53 Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her

Cute Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for her

Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her

53 Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her: show love to your girlfriend, fiancee’ or wife through our wonderful messages. You may like to also read these ones: 80 Precious Good Evening Quotes for Girlfriend or Goodnight Messages for my Husband-Goodnight msg for her. Here are the latest ones:


1. When a new day begins with the best wishes of heart it enters into a night with hope for yet another marvelous wishes to calm the nerves as one embraces his pillow. Good night to you my lady.

2. Good night to you dear friend with much of sweet dreams and looking forward to a new day wrap with grace and great anticipation for a true friend like you. Have a sound and marvelous sleep.

3. Dark in the night is a wonderful opportunity to rest and soothes the nerves to calm with a cold message to dream and to get ready for another battle for tomorrow with smiles. Good night dear.

4. May every star of every night bring joy and happiness into your dream with great hope because true love never ends whatever the passages of time manifest into this life. Good night.

5. In soft gleaming of the night, there’re thousands and millions of stars spread all over the sky but there is always a brighter one that encompasses the rest. You are that brightest one. Goodnight dear.

6. Cast the dice and close your eyes then make a wish for a good night to widen and broaden the star in brighter light to have a wonderful sleep in sweet dreams for a peaceful mood tomorrow. Good night.

7. The night is loaded with amazing thought in joy and happiness because you have the entire requisite to embrace your pillow and have a sweet dream because you are indeed so special. Goodnight.

8. Every night has its own amazing and beautiful gesture to smiles which brings reasons to be marveled by the sweet dream because every creation comes in a unique purpose for living. Goodnight.

9. I wish you a wonderful and splendid night rest because you’re the only cherished treasure that gleams in my heart with unconditional love and I promise we shall remain one indivisible companion. Goodnight.

10. Loving you is the most amazing feeling in my life; the only decision I took without even a second thought and I’m very delighted to have such a wonderful lovely angel like you. Do have a splendid night rest darling.

Romantic Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her

11. The day resonates for sound dreams with glamour after which a stressful challenge of day to day faze are conquered; I wish you a sound and peaceful night sleep as you embrace your pillow.

12. The night seems boring and dull without the glance of the smile on your face which I believe with your thought in my heart after the smiles would be superb. Good night to you my sweetheart.

13. I can beat my chest for your sake because you are the most amazing treasure that made my day today and I can’t hide the fact that I am delighted for that wonderful feeling. Have a sweet dream dear.

14. Not every moment passes by without your thought roaming in my heart because, without you, my life will be the stream of sorrow and agony. I wish to have you beside me tonight. Sweet dream.

15. My happiness is derived from yours and that’s just because we are made for each other. I love you dearly and do have blissful night.

16. My world is like a peak of all joy and happiness because you are the shoulder I lean on every night. I cherish and adore you forever. Goodnight.

17. Even though the day is still looking cloudy but the actuality is that I feel so glad in my heart because I have such a great lovely angel like you beside me always. Have a peaceful night rest dear.

18. Making each other smile is as easy as sharing images and arts that are funny and shelves in documenting life in happy moments with an amazing angel like you. I can’t wait to live with you forever. Goodnight sweetheart.

19. The day is like a path with lots of hustle and life challenges likewise the night is also tag with dews of bedding and sleep for a sweet dream to cool off the pain of exhausted energy. Do have a sound rest.

 Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her to Smile

20. I will be delighted with your company with me tonight but the distance has just been an obstacle that lingers between us but you’ll always remain in my heart. Good night to you.

21. Another day ends with a fascinating moment of heartwarming and we look forward to a new dawn with great wisdom with a noble enthusiasm for better friendship. Goodnight dear.

22. As the focus has been the light of success and honesty is the pillar of a great relationship between two hearts in love so shall we go up for greatness together and forever. Due have sweet dreams dear.

23. The night is always the series of dreams in anticipation of the great nature in the creation of human existence. I wish the tales of our creation suffice love path always. Good night. Often times I despair to mark the uniqueness of your being and royalty because all my life I have never been caught on the peak at night like this. I love you and do have a splendid night rest.

24. I wish you yearn for r night not to end just to continue to enjoy the fresh air of sweet dreams about me as life mostly is of reflection of a dream that translates our destiny into reality on purpose. Good night dear.

25. The night is longer than the day for those who dream and in anticipation, they wish for an abundance of that dream aa s vision in appeal and beyond. Yours is no exception, my dear. Have a splendid night.

26. After the long day struggles and hustles all that comes to mind is to have a sound rest and calm the body and relax the energy by having a nice night rest. Have a sweet cool night dear.

27. As the day turns into the night here are my wishes for you with a beautiful saying ‘’no matter how tough the busy day strives and turn into night. You shall rise above your problems. Goodnight.

28. When a person takes pride in being an exceptional individual and love being unique for others to embrace his exemplary character, and that is a sexy and adorable experience. Goodnight.

29. There are many times peoples try to fit into a vacuum but an angel like you doesn’t mind giving out the chance to accommodates them even against the grain for the reality holds no grudge but love at night indeed. Sleep tight dear.

30. Many consider the night as the despicable for their low desires but ours will be demonstrated for the true nature of our bond in the path of love in peace and harmony always. Do have a peaceful night.

Sweet Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her

31. The originality of a sweet night is derived from the passion that comes from your smile. Loving you is a blessing that never ends. You are special, and the kind of love that comes from your heart is just the best for me. Goodnight.

32. You have indeed shown the honest of together as a princess because a good princess doesn’t mind going against the rule as she is passionate and considerable to the feelings of the commoners. Good night to you dear.

33. I feel tasty of blessing because ever since you came into my life; it has been so simple and achievable and that’s because you are my joy and happiness. Goodnight my lady.

34. I’m whispering because I don’t want to wake you from a sweet dream. I have sensed that you are dreaming of me and waking you will turn off the whole fantasy. Sweet dream my dear.

35. The grace found in human destiny is of noble and great ideal especially your kind of person. Your creation is of great ideal and of great purpose indeed. I love you and do have a splendid night.

36. It has been a delightful opportunity to have a friend as wonderful as you, my queen. You are the most gorgeous angel that gladdens my heart at first sight. I wish you a splendid night rest.

37. I see nothing but the precious creation in you from day one because my heart couldn’t resist affections and vibration beneath my soul for your love. I am indeed delighted to have you. Peaceful night wishes.

38. Both time and tales fade away but the memory of our bond love will forever hold retentively because, ever since I found you, I pray for our togetherness forever. Good night sweetheart.

39. Foremost in silent night when stars and moon are closer together; my eyes see nothing but you and my heart speaks no other language but your thoughts, I wish to embrace you for a goodnight hug.

40. The night is longer for those who dream but wisdom prophecy the day to be longer than night for those who yearn and focus for their dreams to come true. Wish you a splendid peaceful night dream! Cheers.

 Flirty Goodnight Text Messages for Her from the Heart

41. The limitless exciting moment is only derived from having you beside me every night because the day I took up the step forward of been with you can never be forgotten. Do have a peaceful night’s sleep darling.

42. My life has been a historic island for all pleasantries because my heart is gladdened with much of a distinctive experience for having such a beautiful angel like you. Goodnight dear and do have lovely smooth night rest.

43. Wow, what an awesome and beautiful moonlight, I feel so great to see all the sacrifices and countless love you’ve shown to me pave their way forward with much delight like a blooming white rose in the garden.

44. In every moment of the night, your thought and cuteness are what keep me warm but it is unfortunate that you’re not around for me to embrace and feel your present like always. Goodnight to you darling.

45. A night without your presence means someone special is missing. How am I supposed to live without you? Without you, life will be so empty and full of boredom. Have a splendid night rest dear.

46. Every night in my dream I see no one but you, whilst I believe in my own thought that you are missing me in such a period of time as well because we are meant for each other. Good night.

47. Much I do “love conquers the heart” but ever since I fall in love with you I concur with the adage that love conquers not only the heart but also the soul because that’s where you belong. Sweet dream!

48. I feel the desire to only be on mutual friendship with you as the words on the marbles and in honest, the affection now translates to falling in love with you. Do have a splendid night rest my angel.

49. Every day that passes by reminds me of the special love you showed to me; now I really miss you because there is no other girl that can play your role in my life. Goodnight my heart robber.

50. The quality of a man’s desire after the passion that runs through his mind is to accomplish the vision of such desire as beautiful as you are. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

51. Tonight marks the first of its kind because it is the most wonderful day to me because you have made it a splendid one, I wish to be with you forever. Do have a sweet dream.

52. My heart is full of the feelings of sweetness and delight for having you as the path for attaining all these glories and I believe there is no garden that ever existed without a rose to outshine its beauty. Good night my love.

53. I have come to realize that I will not be able to cope alone in life without you. Your thought has become the reason why I’m always happy.

We have been so worried thinking of how to get the best messages for you and now here they are. Enjoy with your beloved one.

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