50 Goodnight Messages For Friends

Goodnight Messages For Friends: The night is a wonderful time where every lovely heart finds peace and joy—but the beauty of the night time will not be seen until we are able to reach out to one and another. For this reason, we have written some goodnight messages for you to send to your loved ones.

Actually, we have also written some previous ones such as goodnight messages for a friend and romantic goodnight messages for.

50 Goodnight Messages For Friends

Goodnight Messages For Friends

Here are some of our romantic goodnight messages; we hope you will enjoy them:

The night has come with its coolness knocking at the door of the beloved one I found in my heart. I could not sleep last night because your romance thoughts refused to free my mind. I am so happy to have found a lovely heart like you in my life. I just want to say goodnight, my friend!

My joy is that I met the best companion in my lifetime. You have become the reason why I always smile my uncommon friend. When life becomes tougher you never leave me even for an inch. This is the reason why I will always cherish you until the end of time. Goodnight!

My days have been filled with joy because you are close to me so never think for once that you can be replaced by any other friend. Among billions of people in this world, I chose you as my number one; can’t you see how much I love you? Goodnight!

This night, I am willing to reach you to tell you lots of stories you may not like that they end. I want to tell you how important you are to me and how wonderful your company has transformed my life. I wish you are here right now but goodnight my best friend!

I do wonder how amazing you are that you relate to me like my blood brother. When I met you, I thought that you are just like every other person until you showed me how valuable I am to you. Thank you, my good friend, for all you have done for me. Goodnight!

Right now I can’t sleep because I keep on smiling to myself all for the sweet moments we have shared together. You are the perfect friend I have been searching for. I am so lucky to find you in my life, goodnight!

Having found a genius friend like you in my life, the story began to change from average to best. You have selflessly equipped me and set a standard I have never dreamt of reaching for me. I cherish you so much my dear friend and remember you are my role model. Goodnight!

It may be that God keeps a man for another so they both may benefit from each other. I have really benefitted from you and I wish you did with me too. There is no other friend I can cry to and it is because you gave me all your words and fulfilled them. Goodnight friend!

There is no other friend like you since my existence—thank God for that. I need to use this passionate moment to appreciate you for all the good things you achieve for me. I salute you for your courage and sacrifice just to see me at the top. Goodnight my good pal!

From now and till the end of my life, I pray that the Lord keep us together. At this stage in life, I think we have reached a height where even blood cannot separate us. I love you as though you are me. I cherish you just like I cherish myself. Goodnight!

Cute Goodnight Messages For Friends

With the excerpt of joy that springs around my heart I pray that the Lord should impact your life with endless prosperity. This hour of the day in which the heart settles to recover from the stress of the day, I beseech the Lord to calm you down and put peace upon your mind. Goodnight my dear friend!

Life is cool having you around. There is no happiness I derive like hanging around with you my best friend. Now and for the rest of my life, I don’t think anyone can replace you in my heart except if what happens did come. I love you friend—goodnight!

The love we share in our friendship to me is far interesting than that of lovers relationship, for this reason, I came to a conclusion to always have you around me, my sweet friend. No matter what the people may say, I just want you to understand that you are the best for me. Goodnight!

When I was sick no other friend could stay with me but you. God watched over while you were right there in my presence and the Lord healed me yet you were never in any way far away from me. Indeed you are a true friend. Goodnight!

I wonder how I would have lived my life without you around me and this is because I noticed the truthfulness in you. I love good friends like you and that’s why I decided to come along with you. Hope you have eaten? I just want to show my own of care—goodnight!

My friend my joy part of the pillar of my success, I wish to thank you this night for your impact in achieving my goals. You may not understand why I’m praising you but as time goes you will come to realize how important you are in my life, goodnight!

The night is a garment of rest so I want you to wear it as though you won’t find another again. I send to you lots of handpicks for being the best friend of my life. Now and for the rest of my life, I will cherish you for the hero that you have become. I just want to say goodnight!

If life will always be the way you are, the world will have found peace. You are so kind that I was once tempted to want to say you are too kind. Anyway, my dear friend you just know that no other friend can replace your stand before me. Goodnight!

Life has come to a point where we hardly trust someone but thank God you are always there to be trusted. I needed you most and found you immediately. You are my joy the most interesting companion I have ever come across in life. I just want to say goodnight!

I may not likely be able to do everything for you but have it in mind that I am willing to sacrifice everything just to see you happy. I may not be your mother but I am ready to do everything for you believe me. Goodnight sweet friend!

 Romantic Goodnight Messages For Friends

There is no friend like you and I mean the immense power of my statement because you worth been loved with all hearts. I need you to know one truth and it is the fact that no friend can make me happy as you do. Dear friend goodnight!

After the stress of the morning hours, I wish you a very cool night to relieve all the workloads the day has brought upon you. I am glad you are my friend the engineer of my joy through the leave of God. I just feel like to say, goodnight girl!

Without you my life will be incomplete I get to understand when you left me on the joyous trip. I saw your impact in my life and realize you have been a great companion since these days. I am pleased to be your friend because you are such a special gem. Now and forever your thoughts will always reign in my heart. Goodnight!

It is my joy to find a very good friend like you in life because you always make my days filled with joy. I used to take you to be just a friend—I’m really sorry for my judgment but now I want you to take note of the fact that you mean the world to me. Goodnight!

I ask the Lord to shower His Mercy upon you this night. Your night shall be full of comfort and bliss. I am just too happy this night so ask for anything if I have I will give to you. How was the day hustle I hope you are fine? Goodnight dolly!

A friend like you is always hard to find in life, and you will always be the living testimony of what true love entails. I cherish you and everything about you. For the rest of my life, I want to be with a companion like so my life will be full of joy. Goodnight!

You are my darling gold the friend that brings peace to my heart. Now I want you to close your eyes at this point and imagine a world without you around me, what did you see? I know of course emptiness. That’s how I feel whenever you are not around me. Goodnight!

You are the light of my life as friends you give me hope for a brighter future. You advise me for a good life ahead and enlighten me more about my focus. I cherish you so much the jewel I adore with a true heart. I love my life as I hang around with you. Goodnight!

For so long I have been searching for a good companion like you who will encourage me and put a smile on my face. You are a gem and a kind-hearted girl. You showed me the depth of your heart and gave me a good reason to trust you now and forever. Goodnight!

With the impact of the most truthful part of my heart, I am praying to the Lord for your success in everything you may lay your hands. It is not easy to come this far in life with a good friend like you. I must confess that your companionship has really changed my life for good. I just want to say, goodnight!

 Sweet Goodnight Messages For Friends

Since the day I met you have always walked with me in the realm of reality. You are a living example of what true love and friendship should be called. I love you so much, my dear friend. Living a life with you will always be pleased to me. This night I ask the Lord to bless you with a night of blissful sleep. Goodnight!

Life cannot be sweet without good friends like you around. You may be surprised why I said this but forget that’s just the truth. Your friendship is a light, not just an ordinary light but a ray of sunshine that erases sorrow from the heart. Goodnight friend!

I want to be the first to talk about awarding a friend for what he or she has done in my life. You deserve to be honored even beyond how you may not understand. You are a special person in my life and as such cherish you to the core. I need you most at this moment please be notified, dear friend. Goodnight!

Without you, in my life, I don’t think my joy will be this raised but thank God you were sent to me as a guardian angel. You really have supported me so much in this life, therefore, will never forget you now and for the rest of my life; on this very night I wish you a blissful rest. Goodnight!

I may not be perfect but believe having you around me will surely bring everything to perfection. Indeed a friend like you is never in any way possible to find. I am lucky as you rendered the service of humanity to me, a friend indeed it is very rare. I ask the Lord to shower you with endless joy!

With the impact you have in my life I want to appreciate you because a gem like you is hard to find. Since the very first day I met you, I sensed that a part of you is full of kindness. Here I am today with the world’s most soft heart ever. Goodnight!

My life depends on a friend like you as long as God has given permission for you to be my advisor. I love you so much my dear friend and reaching out to you in every second of my life is the most interesting thing I watch. Goodnight!

I may not be able to give you all you want in life but I will try my best to support you in all you need in life. You are a hero and I want to be part of the hero that you are, now and for the rest of my life nothing will separate us God’s willing. Goodnight friend!

You are my joy an epitome of beauty and cuteness, I am here this night wishing you all the good things of life; it is never easy leading a life without you. I am lucky to find a Queen like you in my life because you surely make my days. Goodnight!

Good to hear from you my dear friend the jewel of success that I found in my life. You actually keep me strong whenever I am with you. I love everything about your lifestyle because you affect me positively. Goodnight friend!

Best Goodnight Messages For Friends

You are my joy as a friend and that’s why I always look up to you as my only role model. You won’t know how much you mean to me until I show you the deepest reward of your impact in my life.

The light of my heart becomes shinier whenever I meet you—all these days I spent with you my life has become so sweet and full of joy, passion, and lasting laughter. We may fight or disagree but I will never let that be a reason for our departure.

You are my only true friend and the reason is that you alone have shown me how much you can sacrifice everything to make me happy. I cherish friends like you and it gives me a peak of joy all over my heart. Goodnight the joy of my life.

For all the good things you have done in my life I want to appreciate you, a dream friend, and having a person like you in my life has really taken me to a height I cannot simply explain too. You are the best friend in my life the one I cherish with passion. Goodnight!

Let the cool breeze of this night blow upon you and give you a relaxed sensation that comes with passion. I enjoy every company with you, my dear friend, nothing can separate us in this life I pray. In the entire situation, I found myself in life, you have never got tired of me, goodnight!

The love they think exists only between lovers but you have proven to me that love does not just exist between two lovers but can be stronger than the bond between husband and wife. I will love to hear from you always—goodnight!

You are the pearl of joy that puts a smile on my face always. You are the treasure of smile that affects me in a way that strengthens my heart to want to do better things in life. For the rest of my stay with you, every second will be to admire the great friend I found. Goodnight!

There is something special about you wish possibly no one has seen before and it is the fact that you are a very kind person. I remember the very first day we met—I saw the cuteness of your attitude. I sensed that a friend like you will be worthy to go with. I chose you and chose a great leader. Goodnight!

For the rest of your life, I pray will be full of success and prosperity. You are a darling a wonderful companion that has no problem. You are the special kind of person I’ve been longing to have as a friend. Thank God I met you, I just want to say “goodnight!

Hope you are not yet asleep? I wish to put a little smile on your face, so you can feel more relaxed on your mind. I cherish you and everything about you. For all these days I have been with you as a friend, no single day did I regret. I just want to say “goodnight!”

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