Good Night Friends Messages 2021

Good night friends: Each of us have this set of friends we respect so much. Sending these special friends a night message is not bad also. We can all achieve the aim of valued friendship. Let us see how these text messages can add to friendship values.

Good Night Friends

Good Night Friends Text Messages

• I saw values in being friends with you. Many have come my way who were not worth being called friends.

• A friend that understands your feelings and wants to do everything to help you out of distress is your true friend.

• You gave me love that makes things precious to me and understands that life sometimes can be hard for a friend.

• Your happiness as my friend is what concerns me the most. We can’t be good friends and see each other suffering without rendering any help.

• Good night to my able friend. You have been through a lot with me and this baffles me to understand that a friend like you still exist.

• You are this superhero that brings joy to my heart. Your words that shape my life, your kindness all define a good friendship.

• I value this friendship of ours so much that I want us to be happy forever as two good friends. Good night.

• I hope that the peaceful garment of this night covers your body from all nightmare and to bless you with sweet dreams.

• Your friendship adds value to me. I swear you are the best friend I have and I will always respect you all the time.

• My pleasure is that I found a friend that understands how I feel and also knows how to make me smile.

• I did aspire that you may be a good friend. Now I have confirmed that you are the best of friends.

• My dear, you are the best friend life has given me. I wish you more love, more success in life.

• You make me smile, you gave me happiness and precious feelings only great friends can causes.

• All I am thinking of this night is our friendship that never ceased to be valuable.

• Look at the millions of stars above the sky, the worth of each one of them can buy this earth. That’s exactly how I value you.

Sweet Good Night Friends Messages

• In the blossoms of the coolness of the breeze of this night I salute my one and true friend among the rest.

• As friends, we laugh together, cry together, win together but above all, dream together.

• My prayer is to meet you tomorrow in good health. Sleep tight and enjoy your dreams.

• Please, dream about us climbing the most beautiful heights in the world. I love funs.

• Before you sleep tonight, make sure you take your bath, cuddle your wife and enjoy your sleep.

• A good friend is not hard to identify but hard to get. This is what I have been thinking of you since morning.

• Being a friend of yours makes me happy. I will not let you down at any moment and your impact in my life brings me joy.

• Ever since I met you, I have understood the value of good friendship. I cherish your caring for me.

• Close your eyes and dream of delight and bliss. Goodnight my friend may your dreams refresh your joy.

• I have many friends but among them, you are simply the best. Have a tight sleep tonight.

• Wishing my good friend all the best, hoping that you enjoy your night with great comfort. I wish you many more years in life.

• Sometimes it is like I should just hold your hands and take you to the most beautiful place in the world.

• The value of a friend is worth more than diamonds. I value this friendship more than my life. Good night.

• We have come this far and we have seen a lot of things together that changed our life. I hope you have the sweetest dreams tonight.

Good Night Friends Quotes

• Since the beginning of life, friends have been those amazing people bonded by the spirit of true love. Good night.

• Friendship adds value to you, brings out the best in you and makes you understand that life is simple.

• I guess you may be on your phone right now, but it is not bad if I toast up your moment with this beautiful message.

• I would have told you to take some coffee but due to this wonderful night, reserve it for tomorrow.

• Tomorrow if we see, I will be happy. I just want to see your face once again.

• Any moment we couldn’t make it to laugh together, it seems like there is no life in me.

• You may be far asleep now, please remember me in your precious dream. I wish all the best.

• You have been so nice to me and your love gives me that happiness that valued friendship can give.

• Mind you, stand up say some night prayers, go back to sleep and enjoy yourself.

• The real success I know so far is the success of having a true friend who wants to stand with you in everything.

• My life has been surrounded with true friends, but among them you are the real queen. I wish you a calm night breeze.

• Enjoy your moment with your family, make sure you cuddle your husband before you sleep. Goodnight dear.

• My love for you continues to rise as friend. It may be because you respect my feelings and understand what I need.

• My beloved friend, you are the best and my life keeps coming back to normal since the day we met.

• The passion of this night can’t be spent alone so I chose to share my time with you. Good night.

• If you are not far asleep, I am sending you hugs and good wishes. Have a nice dream about us.

• Whenever I miss you on a day, I feel like something is missing in me. I wish you the best from now on.

Good Night Friends for Distant Friends

• If not because we are far apart, I would have hugged you and give you a beautiful peck on your forehead.

• No matter how far we are far from each other, the respect I have for you will not change.

• I only needed a friend but God blessed me with a brother and good supporter.

• You are my best man and that’s why I trust you. If anyone will betray our friendship, it can’t be you.

• Goodnight my dear friend, you deserve honor and special treatment from every good soul.

• If I had met you ten years ago, who knows my life will be better. I wish you more sweet dreams.

• Thank God for this wonderful moment in life, I appreciate your friendship as it adds value to my life.

• When friendship is bad, you are advised to leave it but in your case, friendship is superb.

• I have worked too much today but I wish to let you know that you are the best. Good night dear.

• May your success come with softness that brings peace and harmony to your life. Goodnight my love.

• I didn’t know that great friends still exist. My dear, you are the greatest friend I have ever seen in life. Enjoy your night.

• I am sure your wife is close to you right now and I know what you can do. Smile, good night friend.

• I have a brother from another mother and that brother is you and will always be you.

• I see no other better friends than you are. You are a pillar of true friendship, I swear you are.

• Great friends are the passion of the success of tomorrow, when I met you, my life began to change for good.

• Tell me why I should value any other friend than you. I am happy that you belong to me. I wish you the best.

• May your success be seen in the whole world. I want to hear your name even in my grave if I died before you.

• The toughest thing for a true friend is to be among the people burying his one and only friend. Long life friend.

• I am aspiring for a situation we will both hold hands together, shoulder to shoulder until the end of time.

• I only want you to understand that you are the best friend I have in this life and you will always be that precious friend.

• You mean the world to me and want to be yours all the time. I appreciate you for the best. I love you, true friend.

Emotional Good Night Friends Messages

• I never knew that I will ever love you this much as a friend. This is why I couldn’t eat when you were sick.

• The last words a good friend may utter is “don’t come to my burial, because when you cry, there will be no one to wipe away your tears”.

• When we are used to each other, and then death will come and take one of us away. goodnight dear.

• Always understand that I will be there for you even my spirit, if possible will be there if I died.

• The pain you are going through is honestly tearing up my veins, cutting up my cartilages, I couldn’t sleep because of you.

• Fight it off, you can do it as you have been doing it. I want you to fight off every pain you are going through now.

• After the fire incidence, I realized that you were complete confused. This makes me uncomfortable. I swear, I am sad for you.

• I hope you understand that you are the only friendship asset I have. You don’t seem to surprise me with your kindness.

Best Good Night Friends Messages

• I don’t know, but I wish we can spend hundreds of years together. I really value your friendship.

• The only thing I don’t want to experience is to see you lying down on your sick bed releasing your hand on me gradually.
• What pains me most is not a wound sustained on my skin, what pains me most is to see you sad. Goodnight.

• If I could hear that you are fine, then I will be the gladdest wherever I am. Goodnight good friend.

• I understand how much you care for me as your friend and a brother from another sweet mother.

• Even when I am completely down, I still found motivations in you. This means that you are a great friend.

• I will be there for you to be your companion when others are gone. That’s the definition of true friends.

• I used to select my friends but in this case, I think you are the one that selected me. I have never respected a friend as you before.

• My dear, you gave me light that other friends couldn’t give me. I wish for you the most beautiful things in life.

• When I was down searching for help, I couldn’t find until I met you and you decided to give me everything you have.

• What a wonderful friend as you are. The value of friendship I think ends in you. Goodnight.

• Before you sleep tonight, ensure that you are happy with your wife. They are women, be soft on them.

Inspirational Good Night Friends Texts

• The day may be too sunny don’t lose hope that the night will be cold for you. Goodnight.

• When you are stressed and there is no much strength, take your bath and sleep tight.

• If anything happens to you, console yourself, believe that such thing is destined to happen.

• We will lose a lot of things in life but what matters the most is the way we handle our emotions in such situations.

• I am grateful that you are part of this world with me. I am happy for you are the best friend of mine and I wish you all the best.

• My heart will continue to beat for you forever and ever. I am happy that you are my life, joy and above all, the best friend I found in life.

• Maybe you were disappointed in the morning, just forgive yourself and accept what has happened to you.

• My part in your life is not as strong as yours in mine. I know you to be a great guy, so rise and wipe off your tears.

• You will always remain the first champion I met in life. Have a nice day great friend.

• You have given the privilege to make a better life. I worked with your advice and it worked for me. so you are a great friend.

• It is indeed very rare to find a true friend as you are. I swear, you are the best friend of life. I wish you great success in life.

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