40 Best Cute Good Night Messages for Friends

Cute Good Night Text Messages For Friend


Cute Good Night Messages for Friends: Friends are like treasures you can’t replace them with any other thing no matter how expensive it may be. You are already on the website that is always ready to provide you with all kinds of text messages that are suitable to be sent to your friends.
Apart from these very text messages, we have written some previous romantic ones you will also like to read. Here are some of our text messages  such as goodnight messages forhusband and good night messages for her. You may also like to watch some of our love memes images.

Good luck and enjoy yourselves as you read our late text messages for a friend:

1. Life may not necessarily be perfect, but good friends will surely make all the imperfections easier to handle. You are such a wonderful friend to be with and I have never for one day regretted having you as my best friend. Good night!

2. You are the brightest celebrity in my life not the famous ones around the world; they may be interesting or kind but I can’t compare them with you because you are more than just a friend. Good night my best friend!

3. We may have some fights or misunderstandings but they can’t break the bond of friendship God has blessed us with. I love you so much as a good friend because you are so special. I just want to say good night!

4. Every moment of our friendship is like a honey well full of joy and happiness. Since the day I met you have always been kind and caring to me. You are indeed a good friend. I just want to say good night my friend!

5. The joy that emanates from our friendship will never find an end. It is like the radiance of the sunlight—it does not get exhausted. I salute you for all your kindness in my life, a gem, and good-hearted friend good night!

6. Our friendship will bring shining glories that are like the radiance of the moon and the sweet moment we shared together are like the twinkle of the stars that light up the passion of my heart. Good night my lovely friend!

7. Real friendship is when things go bad but never affect the true love that exists between them. I have confirmed that from you my dear friend. You have always been a great friend to me and will forever remember you. Good night!

8. It may be hard to reach out to you sometimes but it does not mean that I don’t care what is more important is that you are always on my heart. I want to appreciate you for all No matter your supports in my life; a friend like you is not easy to find. Good night my friend!

9. In times of hardship you are the only friend God has chosen for me to bring joy back to my heart. Times without number you have proven to me that you will always find a way to put smile on my face. Good night!

10. In life success is not only judged by the number of wealth you gather but also by the kind of friend you have. You are a wonderful friend and your type is very rare to find in life. I cherish your lifestyle so much. I just want to say good night my best friend!

Good Night Messages For My friend


11. A day without you is a complete boredom because you are so interesting to hang around with. Just like a lover, I am beginning to miss you even when I know very well that we are friends. Thank you for been there for me anytime I need you most. Good night!

12. The calmness of the night is a reminder of how romantic and joyful my life has become having you as a friend. You have impacted so many positive things into my life, you are a guardian angel. Good night!
13. Real friendship is when there are total understanding and tolerance, it is a home where forgiveness reigns and help is so cheap to get. You such a kind of friend. You understand my past and yet accepted me as your friend. Good night!

14. Just like the brightness of the stars illuminates the entire darkness of the night sky, your friendship has brought light into my life. You are so wonderful been a friend. I love you as a friend and your matter will forever last in my memory. Good night!

15. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face my dear friend– I wish you all the kindness that comes with the night hour. Please always remember that you have a very who is ready to do almost everything for you, good night!

16. Whenever I think of our friendship, joy and happiness descend upon my heart living me in the sea of bliss and passion. Thank you my dear friend for all your supports in my life Good night!

17. It is possible that all of life’s troubles aren’t meant to be resolved but sometimes it is just better to move on. No matter how rough our moment could be with each other, I will always remain your best friend, Good night!

18. Since the day we became friends, I have been feeling the impact of what a true friend could be. Out of no time, you squeeze out a space to reach out to me. in times of sadness, you stay by my side—I must tell you that you are so great my dear friend, good night!

19. In this romantic night, I want you to sit up from your bed because I’m sending you a huge hug to complement the impact of our love for each other as friends. Have a wonderful night!

20. A true friend is that person who accepts and embraces you when everyone else rejects you for whom you are. You are indeed a real friend. Thank you darling for always been there for me. Good night!

Cute Good Morning Messages For Friend


21. No matter how romantic and interesting a night maybe, my heart will be bored until I can hear from my friend. You are such a wonderful companion. You amaze me for never been tired in kindness towards me, good night!

22. The size of your bed is big so I want you to sleep comfortably so you can feel the bliss that comes with the coolness of the night. I want you to have a wonderful night full of sweet dreams. My good friend I just want to say, good night!

23. Having you as a friend is a rare privilege so I grab your friendship with all my heart. You are so special and trustworthy. My dear friend, I wish you the entire best thing in life. I just want to say good night, my friend!

24. I am the happiest guy on earth and do you know why? It is because I have been blessed with my best friend in life. My days and nights keep becoming more interesting since the day we became friends. Have a wonderful night my friend!

25. You are a special friend and I love that about you because you never cease to show the best of your kindness towards me. I want to thank you for always been there for me whenever I need you most. This night, I pray that God should bless you with your heart desires. Good night!

26. The sunshine that light up your life’s dark skies friendship. We are meant to be good companions since the beginning of our existence. You are so cute and special my friend. Now and forever will I be your friend? Good night!

27. Time without numbers I might have taken you for granted but the fact is that you are my best friend now and forever. I value you most when I’m alone in the dark hours of the night. You are so wonderful but funny. I just want to say good night!

28. You are a friend in need and in deeds. You have without hesitation helped me when I need you most. Your cheerful heart will last forever in my memory. I salute you for being the kind of person every helpless soul can find. You are special my dear friend. Good night!

29. Anytime I say good night to special friends like you, it brings tears to my eyes because I know will surely mean those interesting things you say whenever we are together. Anyway have a Sweet Dream, I miss you have a wonderful night!

30. The only reason I have the sweetest of nights is that I look forward to spending the next day with amazing associates like you. I hope you will have the sweetest of dreams coz I can’t wait to see your handsome face once again. Good night!

Romantic Good Night Messages For Friend


31. I am hoping that your dreams take you to a peaceful land where you can derive the best of joy, reach your goals, and achieve the best of dreams. Enjoy it, because I wish you every good thing life can bring, good night buddy my dear friend!

32. If you can’t sleep chat me up on Whatsapp, call me to hear your sweet voice if you had a bad dream, I will always be there to wipe away your fears. I am ready to kick the living daylight of all your bad dreams. Good night my sweetheart friend!

33. I wish you can stop been worried about all the things people said to hurt your feelings. Just hold on to the blissfulness of what the moment we have shared together. Good night my dear angel!

34. I pray that the Lord of the world covers all your worries with comforts. May the light of the shining stars illuminate your goals, and may the softness of the moon be a soothing relief to your entire life problems. Good night my friend!

35. This precious night didn’t come to bring an end to good times we have always spent together as friends. It does mean to bring sadness to your heart but rather wishes you the best of moments now and forever. Good night my good friend!

36. I want you to forget about all your worries and cheer yourself up because no one else can bring joy to your heart but you. As a friend, I will try my best to put a smile on your face but can’t guaranty the completeness of compassion I can install in your gentle heart. I just want to say good night!

37. Hide your worries in your headrest, wrap your dilemma in your blanket, and spread your fears on your sheets so you can feel the softness of the night. Tomorrow may have been filled with dirty linen, but the most important thing is that you refreshed your mind through the night. Good night!

38. Forget about the problems of the past and focus on the fortune the presence will bring into your life. You are my good friend and always will you be the best of my companions. I want you to lead a simple life and stop been worried about yesterday. Good night!

39. I am pleased to be with you now and forever because you are the kind of friend every good heart wishes for. Welcome to my world and dwell in it forever for your kindness will forever reign in my mind. Good night my dear friend!

40. You are always welcome to my world the bliss that my heart has melted for. Your passionate and sympathetic attitudes grease my soul with the butter of joy and happiness. I love you so much, my friend. Good night!

Lovely Good Night Messages For Friend


41. No matter the time that your dreams come to you, I pray that they all should be achievable. Your day and night I ask the Lord to bless and bring your success to you wherever you may be, my dear friend I just want to say—good night!

42. In times of laughter, smirks, sorrows, frights, misunderstanding, and jokes – you will always remain as good friend to me. I ask the Lord to help you with all that you may engage and bring fortune to your doorsteps. Good night my friend!

43. Just like the beautiful look of the night sky, our friendship covers all of my life sorrows and unlocks the patience and peace of my heart. You are a rare character that can’t be replaced by anyone. Good night an uncommon gem!

44. I pray that your entire life be filled with the light that emanates from our friendship! Since the day I met you, my life has never remained the same. Every now and then, your impact will always be perfect in my heart. I just want to say, have a sweet night! Dear friend!

45. We always blend together like bread and tea, mellow down to kindness like a mole of pounded yam into the throat, and like bread and butter we enjoy our time together. I want you to have a very peaceful night as and I look forward to see your beautiful face tomorrow. Good night!

46. My Dear friend I want you to sleep comfortably so you can regain your strength for tomorrow. You mean a lot to me so I am wishing you all the best in life. Stop thinking about the problems of the past and focus on the joy this presence life has brought to you. Good night!

47. You are a great person and I value you more than you can ever think, hanging around with a friend like you will always bring joy to the heart. I appreciate you for all the great things you’ve done in my life—now and forever you will always be my best friend! Good night!

48. Your friendship is an uncommon treasure I enjoy so much with passion. You are my darling friend the only companion that has always been truthful to me. Can a person be luckier than I am after meeting you in life? You are so special and I am so pleased been your friend. Good night!

49. I hope you can find rest in the comfort of your pillow so that tomorrow will be fine to start the day. Dear friend, I wish for you every good things of life and I want you to have a wonderful night rest. Cheer up baby!

50. Your advice and encouragement will never escape my memory now and for the rest of my life. I so much trust you because you are a better person than I am in heart—a true confession but I thank God have taken you as my role model. I am wishing you a nice dream tonight!

51. I appreciate the fact that you are my best friend and will forever be with you. You are my number in the list of friends. Have the coolness of this night all descending upon you. I cherish you so much my friend. Good night!

52. Having a good friend like makes life great and nice to live. Your presence now and anytime brings endless joy to my heart. I want you to find rest in the blossom of this night that grows with passion. My dear friend do have a wonderful night rest!

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