Cute and Sweet Long Paragraphs for Him

Here is the new love messages you will love to send to your loved ones. They are act touching and promise to deliver 90 percent of your intention towards the one you loved with all your heart. Try them and you will never regret ever texting them.

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Cute and Sweet Long Paragraph for Him


  1. Though, I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about you in every second of my life; indeed to me you are the most handsome man on earth and I have never seen anyone as special as you are because you are a gem of passion and love, a success given to me by God almighty the treasure that my heart.
  2. Even in the hardest of times I will stay with you to prove how deep I love you. In the rain or in storms you will always find me by your side. I love you my joy and happiness. There is this feeling I have for you my handsome husband the father of my kids. I just want you to know that I love you dearly.


  1. For so long, I have been searching for a very wonderful man like you and luckily in the end you were granted to me and I love that and will love it so forever because it is rare to find a special gem like you. I adore you more than the most beautiful treasure.
  2. In the beginning, little did I understand the kind of treasure that God has given to me but now, I have come to realized how lucky I am to have found a kind hearted man as my husband, a brilliant star; I wish you all the best in this life.


  1. Living with you is a special feeling and a great hope that can’t be overemphasized. I must tell you the truth that I can’t comprehend the power of your love. I will cherish you till the end of time. My love and the living star that God has chosen for me.

Sweet Cute Love Paragraphs for Him to up To


  1. Been with you is just the great feeling that I have been longing for. If I can always find a reason to see your smile in every second of my life, I will grab it so that my heart will always be filled with joy my super hero. The joy that I have been searching for. My friend and my lovely husband.


  1. I just have to reach out to you because failure to do so is a punishment upon my heart. My innocent soul cannot do without thinking about you. I love you to the endless point; cherish you to the boundless peak. You are my flower and diamond.


  1. There is no day or night that comes but your thoughts will always reign in my heart because I can’t do without you. I am considered lifeless whenever you are far away from me; my breath and my sense of reasoning in the realm of love. I will always love you till the end of time.

Romantic Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend


  1. Who can give me the joy that I deserve if not you that God sent to me? In times of sadness, you were my joy and in times of weakness you became my strength the most handsome treasure that God gave to me. I love you beyond the sky.


  1. I f I can give you this world, without hesitation will have done so because already you mean the whole world to me. Now that our souls are one, I want you to know that I will continue to be yours till the end of time. I love you and will always do as I now see you as an ocean of passion.


  1. May the lord be with you my love; sweetheart I really miss you. I miss your smile and that handsome face of yours that mesmerizes my heart like never before. You are the treasure of my heart, the flower of passion growing before my eyes.


  1. Truly, there is no other day to show you how much I love better this moment that you are far away from me. I love you beyond the star and the moon. This is the reason why I will always cherish you more than you can ever think. I love you dearly.

Romantic and Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend


  1. The day I set my eyes on you, I knew that there must be something great about you—now I have seen the truth about my feelings on that blessed you came into my life, now and forever. I love you more than you can ever think.


  1. I will give you my heart to hold because I trusted you and believe that it will be safe with you my darling superhero. The joy of my life and the most amazing person ever met on this earth. I love you beyond the sunshine.


  1. You are my sunshine, the treasure that I have been longing to meet. I love you more than the most beautiful star. I cherish you the ocean of passion of my heart. Have a wonderful day ahead.


  1. You are the blessed ruby that God sent to me; my love an ocean of passion given to me by the most powerful God. I wish you could touch my heart to feel how I really want you to dwell in my heart forever. You are my life, heart, passion and compassion.


  1. Nothing indeed can separate me and your thoughts because truly you are now part of me and have become me. I will always long to be with you till the end of time because you are so much special. I cherish you my darling love.


  1. Who can give me the kind of joy you have been giving to me among the living being? I am so lucky for ever having you in my life; a sweet angel and a prince of passion and comfort. I wish you the most beautiful moments in the world. Loving you is a great privilege and endless passion, boundless happiness and unique joy.


  1. You complete me my sweetheart and I will be yours forever the owner of heart. You belong to me my sweet angel; for the most important guy in my life, I want to let you understand one thing and it is the fact that you mean everything to me. I love you beyond how you think in your heart right now. I you are indeed, a super hero; a love that can never be forgotten now and forever.


  1. I recognize how you used to hurt yourself just to make me happy. This life is so much cool to me because you have given me the guarantee that your love is true and genuine. I can never stop loving you no matter the condition because you have proven to me that you are ready to do everything for me. I just want to say I love you more than you can ever think.


  1. For the one I cherish with all my heart, I just want you to know that I am sick in love with you. I have missed you too much that I am already losing my senses of reasoning. It sounds crazy, but such is the power of the love I have for you.


  1. Meeting a young and handsome man like you has been to me the most prominent idea I have ever discovered in life; it brings me light and joy. You are my treasure, my heart, peace and husband. I will always appreciate you for whom you are.

Romantic Cute Love Paragraphs for Him


  1. Been in love with you will forever be a joy that has no ending. You alone I want to live with for the rest of my life. I cherish, admire you and will like to let you know that our love has brought lots of joy into my world. You belong to me.


  1. There is no time I don’t think about you; it is so amazing that every single moment reminds me of you. Lots of qualities about you make me fall more in love with you, you may not believe me but the last thing I will like to do is to hurt you or make you feel bad in your heart. I love you. I wish I could always find you around me feel your impact and hold your hands forever.


  1. I am there before you no matter where you are; I am always with you anywhere you may be. Just know one thing that my spirit is always living with you wherever you may be. I love you beyond all this we say.


  1. My love from you is from my heart, for this reason I will never lie to you about how much I care. I don’t actually know in particular what I should do to make you understand how important your presence is to my entire lifetime. You are the share of joy that God granted to me for this special reason; I am willing to make you understand that you are my endless happiness.


  1. There is no time that I don’t think or worry about how much I love you—today or tomorrow or forever, my love for you will never change. We shall end in peace and the reward of marriage shall find its way to our home. I just want you to understand that I love you so much.


  1. Since the day I set my eyes on you; gladness has been dwelling in my heart. Now I have come to realize that truly, some angels still exist on this earth. No matter how worst the condition of our life may be, I want you to know that I won’t live you at all.


  1. We have been moving together since years back and there have never been a reason to separate. Is this time capable of departing us? The power of my love for you is divine and therefore will never fail you except for what might have been written or ordained. Truly, I love you except if there is reason to love someone on this earth.

Cute Love Paragraphs for Him to Wake up To


  1. As soon as I saw you; the tears of my eyes acknowledge your absence since the first day we depart. My dear love, as long as this life exists I will never live to forget you and yours I will always be no matter the miles that separated us. I will never forget you because you are the reason why I smile.


  1. It is normal that God does lots of good and among his servants, there are those He blesses with what pleases them most. As for me you are the greatest gift that God has ever given to me. I love you so much and will never regret that we ever met.


  1. You are to me like a white dove full of life; truly we may be far away from each other but my soul will always be attached to you wherever you may be. I love you more than the way the way think. There is other man that can impress me as you do. I adore you my love the most handsome man on earth.


  1. Your thoughts can’t escape my heart because you are my love. I love you beyond what we are saying because I am always ready to be yours forever. There is no one that can stop me from loving you; the joy given to me by the almighty God. You are my angel, the light of my heart and the happiness I have been searching.


  1. I have failed to think of something else. I am missing those moments we have shared together. I am always thinking of us been together in love, been married with our children playing around the room. I wish to find a means to always make you happy for the rest of your life.


  1. There is this amazing thing that will never stop amazing me about you—loving me the way I am. You have been always there for me whether in distress or in happiness. I wish you the most interesting things in life; I love you beyond imagination. Thank you for giving me the kind of joy that I have been searching for.


  1. Since the very first day you left, my heart has been filled with sadness. Your presence in my life has been a good reason to always smile. You are my angel, the most important gift that has ever been given to me. I love you so much and I don’t think anyone can stop the way I feel about you but God.


  1. You are my sweetheart, my joy and my loving diamond. Looking into your eyes gives me extra joy that can’t be explained by words. I cherish you so much my beloved husband the one that I have been willing to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you for loving me beyond how I expected. I love you.

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