Cute Messages For Her To Make Her Smile

Here are one of the best love messages we have written so far and we hope you will enjoy reading it too. Beside these beautiful love text messages, we have written some resent ones such as I love you messages for her and I love you messages for him. 

Enjoy yourselves as you read:

My darling love, you are the hero of my life, the one that brings joy to my heart and makes my days fill with so much love, our life is one in a million treasure; now I know how much your love has changed my life for better and I am happy to find someone who adores me. I love you so much my beloved.

My joy the one that makes me smile, you are the one that makes my day fill with joy and your presence is an endless comfort, my baby I love you with all my heart.

My chocolate candy, you are my one in a billion men, your thoughts on my heart come with ease, I made it a law to myself, to think about you every day of my life. Your love for me is sufficient for me, realizing that you love me is a great joy. I love you sweetheart.

Nothing else I love more like waking up in the morning and see you by my side, the reason is that I see light all of my day and every dream comes true, I feel deep passion in me whenever I say “ I love you my darling ”.

The joy of my life, no human gives me more joy as you do since you become part of me, I am grateful for your love for me. Your patience makes us the best couples ever. I will love you forever my Hero.

Romeo and Juliet are long ago, dying for you is not an issue, I knew I belong to you, since the day I set my eyes on you. My wish is that you should handle this love of ours with care because I already see you as part of me. I cherish you so much.

My beloved, God has given you to me as a mercy and a blessing, you are so unique in your ways, irreplaceable. I love you for whom you are. You are my handsome sweetheart.

We are two love doves, I believe in all your judgments because they always come with peace and sincerity, I will always listen to you even when the thunder strikes in loud voice, no matter what may be, loving you is my utmost concern, and caring for you is my duty. I love you my heart.

As I give my heart to you, it is all I want to do for the rest of my life, every time I think of you and I, you open up your heart to show me how much you cherish me. I love you so much darling.

I feel great joy in me whenever I look around and  all I see is you, you make me feel secured whenever I am sad I recall all sweet words that flow into my ears, of all the things you have said to me when I was sad. I love you so much my heartbeat.

Cute Messages For Her To Make Her Smile

My endless flame of love, my husband, the handsome chosen for me, my king, the sweetest I have had and still having, my best friend my companion. What will I have become without you o mine?

Every day that passes by is a renewal of our love which is sweeter than the sweetest honey and lovely as the morning dew. I want you to have a wonderful day and a blessed evening with you and me.

My Darling, I am sending you a cup of coffee to start your day with joy, I am pleased with everything about you, together forever we shall remain, I love you my sweetheart.

I remember that blessed day you wanted me to be yours, I was so afraid you could hurt me, little did I know that you are my comforter sent to comfort me all my life. I admire you a lot my husband.

When you said you cherish and love me, I thought it was unrealistic, but I come to realize then and now that it was sincerity that made our love stronger, healthy and peaceful. You are all mine.

The passion of my life, you are my husband, I also know one thing for sure that you are always that one person that I  love to see all the  days of my life, my confidence thank you for protecting me.

In life there are people who come to chat with you and remain always as your friend, however when you came to my life, you were so unique and always outstanding. You are mine alone and I am yours alone. I love our union my darling.

The love I have for you is forever, having you as part of me is all I ever need now and forever, your love is uncommon and irreplaceable, I cherish you a lot.

Ever since I became your wife I have that peace in me which gives me comfort whenever I think about you now and always, I feel we are blessed  more , glory unto him for making us to have peace in our home.

I come to realize that the best time and special moment in our life come whenever we are together as always, my most precious pearls I loved you so much.

Romantic Messages For Her To Make Her Smile

I know we all have our own weakness, but trust me I know you are lot better and cheerful husband that any love story could ever tell. I love you sweetheart.

There is this unique smile and laughter that always come whenever we are together, I will like you to wear the same look always because love they grows with special husbands like you.

I always pray for the best for you, I always want you closer to me every second of my life, today and forever. I love it so much my darling.

If loving you is a crime let me go to jail, if caring for you is a mission, let me accomplish it as long as I exist, if cooking for you is the greatest experience, I am ready to serve the meals you so much desire, will do it with great love and happiness. I love you.

Having you is a complete joy, I will continue to be happy forever until our love is ranked endless. I can’t stop loving you my baby.

You are a great dad for my children, a wonderful husband for me, the best and the most cherished of all men, sweet loving and an example to emulate. I cherish you my love.

The charming prince of my life, I was bored so I sent you some packs of kisses and lot of love to soften your day. I love you.

You are mine now and always, I do not love to have any feeling like the one I have whenever I think of you. I will always be right by your side my darling husband , I want no one else but you.

Your love is as sweet as honey; your eyes bring peace to my heart. I am overwhelmed with joy whenever I am with you. I love you my precious baby.

Your love is wonderful because there is no other one like it, your touch is as warm like the morning dew, I love you so much and wish for us to walk together in the valley of love.

Sweet Love Messages To Make Her Smile

My diamond, you are my dearest treasure and I want for you all the good thing in life, for you are always loved in my heart. You are everything I want.

I will always want your warmth touch, here is my pretty shoulder for you to lean on; I love the fact that I am your wife, the mother of your cute kids. I love the idea so much my love.

I have never seen such a wonderful and powerful lover like you, I have never heard and seen any one loved with so much passion as you love me; I just love you just the way you are.

Your treasured eyes are the reflections of your inner-self, your smiles give me more hope, your laughter tells me that you are pleased with me, my love you are my King.

Ever since I fell in love with you, my days have been shining like the sun, my night as cool as the white snow falling from heaven. I am glad because you are my husband, I am loved because you are meant for me, and above all, I am pleased that I am the mother of your kids. I love you so much my heart’s Doctor.

Loving you can never be overemphasized because you are the most adorable of all husbands. You joy is my happiness. My love, I want you to know that I have given all my heart. Nurture it and protect it for us. I can’t stop loving you my dear husband.

You are the most gorgeous man on earth and I am truly in love with you. I will always be in love with you now and forever. I enjoy you more as time passes by. Loving you is my number one priority.

My ever-lasting treasure, you lead my world, you make my day; my honey you relief my burden because you love me. Thank you for your endless love for me.

Since my tender age, I use to say to myself I was going to make my husband the one who will be my king all the way, but now I realize that you are the true love chosen for me. . Thank you my love.

Being an interesting man is not just because you are my hero, you are my kids’ father means more than what a heart can think, you are my husband and that makes it more perfect.

Best Love Messages For Her To Make Her Smile

Beside every good wife there is always a loving husband, my hero you are the one that I want and need in my life give in my life, my heart you are the source of my happiness. I love you.

I cannot regret having you as my husband who is always patient with me when I’m wrong. A man who loves that I am always happy and will always want to see my best even when it is a big blunder. I love you more than you may think.

I want to make you feel so happy tonight, I have prepared your favorite, and also make myself available. I love you my Hero.

We are inseparable because you love me and I love you too, you make me smile all the way, you made me into an angel, I will never forget your kindness in my life. My love for you cannot be comprehended. I love you my king.

You are every good thing of this life I have ever experience with you my heart is safe; my life is full of joy because you dwell also in it. You are my” FOREVER LOVE.”

You never mind my condition when I was weak, you took care of me so much that I shed the tears of love. You were with me when I needed you most. When I was in labor, you could not rest because you were busy shedding tears that I may be relief of my pain. You comfort me with your presence in the delivery room. I love you my treasure.

When you said you will always be close to my heart, I thought it was just a mare statement, now I realized I have been blessed with the best husband in life. I love you my Super Hero.

Your love has filled my heart and there is no space for any man again but you. My Super Hero, your love for me is a light that shines in the heart and a treasure every woman is searching for. I am glad I found your unique love and I am not ready to share it with anyone. I love you my heart peace.

You have dedicated your heart to make happy. You rate me in the highest scale of your preference because you love me. I need more of your romantic love; I love you more than you may think. My Super Hero, take this sweet chocolate kiss.

I am always happy because I realize you love me and I love you too. You fulfilled all promises made and achieved all I needed to be happy. O! I say “it is love that motivated given”. You gave me the 360 degree parts of your love. I will forever be in love with you my Heart. Thank you for making me to understand the meaning of love. I love our life and I mean it.

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