Good Morning Prayer Message for My Love

Good Morning Prayer message for my love. Send the best morning messages and prayers to your beloved person. We have compiled a lot of these text messages to those who really matter to you all you need is to send them free of charge.

Good Morning Prayer message for my love

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• Good morning my love. This message is a prayer to our heavenly God and an expression of my eternal love for you. I pray that You continue to enrich our lives with your divine presence so that we may enjoy the comfort of each other’s thoughts, emotions, and desires.

• Good Morning my love, I hope you have a beautiful day. May it be filled with joy, laughter, love, and happiness. I love you, Good morning!”

• Good Morning, wake up baby. It’s time to start your day and be reminded about how much you mean to me. My heart skips a beat every time I see your smile and the warmth that settles deep inside finally comes spilling out my eyes. I am so lucky to have found you and I want you to realize that everything happens for a reason. Even though it took us so long to meet, when we did everything changed for the best. I love you so much!

• God must have been preparing me all my life for the gift you are. I am so blessed to have you in my life. My love for you is strong and unwavering. I know your heart, know your passion for God, and know that we were made to be. Goodnight, my love. I will see you in my dreams.

• Good morning my love. I want you to know that I love you more than life itself. You mean everything to me and you are the very air that I breathe. I love your cute little smile, your charming dimples, your contagious laugh, and everything else that you are. Have a great day today because it will be even better if it’s spent with you!

• Good morning my love! As I wake up to another beautiful day here in paradise while watching you sleep. I want to tell you that I love you so much. You are the reason for my happiness and motivation every morning. I just can’t get enough of you, even though we see each other every day. I hope you have a great day! Unsure how to say “I love you”? Try these LOVE LETTERS:

• I feel you in my heart every second, and I know that we are one and the same. I cherish every moment with you and wish I never had to be apart from you. I love you so much and thank God for this blessing each day.

• Good morning my love!!! You are my life! All I want is to be near you and wake beside you. There is no greater happiness for me than to make you smile. You’re my best friend and I love you very much. Happy morning baby!!!!

• I start both my day and night with you on everyone. I hope that by morning you can feel my love, presence, and warmth radiating through you. I hope it fills your soul as much as it does mine. This prayer has become a daily ritual for me. I can finally say for once in my life, I’m in this relationship, and whoever said they weren’t interested was so very much mistaken because if there is any certainty in my life then it is you!

• As the day breaks and the world starts to stir, I want you to know that when I wake up each morning with a smile on my face, it’s because of you. You are my reason for happiness and the sparkle in my eye. The one person who can make me laugh when I need it most. You are someone so special in my life. You bring sunshine into my day and joy into my heart. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you. Good Morning Prayer message for my love.

• Good morning my love, I pray this message finds you well. Blessings to you from God above. I have a very busy day for us planned today. After I shower and get dressed I will be right back to start making breakfast for us. I have ketchup and bacon waiting for you on the table, tee hee, guess we’re having your favorite 🙂

• Hello, good morning baby! I hope you have had a great night of sleep and that your dreams will be sweet and enjoyable. I love you beyond words. You’ve always made me smile and you’ve always been the most beautiful person in my world. Thank you for everything that you do for me – for my every need. You are the light to my soul; thank you and I love you with all of my heart and soul.

• Morning babe, I love you. I wish you could feel how much I love you. The thought of never spending another hour with you tears years off my life. You are in my heart and soul, my entire being is yours to keep. I always think of you first thing in the morning, before work, and the last thing at night when I go to sleep. I want you to know that no one compares to what we have, it is unique and special in every way. Wake up, smile.

• I hope you have had a good night. I couldn’t go back to sleep last night so I just laid in bed thinking about you. Honestly, my life has been one whirlwind since we started dating! I am so glad that I found you and finally stopped my big crazy lifestyle and settled down. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t imagine my life without you. Good morning my love!”

• Good Morning My Love, I hope you had a good night. Please know how much I care for you. You are my everything and in my daily prayers. I don’t want this day to end and I can’t wait to go to bed tonight. I love you more than words could ever say. We are meant to be together forever.

• I pray for you a peaceful morning, to start your day off right. I pray that you have a fun and adventurous day, with no stressful moments insight. You are the reason I wake up every morning and the love of my life. Without you, everything would fall apart. I will love you forever and ever!

• Good morning my beautiful lady. I pray for you that you have a wonderful day. Each morning I am thankful that you are in my life because every day your love makes the world seem a little brighter.

• I send up this prayer for you. May you sleep well and wake refreshed, with love and laughter. May everything in your life remind you of God’s love. Remember to tell the ones that you love that they are so special to you every day, or at least once a week. Lord, I pray that you would give Ashley a peaceful and happy morning filled with joy. I pray that she would have a great day at work, be productive, and get lots of work done.

• I want to wake up beside you every morning. I want to look in your eyes throughout the day for love and support…..I want to hold your hand while we walk and kiss you before bed. I want to feel the warmth of your body and smell the sweetness of your skin. There are so many moments that I wish I could share with you. Make me a promise that you will be there to be my special ‘something’ in life.

• I wake up and the first thing on my mind is you. Whether I’m happy, sad, or mad, I always know that you are there to listen and help me through it. You are my life’s greatest blessing and have made me the person I am today. As long as you want me, I will always be by your side. Good Morning Prayer message for my love.

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• God! Today I just want to pray for my husband, Steve. He is one of the most wonderful men in the world. May God keep you around to brighten my life for many years to come and may our love grow deeper with each passing year! I love you, baby. Good Morning Prayer message for my love.

• Your grace warms my soul year-round. Your loving spirit touches the depths of my heart. The happiness you give me every day is beyond definition. I pray that your day goes like you want as you raise the bar higher each and every day. I will always be here for you, and I want you to know how much I lovingly appreciate all you do to make my life wonderful. Good morning my love!

• Good morning my love! Every day I wake up and I thank god that He brought you into my life. You make me so happy and I just can’t stop thinking of you because you are the first thing I think about when I wake up. Thank you for being in my life and making me happy. I hope your morning is as wonderful as you are. I love you.”

• Good morning my love, my life. I can’t wait to be with you again. I truly feel your love surrounding me pushing the worry and stress away. Thank you for loving me. You complete our hearts and souls! You have made something amazing and beautiful, today I go to work with a smile on my face!

• Good morning my love! Thank you for your happiness I wake up every day. thank you to let me kiss your lips, touch your face and hug you. Your words carry so much truth and those moments we share are beyond amazing. I hope our love lasts forever and that we have a long happy life together filled with many more wonderful experiences, as we already have. I am getting ready for work but wanted to say good morning with all my heart, love you sweetheart!

• Good morning my love. I have opened my eyes and seen you sleeping and I am in love all over again. I pray that this morning brings us closer in our relationship and that love fills our hearts making each other whole. Good Morning! Love you with all my heart.

• Good Morning! Today I thank god for this amazing woman and her beautiful soul. I am thankful that we can be together forever. As she awakens, may she see me, the love of her life, and how much I adore her? She is the greatest blessing in my life. I know that she will have a wonderful day and it brings me great joy to think about spending all of my days with this queen.

• Good morning baby, I don’t know exactly what I did to deserve someone like you. You hold my heart in your hands, and although we may fight sometimes, I know that you would never intentionally hurt me. You are the sweetest man I know and although others may not agree, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as mine.

• I’m thinking of you this morning, sending a prayer for the day. May he be filled with joy and happiness, may all of his hopes and dreams come true.

• Good morning my love. As I wake up today, I pray that God’s face is the first thing you see. I pray that you will have a great day and that your dreams will all come true. I am so lucky to have you in my life, you bring me so much joy! You are such an amazing person, thank you for being in my life every day. I love you, darling.

• Oh Lord, please watch over my sweetheart. Guide her through each day and protect her from all evil. Shield her from any danger that may come her way and help her to feel your everlasting love. Bless our relationship with warmth and happiness this morning, Amen.

• Good Morning my sweetheart. I got up this morning and prayed that God would make today a wonderful day. He heard my prayer because I have the most wonderful man in the world to share it with me. I love you baby, Happy New Year! Good Morning Prayer message for my love.

• I’m up before the sun rises to send you such a warm and lovely greeting. I cherish your warm heart and beauty. I never want to be without you for one more day of my life. Through thick and thin, I am always by your side with an open heart, soul, and mind. You are my everything!

• The first thing you are probably thinking when you wake up is that it’s time to get up. I always want to begin my morning by telling you how wonderful I feel waking up with you beside me. You are so wonderful to me and I hope that you know just how much that means to me. I love you with all of my heart and soul and being.

• You are God’s greatest miracle, a gift to me from above. The only thing that calms my soul is the thought of you in my arms. I am so thankful for every second we have together. Nothing in this life will ever be more perfect than you, truly my soul mate.


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