Best Good Night My Love Quotes

Good Night My Love Quotes for her

Good Night My Love Quotes

Good Night My Love Quotes: That very quiet time when everyone seems asleep and it is only the mind that loves that is clearly awake. That special moment when you don’t want to hear any sound but of the voice of your beloved one—night of love, passion the night when our feelings are specifically expressed for the one we love.

Alright, don’t be carried away we are still on the introduction stage of this powerful article or love bulk as I call it which you are about to read. You are going to be satisfied with our latest goodnight messages believe because it is the fact.

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Late Night Thoughts Quotes-Night View Quotes for Lover



In this special night of love, passion, and compassion which I will share with no other woman but you; my desire is to see you feeling so strong and ready to relax with one mind. Sleep tight, my baby!

Right now I am soaked in my tears thinking about you; not that you are dead or broke my heart but for the fact that I am greatly attached to you and my feelings are well associated with your presence. Sleep tight!

My feelings for you have no limits because they come in a manner that the spring gushes out of a blessed rock. Your thoughts continued to circulate my mind and will never let me sleep until I hear your voice. Sleep tight sweetheart!

Whenever I lay my head on my pillow, your thoughts come into my heart and dwell all through the night as they bring the sweetest dreams to my memory. I can stop loving you the joy of my life; please sleep tight!

With your feelings present on my mind a sweet night dream is for sure. Every moment spent with you worth a million dollars and your presence is a peculiar experience in my heart. Sleep tight!

When I was young, my mother told me that when I grow “choose a good lover who will do everything for you”. I did not comprehend until I found you as my missing rib the love of my life; sleep tight!

A day can never escape without your thought coming into my heart. This night, I wish to reach out to you in a special manner more interested than the titanic movie because you are my mountain of love—sleep tight!

In this special moment when the garment of silence has covered the blossom of love I planted in my heart, it is my pleasure to extend my kisses to you to improve the burning desire that makes you my number one hero. Sleep tight!

In the beginning, I felt so reluctant to accept your proposal because I was so scared thinking that you are like the previous men I met but to my astonishment, you make me feel special. Sleep tight, my sweetheart!

In my heart is a special place I reserve for you alone. That special place no other person can reach in my heart but the one I cherish with all my heart. Indeed I am so lucky to find you in my life; sleep tight!



My job is to see you happy and cheerful all the time of your life; to see your face becoming the early morning sun and the star that shines in the night. I want you to become the honey blossom of passion. Goodnight sweetheart!

You are the pearl of passion that I kept in my eyes; that jewel of freedom that cleared the sediments of worry that stained my heart. Indeed I have found the diamond that I have been searching for. Goodnight night sweetheart!

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met in life; that beautiful Astronoid I met the other day. That passion that brought joy into my heart and restored my happiness once again; Goodnight sweetheart!

You know I love you with all my heart? I cherish you so much because you are spectra of passion and happiness. In my life, I learned something—to always find a reason to love those who care about me and forgive those who err against me; goodnight sweetheart!

You are the chocolate of passion that I have ever set my eyes on, that comfort that descends on my heart time without number. I wish you know how much you mean to me and high I rate you in my heart. Just want to say “goodnight sweetheart!

Quotes About Night Sky-Cute Night Quotes for Lovers

When I was with you this morning, I thought the whole joy in life has been exhausted until night you show me another part of life worthy to be called paradise. I love you baby—goodnight sweetheart!

In you, I confide the trust of love that God has granted to me; that river of passion, joy love which is ready to be poured on you. I love you because a special gem like you has never occurred to me before, just want to say goodnight sweetheart!

The day has come when the love I have for you will be revealed in its real form. The passion I nurture in my heart for you will never find any means to escape my heart now and for the rest of my life; goodnight sweetheart!

Loving you is an evergreen grass that will never dry I believe. It is a voyage of love and unending passion that sterilizes the heart for good. I am sending you the sweetest kisses ever and the coolest hug in the world to balance your night. Goodnight sweetheart!

My joy is that the love I have for you is the type that comes with endless passion. I feel all the joy in this life because you belong to me, loving you is the sweetest experience I have ever had in life. Goodnight sweetheart!

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