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Romantic Goodnight Messages—Cute Goodnight Quotes for Him or Her

Goodnight Love Quotes


Goodnight Love Quotes: The night is a special time in which we find that peaceful moment to lay our head on the bed, think about our loved ones and wipe away the entire stress we went through during the daytime. We have collected some special goodnight messages for you so you can find that special time to read them and send them to that man or woman after your heart. 80 Most Beautiful Monthsary Messages, 90 Beautiful First Monthsary Message for Girlfriend.

A flower will not grow without water, the rain will not fall without the sky, a day will not break without the night; a minute will not come without a second so without you there is no me and without me, there is no you—goodnight!

In your eyes I found the light that illuminates my heart, in you, I find the peace that any mortal has never felt before, in you I find the joy that keeps me steady every day of my life, I cherish your beauty—goodnight!

A day cannot exist without your thoughts flowing in my heart, a second cannot tick without me remembering the beautiful moments we have shared together, and a minute cannot come without me missing everything about you. Goodnight!

An owner of gold will cherish it with ultimate passion and keeps it safe with maximum protection because it is valuable. An owner of the car will spend his last coin just to make sure it is well fixed, but in your case, you are too special—goodnight!

I closed my eyes some few minutes ago and saw the wave of your love pouring all over my body up to the innermost part of my soul. I wish to never open my eyes again but had no choice than to open it and say goodnight, my love!

There is this light in your eyes that gives me the assurance that I have met the best companion in my life, that treasure which is rare to find in the realm of love. You are my passionate lover the queen I cherish most, goodnight!

At this special moment in my life, I am wishing you the most compassionate night rest which will cover all your daytime stress with ultimate comfort. You are my number one so have a great night’s sleep!

Whenever you are not beside me, the pain I feel in my heart is like the distance of a hundred years journey. Notwithstanding I cannot do anything perfectly without you because I am so addicted to you, I just want to say, goodnight!

I feel much better having my back rested on your chest, like a cool iceberg I feel the bliss of the coolness of your kisses whenever you give it to me. There is nothing that can stop me from loving you, goodnight baby!

In my dreams, I saw a very handsome man standing beside a beautiful tree-shaped in form of love, when I woke up it was your thought that came into my heart and then I realize that you were that angelic man in my dream, goodnight my love!


I Love You Messages for Him or Her-Romantic Goodnight Messages for Lovers


When I first set my eyes on you, I had an urge to want to hug and kiss you—baby this is love at first sight. I could not comprehend but swallow back the pain of not been able to actualize the dream I just had. Goodnight!

In all the days of my life, I have dedicated a special time for you no matter how busy I may be; you are a true gem—an uncommon philanthropist whose type I have never seen before, goodnight!

Right now, I am so lonely and wish to rest the whole of my body on your chest because on it I feel the comfort that can be found only in paradise. You may not be that perfect but I will always love you, goodnight!

There is this special part of my heart which I squarely single out for you alone; truly I can’t share it with anyone else. I love you my dear princess so be calm because nothing can separate us again, goodnight!

The air is a command that will never stop existing until the end of time; the ocean is a rule that keeps flowing and will never stop existing but till the end of time. I love you, goodnight!

In your eyes, I found two beautiful stars shining all over the world, such as the beauty of a princess like you. No sooner than I met you in life, I began to feel much better about myself. Goodnight, I love you!

This world is so small because the first time I set my eyes on you, I never believe I will fall in love with you this much. Until that special day when you will realize the depth of my feelings for you, then you may shed tears. Goodnight!

In no time I began to fall in love with you and the very reason is that there is a special thing about you; a rare rock that takes up all the pressure of my life. I am grateful to the Lord for granting a wonderful husband to me—goodnight I love you!

You are the most angelic man I have ever met in life the joy that springs all over my heart. Passion grows with time but the first time I met you, I began to fall in love with you, goodnight!

You are like a rock of love that can never be shaken not to talk of falling. I feel very well comfortable sharing every one of my moments in life with you. In the days of my life, adoring you will be my priority, goodnight!

Whenever I close my eyes I see you, anytime I lie down on my side your thought comes to my heart.  It has become part of me that I must think about you in every second that met me in life, I love you—goodnight!

It is a great privilege that I met you in life; this gives me more confidence that there are still good people around in this strange world. I love you my dear angel so I wish you a very great night!

You are my dream come true, the very day I met you my life was filled with endless joy. Whether now or forever I will always find a way to reach out to you because I love you more than you can think. Goodnight!

A day cannot come without thinking about you my sweetheart. I guess that this night may be too lonely with you, so it is my pleasure to fill your night with the bliss of my soft words. Goodnight!

I feel the joy that emanates from the most interesting part of your heart. I love the aura of your presence whenever we are together. You are such an uncommon man, forever I will love you, goodnight!

I adjust to your ways when I realized that they are one of the most interesting ways a person can ever experience. When I met you, little did I think that I will ever be as happy as I am today, goodnight love!

The very first day I met you, a feeling of passion overtook my heart which triggers me to direct all my entire attention to you alone. Let me tell you something, you are the only rose in my love garden, goodnight!

You are my book of love and that’s what interests me most—I mean to read you over and over. You are my basket of love apple and that’s why I won’t let you miss even for a second—goodnight!

I will love you till eternity the jewel of happiness which I met in my life. Thank you for everything you have done to make me happy as I am today. I wish you every good thing in life because I love you—goodnight!

I can not live without you because you have become my heart with which I survive. I am so addicted to you as though as Romeo to Juliet. Loving you is like a well full of honey, goodnight baby!

Romance Words for Him or Her


Your eyes are like the eggs of dinosaurs so white and large, in them, you will find a comfortable home called beauty and a palace named passion. Every time I set my eyes on you, I feel as though I am in paradise, goodnight!

When I saw the waist moving, firstly I thought it was a serpent until I raise my eyes furthermore, behold I saw the most beautiful angel right before me; hello sweet, how wonderful are you like a lady from the sky? Goodnight!

I saw you and saw a rose flower, besides that you are even more beautiful and fresh than the rose flower itself. To me, you are as shining as the diamond, sweet like honey and interesting like a dolphin. Goodnight love!

You are a darling, a sweet gazelle that entices the eyes with endless beauty—hmm what kind of handsome man are you? Looking at you reminds me of the Great Wall of China. I just want to say goodnight!

The sunshine of my heart how I wish I can meet you now to touch the texture of your skin which is as smooth as the slippery of a slope, though like a pillar you stood by my side. Goodnight!

The jewel of passion, love, and deep affection I salute you! I hope all is fine my dear love the one I cherish with all my heart? Loving a Prince-like you pour the royal gel of joy in my heart, I love you—goodnight!

This night is specially made for you the expression of love that comes from my heart. You mean the world to me, my diamond-like lover. I just want to say, goodnight!

When I was passing by the valley of love I saw your golden footprint smiling at me as though will carry me away to the land full of passion. Baby, you are such a handsome man more beautiful than the most beautiful treasure. Goodnight!

I will love you till the end of time even if I can’t see your face right now I will force myself to dream about you because I am seriously addicted to you. I just want to say I miss you!

Love is a powerful drive never can anyone cut it not now that it exists between you and me. I ask God to continue to bless your peacock like a face with more beauty, goodnight!

I Miss You Messages for Him or Her-Goodnight Messages for Lover


In the beginning, I thought living without you is possible until now that distance has separated us, I came to realize the great impact you brought into my life, I miss you goodnight!

I love everything about you from the top of your head up to the base of your leg finger. You are a superstar a queen worthy of been loved till the end of time. I just want to say I miss you, goodnight!

I miss you, sweetheart, not because you are not here but because there is nothing I can do smoothly without you beside me; it could sound weird but that’s just the truth—no compromise, goodnight and I miss you!

I cherish the light that comes from a channel of passion within your eyes. That point of a tear that comes with the truthfulness of joy and happiness. I miss you my only true treasure, goodnight!

A part of my heart is willing to see you any moment from now because I can no longer bear the pain of missing you again. Now and for the rest of my life, I will continue to miss you, goodnight!

Who is this beautiful angel that keeps dazzling my heart with a boiling passion? I am wondering what kind of lady you are that I can’t sleep a day without thinking about you? I miss you—goodnight!

Missing you is a pain on its own and that’s why I never like to move even an inch away from you. I love and cherish you to the core because you are my number one. Goodnight!

No matter how far the distance could be between you and me, God knows I will always love you until you prove otherwise. I wish I can give you everything you want in life but my imperfection has hindered everything. Goodnight!

This night, my mind is completely filled with your thoughts so I can’t sleep but think of you over and over. I could remember that sweet moment we spent together, now and for the rest of my life will I miss that say—goodnight!

In the realm of love, only you I gave my heart because I believe you can take care of it as I ever wanted to. You are a special gem and a one in a million angels that I adore with so much passion—I miss you, goodnight!

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