift in a man’s life is a good wife. Goodnight.

82. Since I was born, I have never come across a wonderful man like you. I mean it whenever I say; I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Goodnight.

83. You are cute, sweet and wonderful. I will always be there whenever you need me the most. Goodnight my love.

84. Wishing you the most beautiful thing that any human heart can think. If you have the gift of Mighty God, who else will be better than you are? Goodnight.

85. I pray that this night brings endless comfort to your life. I, ask the Lord to protect you against all evils. Goodnight.

86. The day I met you, everything about me changed for good. I realized that that missing rib was standing right beside me. Goodnight.

87. You are my dream comes true, my thoughts revealed and my aspiration achieved. You are my wife, my angel, and everything. Goodnight.

88. Wishing you all the best now and forever, wishing you something good witch the heart has not thought about before.

89. If the entire trees in the world become pens and rivers become ink, they can’t exhaust the world of the Lord, and the love I have for you was created by this same God. Goodnight.

90. The first best day of my life was the day I set my eyes on an amazing angel, and the second best day of my life was the day I got married to you. Goodnight.

Romantic Good Night Sms for Girlfriend and Lover

91. I will I can dwell in your heart forever so that the entire pain I went through in the world will be neutralized for good. Goodnight.

92. If your heart is a valley, I will rather stay there until death does us apart. Just want to say goodnight.

93. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see a blazing passion coming emanating from the deepest part of your heart. Goodnight.

94. Except I didn’t see you in a day, my heart will not burst into flames of love and endless passion. Goodnight.

95. You are my passionate love, my lovely queen and the funniest companion ever set foot on the land of love. Goodnight.

96. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see the desire in there; what kind of love is this that’s so cute and warm. Goodnight.

97. If love is a crime, I will rather rot in jail. I will stay in jail longer than Mandella. I love you. Goodnight.

98. You are my missing rib, my sweetness and the God sent an angel to put a smile on my face. Goodnight.

99. You may be tired right now. How I wish my text will keep you warm all through the night. Goodnight.

100. The best way for me to smile is to see your beautiful face in the morning, and hear your awesome voice in the night.

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