Funny Good Morning Quotes For Friends

Cute Good Morning Quotes for Friends

Funny Good Morning Quotes: We are here once again, presenting to you one of the funniest messages ever. It is always fun when you have a funny and silly friend around. Even when he or she jokes a lot, they become a man or woman when that is needed. We believe here, that you will love these text messages so, therefore, decided to post them for you.

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Cute and Funny Good Morning Quotes for Friends



I don’t like the morning, because it begins when the sleep is becoming more enjoyable, I wish I can always put mighty earphones on my ears and block my sight with an extra dyed black blindfold so I won’t notice the morning time. Good morning friend!

I woke up this morning to brush my teeth that almost got my brush burnt then, fortunately, I saw your funny message on my phone saying, big headed boy are you awake? Good morning friend!

Insomnia is not my neither my watchword or problem, the only problem I have every morning is you because you can always wake me up when the sleep is at its highest peak. Though I don’t drag any boy with you. Why are doing this to me? lolz, good morning!

You know I love morning sleep so much why then you normally text me that time you used to text me? I am suspecting you my sweet friend that you just love seeing me crying like a baby. Good morning girlfriend!

Every morning is good; but once I remember I have a funny friend like you, I just burst into tears knowing that you won’t allow me to enjoy the morning sleep. It’s not your fault that someone really loves you—good morning!

I hope you slept well last night? As of my own case, I could not sleep well while I was busy solving that problem called puzzles you gave me to solve. Don’t worry, you think you are smart? I will show you who I am. Good morning best!

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I used to feel like to slap somebody, though I don’t know why. To my surprise, my heart used to suggest that I should give you a dirty slap. Sorry, it was just a dream. Good morning friend!

No one can separate you and me; nothing of such; but they will on do their best which will collapse on them like a bricklayer. I trust you, my sweet friend. I just want to say good morning!

Yesterday I was just laughing alone as I recall the funny moment we shared together. I wish you were around; I would have loved that idea better because it will bring more comfort to my sleep. Good morning babe!

Early this morning, I didn’t want to wake up because I knew I will surely see her face, so I decided to cover myself with 10yards blanket just in the mission to avoid her but in the end, when I finally stood up; her face was the first I saw. What a terrible day, lolz. Good morning!


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I woke up this morning and found out that you were not by my side; so I quickly ran to a nearby police station to go and report that someone is missing not until I saw busy with my pot in the kitchen. Lolz, was your stomach empty?

I used to think that Martin Lauren is the best comedian I have ever heard about until I realize that my good friend can do better than any comedian in the world. Thanks for making my day. Good morning!

I am so much into you like never before; in fact, I have never seen a hilarious friend like you on the surface of the earth, like a professional comedian you almost tear my ribs apart though I’m yet to find the missing one. Good morning!

The shower of comfort shall descend on you till you are over soaked in it. This morning is a bright delight so; ready to be crushed with a truck of success. I just want to say good morning my sweet friend!

Indeed I have found my personal adviser in crime; lolz had it been that you did not pick his pocket; he would have gone with my expensive wristwatch. I could not stop laughing when he got confused searching for the wristwatch. Good morning!

Ideally, I would have loved to wake you up with cold water to show you how much you mean to me but something good just crosses my heart and I decided to wake you up with this romantic message. Isn’t it? Good morning!

I know I don’t have a dime to even compensate you for making my day yesterday but as usual, I will have to smack your head like twice to show you how much I appreciate you as a friend. Good morning my guy!

I love you so much my good friend but it doesn’t mean that you have the right to sit on my sofa as a king; I won’t sit on yours too because I have my wife’s lap to rest upon. So where is your wife dude go and marry and join the men’s squad—lolz? Good morning!

It is my pleasure that I am part of your life, though you may be annoying sometimes, I still have this unexplainable love for you. I pray that your big head is safe from all evil. Hmm—a good friend indeed and in need, good morning!

I can no longer resist the charm of your eloquence, every day and night I laugh alone while thinking about your entire funny words. Truly I must confess that I have never met a friend as interesting as you before. I just want to say good morning!

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You are the funniest person I have ever come across in this life; God really helped my ribs perhaps they would have been broken by your funny words last night. I really slept sound and now I am appreciating your efforts in my life; good morning!

It is a great pleasure to have a wonderful friend like you who always finds a way to make me happy. I cannot stop loving especially for those riddles and puzzles moments I shared with you. I must confess that you are just a comedian. Good morning!

How on earth did you succeed in winning that guy’s heart? I thought your funny attitude will discourage him but to my surprise, you beat him hands down—hmm now he is chasing you like fowl chasing moving nylon. Good morning!

With a funny person like you in my life, I am free to offend anyone so that you will make him or she laugh their anger out. I can smack the head of my President because I believe you are a good friend and will stay to defend me with your funny jokes. Lolz. Good morning friend!

You are my good friend and that why I love hanging around with you whenever we are both jobless. My target for today is to disturb Janet; she is really a fishbone in my throat. Just wanna frustrate her that’s all. Good morning!

Good morning my big-headed girlfriend, I hope you had a sweet dream? Anyway, it is just the normal thing you know about me—I woke up this morning with the intention to annoy you because I care so much about you!

If there is anyone I can nominate as the world’s most interesting companion, it is you, and it not because you are my friend but for the fact that I have never bored with you since the day, I knew you. I can’t believe that you can be so funny, up till this morning I can’t forgive my ribs. Good morning!

Hi lady, I am eating you’re favorite now, I hope you can come and join me or I should send yours through the flatshare? I know you will be so upset right now for not inviting you over—hmm that’s my pleasure babe!

You won’t go free for wrapping one bag of sachet water on my birthday as a gift. Hmm, my own sweet friend is the one that did this to me; you made me felt overwhelmed with joy and then got me pissed off with your joke—lolz, good morning!

Good money, I don’t mean morning—can you give me in cash? I think you have to be paying me from henceforth because it is not easy to have a humorous friend like me; if you don’t believe; I am at home come and beat me—good morning!


Funny Good Morning Quotes for Her

I know you own me a knock on your head. How dare you give me such a monster as an assignment? I could not sleep all through the night trying to solve ordinary mathematics questions you solved within to seconds. O my God, you really dealt with me—good morning sweet!

Life is passionate especially when it involves a friend like you. Indeed I can always count on you just to set me free of my temporary worry. You are such interesting chocolate and I don’t mind giving you to my brother. Loz. Good morning!

The other day, you told me that you are a chocolate, so now I don’t have money to by one for my little daughter; please can you come and be one for her? Good morning my sweet friend forever. I can’t stop adoring you!

A true friend like you is very rare to find. Now that I own you as my good friend, I think it will be no bad to make you my cash bank. You know I love you’ can you send me the last cash on your bank account? Lolz good morning!

I want you to greet your wife for me; tell her that my son had a fist with you yesterday—it wasn’t my fault because the mother forgot to tie his diapers so he feels dropping it on you is the best option. Good morning!

I am waiting for that very moment when I will be the only one that can help you; then I will remind you of the funniest thing you did in my life. Dear friend, I don’t think I can find a friend like you in the whole of this world. Good morning!

I am so much in love with my friend, so she shouldn’t worry to go out for her job again because my love for her is enough to sustain her from January to December. Good morning!

When I met you, it was funny. When I got used to you, it was fun and now that we are one, it becomes more fun to be with you. My good friend, I hold you in high esteem. I prefer to be in your company than reading for my final year exams. Lolz. Good morning!

You are just too lucky that I don’t fight on Saturdays, if you have power, come back on the sixteen of next month (make sure the date falls on another Saturday) and you will see what I will do to those guys. I just want to say good morning!

When I said good money, I mean give me some cash cause I’m broke. What is good about the morning you expected me to say when there is no cash to rock it out?


Good Morning Funny Text for Friends


My salutation to the one that made my day yesterday. I wish I can always have you around me like an entertainer—lolz, that should just be your job for me. I don’t like jokes but when it involves you, I can’t just resist it. Good morning!

I can’t believe what I saw in my bag yesterday. So you can do that for me? Alright, this is just the beginning; I am planning for a dead rat adventure. Watch out soon. Just want to say good morning!

I love your face, smile, leg, body, and everything you possess. I hope you won’t mind if I love your boyfriend too? Lol, what an expensive joke—I hope you will forgive me for just this one joke? Jealousy mistress. Good morning!

I am so pleased to have a beautiful pigeon like you as a friend. Even when your anger is not more than a few minutes, it doesn’t mean that you are a moppet–you know what exactly you are doing. Good morning sweetheart!

I am willing to give you all I have in hand so that I will be stranded been your friend. If I don’t care who will? I cherish you more than what a computer calculates. Yeah, you are as special as though my little pet. Good morning friend!

I won’t stop thinking about you until you come back here to tell me to stop thinking about me. I will not eat until you are back from your trip. Is that not enough a sign that I love you as a friend? Good morning!

This morning coffee will be special because I have to caution my wife to make it with extra carefulness. I can’t allow what happened to us in a bachelor’s home like you the other to repeat itself. Lolz, go and marry and enjoy it!

Those boys comparing themselves with us men—hmm, in no time, men will be separated from men. My sweetheart has just delivered a bouncing baby boy. Excuse, I just want to confirm if you have married? Lolz, good morning!

Today is a special day in my life and I will be needing just three workers, one a funny person like you, two a big-headed person like you and three, an interesting prince like you—good morning!

“I wish you all the best in life my dear friend. There is nothing I can do to appreciate your efforts in my life”. Is that not what you text? Common sell your house for me, it will cover my efforts in your life, lolz. Good morning!

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