40 Good Morning Quotes For A Special Friend

Sweetie Good Morning Quotes For A Special Friend

Good Morning Quotes For A Special Friend

Good Morning Quotes For A Special Friend: In this life, there is this special friend we cannot do without and the reason is that they took a very great impact we can’t easily forget. It has become so obligatory to always remember them in everything we are doing. He or she will be the type that will always stand for you in times of goodness and adversity. They are the very indeed is a friend in need that everyone has been talking about.

We believe that you will actually love these new good morning messages. And will like to read over and over without getting tired. You may also like to read our previous messages such as: funny good morning quotes for friends or 50 sweet good morning quotes for her.

Here are the latest text messages for that special friend of yours:

Romantic Good Morning Messages for Friends


Indeed, I have been searching for that special moment when I will be able to show you how important you are to in this life. Thank God, that every day has come and I will make sure I make good use of it. Good morning dear friend.

There is no other friend as gorgeous as you are, anytime I realize you are my friend I feel deep joy in my heart. I can’t stop remembering you for all the good things you have done in my life. Good morning!

In this special morning, I am wishing you sound health and a fulfilled day ahead. Whatever you are going to lay your hand upon this day, may it come with joy. Good morning friend.

Life is like a field of joy and sorrow, in times of joy I saw you, and in times of sorrow, I never find you far away from me. I wish you the best in this life—good morning!

I am so much impressed with your lifestyle, and that’s the very reason why I love you, my sweet angel. You are so special to me my dear friend. I cherish you, good morning!

In my life, I wished for a friend and companion who will always stand by my side whenever I need him the most. I am so lucky that God answered my prayer and granted you to me. I love you, friend. Good morning!

We are so much interested in one thing, to always be at the forefront of everything we do. Today, I will be telling the truth that without you; perhaps I wouldn’t have been to this age in life—thank God for sending you to me. Good morning!

You are the best friend I have ever met in life, the true companion who always stands by my side whenever I am in need of someone to tell me sorry. In times of problems, you never run away. Good morning friend!

I am writing this message to you so that you may understand how much you mean to me; I want you to feel the impact of the joy you brought into my life. Good morning!

I am willing to be with you till the end of time because friends as special as you are, I have not seen before. A gentle queen with a standard character. I wish you the best on this special day. Good morning!

 Funny Good Morning Quotes for Friend

Here you are sleeping like a sleeper, I hope you have kitted up? This early morning we shall be living for the judging. Please don’t forget to brush your teeth because Janet will be around on the pitch. Good morning!

A funny friend as you are is very rare to find in this life; I am as overwhelmed with your funny words as we joked around yesterday like a jobless man. Anyway, we already jobless. Good morning!

This morning, it seems that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. No wonder your thought came first in my heart today. Please don’t eat that cake I gave to you last night, I need it badly. Good morning!

You can’t understand how much that girl means to me; even if I have to get another swollen cheek because of her I will because if I don’t care who will? I just want to say good morning!

We are already meant to be my dear good friend. I am so much interested in hanging around with you doing and saying stupid things—lolz. I hope you massage the last night slap from that lady?

If you are not my friend, I wonder how I would have been jealous of any lucky person that owns you as her best friend. Truly, you always make my days. Big headed queen, good morning!

In no time will I finally get those shoes we talked about. It is painful because it is very difficult to scale through stage one of convincing my old man to settle me with some cash. Good morning!

I feel like everything about you is just too fantastic. Starting from your teeth down to your feet, then back to your head are just too amazing. I love you as a friend. Good morning!

What else is more interesting than having a comedian friend like you? lolz, please stop cracking my ribs whenever I am about to engage in serious things. I just want to say good morning to the funniest friend of the earth.

What else will I say when the new book I gave to you is soaked in oil? Oh, wait a minute I will hire a book watcher for you because this is the tenth book that was soaked in oil by your stubborn boy. Lolz good morning!

Good Morning Messages for Friends in English-Good Morning Quotes for Friend

You are my true friend the one I cherish with all my heart. I cannot stop thinking about you because you are such a wonderful friend that deserved to be loved by everyone. Good morning!

We have come this far been together as a good friend, so I am begging the Lord to always protect us with all His might and guide us against all evil that could bring separation between us. Good morning!

Morning time is a special time when the sunshine brings joy and happiness to the face of the people. I believe that you had a sweet dream yesterday. I beseech the Lord for a well spend day for you this morning!

Indeed, a friend like you is very rare to find in life—in fact anytime I set my eyes on you, it keeps wondering me that can there be a true friend like you existing on this earth? Good morning sweet?

I have been meeting a lot of people on this earth, none were able to bring the joy I have been searching for but when you came into my life, everything has changed. Thank you, my good friend,, a unique role model. Good morning!

I will always cherish and love you my dear friend for all the sacrifices you have made just to see me happy. I acknowledge how you suffered along with me the other day when I was ill. Indeed, a friend like you is scarce. Good morning!

True friendship is when we meet the right person in life; that sweet and annoying superstar. I won’t forget you on this earth and in the hereafter; I wish to be your friend in grace. Good morning!

A virtuous and pious friend like you is very rare to meet in life but here I am so lucky having you as my true companion. I love everything about you, my dear angel. Good morning!

You are the sweetest friend I have ever met, the most interesting one out of millions of people on earth. You are my joy and truthful companion. I love you so much to the core. Good morning good friend.

When I set my eyes on you, I saw the most interesting person ever in your shining eyes. I love everything about you, especially every moment spent with you. Good morning!

Best Good Morning Messages for Friends-Good Morning Quotes

We have been good friends for so long, and the secret is because we have been patient with each other for so long. With maturity, we have been this close. I love you, my dear friend. Good morning!

My joy the true friend that ever come into my life; you are such an uncommon treasure rare to find in life. I am so pleased be your friend because you are a positive impact. Good morning!

In this business of friendship, in this affair of honor and self-respect. In this life where only you are the true friend I have, I am wishing you the best. I am so much interested in your company. Good morning!

May the blessing of this night hour be yours, may the joy that comes with the night be laid upon you. I beseech the Lord to bless you with all the best in life, good morning!

This special morning shall bring its sunshine in your life, from today on, may your job be blessed with endless prosperity. I beseech the Lord to grant you all your heart desires. Good morning!

Every day and night, my heart is always fixed at your thoughts because you are such an important friend in my life. Indeed, I am such a lucky lady to have found you as a good friend. I just want to say, good morning!

When things get worst that’s when you really show the good spirit you have in you. I am always amazed at your virtue, in fact, I don’t think I can do half of your selfless things you have done in my life and that of others. Good morning!

I love you my dear friend and will also like to appreciate you for all the sacrifice you have done in my life; it is indeed very hard to find a rare gem like you—good morning!

The idea is that I want you to know that you are very special my dear angel. In you, I find a comfort I have been searching for in a friend. I cherish you with passion and will never like to lose you for any reason. Thank you, my dear friend!

For the rest of my life, I will ever be yours because you actually deserved to be loved by everyone. Your outstanding attitude has given you an advantage over the rest of mankind. I just wish to say good morning friend!

Good Morning Prayer Messages for a Friend-Romantic Good Morning Quotes

May the rain of happiness, joy, and success be showered upon you from now till the end of time; in this morning, I beseech the Lord to release His grace upon you now and for the rest of your life—good morning!

You are the special kind of friend a person can ever find. A rare friend of passion and desire. I can’t possibly describe you to the fullest point but I know that you are such an uncommon prince. May your days be full of grace; Good morning!

My heart is dedicated to your thoughts and that’s why I always love to be with you in every situation so we can suffer and enjoy together. Such is the life of a true friend. Good morning my true friend. God bless!

A single day without your company is like a year without food in the stomach. I am so mc addicted to you and can’t possibly tell why I can’t do without you, my good friend. God bless you. Good night!

I say these special prayers for you alone: may God bless and honor you in this life, may the joy that comes with the morning hour find its way to your home. Good morning friend!

You are blessed this morning, May the Lord end up showering you with endless mercy and prosperous life. May the days of your life be crowned with continuous honor an outstanding success! Good morning my sweet friend.

May your day remain as peaceful as possible, may your ideas be crowned with glorious fulfillment. I beseech the Lord to bless your handwork and put an endless smile on your cheeks. Good morning friend!

I pray that you smile all through the hours of this blessed day; I beseech the Lord to grant you all your heart desire. I ask the Lord to answer your prayer and ease your affairs as soon as possible. Good morning!

May the blessing of the Lord continue to be yours for the rest of your life, may your days on this earth be full of light and peaceful moments. This morning, I ask the Lord to bring uncountable goodies to your home. Good morning!

I pray that today should favor you till the end of time. May your hand works be crowned with success—now and for the rest of your life, your wishes shall be granted without any difficulties. I just want to say good morning my dear angel!

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