Funny Quotes to Make Him Laugh in Year 2020

Best Funny Quotes to Make Him Laugh

We have some beautiful and funny messages for you. If you want to text your man funny messages, here they are available for you to do so.

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1. I can fly a mountain for you; it is my acrobatic way to show you how much you are loved.

2. The electric shock of your handsomeness in my heart is never in anyway doubtable, it makes me happy.

3. Whenever I wake up in the morning, I see your face right before me; I see your white teeth glowing with a smile.

4. I can assure you of something and it is the fact that I can steal for you; I don’t mind how it could be.

5. We can still bear this pregnant together, aren’t we the same that initiated it? I love you, sweetheart.

6. When we hold hands, I see us in paradise. I see us walking together for true love and passion.

7. Believe me, you are simply the most amazing angel of my life. I love you so much and I will always do.

8. Could this be the only way to smile? I mean your face. There is an excitement on your face, so exciting.

9. True love is found in the heart of two sincere people. I still can’t figure out how a man like you made it into my heart.

10. I don’t want to spend this night without someone like you; I need a funny man by my side. You could come over I don’t care.

11. This is 3 am and I just remembered you said you can do everything for me, can you walk down my home right now?

12. Sweetheart, if you really want to show me how much you care, send me your ATM card, the pin, and your entire property.

13. Can you put your dad’s home on sale for me? Aren’t you in love with me again? Lol, I love you so much.

14. I will believe you only when you can climb mountain Everest for me. If you can jump down from the mountain without a parachute, I will believe you better.

15. I know you love me, but I am not coming over today. I just want to enjoy your love from the air today.

16. Hi, guy, please open your Xender so I can send in this delicacy to you. Do you like it? Okay, enjoy it alone.

17. You are special that’s why I chose you as my personal ATM card. Don’t we love each other again?

18. I’m so cool, so special, so nice, so precious and above all the most amazing financial accountant of my life.

19. I can make you smile and laugh, can you now see that you are already laughing? I love you so much.

20. You make me smile every second, I can make you laugh every microsecond, I hope the toilet is close by?

The new trends

21. I am yet to see a sharp liar like my guy. Why did you tell me such a thing just to lure me into buying that cap?

22. I am so sweet; you don’t need to tell me this. Just come and prove it for me right away with some bars of chocolate.

23. Chocolate is one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted, but it seems your lips are way too delicious.

24. Wow, you make me feel like I am the best in the world, anyway, I don’t know your agenda; just cool yourself down with the pillow.

25. Hey guy, I am blushing but I will rather calm myself down with some cool chicken and fresh wine.

26. The truth is that there is no guy as cute as you are. You are the most beloved man in my life.

27. Every other man in my life will have to pay to see my face, as for you, I will be the one to pay for your vase.

28. Your smile is cool, it is the most wonderful sun rays I have ever seen in the world. I love your lips too.

29. A man of honor deserves me. I honor you and will give you everything I have got. Good to have a gift like you.

30. Did you know? I don’t think you can ever understand why I am so much in love with you. Even I can’t explain.

31. What exactly do you want from me? Don’t worry I will give everything to you. I don’t want to remain with anything because of you.

32. Don’t doubt me when I told you that you are everything to me—it also means you are my ATM card.

33. The day I set my eyes on you, something strokes my heart, it is called an unbelievable love. You are the best for me.

34. The most amazing prince of my life, I want to be yours for the rest of my life. I love you to the end.

35. If you want me to be yours all my life, be the husband who buys almost everything for his wife.

36. The best way to be happy with you is for you to buy the whole world for me. I will be happy with you forever.

37. If you want to show a woman how much you love her if she asks you of anything just give her don’t even think twice.

38. Love is my hobby but I don’t know how to show it until my man buys what I want. Hope you are enjoying my game.

39. Whatever it takes to make you happy is what I will do, I will be with you for the rest of my life. You are the best man and friend.

40. Your heart I shall keep safe, I will not hurt you because I will always be by your side for the rest of my life.

41. Love with you is more delicious than a chicken stew. I will always be ready to perceive your aroma for the rest of my life.

42. When that day comes, I will always be by your side so that no woman can ever succeed smiling at you.

43. If I am overprotective, it doesn’t mean me I am fighting for love alone, I don’t want any other woman to interrupt my ATM machine.

44. My husband is my first ATM machine, follow by my handwork. What a business idea. Smartness is my sickness.

45. I realize I don’t like you again, please come and reactivate my love for you with just some thousand dollars.

46. I am cool because being cool around you is the best feeling of the year. I hope you are enjoying yourself.

47. Never want to forget you for the rest of my life, I am so happy because you are the most beloved person in my life.

48. You are the most amazing person in this world for me. I just can’t imagine sharing your love with anyone.

49. Loving you is the most important matter of the year. I want us to be with each other forever.

50. We can be with each other like two beautiful birds happily married. We can move the mountain together.

51. To the love of my life, it is not enough to enjoy your love, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

52. Tears in my life, tears of heartbreak due to some stranded amount of money—only your cash can take wash this heartbreak away.

53. You are already the wings that take me to anywhere on earth, there is no need to board a plane.

54. You are my sweet, sucking your account number with my demand shouldn’t be a problem either.

55. If truly I am the most beautiful girl on earth as you claimed, please pay for my trip to Singapore, I want to see those girls I beat in beauty.

56. He said there is no one like me, but I have seen him with different girls with a mountainous beginning, and Everest like endings.

57. Love that cannot end is the one I have for you. Test how truthful it is by being here for lunch.

58. The best way to smile is to see the one you cherish the most being happy because you shower her with love and money.

59. If you want a woman to love you, just give her money, then money, and money and money.

60. You may be far away from me, but I realize how impossible I can ever forget you. I love you so much.

61. You are the one I don’t want to forget for the rest of my life. I am in true love with you. You mean everything to me.

62. You are the love of my life, you are the pearl that sparks in my heart, the peacock of my life.

63. Dear heartthrob, why then did I not know you for so long? You have occupied my heart with your amazing love.

64. Who will take care of this heart for me if you are long gone? I don’t want to lose you for any reason. I love you.

65. You are the most beautiful person in my life. I want to show you what love looks like in my heart. I love you to the core.

66. When the day comes, I want to be your closest companion; I want to be the one that will keep you warm all day long.

67. May the light of love be with us always, may the moment of joy remain ours forever? I love you so much.

68. You should be here now or else I will stop sending you messages. I don’t take that expensive play.

69. If you can’t come to me this day, when then, when will you come to me? I want to be where you are.

70. You are the only true angel I have; your light is nice and can’t joke with because a lot of people are in need of it.

71. If you know how your love boils in me, you need not cook yam with a gas cooker. You are hotter than fire.

72. There is no single man that can match your worth, they only admire, they can’t drop even a chili.

73. Some women may love without demand, as for me, I can love my man, but I don’t joke with money.

74. If I have a way of turning you into a bar of chocolate, I will lick the hell out of you. I love you sweet.

75. You said I am your sweetheart, why is it that I can’t still see the gift you promised since the day you said so.

76. Just give me 2000 Naira; I will manage it for the next ten minutes, still expecting the balance.

77. If I don’t love you, I will never ask for any favor from you. This means, any favor I ask from you is how much I love you, and I love you in a million times.

78. I am not that interested in you, but I want to see the girl that can dare to snatch you away from me. I love.

79. If I am mad at you doesn’t mean I can’t do without you, is just that I can’t die without you. I am in love with you.

80. When diamond smiled at me, I gazed a little longer and saw your face. You are the diamond of my life.

81. What can I do without you? I can do a lot of things without you but I cannot buy expensive things without depending on you.

82. Dear hubby, you are the most amazing person in my life, not until you are hungry. What is me of hunger to you?

83. You make me smile all the time; you are the most amazing flower of my father’s garden. I love you.

84. Do you think I cannot do without you? Ok, no problem, just send this last cash and see if I will ever ask you for another.

85. I don’t take sheet from men, if you can’t agree with my opinion, I will run away from your home.

86. Dear love, I think you said you love me? Why not come help me fight this soldier? I don’t like nonsense.

87. Loving you makes me happy anytime I look at you. I am happy for you and this will always be so all my life. I love you.

88. The most important day of my life is the one that gave you to me. I love everything about you.

89. Thanks for being there for me, I love you to the extent that I can’t eat until I see your face again.

90. You take good care of me, not by mere words as others do; you are a man of action, Naira notes everywhere for the woman you love.

We have prepared many of these messages for you; so you can send them to your man to make him laugh away his sorrow. We are always available to make these types of messages available for you. Good luck guys.

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