Cute Flirty Texts for Her to Wake Up to

Flirty Texts for Her: Love is a kind of heart therapy that keeps it healthy and active as soon as it felt the love. This is one reason why we should try our best to make sure that love is extended to our loved ones. Let’s show them how important they are. You are so good I believe, in that case—we urge you to pick one of our love posts here. Feel free to use them because they are all free for you.

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love words for her from the heart

Flirty Texts for Her

1. Loving the angel of my life is never in any way a crime. I love you because you deserve it. Nothing good can come to me better than what I’ve seen in you—a good wife! You are the mother of my kids, a beloved mother my good friend forever!

2. I was lucky the first day I met you. Since the day I was born, never have I seen a lady as precious as you are. A special angel sent to me to wipe away my tears. I love you with all my heart. You are the most beautiful princess I have ever seen. I love you!

3. My heartfelt, the only reason why I smile a lot. The queen of passion that puts endless love into my heart. Everything is good about you and I’m so lucky to be yours. All I need from you is your joy. I am looking forward to a life where all your days will be filled with compassion, joy, happiness and prosperity. I love you my sweetheart!

4. My love, you are an epitome of beauty. You light up my heart with the wave of your love. No condition has ever changed your ways from me. You are a living example for a true love. Baby, your smile alone kicks up my heart in a million times. I can’t stop loving you, my angel!

5. The love of my life, the most interesting person I have ever come across in my life. How wonderfully created are you for me? You are my only hope for a true love and I count on you. I love you more than you can ever think.

6. I asked for little treasure, I was given in abundance. I asked moon, I was given the sun. I asked for a life full of everything I may need yet I was given you because you mean the universe to me. I love you my heartbeat. You are the pride of my life, and I will continue to love you!

7. The queen of passion, my heartbeats for you in every second of my life. In the beginning of our love little did I realize that you are the princess of peace until you became part of my life. You are a cool headed angel. My one and only super star, I will love you until the end of time.

8. Love is like a rose flower, no one handles it properly without feeling the aura of its fragrance. Rose is a symbol of love, passion, romance joy and happiness—and that is exactly what you are to me. I love you!

9. My number one angel, loving you is on my number one list. I can’t do without your thoughts in my heart. A day without you can cause a lot of trouble on my mind. I want you to know that you are always in my memory. I love you!

10. Since the day I met you, everything has become so special about me. You are a blessing in my life. My God sent solution you are always welcome in my heart. Feel the comfort of my heart and relax in peace because it is all yours. I love you!

good morning love quotes for her from the heart

11. My beloved queen, the smile from you is a light. It is a healer of sorrow, because anytime I see you smiling all my sadness disappeared. You are a loving angel—a sweet apple of my eyes. The power of beauty is known to the beholder, and I see you as the most beautiful lady in the world. I love you!

12. Having met you in my life, I knew I have seen my missing rib. You are my gentle wife—the sweet mother of my kids. You may not understand how good you are to me but I’m willing to let you reap from the fruits of your labor. I love you to the core my baby, and cherish you in all level of life. Have a wonderful day ahead!

13. Much more than you think than I love you. You can never figure out the level of the intense love I have for you until you can count the drops of rain or swim off the Atlantic Ocean. This love of yours in my heart, has given me lots of positive mindset to see only the good side of everything I come across in my life. You are my sweet angel and I will love to kiss you in all seconds of my life.

14. I love you more than Romeo did to Juliet and I don’t need to die for you to show you how deeply in love I’m with you. I want to live with you till the end of time demonstrating the perfect love I have for you. My dear angel, you are for me forever.

15. My super princess, I am happy to see your shining face once again. Your face gives me a special peace accomplished with deep joy. I could not comprehend the love you brought into my life. I am happy you are my princess and I love you!

16. With the blessing God has given me which is you, I want to appreciate our very existence together. I don’t think there is anything better than having the taste of your love. You are a gem rarely found in life. I love you!

17. The love between Romeo and Juliet is more to me like a legend however my love for you is just the reality. Everything I tell you that I feel for you is veracity because there’s no lie in my words. I live by my words because I want you to enjoy the best of me. I love you with my heart, my sweetheart!

18. Every day and night, your thought flows in my heart. You are like a honey drop falling so I enjoy your drops in my heart. You are so sweet my love and nothing can change your feelings in my mind. I love you!

19. When I said you are mine forever, believe me it is just the absolute truth. My sweetheart, you are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. You gave me a very good reason to want to live with you forever. I love you my dear angel!

20. My dear angel, loving you is as sweet as Quaker oat, interesting as mega shows and fantastic like Fanta. My love you are everything to me. My best escapade in life the most beautiful queen which my heart has chosen I love you!

funny love quotes for her from the heart

21. With all you have done in my life, I want to show you how special you have become to me. You give me hope when I was lost in life. You became my joy in the hardest time of my life. What a very good wife are you that you keep my secret in times of my financial crisis. I love you sweetheart!

22. The best of my achievements is that you are now mine. I will live to love you more and more the princess of my heart. From the shallowest to the deepest part of my heart—I will continue to love you! Baby you are my dream come true.

23. . My dear wife, I want you to know that my heart shed tears of passion for you because its completely attached to you. I know you may not understand how I am addicted to you. All my life I have been in love with you and I want you to accept that as just the truth. You are a lovely angel!

24. I am addicted to you my sweetheart. You are my rainbow the colorful treasure I found in my life. A brilliant fire that burns in my heart. A shining star that bright up my soul. The most adorable princess of my life. I love you!

25. You are to me like a brilliant angel of love. Coming into my life gives me a strong joy that will forever be with me. I am willing to love you for the rest of the world! In the realm of love, I see you as the princess that gripped all the eyes set on you. Your beautiful smiles mesmerize my heart and capture me in a prison of love. I love you!

26. You are the woman of my life, the mother of my kids, the one I love passionately. Everything about you brings joy to me, I love you my dear angel. You are the greatest achievement of my life. I love you baby!

27. I give my heart to you because I believe in you. I am so happy because you are part of my life. Loving you is as romantic as the flower of lily. You are my princess of peace. I love everything about you my beautiful angel. I love you!

28. My sunshine! How will I live without you in my life? Thank God you are mine—a gift that I will ever live to appreciate. My sweetheart, all I need for you is to see you always smiling. I love you to the core!

29. You are a special princess the seed of joy. Your love aura set a fire of passion in my heart and buries me in endless compassion. You are everything I need in a woman. My joy I want you to know that I respect you so much and I love you with all my heart. Thanks for loving me too.

30. I am ready to climb the highest mountain with you, to show you how important you are to me. My life revolves around your happiness seeing you sad is my sadness. I wish for a possibility to always see you smile and happy every day of your life. My darling angel, I will love you till eternity. Have a precious time my sweetheart!

love quotes for her from the heart in english

31. Thanks for being there for me whenever I need you most. Had it been you are not always with me, I wonder how miserable my life will have been. Since the day I met you-you have been strong support in my life. My love, I want to appreciate you for your kindness over this year. I love you!

32. There is no other lady’s love comparable to yours which you shower upon me. You bring out the best in me whenever I share any moment with you. Your kind gesture gives me more privilege to love you more and more until the time ceases to exist. I love you, baby!

33. Except a day did not come, I can never stop thinking about you. Every day and night of my life is yearning for your love. The fire of passion refused to quench in my heart thereby releases serious heat comfort that keeps me in love with you. I love you, my angel!

34. You were sent to me like an angel to always put a smile on my face. Where there was no joy, you brought it out. Where there was no peace, you dug it out. You are an agent of love and peace. A manager of beauty and comfort. I love it most whenever your head is on my chest. Baby, I love you!

35. If there is anything that is hard to find—it is you. Baby, you are rare and uncommon on the safe of the earth. As special as you are like a jewel treasure. You are a wonderful lady, an epitome of beauty. The ruby of my heart, loving you forever is not a big deal! I love you!

36. You’ve changed my mindset baby! I used to think that there is no true love until I met you. You gave me endless joy and a reason to always die for your love. My ecstasy, loving you is my pleasure. You are the best cache of my life. I love you, my dear love!

37. Baby, cry no more because there is no obstacle between you and me, not even the mountain can stop me from reaching you. The widest of Oceans will be crossed to get to you, my sweetheart. Nothing will be more special to me in the realm of the mortal than you are. I am so delighted to have met you in life.

38. My joy lies in keeping you safe in my heart. It is a great privilege that I met you, my dear angel. I love your smile, I love your kiss and your hug is not in any way left out of it. My sweetheart, you are the best friend of mine the most interesting seraph of my life. I love you!

39. I love your beautiful eyes that shine with the blue light of love. I love the passion that emanates from your smile. Loving you is an ecstasy to me. I love everything about you, my dear angel. Nothing good is ever easy to get, thank God I met you at last after past years of hardship in love. I love you!

40. Over the night, I could not sleep because your thoughts occupied my heart leaving no space for me to breathe—I love it so because if I faint, it is called faint of love and if I died, it is called “Romeo and Juliet!” I love you!

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