Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Him 2021

Sweet and Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Him

Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Him

funny 30th birthday messages for him. You will be reading and texting funny messages for your:

• Friend

• Brother

• Uncle

• Nephew

• Best friend

• Classmate

We want you to cheer them up as you so wish. All we need from you is to read and text for free. You can always come for more at your convenient time. Try the power of our text messages for the time being.

Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Brother

• My brother, my happiness, my bodyguard that rescues me from bigger boys. I wish you a belated 30th birthday.

• Your effort in making me become a great person in life has rubbed your time for yourself. You are indeed a great brother. Happy 30th birthday.

• I am happy that you invited me to celebrate this wonderful day in your life. Happy birthday, bro.

• You will always be a part of me that cannot be forgotten. You are the best brother eyes have ever seen.

• Every sacrifice you took just to make me happy will never be forgotten in the history of man. I wish you the best birthday of the year.

• Your powerful smile is an amazing gift that helps to calm my mind every single day. I wish you more success to come.

• You are a kind of brother that cannot be replaced by anyone on this earth. Your kindness does not have a replacement from any other person I have ever seen in my life. Happy birthday my dear.

• You are the superhero of the family because you made us happy and you have taken the name of our family far.

• You are that treasure that God gave me since the day I was born. You have been so caring, so nice and so protecting. I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

• This day will not mark your last day in this life. As we celebrate you today, we pray your heart desires to reach you all the time.

• Your prayers of years will be answered today by His grace. You will never regret your actions in any way. You are the best person I have ever seen.

• I have heard about great men who have come and gone but I didn’t realize I have one of them right before me. happy birthday, bro.

• You are my big bros, the best friend that makes me happy in a time of sorrow. You don’t fail me anytime I need your help.

Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Friend

• If there is any friend like you again, I will rather leave this world because it is not possible. You are a great friend with selfless character.

• I am grateful for inviting me to celebrate this wonderful day with you. Happy birthday to my golden heart friend.
• Your face will not dark from now on, and your smile will always be genuine for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, dear.
• We have been struggling for a long time and the Lord will continue to bless you in an abundance. You have been so nice to me since the day I met you.

• You are the most wonderful person that has ever become my friend. You are not selfish, you are not wicked. All I observed about you is the heart of a believer and helper. Happy birthday dear friend.

• A friend like you does not exist anywhere else. You are the best gift my soul has ever received. You are the best.

• May the Lord continue to bless you. You have just opened a new chapter in your life. May you live long to enjoy this life to its fullest.

• Hurray to my beloved friend. May you never regret coming to this world. You are the best friend in this world. You are the best.

• You gave me more joy in life. You are my happiness, the only sweetness my heart never wants to fail to think about.

• My heart is craving for this day so that I can celebrate you as a friend with a difference. I so much love you, dear.

• May the Lord bless you beyond how you ever thought of. You are a great friend, may the Lord bless you with greatness from now on.

• You will never regret your step on this earth. The day you were born, everyone was happy, may you continue to find a reason to be happy all your life.

• A friend that makes me happy, a smiling face that gives joy to others around him. I wish you the best of lucks.

• I will always be yours all the days of my life. You have been a reason I feel so happy all the time. You are the blessing I found among the rest of my friends.

• A friend that stays with you, a friend that wants you, a friend whose hope is to see you succeed in life is the best gift you can ever get a friend. Happy birthday, dear.

Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Uncle

• Is it possible to find an uncle as precious as you are again? It baffles me that there is still a true believer on this earth. You are thirty today, I pray that you find peace in your heart. Happy birthday, dear.

• May your Lord whose Hand your soul is, guide you to the right path, bless you with a path to glory.

• My dear uncle, I will not deny that I miss you. You are the only uncle that stood with me in times of need. Happy birthday.

• You have just signed up a new chapter. You are now an adult ready for great things in life. Happy birthday sir.

• May the Lord continue to bless you in a special way. The blessing of God will continue to shine upon you all the days of your life.

• I have the best uncle in the world. He takes me as his child, caters for me, never insults me but always puts me through the right way. I can’t have a better blessing than this.

• You are the kind of uncle every sad niece needs. You are the best friend an orphan will do anything to have. happy birthday sir.

• Today is your day. I wish you great happiness. I pray you continue to enjoy your stay on earth.

• It is not easy to clock 30th but you have crossed this bridge today, may you live long for more celebration.

• I am happy that for the honor of inviting me for your birthday. I ask God to bless you for more and more celebration.

• This day is worth celebrating. We are celebrating the best uncle in the world. Happy birthday sir.

• To reach this age is not a day job. You have just clocked a wonderful moment in a lifetime. I pray you benefit the rest of your life.

• We are happy to celebrate you on this important day of your life. You are just the most amazing person I have in my life.

• God will bless you beyond your expectation; I pray nothing distracts you from winning. You are the best person this life has ever brought to me.

• Your love for me will never shake, I will not hesitate to take your name to the farthest place in this world. You are the best uncle in this world.

Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Nephew

• Nephew without pain. You are such an amazing friend, a cute companion whose presence builds up my morale. I heard you are celebrating your 30th birthday today. Happy birthday.

• There is no day I don’t remember you for the good person you are. You are the person of my heart. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.

• Happy birthday my darling nephew. You are a great friend, your day is here and we will celebrate you to the fullest.

• If I can buy the whole world as a playing ground to celebrate your birthday, it would have been the most exciting thing for me.

• Thank you for staying with me in times of pain. Thank you for being there in the rain and storm. I am happy to wish you a happy birthday on this special day.

• Whatever will be will be, you have been so nice to me. You are a great man, may the Lord continue to bless you in a great way you never think of.

• I am grateful for the true help rendered when I had nothing. I pray this wonderful day continues to play a big role in your life.

• You make my world better every day. Thank God you came to this world as my nephew. I can’t be luckier than this having you in my life.

• Your unending zeal to ensure that I am happy will come back as a great reward for you by the grace of God. Happy birthday, dear.

• You are a perfect gift sent to me in this world. You are the best companion I can always be proud of.

Funny Birthday messages for best

• There is no doubt you are my partner in crime. You are 30 today, you better start arranging how to get married.

• Honestly friend, you are getting older every day, getting married will be a good step forward. Forget about me, I know we are of the same age but I am still a boy.

• An old man like you. I hope you understand how much you are getting older every day. Happy birthday to my funny friend.

• You are my best friend, the chocolate candy and the pearl that is always by my side. Happy birthday to you.

• All I just want to see is a big smile flashing from your side. You are always a great friend and gift in my life.

• You are my happiness, the one I can’t stop loving as a friend. Happy birthday, may this chocolate day marks a wonderful moment in your life.

• I haven’t been this excited since the day I met you. This birthday must be a very special one. Happy birthday.

• This birthday is a special one because this special age is a bridge between full adulthood and just an adult. Happy birthday.

• You have been a special friend that cannot be replaced. As you clock another age, may the Lord bless you with good fortunes.

Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Classmate

• We are all happy because you are still alive to celebrate your birthday with us. You are getting older, may the Lord answer your hidden prayers soon.

• It is not easy to stay 3 decades in life. May the blessing of God meet you at this stage of your life. Happy birthday, dear.

• You are indeed a blessed friend, a guru, and the best student in our class. You are now 30, may the Lord open a new way up for you.

• Success will continue to follow you forever. You will not regret coming to this world and your joy will never fade away. Happy birthday, dear.

• You have been so nice to me in this world. You are the nicest classmate to me, you don’t make things hard for me to get from you. I owe you the biggest celebration.

• A perfect moment is the one that a person shares with the one he respects deeply. I respect you so much, and it is my pleasure to celebrate you on this wonderful day.

• Success shall be yours all the time. You will not lack anything you desire from now on. This is a genuine prayer for my classmate on her birthday.

• I hope you are fine and strong? May the Lord bless you in every aspect of your life. happy birthday dear.

• Success and good fortune will continue to chase you wherever you are. This day will mark the beginning of your happiness in life.

• We are happy that you invited us for this wonderful celebration, we also pray you find endless peace in your heart. Happy birthday.

• Happy birthday to my cute nephew, how have you been? I just want to show how excited I am today celebrating you.

• May you continue to find peace and harmony in your life. As you celebrate your birthday, may your heart’s desires be fulfilled for you.

• This is the day an angel was sent to this world to change it for the best. Happy birthday my dear nephew.

• Congratulations on your 30th birthday celebration. We ask God to bless and promote you in everything you do.

• Lord, you are the most merciful, bless my nephew with everything he needs, make him a great son of his parents.

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