Good Morning Messages For Friends In English

Good Morning Messages for Friends in English

Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good morning messages for friends are the latest good morning messages we shall be presenting to you. We hope that you will love them and spend some time on the website enjoying other messages so far.


There is this article we can’t stop referring to other messages too, old or new because it is very important that you should read it as it tells you in a simple method, what this website is all about. The title of the article is: I want to know what love is. You may also like to read this too: good morning quotes for a special friend.


Here are the newly composed text messages:


1. Good morning to the best of friends ever. I am so glad to find myself in your midst because you guys are so great, righteous and morally standardize. I can never forget you guys because you really impacted me. Good morning!


2. May the Lord grant all of you your heart desire including me, we have been together for this long, I want to appreciate and encourage that we should maintain the mutual respect that we share among us. Good morning!


3. I am just pleased to cheer you guys up because you are so wonderful, sweet and interesting. I have not met any company like yours before. I can’t just forget about those sweet moments we shared together. Good morning!


4. The sunshine in this blessed morning shall find a means to reach you today so that the Lord shall bless you with the prosperity it came with. May the Lord be with you every day of your life, I wish you a fantastic morning!


5. Your bright faces are gone too far away that I can’t stop thinking about you, my job is to see you guys happy every day of your life; in this life, I pray that the Lord should bless you with everything you desire. Good morning!


6. The best friends are those ones that value each other’s feelings and motives. They are the ones who always move together like birds and always a means to honor and entertain each other. You are the type of friends I’m talking about. Good morning.


7. Morning to you, friends! I wish to extend my greetings to you—I hope you all had a wonderful night?


8. Wishing you all the best in life dear friends, I hope you all enjoin the holiday, for the entire good things you have done in my life, I say thank you without limitation. I will love to also tell you guys that I miss you seriously. Good morning!


9. I am just too pleased to write this short note to you in order to prove to you how much you mean to me, I am so glad that sweet and wonderful friends like you still exist. You are too much my dear angelic friend. I just want to say good morning!

10. Living without you guys have made this life so boring and uncomfortable to live. I thank the Lord who joined us together and made us good brothers from different mothers. My regards to everyone at home. Good morning!

Good Morning Messages for Best Friend- Good Morning Messages for Friends With Pictures

11. You are my best friend the only truthful one who stayed by my side when I was alone in the valley of danger. You are my sweet love the one I can easily run to among mankind in times of distress. I love you with passion and I say good morning.


12. You are the most beautiful friend I have ever met in life and I cherish you so much for your courage and moral standard. You are the kind of friend that every serious soul ought to have beside him. Good morning.


13. I have come across many friends in life, most of them failed why few passed my test but in your own case, you are so special that your virtue made me fail my own test upon you. I really appreciate your determination to become a better person every day. Good morning.



14. I appreciate your entire efforts in my life, starting from the day I met you up till the day you proved how much I mean to you. Even now, I cherish you better than ever because you never cease to amaze me—good morning.


15. My life is based on the rules of God and I have been trying my best to make it so permanently but all in vain, until I met you everything became so easy and I realized that to achieve some certain things in life, you need a good friend. Good morning!


16. When things are going on fine we find friends but when things are tough and mind frustrating, we find the real true friends. I bet, you are that kind of special friend and I will love to be with you until the end of time. Good morning.


17. The day has come to show you how much you mean to me, to let you understand that you are the most interesting person I have ever met in life; you are so special, wonderful and supportive. I wish you all the best in life. Good morning!


18. A day without a very special friend like you make the heart sour and sink in sorrow. I am so addicted to your company that I can’t withstand losing you even for one second. You are the most cheerful friend ever. Good morning.


19. The brightness of the day is greeting you and appreciating all your efforts yesterday. It is the pleasure of this lovely morning hour to say “wake up healthy and do the necessary things.” I beseech the Lord to grant you success all through the morning time.


20. You are such a special person a true friend that cannot be replaced by anyone in my heart. You are so wonderful and cute. I wish you the most interesting things in this life; now and till the end of time. Good morning!


Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends-Funny Good Morning Quotes for Friends


21. I love the morning time because it gives me the opportunity to wake you up especially when the dream is becoming more interesting. If today will be the happiest day of my life by disturbing your sleep, I will be very glad. Lolz. Good morning!


21. I have been trying to conquer some enemies of progress and you are the number one of them, please why won’t you let me sleep when it is becoming more interesting? That’s how you woke me up when I was dreaming of winning a million dollars the other day when I woke up, I receive two slaps from mummy!


22. Since I was born I have never seen a funny friend like you. How on earth were you able to trick that lady to trip for you? The last time I tried it, I almost lose one tooth. How I wish I can become a Martin Lauren like you. Good morning!


23. I have some reason to always love you, one of which s the fact that we have committed a lot of crimes together, secondly, we are partners in crime. So beware of losing one of your teeth whenever I lose my own because we rubbed hands in so much dirt together. Lolz. Good morning!


24. If I don’t wake up with the intention to annoy you who will? I want you to stand up and take your bath; you don’t need to brush your teeth because there is no difference between your teeth and the toothpaste. Good morning sweet!


25. In my dream, I had a dream of a rat chasing a lion; then I when I woke up I saw my mum been chased by our neighbor cat. I could not take it, so decided to chase the cat too but unfortunately, bingo chased my pant down. Good morning!


26. My dear friend, I wish to let you know how much you mean to me. I could not even sleep well yesterday because I was just busy thinking about you. I appreciate all the disturbance, thank you. Good morning!


27. I could not think about myself because I was busy trying to forget your annoying face. You won’t go away with it; I just need to wait till your birthday comes so I will be able to show you how much you mean to me. I will splash you too dirty water. Good morning!


28. Indeed, I was able to win the battle today. The mosquitoes were so cruel that I was dreaming that I saw me in the pool of my blood. I woke up shouting mummy!!! In haste to my rescue, she mistakenly poured kerosene on my face. Thank I’m free today. Good morning!


26. You are my hot cake and I love to eat you like never before. I am your chocolate but I wonder why you like eating a strawberry. Hmm… I don’t mind you all I need is just hot kisses. Good morning.


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30. You are the most interesting lily that has ever come into my life, my sweetheart; your sparkling smile makes me happy. I feel so much happier whenever you are with me. I love you and your beautiful face. Good morning friend.


31. Indeed, everyone has that special friend they want to spend the rest of my life with. That angelic person that can do anything just to see you smile. My friend, you are the most handsome friend ever. Good morning.


32. I feel like to be with you every day because your company is always interesting. I wish you all the best in life, my sweet love. You are the best friend ever and I love you as my good friend. Good morning.


33. Night has gone taking the stress away, while the sunshine has come to brighten up your day. I want you to wear a sparkling smile on your face because it is a sign of relaxation and a sweet day ahead. Good morning.


34. I have this special feeling for you my sweet friend—a feeling of a fulfilled life ahead. I ask the Lord to bestow his mercy upon you and make you one of the most renowned scholars ever on this earth—good morning.


35. I feel so safe been with you as a friend because it gives me a wonderful feeling that takes away my sorrow. You are the true friend of honor and continuous respect. I so much love you. Good morning.


36. I hope you have taken the early morning coffee? I am concerned about your well being and that’s why I feel like you should take the coffee so that you will be relaxed and strong to work. Good morning.


37. I can’t wait to see your face once again. I have so much waited for you but it seems the night was not going to come. You are so amazing my good friend and I wish you all the best in life; good morning.


38. Forget about what has happened before now and focus on the present life that promises you a better future ahead. Do not panic in anything you are doing because no one knows what tomorrow may bring. Good morning.


39. You are my sweet friend, the best of my friends so far I want you to know that you are very important to me. I wish you all the best in life; because no one can put a smile on my face as you have done. Good morning.


Sweet Good Morning Quotes for Friend



40. Even in a time of stress, you were there for me, now that you need me most why won’t I be there for you? You are so much closer to my heart and for this reason; I wish to spend the rest of my life with you as a friend. Good morning.


41. I will like to let you know that my wish for you this morning is for you to excel in whatever you are doing. I wish you a great day ahead. You are such an interesting person. Good morning.


42. You are my dear friend. Anytime I think of you, the bad morning becomes a good morning; every sorrow is replaced by joy and happiness because you are so interesting and amazing. Good morning.


43. A day without a sweet friend like you is mind disturbing because surely, I will feel your absence. I woke up this morning and the first thing that came to my thought is you. I love you, dear friend. Good morning.


44. I need your smile to kick start my day. I need your beautiful voice to say hello to the world this morning. You are my special friend and I hold you in very high esteem. Good morning.


45. You are such a sweet friend, a wonderful friend that I cannot risk to lose at all. Glory be to the Lord who joined us together. Indeed, I must confess that you are the best friend that has ever come into my life—good morning.


46. I want to spend the biggest time of my life with you because it is always very interesting in living with you. I hope to see you soon so that I can prove to you once and fall all that you are my best friend. Good morning.


47. Whenever you are lonely and feel like this world is turning against you, turn to your Lord and ask Him to rescue you because Him alone can bring joy back to the saddened heart. Good morning.


48. Life without you is a boring life; a life without you is full of sadness and lots of disappointment. You are a great friend and will never let you down for any reason. I wish you the best. Good morning.


49. Who else can make me happy among the living men like you? You have proven that to me time without number. You are a superstar, a wonderful king of kindness who God sent to me. Good morning!

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