Cute Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

Cute long paragraphs for him copy and paste. Are you searching for the best paragraphs to send to your man but don’t know what to do? These text messages are written for you to express how much you love your man from the bottom of your heart.

Cute long paragraphs for him copy and paste

• It is in your eyes I find comfort that suits my soul. Whenever you smile, I feel like the world is turning around with lots of peace and harmony. I am grateful to you because you are one rare gem completely precious in this world. I love you so much and hope we will meet soon. The hug I have for you is taken from a paradise in my heart.

• I can’t deny the fact that I am always happy around you. This is the reason why I am always sad whenever I see you walking away. You are so special, and the way you smile gives me complete joy whenever I set my eyes on you.

• This night is one lovely moment I will never wish to leave. The thoughts of you in my life keep my life precious and it’s the reason why I am happy always. The way you make me feel is very special that I almost think I am a royalist. I miss your hugs and kisses.

• That I love you wasn’t a joke at all. This feeling always makes my heart skip because it is intense. You are a royal pearl, like seriously, I am yet to see a man as gorgeous as you are. I will always remain your angel as you wish.

• Loving you has brought success to my life and it is true. Since the very moment I set my eyes on you, my life became a land of joy because the sorrows of the past have to find their square roots. You are my love and passion, my life is nothing without you.

• When the true love of your life finally comes, you will be happy because he will never want anything to hurt you. I am lucky because I have found the true love of my life. He is so handsome that my heart refused to be at rest out of pleasure and excitement. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

• There is no man that can take your place in my heart and that’s why I am always in deep prayers for you to remain the love of my life. I will always be your happiness as far as I am concerned. I will cherish you from the bottom of my heart and then make you look special in the presence of everyone. I love you to the moon and above.

• My heart misses you so much. How was your night and how have you been coping this morning. I am happy to have met you in this world because you are simply the kind of world I want to live in. I feel so loved around you and want to spend the rest of my life loving you.

Goodnight Cute Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

• Goodnight my darling, you are the shadow of my heart this night because I off the whole light so that I can see you in my dreams. I am not happy because you are not here with me so that I can hug you for the whole of the night.

• The feeling of having you around me makes me happy and this night is not excluded. I swear you are an uncommon lover that can make a woman happy all day long. This night came with comfort, relaxation, and sweet dream, so I am sending them to you.

• If you were here, I would have hugged you tight, give you the sweetest kiss and then pet you to sleep. I wish I can walk you down to a shopping complex to buy you the most delicious chocolate to calm your heart. I wish I can prepare an ice cream so that you can suit your throat.

• Loving you makes me shed tears of joy. Indeed, you are my love and the true man whose heart is pure for me. I need you for the rest of my life because you have been a great part of my life. You are nice, cute and besides, you are the most wonderful friend I have. l am sending you complete relaxation this night, enjoy.

• May this night form a part that brings peace in your life; yes, you have always remained my favorite and your love makes me happy all the time. I am grateful for the kind of life we share and above all the last thought in my heart every night.

• I used to wake up with your thought and sleep with your love. How are you doing this night? I hope you are happy? If I can risk this night to come to you, it will not be something hard for me at all. You know how much I cherish you and the way I feel whenever I am by your side. Goodnight my prince.

• I can’t wait to cheer you up in the morning, and the sound of your voice can still serve as my comfort this night. I salute the way you smile, the way you cheer me up, and how lively anywhere you have always been. Goodnight, have the best moments in your life.

• My night will be full of fantasy because you are back after a long journey. I hope this night will bring you joy and good rest. Make sure you sleep tight, have a sweet dream of you and me. I also want to send you peace, smile, and compassion this night.

• When you are around a sweetheart, your heart copies what is by its side—it is a fact that I am always excited whenever I find you by my side. I see a lot of reasons to be happy with you. I swear you are the best thing that is occurring to me this night because the way I think of you makes me feel like giving you the whole world.

Good Morning Cute Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

• I am happy living with you and will continue to be happy all the days of my life. I am comfortable because I have this confidence that you are a God-sent person in my life. You are nice, so cute and the sound of your voice makes me happy all the time. Good morning.

• I am already excited because I will find a reason to smile this morning. Your gorgeous face is the reason why I will smile. How was your night? I hope you are enjoying every bit of it in good health, joy, and happiness? I miss your songs, the songs of love that never fade. I am comfortable sharing my life with you.

• The moment I set my eyes on you, every minute of my life began to make sense. This morning is bright because I woke up with your thoughts in my heart. You don’t know how much I love you because even I cannot comprehend the power of my love for you. Good morning dear.

• Every night makes sense but a night with you makes romantic sense. No matter how sad I could be, whenever I am by your side, something makes me feel excited. I wish we can spend the rest of the day together playing and singing. Good morning.

• I have prepared your breakfast with the hope that you can get the best taste of tea this morning to form the energy needed to make your day a blossom one. freshen up your day with a big smile and always be happy no matter the condition.

• I want to thank you for always being a caring husband. I want to cheer you up in the morning and keep you company at night. You are the only friend and true love I have among the rest of the men. I wish to skip the work today so we can spend more time together.

• I will always be there for you since you are the best person my heart will always love. No matter what may happen between us, the situation will wash away but the love will remain. I want to spend the rest of my life with a man that cares more and blames me less. Good morning.

• As the sun rises, I pray it brings comfort to your life. I pray you find rest of mind in all you do, I pray you to continue to enjoy this world in the best way that suits your heart. Good morning to the man of pleasure and joy, your presence in my life makes me happy for you. I love you from head to toe.

• I need you to know that you are my path to success. I will always remain your best friend and the man after my heart. There is no doubt you are the best friend a man should have and the happiness that springs from your heart will always make me happy being there for you. I wish to make you happy all the days of your life.

Inspirational Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

• Your love in my heart is a reason why I am healthy. This is an inspiration that a woman living with a merciful man will continue to be happy all the time. I am in bliss for having you in my life. Stand up this morning and succeed. I love you.
• A minute of prayer can bring a thousand years of prosperity to your doorstep. I woke up this morning sending you the most beautiful smile to keep you strong.

• Whenever your body is weak, don’t bother to keep your face wet with a big smile. Enjoy your life while it lasts. No one knows tomorrow, the moment is important, do your best and leave the rest to God. I wish you more success in your endeavors.

• You are a grace that keeps coming to me. if it means that I should love you a million times, I will love you over and over and heaven will not fall, my heart will not fade and your love will not finish in my heart.

• I want you to know that you are the last man standing. The one that makes me happy in the time of sadness. You always keep me strong whenever I am weak. You are the shoulder I can lean upon in times of worries and fear because you are God-sent.

• I feel so happy being around you. I feel lucky because you are my heartbeat and being there for me makes my life a success. I will be living in a world of joy with you and this world will be there for a long time because there is no other man as special as you are in my life. I love you to the end of time.

• What can I do in a world without you? I am used to you and this makes me happy because it is not easy to find someone like you in this world. I wish to be there for you all the time. I am glad that you are the best person in this world. I miss you so much.

• If you understand how much I wish to make you happy, you will be glad to the extent that tears of passion will not cease from falling down your cheeks. I have come to realize that your presence in my life has made everything easy for me. I love you and will always do for the rest of my life.

• My heart is meant for you and that’s why I am ready to be your wife and the mother of your unborn kids. I can make you happy all the time and will do so for the rest of my life. The joy of having you in this world cannot be comprehended. I wish I can describe the meaning of my passion for you but there is no world qualify enough to describe it.

• Walking around with you makes me smile. It makes me want to spend every minute with you because you are like a flower; the smell around you makes my heart feel at home. I feel secured being around you. I will surely miss you; there is no doubt about this.

• Enjoy this moment for you deserved it. You are worthy of being loved completely. I am happy spending my life around a man of good understanding. You are so special, and I want special things around me, this means you are the most gifted man in my life. I wish you a life full of joy.

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