Best December Greetings for Lovers

Best Happy New Month to My Sweetheart

December Greetings

December Greetings: Every new month, it is very good for someone to reach out to those that are close to him or her. There are various ways through which someone can do so. You may want to do so by texting messages or making calls. Here, we have made available some set of messages for you to send to your loved ones. 90 New Month Text Message for Love, Best Love, and Journey Quotes.

1. Sweetheart, you mean a lot to me, and I will always appreciate you for everything you have done for me. Good to have you around.

2. I just want to wish you lots of happiness in this wonderful month, may you find your way out of all poverty.

3. I am thinking of you this new month. I wish to make you understand that you are the most interesting person in this world.

4. I will always be yours all my life because you are divinely sent to me. I miss everything about you.

5. You have been the reason why I smile all the time. I am happy to say a happy new month to you. Have the best time ever.

6. Wishing you more success in this very month, may you continue to enjoy this wonderful moment in peace and harmony.

7. I just want to say thanks for everything you have done in my life; may you be reward abundantly.

8. Thanks for the most amazing moments of your life, you are so nice and I will always be pleased with you because you are a superb angel.

9. Thank God for everything you have done in my life, I will always appreciate everything about you. Happy new month.

10. The most amazing thing that has ever occurred to me.

Sweet  Happy New Month to My Sweetheart


11. Happy new month sweetie, may you find the happiness that you deserve, may your Lord bless you with abundant joy.

12. I will always love you because you are the apple of my eyes, the only true love I have. I miss you so much.

13. You gave me happiness, with your presence, you put a smile on my face at the time of sorrow. Happy new month dear.

14. All I want to say is a happy new month. Have the best fun of the year. May your face shine like sunshine. I wish you all the best.

15. I pray that this new month will favor you more than you can ever imagine. May the Lord have your back?

16. A new month for a new destiny, may the Lord help you achieve your goals in life. A happy new month to the love of my life.

17. I just want to say thank you for being there for me, you are always the most amazing queen of my life. Happy new month darling.

18. I want to spend this special day with you in true love and care. May the Lord bless and protect you in an abundant manner.

19. The Lord in His infinite mercy shall continue to increase your means of living in such a manner you can’t completely understand.

20. I love your way of life, and all my prayers are that it should profit you someday. Happy new month dearest.

Cute Happy New Month to My Sweetheart


21. I will be happy to have you around me all the time I will never let you down for any reason because I believe in you to the end.

22. You have been so kind to me, this is the reason why everything about you entices me. I miss you at the end of the day.

23. Happy new month dear, you have always been a great friend to me, besides that, you are a great wife to be.

24. You may not know why I have been so happy since the day you came into my world but the truth is that you are not a common gem.

25. You are the diamond I have in my heart, your way of life is emulative, this month shall favor you in an abundant manner.

26. I greet you with all due respect, I will always be happy with you because you make me smile a lot. I love you, sweetheart.

27. May you find the peace of heart you deserve. Thanks for being a great friend and your success will continue to grow until the end of time.

28. In this new month, I pray the Lord showers your life with complete love. I miss you and pray you to find the kind of happiness you deserve.

29. Congratulations that you made it to this new month. Every new thing is enticing, may your home be filled with lots of good memories.

30. I hope you enjoy your trip; this is another month, may you find your wishes achievable. Happy new month.

31. I don’t know how to make you happier but I will always make sure you are happy all the time. I love you to the core.

32. Whatever you desire in this new month shall reach you, and whatever you detest shall not happen to you. Happy new month.

33. New month, new success story shall follow you. I really appreciate everything about you and pray you find the kind of peace you deserve.

34. May your face shine to the end, I will always proud of you anywhere and all the time. Thanks for your patience.

35. The Lord in His infinite mercy shall continue to protect you in all aspects of this world. You shall be pronounced the best.

36. I am really missing you but the truth is that no distance can ever let me forget you. I so much miss you to the end.

37. Happy new month dear, may the Lord shower your hustles with more blessings. I wish you many good things this year.

38. Today shall mark the beginning of the most amazing day of your life. You shall call us to celebrate you soon.

39. Happiness shall be yours forever, every predicament coming your way shall be waved beneath your feet. Happy new month.

40. I just want to appreciate your efforts in making my life a good one to live. I will never forget you for the rest of my life.

Lovely Happy New Month to My Sweetheart


41. You might have been in need of many things in your life, I pray they all reach you this month. May your heart find the happiness it deserves.

42. Life without you is a bit difficult to handle, you will not understand this claim but it is very rare. I wish you the best.

43. You have been so kind to me and my heart beats for you like a nice lady whose eyes I love to see all my life.

44. I don’t know why it is so, any time I set my eyes on you, my face looks so sweet like never before. I miss you.

45. Happy new month darling angel, your structure is one of the most beautiful ones ever seen on earth.

46. A day without you is like a year with lots of sorrow. I miss you as though everything depends on you.

47. You are my God-sent angel, the most precious treasure of my life; I will always be with you for the rest of my life.

48. Never mind what people say, whatever they do to let me hate you will not work because I already understood them.

49. There is no day I look into your eyes, I see desires that burn out a gaseous love. I am lucky to have you.

50. I will always remain yours as long as you want. You own my body and heart, I give them to you. Happy new month.

51. The kind of love I feel for you makes me happy because you are a peaceful man. I wish you lots of success this month.

52. Use this opportunity to enjoy every free time of your life. Congratulations on making it to this special month.

53. This month is a special one; I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks for the entire love you have shown to me.

54. To the woman I love the most, thanks for giving birth to my kids, I will forever love you. I want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy new month.

55. I can’t wait to wish you the best this month. You deserve a lot of good happenings in this month.

56. The path of love I took the other day has really favored me. Thanks to the Lord that protects me; thanks to the Lord to join us together.

57. I cherish your presence; it is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. Thanks for the atmosphere that you exposed me to.

58. The best moments of my life are the ones that I shared with you. Those beautiful moments always leave me with happiness.

59. As the month is new, may you find new things happening to you? Thanks for every single moment you transformed into happiness.

60. I wish to let you know that my path in your life is not as interesting as you to mine. I wish you more success in life.

A happy new month to my Heartbeat


61.  A Happy new month my love, you are to me as the root of the tree is to the plant. I can’t sleep without hearing from you.

62. I have really fallen in love with you and to my surprise, you make me smile every single moment I see you. I love you.

63. What a special friend you are, I will be with you all my life as you have been so nice to me. wishing you the most beautiful things in this world.

64. I want to share my thoughts with you in a room that belongs to you and me alone. I am aspiring to be yours forever.

65. It is with great happiness that I am greeting you this morning. I also want to remind you of a blessed month ahead.

66. You are so lovely, you are clean, and my heart is always focused on meeting you every day. I just want to say a happy new month.

67. You are a focused person, and this is so great because I can’t even wait to see your beautiful face once more.

68. This is another 30 days of our life, we thank God for making it possible for us; happy new month my dear love.

69. You don’t have a problem because you are so special. I don’t want to let you down at any time for you have been so sweet since the first day I set my eyes on you.

70. Let the love I have for you to bring more success for both of us. It is my prayer and I hope it will be answered.

71. You are my dream comes true, my joy, my love, and the only true friend I have all this while. I need you like never before.

72. Hello special friend, a beautiful wife and amazing love, you are my nicest angel and it is just the truth.

73. What makes me happy with you is the fact that you came into my world to change a lot of bad habits. I am lucky to meet you.

74. This month is one of the most enticing ones in this world, believe me, I am so happy to have a star in my life.

75. There is something special on my mind for you; something I cannot share with any other person and it is called love.

76. Being in love with you is a great privilege, it reminds me of the description of paradise. Good morning and a happy new month.

77. Do you know you have all I need in a man? You are the perfect match for me and I cannot leave you for anyone.

78. I have been looking forward to a way to put an endless smile on your face, you gave me the kind of love I need in this world.

79. Thanks to the woman who never leaves my side. Thanks to the woman whose heart, there is peace and harmony.

80. I want to say love you is one of the most interesting things in my life. I feel good anytime I set my eyes on you. I love you.

81. You are nice, may this month remain nice with you forever. Good to have you all my life. You are the best.

82. This is another opportunity for a special day of your life. I wish you more success in this wonderful world.

You can always come back for this article, it brings joy and happiness into your relationship, believe me.

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