Good night text quotes For Lover New Year

Good night text quotes for Him or Her

This is the latest night quotes post on our platform, you will be thankful that you come across it. We have prepared it for you alone and none else. You may want to know more about what to text to those you love. Happy Good Night Quotes for the Year, Most Amazing Pleasant Evening Quotes.

Good Night Text Quotes for love


1. The sweet night with lots of chocolate is for the most beautiful people in the world, it is a blanket of rest.

2. When you love someone, their thoughts are always on your mind and you feel like everything about your happiness seems to depend on them.

3. I just want to say goodnight to the one I cherish, she has been so close to my heart and I am happy to be with you.

4. Good to have you around me for your closeness to me is one of the sweetest reasons why I am always happy.

5. What a special night to spend with my heartbeat, she is so beautiful and I can’t joke with her matters at all.  Goodnight.

6. May the Lord in His infinite mercy bless your night and make your day a beginning of success and prosperity.

7. I wish you the entire success in the world and pray you to smile all your life. Goodnight to the most amazing person in my life.

8. Thanks for this wonderful privilege to be your man, hundreds of men came before me but you chose to be with me.

9. I miss you too, no matter what I will still remain yours all the time. Goodnight to my pleasure, the one chosen for me.

10. If you have a blissful night, I will be happy because the love of my life is happy. Goodnight to my beautiful wife.

11. Do you know that you are the kind of man I searched for in decades? I have to hold you tight all my days in life.

12. May the Lord hold you tight, and protect you in all your endeavors this summer. May the Lord put peace and harmony in you.

13. You are the best friend I have, the most amiable husband and father ever met. Goodnight and be blessed.

14. Anytime I see you smiling at me, I feel some deep relief in me, that’s the power of the special feelings I developed for you.

15. You are more handsome than David Beckham, in fact, you are the most handsome model in the entire universe.

16. In the garden of love, your light shines the most to me, and it is the reason why I chose over the rest.

17. Goodnight, I will miss you, I will miss your pecks, hugs, and kisses. I wish you more success in life. Goodnight.

18. Goodnight dear, ensure you have the most amazing moment in the world. May your face find its light from now on.

19. May your days be blessed by the mighty Hand of the Lord, may your happiness continue to reign in you now and forever.

20. I just want to say goodnight to the heart that beats like never before. Goodnight, have the most amazing time ever.

Sweet Dream and Good night text quotes

21. Loving you is much priority, it makes me happy too. I have been so happy just because I have you. Goodnight.

22. I am wishing you sweet dreams tonight, please, try and dream about us, it is the most important thing tonight to me.

23. What a lovely moment being shared with one of the most amiable people in my life, I wish you the best now and forever.

24. You make me smile every single day, this shows that your love for me does not have compromise, you are meant for me alone.

25. It wasn’t easy to live without you, but I have to do so for love, goodnight, may you find peace in your heart this night.

26. I want to say a big goodnight to the one I cherish, your face keeps appearing to me, this means I might dream about you tonight.

27. I need a man to touch me, to hug and kiss me tonight, but unfortunately, my husband is far away. I will be faithful to you until you are back again.

28. What a paradise on earth, I have found a part of my paradise on earth, thank for everything He has done for me.

29. I am excited to wish you a happy night, may your face be filled with the light of happiness this night so that your morning will be brighter than the sun.

30. You are my sunshine tonight, I can always be your angel for the rest of my life. I wish you more happiness in life.

31. What a special person you are, I hope to see your beautiful smile again because its aura is a bit special and expensive.

32. Wishing you comfort this night, your success tomorrow shall be great and lovely, may your dreams come true.

33. You don’t know why I have taken this step to reach out to you tonight? It is because I am solemnly in love with you.

34. Good to have you in this world, I will always appreciate you forever. Thanks for your excess care and amazing smile cast on me.

35. Anytime it is dark, I get upset a bit because I have planned to see your beautiful face forever. Goodnight angel.

36. I was surprised when you came to attack me with your beautiful face this morning, I hope sleep will come to me tonight.

37. If I can’t sleep at night, it means I am seriously thinking about you. A call from you is enough to make me happy forever.

38. You are the love of my life, the one I am willing to spend the rest of my life with, thanks for your amiable looks and the moments you shared with me are not forgotten.

39. What amusing day for me and you, I am happy because your attitude is one of the most important feelings ever experienced.

40. I just want to say goodnight to my heart robber, I don’t need my heart now, just keep it to yourself.

Goodnight Wishes and Good night text quotes


41. I wish you the protection of the most amazing God, may His Hand touch you in a blessed way. I pray for your health and well-being.

42. Wishing you a comfortable night full of sweet dreams that will perfect your day in true love and happiness.

43. May your success continue to grow and pour like the waterfall, may your heart experience the most enticing things in life.

44. This night is very beautiful, I am sending you lots of beautiful things tonight, among them is a sweet dream, and protection is not left out of them.

45. Wishing the most beautiful woman I am happy to showcase everywhere a precious night. I hope for you, that success makes things happen.

46. What a wonderful person you are, I am happy to be your friend and husband, you are one of the people that deserve most of my respect.

47. Thanks for being a star, a nice angel and the best friend I can always lean upon. Goodnight to my heartfelt angel.

48. I want a situation where all I can do is to do the best things in life that will affect us in a positive way. Goodnight.

49. Your night shall be blessed with everything it needs, the stars and moon shall always smile at you. Goodnight.

50. Look at the sky, whatever you see tells you I am already missing you. I wish you a bright face tomorrow.

51. What a lovely person you are, just like yesterday, you came and wiped away my sorrow. I miss you and wish you more comfort in life.

52. Success will not be your burden and happiness will find your pant down. Goodnight to my superwoman.

53. How I wish I am there to keep you warm, can’t wait to reach out to you tonight because you are my bliss.

54. What a nice woman you are, a wonderful angel with more love than hatred. I am happy to be with you.

55. Do you know why I can’t wait to see you soon? You are nice, may your heart be filled with joy that never ends.

56. Thanks for your sweet words that are sincerely spoken. I wish you more success in life than ever. Thanks for everything.

57. Do you know that you are more special than you think of yourself? I just can’t let you go for any reason. Goodnight.

58. Well, you are more than welcome in my life, you need the most comforting moment tonight. Goodnight.

59. May your night come with that success that will let you happy forever. You are so sweet, may the Lord safeguard your life throughout the night.

60. When o finally meet the one I love, I say thank God for this wonderful feeling. Goodnight to the one that makes me happy.

Good night text quotes and prayers


61. I pray you to find that peace that will comprehend your feelings and also encompass your success in life.

62. Goodnight, I pray you find that happiness you deserve, may His infinite mercy continue to reach you every day and night.

63. Thanks for being a great friend and wife, I just want to be happy for every single moment we have spent together.

64. I want to say, loving you has changed my life for good, thanks for your good heart, may the Lord reward you well.

65. You are nice and your attitude is a great joy in my heart, I pray you to find all happiness in everything you do.

66. The Lord shall protect you and make you happy, you will never get tired of every single moment of your life. I wish you happiness and success.

67. The Lord shall protect me and you, He shall put a barrier between us and the evildoers. I wish you a productive life ahead.

68. May your happiness never end, you shall find the kind of peace you deserve, may your face find that endless love it deserves. Goodnight.

69. May your Lord grant you the will to enjoy this night, may your dream bring success to you. Good to have you on this earth.

70. You make me smile, may you wake up smiling tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you soon. Goodnight. I appreciate you.

71. You are lovely, sweet, cool and precious. I pray you find the peace of mind to make it a reality. Thanks for being a nice person.

72. You have been teaching me how to be a caring person, now I am changed because you affect me positively.

73. May the Lord put a smile on your face this night, your heart desires shall be fulfilled for you before you wake up tomorrow.

74. I am happy because I found the love of my life, I will always be grateful for you. You are more interesting to me than ever.

75. Goodnight to my person, my perfect match, the missing rib found a few months back. I love you.

76. I know you are more beloved to me than you can imagine, I will always be proud of the fact that I am given the privilege to know you.

77. May your aim in life be achievable, may your struggles in life take you out of every distress. Goodnight and have a sweet dream.

78. This is another time for lots of outings, I can’t wait to see you wake up tomorrow. Let’s have some fun together.

79. I wish you were here to make me that favorite candy, I am missing you; may the Lord protect you.

80. I am thinking about you right now, I pray you find your night blissful, may the breeze of paradise reach you.

81. Good to say goodnight but hard to stay without you. I love you with my heart and soul.

82. Wishing you a happy night full of delight, success, and prosperity. You are special, so enjoy this special night.

83. May the Lord reward you of every effort you took to make me happy, goodnight and have a wonderful night.

84. Have a lovely night and the most amazing thing in life will occur to you in a good mood. Goodnight.

85. Your last word last night is so cute, and I really benefitted it, I wish you a cuter night ahead. Goodnight, I love you.

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