80 Friendship Text Messages for Him or Her

 Cute  Friendship Text Messages for Him or Her

Friendship Text Messages


Friendship Text Messages: We are presenting these text messages for you today, you are free to send them to your loved ones. You can always send our text messages to your best friends.

1. Friendship is very valuable, we must keep it safe all the time. I (Goodnight messages) value our friendship dearest friend.

2. When you have the best of friends, you have the best of lucks I am lucky to have a brave man as my friend.

3. Thank you, friend, you have always been a good friend, you are the best I can ever lean upon among my friends.

4. Being a friend with you is the luckiest thing  I’ve ever experienced. Thanks for being a special friend to me.

5. I can’t deny the fact that you are a precious friend, your friendship has been a good fortune in my life.

6. I have always been the one that chooses my friends but (congratulations on your marriage) when I met you, I decided to let you choose me.

7. Great friends are rare, thank God for your sacrifice, your kindness and favor of being a loyal friend.

8. I wish you the best of luck, may you find peace and harmony in your heart. Good morning dear friend.

9. I really enjoyed myself in the last outing, you are so special, your company is the funniest ever experienced.

10. Happy to have you around me. You are so cute, nice, wonderful and above all, the best for me. Happy birthday to a true friend. Have a nice day.

11. You have always stood by my side when I need you most, a good friend like you is very rare in this life. Good morning.

12. Good evening, my dear friend, your face is missed, your laughter, joy, and giggles cheeks ate entirely missed

13. Wishing a sweet morning time, take your time to enjoy your day, your coffee is nice, enjoy seeping for the main time.

14. I just want to say, good night to my good friend you are exceptionally special, spectacular, regular, and potentially intelligent. Sweet dreams.

15. Have a nice day friend may your face possess the sunshine enough to make you happy throughout the day.

16. I am happy to have you by my side, you are cute, lovely, nice, sweet and very interesting. Good evening sir.

17. I have emulated a lot from you which finally resulted in good fortune for me. Thanks for being there for me.

18. Good friends will make you happy as well as make grow. You are that type of wonderful person. Good to have you.

19. I am pleased to say happy birthday to the most amazing friend, you are more valuable to me than thousands of friends ever.

20. Thank God, I have you in my life, you have been a good role model. Good morning and have a great day ahead.

Friendship Text Message for Him or Her

21. Friends are like family from another family. They are always with you in this world. Happy birthday to my good friend.

22. You just have to be relaxed, I am going to take good care of your lapses, you were here for me when I was sick too.

23. Godly friends are lovely, they push you to where God will provide for you. Happy vacation to my cute friend.

24. I just want to be happy with you, you are the best of all my friends. You have shown me the best part of friendship.

25. What a nice friend you are, I will always be loyal to you. I am happy for you all my life. Good morning.

26. I pray that anything you need is fulfilled, may you find endless peace in all you are doing. Good to have you around.

27. I just want to be happy in my life, that’s why I am happy to have you as my friend because you have a way of making me happy.

28. Nothing will stop me from loving you as a good friend. Don’t you see how you have always stood by my side?

29. It is very uncommon to find a good friend like you. It is is not easy at all. Now that I have you I am happy. Good fortune shall follow you.

30. Thanks for the gift you sent to me on my birthday, I really appreciate you. I wish you the best of luck.

31. May you continue to grow in peace and harmony. Congratulations my dear friend. I love you so much.

32. Being a friend of a princess is a great honor, you are like a princess to me, I wish you the best of lifestyle, may you lead a simple life.

33. You have won my heart to be the best friend ever had. Your good advice alone will make me miss you forever.

34. Being a good friend should be the best remedy for a dying person. Good morning dear friend. I love you.

35. I need you to know that you are my joy, love, happiness, and above all the most beloved angelic friend in the world.

36. Thank God for sparing your life to enjoy this season. You are highly welcome in my life because you are the kind of person I love.

37. Sweetness is when you find a good friend, he or she will always stand beside you. I wish you all the best.

38. Good morning friend, may you find endless peace in your heart. Thanks for your interesting lifestyle. It has changed my life.

39. I wish you a happy birthday that will mark the beginning of your success in life. Good morning and have a peaceful night later

40. Friends are always valuable you cannot do without them. If you are not in need of friends today, tomorrow you will be in need of them.

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41. Don’t take friendship for granted, it is one of the best phenomena discovered by man. Your friends are always important no matter what.

42. Friends should Find a way to reach out to each other at once in a week, or twice in a month. This will keep the friendship stronger.

43. When you have great friends, never forget them. They are a key player in your life. The truth is that you will surely need them someday.

44. Friends are your eyes when you are not watching, your mouthpiece when people condemn you and your ears when you are being carelessly backbitten by enemies.

45. Don’t disrespect your friends, they are the only ones that can tell you the truth when you erred, you will find them when others have gone. Friendship is a great impact on you.

46. Some people believe they can do without friends, tell me how you can escape friendships. When you are not around, those watching your house are already your friends in disguise

47. Be good to your neighbors, they are the closest friends you have. Don’t panic, you can always be a good friend.

48. Friends make a great impact in your life, no wonder a wise said, keep good company, and your life will remain righteous.

49. Friendship is like two scenarios, one is a man that sells musk, if he gives you small to rub on your garment, you will smell musky. The other is a blacksmith.

50. You grow up when you have friends that are up, you will go down when you associate yourself with low life friends that are not ready to Change.

51. Good friends motivate you. Good friends make you understand that life is all about trying your best. God mad by making a difference.

52. If you are good enough to smile at people, you will better enough to smile to yourself. Keep good relationships with your friends.

53. Don’t fight your friends, be lenient with them. Give them handshakes when you see them, appreciate their efforts when they do you a favor.

54. I have always wanted to be your friend since the first day I saw you. I realized you are the kind of friend a person should be in order to grow.

55. A true friend is the one that is closer to you when others are far away, be a true friend and be a good person to everyone.

56. Good friends are always held in high esteem, don’t give up on your friends, no matter the conditions they are, they can still be best of friends.

57. To know your friend, get unfortunate in life and see who comes to your rescue. If you find me always close to you, possibly I am your best friend.

58. It is a rule of kindness to be the reason why your friends are happy. I wish you understand the depth of the honor of being a good friend.

59. There are many ways to make it in life, having great friends is one of the fastest means. Make your friends number one.

60. Your priorities in life are much I know, but if your friends are not on your agenda, it will be hard for you to quickly make it.

Lovely Friends Messages to Build Friendship


61. Lovely friends are those types that are ready to make you the best you can be. They are the friends that bring out the potential in you.

62. Your friends help you grow, they are not satisfied if you are going wrong. They are the best for you.

63. Your great friends will never praise you when they realize you are the type that loves being praised. They know very well that the best way to destroy a man is to praise him in excess.

64. Cute angels are the best, and who are the cute angels if not good friends that are always ready to make you grow in life

65. If you have no friends, you are missing. Try and have a good friend and never forget that it is the best thing for you.

66. Friends are the most beautiful people around this world. They are simply the most reliable sources when ordinary people forsake you.

67. Be a friend that cares, or better put, a trusted friend with a good heart. Never base your life on what people say but on what is right to do.

68. Get yourself a good friend and he or she will make you grow in life. You will never regret all your life. Good morning bestie is not a bad language to say to your friend.

69. The beginning of freedom sometimes begins with having great friends with a great impact on life. Good morning sweetheart.

70. I am not that bad, but I don’t remember to say good morning to my friend is already a statement defining a bad friend.


Love Friendship Message to Him or Her


71. Loving your friend is not by mere talks, it is by actions that show you really love them. Caring for your friends is a good virtue.

72. You can still be the best of friends, you can be the most interesting person in life. Have a nice day with your friend and see how important you will be.

73. I love you more than you think, the reason is that you are a great friend. You are the best friend in this world. Your face is sunshine.

74. There is always a reason why we love people, one of the reasons is that you are the best of friends that changed my life for good.

75. Friends are always there for each other, they will never let you down because they know you need them and they need you too.

76. Good to have friends that are ready to make you happy, friends that can do everything for you to smile.

77. You are the best of my friends, the one I cherish the most. You taught me to be wiser, forget about us being friends, you really deserve honors.

78. I will always be grateful to the Lord for giving me the privilege to find a great friend. You can’t be in the midst of great people without growing up.

79. I declare you as a good friend to the entire world. I pray that you have the best time ever. Good morning friend.

80. May you find peace in your heart this day, as you clock another year as a good friend I hope that you find endless peace in your heart. Congratulations.

Your friends are the best companions you can ever have when it comes to social life outside the family. Keep in touch with them with our beautiful text messages.

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