Romantic and Funny Good Morning Messages

Romantic and Funny Good Morning Messages

Funny Good Morning Messages

Funny Good Morning Messages: There is no doubt that the ones we love will feel so special if we let them know how much they mean to us especially early in the morning. Morning time is a very wonderful opportunity to show your beloved ones how much they are loved by you or how important they are.

We will be writing to you, some wonderful good morning messages to send to those who are close to your heart. We have written some other text messages such as 43+ good morning wishes for a lover or romantic good morning messages for boyfriend.

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Cute Funny Good Morning Messages for Her


You are my only heart, that pearl I never joke with anybody about; my sweet chocolate the one I cherish with all my heart. Good morning my love!

Loving a sweet lady like you is like liking of a lollipop, so sweet and tempting. I love your bright face and your cute smile. Good morning my baby!

My joy is that I found someone so special like you in my life and that should stand as an outstanding example on its own. You are my one and only Juliet. Good morning love!

The first time I set my eyes on you, I almost hit my head on a rock because I could not take my eyes off you. I was rescued by an old woman who gave me a dirty slap for being too naughty. Good morning my heart!

I am hearty and looking so special this morning just because you cast me a very huge smile last night. Right now, my head is pulling out of my neck for over excitement. Good morning!

I feel like to embarrass you with early morning kisses but it is so unfortunate that I haven’t brushed my teeth; don’t worry after our breakfast you will almost faint panting. Good morning!

This lady is my joy and the best chocolate I have ever met in my life; are you from the heavenly company or human brand of the lollipop? I am sure you are an angel. Good morning!

It is my duty to make you smile every morning because you are the only woman I used to see every day of my life; I mean it because even my sister was looking like you until a slap landed on my cheek, I realize it wasn’t you—good morning!

I was almost done with what I was doing until your thought came into my heart and decided to text you now that without you; my body, leg, and hands will not be complete. Good morning love!

Your powerful smile has taken away my heart and now I am only breathing with my brain. Maybe in no time, my brain too will be taken along. I just want to say good morning baby!

Romantic Funny Good Morning Messages for Him

Today I feel like an electric shock because your thoughts came into my heart to give way for a special feeling of endless compassion. I wish to see you beautiful face. Good morning!

You are my interactive penguin that long mouthed companion that can keep the company a lot, you know him for sure. You are my chocolate that I love to lick every morning. Just want to say, good morning!

My dear love, only you I can see behind me and above me in my dreams. I was so scared when I saw a Zombie chasing me until I woke up and found out you are the one wearing a mask while waking me up. Good morning!

Can I tell you something? Do you know that without you I can easily make up the way I want? It is so cool to realize how much you are so handsome that I can no longer resist you, good morning!

My feelings have been mixed with lots of chocolates and candies just because you smiled at me and gave me a special kiss reserved in your mind’s refrigerator. Hmm, don’t be carried away –good morning!

I have all the time in life just to think about a funny guy even when I can spend hour’s just chewing pop-corn. Anyway, you are a special parrot in my cage; good morning my love!

We are the latest couple so far because both of us are involved in the funniest things ever. Do you know why I love you’ is it not because you are as funny as though a monkey making a jest of a spectator? Good morning!

Whenever I remember the way you act in my presence, it gives me more joy to want to always be with you now and for the rest of my life; sweet pawpaw—good morning!

You are the most handsome big guys in the town that I have ever met in life, that special dread luck head bros. I am just using this special moment to show you how much you mean—good morning!

If I can find someone like you in life, then there is no need to go for nights of thousand laughs or watch any comedy movie because your presence alone is a rib cracker, lolz good morning baby!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Crush

If I knew this is how funny you can be, I would have been your crush since 1960 so that now I would have laughed out my entire ribs. I hope you have taken your morning coffee? Good morning!

I was thinking about you all through the night even now that I feel like sacking you out of my head because you are too sweet to be with. Good morning my crush!

Hmm… this morning is a special one for me to have received your call earlier. I hope something good has arrived because I am ready to finish it up with you my crush. Good morning!

In my heart, I kept the thoughts of this annoying guy on my heart. I hate you yet I can’t stop thinking about you…I love you; please get out of my head and stop stealing my heart away, good morning!

I was not expecting that I will meet someone so special like you on that sweet day. I feel like meeting you right now but seem it won’t be possible because I am not even falling for you—good morning baby!

Time without number I have thought about you just in 30 seconds to show how much I care. I am not saying that I fell in love but can’t just stop thinking about you lots…good morning!

We are together in love as birds are to each other but it is so painful that it was just a matter of crush and few minutes. We are the hero of a few minutes’ passion but I can’t say if I still love you, perhaps you do lolz. Good morning!

You are the best crush I have ever met because you took me on my ribs making them vibrate like a guitar spring. I wish you know how hot you are perhaps you will have burnt my heart with passion. Good morning!

Yesterday was almost like its type will not happen again because you were such a beautiful dancer. I feel like staying with you till next year but you never realize. Just want to say good morning!

What else do I need when I have found a particularly beautiful lady like you? O I just want to tell you that I was really stirred in mind yesterday. I hope you will be fine until we meet again. Good morning!

Funny Ways to Say Good Morning Over Text

You are the likes of those sweet potatoes I love eating, hmm I mean eating like a food. This morning I can’t get my coffee done because I am prepared to kiss you before eating you—good morning!

I don’t mean to offend but to give a reason why love should dwell on your heart because very soon I may be hunting your lips for their beauty; anyway, it is not my fault that they are beautiful—good morning!

Whenever I set my eyes on you, every beautiful thing of life appears to be mine alone; I mean I can’t see anyone again but your spectacular smile that shines on my heart. Good morning!

No matter how annoying or unserious I may look, just want you to know that when the time comes to show you how much you mean; then the people of Pluto will know that a real man has arrived. Good morning!

I appreciate those special times we spent together just laughing at our funny memories; hmm, those dirty talks you love to say really tempted me but thank God I did not fall—good morning sweet!

When I said that you are sweet, it wasn’t a lollipop but that you are a passionate angel that turns my head over like an industrial fan. I am not saying that you should laugh but at least appreciate my joke…Smile, good morning!

I am tired of the word “I belong to you” because I don’t even know if truly I belong to you or own me; but to stop confusion, I just want to say you are meant for me and we are meant to live together forever—good morning!

With you on my heart, I feel like giving you the entire chocolate I have in my basket. Though when licked may cause you a big pile trauma just manage it because you love me—lolz; just want to say good morning!

I was sleeping and suddenly I saw you wearing a man’s dress; just as usual, you know jovial I can be. I decided to make some troubles but had one punch on my nose. Good morning baby!

My heart is fixed to you perhaps it is because you are a plumber—oops lolz; please send me one hammer of kisses and 24 pliers of hugs to relieve the pain I get from your kisses. Hmm…Sweetheart, I love you—good morning!

Good Morning Text to Your Crush

With your thoughts in my heart, every single night is worth celebrating over and over. I am pleased to be with a wonderful man like you because you are the roman in my coffee. Good morning!

You are like a wonderful flower flapping like the elephant ears; hmm I am not insulting my sweet crush but just to let you understand how beautiful you are. I really enjoyed your company yesterday. Good morning babe!

You are my good friend and so it was stunning to have made you my crush yesterday but is it not sweeter to stay in love with you? Anyway don’t be carried away I already have my sweetheart; lolz good morning!

You may see it as joke but seriously I could not stop thinking about you even when I left the trace of your impact never left me—sister, you are the best crush ever, good morning!

When I met you, I knew you must be a funny master; sorry I mean jovial chiffon. What am I saying? I am not insulting you but want you to know that yesterday was fun; good morning!

Like Chinese rice, you are so hot when I saw you; I wanted to grab you right away but something held me back—I remember I could get a 1kg slap from you; though it ended up that a gentle lady like you exist. Good morning!

Will you eat me like omelets if I did not come when you called me? I just want to know what you will have done to my princess like head. Just want to appreciate your company yesterday. Good morning!

You are such a special companion who I cannot possibly leave to escape from me; I have tight you down in my heart like an Arabic Ram ready for a sacrifice—I don’t mean random access memory. Cheer, good morning!

I almost regret yesterday until I met you; though so funny and stubborn you are still the most interesting guys yesterday. I really admire your kindness, smile and simple life style. Good morning!

I wish you know how much I almost fall in love with you yesterday; oops please don’t take my statement too offensive; I just want you to know that you are so sweet and wonderful to be with. Good morning my sweet crush!

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