Cargo Bag vs Cargo Box Which Is Better

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Cargo Bag vs Cargo Box

Most of the time, people find it difficult to differentiate between two identical twins, sometimes you find it difficult to identify which is which until you finally notice a sign in a part of their body. The same thing will happen to you if you are not careful in selecting a cargo bag or cargo box.

I will give you this comprehensive analysis to help you further differentiate between them but in the end, you may decide which one to purchase based on the purpose you want to use it for.

Lend me your ears

Have you been able to differentiate between these two items at all? The answer is no and the reason could be because both look like a box if you grew up identifying bags as a box. However, I will shortly do some justice in this article just keep reading until it is time. Remember, patience is gold and you will surely find the treasure.

Can I call your attention to something?

Before we can even tell you about a matter, you ought to, first of all, know the description. What is a cargo bag and what is a cargo box?

Describing a cargo bag in briefly

Cargo Bag vs Cargo Box:

A cargo bag is a strong and tough bag with zippers and flaps used to carry bulky items from one place to another on the roof of a car. The items that can be packaged or loaded in a cargo bag include items such as canoes, sports equipment, shoes, kayaks skis, and various other items that will ordinary take up space.

If you really need enough space while traveling with your family or friends for a special occasion or wherever you might have decided to go, purchasing either a rooftop bag or a rooftop box will automatically be your first choice. Thanks to the discovery of these great products.

Describing a rooftop box in brief

Cargo Bag vs Cargo Box:

This is a box that is normally used to help Carry bulky loads such as luggage, sports equipment, sleeping bags, suitcases, sports bags, feeding bottles, outdoor or camping equipment, and so on.

You may be wondering why is this very item called a rooftop box and something else that looks like a box is called a bag. There is a reason, not that they are not used for the same purpose but you will come to know what makes them different. The first difference detected. The way they are made.

Comprehensive information on a cargo bag

Cargo Bag vs Cargo Box

Can we now talk more on detailed information concerning a cargo bag? You see, cargo bags are just super fantastic when it comes to creating more space for your vehicles. They are better-called space creators according to me.

If you are already thinking of the ability to easily move your stuff around, a cargo bag is your best friend. It is an awesome product that can hold up to a volume of 18 cubic feet.

It means it can hold nearly the same volume as a rooftop box. There is this specific advantage of a cargo bag, you can store it after usage and it is not hard to do, just fold the bags into a small block and store it in a corner of your room or if there is any safe place to store it outside the house.

Apart from this simplicity, do you know that it is easy to install on your car roof? One good thing about this item is that you don’t even need a roof rack to mount it on the rooftop of your car. So, with or without a roof rack, you are perfectly good to go. The items are made to be universal and this is the very reason why it can store oddly shaped valuables. Another advantage is that they come at low prices compared to a rooftop box.

Comprehensive information on a cargo box

Cargo Bag vs Cargo Box

You see, this cargo box has a unique reason why rich people may consider it better than the cargo bag, and this is exactly the beginning of the difference between the two products. Talking about security, this is more secured compared to rooftop bags.

Security of a rooftop box: rooftop boxes are so secured that you can leave it on the top of your car roof and walk away just like when you have a door well secure with good material and security key. What do you think makes you sleep without thinking if a thief or armed robber can easily break into your house? The same feeling should be given about this particular item.

The cargo box is made with locks that keep your valuables secured, they are also made of strong and hard shell casing which increases the safety of the contents.

Its car trunk behavior: it is so amazing that your cargo box can act as a car trunk, for this reason, it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, be it rain, harsh sunshine, moisture a so on. This ability further protect your items.

As you already know, a cargo box can pick a volume of 22 cubic feet maximum, this interesting volume gives it the flexibility to manage your car trunk space. It can also protect your items. Strong impact as you enjoy your trip peacefully.

The difference between a cargo bag and a cargo box

We finally arrived at the difference between a cargo bag and a cargo box. What do you still think is the difference so far? Well, you may have understood the trick a bit but still not yet clear as you want. Now let’s call a spade a spade. Knowing the difference will help you make a good decision.

The Cargo boxes

Cargo Bag vs Cargo Box

The dream of anyone buying a cargo box is to ensure that it can increase storage space for his or her vehicle. If you need a quick solution if this nature, this is exactly what you need, a cargo box.

Rack Problem: unlike the rooftop bags, rooftop boxes cannot work without a car rack, besides that, your car rack may not even be compatible with the purchased cargo box. This should strongly draw your attention to the fact that you have to be extra careful before investing your money in a rooftop box.

Everyone needs space: even as low as plants in terms of living things, they also compete for space, when there is space for humans, his or her mind comes to rest, with no unnecessary anger or stress.

Don’t Be surprised that your car needs enough space to run properly. The space offered by the two cargo is almost the same capacity. Despite Athena fact that the too Carlos have almost the same capacity, the maximum volume a cargo bag can take is 18 cubic feet capacity, so if you may be going for a trip carrying along with a lot of 8f gear, you must consider going for a rooftop box as it can take as maxi of 22 cubic feet. So, what are you thinking about now? Is this decision for you?

Security inclined system

Well, both cargos are good when it comes to securing your valuables but in the case of which is more secured, and can even cause you to forget it on your car trunk to go to where you want, it can’t be more than the rooftop box.


Let’s now think about security. In this field, cargo boxes are definitely one step ahead of cargo bags. As per above, cargo boxes have locking mechanisms included, and their bodies are made from durable material.

However, a cargo bag may not afford you as much security. For example, a bag can be slit open with a knife if an undesirable element so desired. So when it comes to security, cargo boxes are the better choice.

You may want to argue this but can I remind you something about a cargo box, it is made of a hard casing that cannot be easily broken. Giving a final judgment, a rooftop bag cannot secure your items as the cargo does.

Storage: If you have been reading my article from the beginning, you should be able to already know the cargo that can be easily stored. No doubt, your cargo box will be more difficult to store compared to the cargo bag that can be folded to fit into your shelf minimal space.

What shape are your items? This versatile item can be folded into any shape you desire, unlike the rooftop boxes, don’t even think of such possibility. So, this is an advantage if storage when you are not using your cargo bag.

The cargo box when not in use, is not easily stored, this makes a reason why you will need to brainstorm where to keep it. Do you have a garage? If true, that’s great. If you don’t have a garage, it is like there will be a problem, maybe you will have to store it on your head. Well, kidding, but try not to end up carrying your cross.

Hello, don’t go yet, I have another option for you. Remember you can keep your cargo box all the time on the rooftop of your car. Yes, now you get, keep it on it all the time and nothing will happen to it if you are in a secured area but ensure that you take roads with high bridges. Is this not inconvenient? Then the best option is to build your garage.

Let’s Look at the Cost

Considering the cost of the two products, there is a big difference. The cargo bags are less expensive compared. If you have a large budget, I will advise you to go for the box but if you want to save your dollars or pounds or Naira, or your currency, go for the cheaper option, the cargo bag.
Sometimes, however, you can still get cheaper cargo boxes in which a cargo bag will be more expensive than, vise versa.

Which of the two is better

As you can see, it will be a bit difficult to identify which is better between the two rooftop items but still, it depends on your personal desire. You may have considered the following reasons

• The cost of buying
• Storage capacity
• Storage when not in use
• Compatibility with your vehicle.

Now, after answering these questions, it means you have successfully made the right decision, and the very item you bought is better according to you.

The Tabular difference between a cargo bag and a cargo box

Rooftop BagRooftop Box
Made of Vinyl fabrics and Nylons.Made of hard casing
Comes with strong Zippers and Flaps.Comes with strong locks.
It can be easily folded and stored.You will need a garage to store it or keep it on the roof.
It comes with maximum of 18 cubic feet capacity.It comes with maximum of 22 cubic feet capacity

As you can see, I have successfully given you the comprehensive differences between a rooftop bag and a rooftop box, but I have also decided to give a tabular difference for further understanding, so you will be able to select your product as supposed.

What are you supposed to check before buying a cargo bag?

There is no doubt that rooftop bags remain a great option for many families for creating storage space for their cars or other types of vehicles such as SUV during a trip or adventure on the road.

Don’t forget that cargo bags serve the same purpose with the cargo boxes the difference is that the rooftop boxes are made of harder casings, so this should remind you that you must first identify what you are trying to buy. I hope you have learned your first lesson here? I do, believe me, you will soon select the best cargo bag or cargo box. If you still want to further understand the method through which you can be guided to purchase what you actually desire.
Here are some guides for you to follow so that you may finally purchase the right pro for a specific reason, at a specific price for a specific time.

Consider the internal volume of your cargo bag

This, you must consider, in fact, it shouldn’t skip your mind from the beginning of your plan to purchase a cargo bag. Don’t forget your initial reason for purchasing a rooftop bag is for you to be able to store enough luggage in it, why then will you quickly jump to buy one without checking the storage capacity. There are various sizes of a rooftop bag but the biggest size happens to be 18 cubic feet which one do you think can accommodate all of your valuables while traveling? That’s exactly what should determine the size you buy.

One great feature about a rooftop bag is that it helps to create internal space in your car and as such, you don’t want to play a cheap game about that. The size of the bag can also be determined by the size of your car.

The material the bag is made of matters

Well, the success of your game in the first place is to be able to purchase something that will last long for you. This is why to me it becomes so mandatory that you purchase a cargo bag made of high-quality materials. Ask yourself, what is this cargo bag made of? Is it made of materials that can easily tear?

You should also consider the effect of the exposure of a cargo bag to harsh weather conditions, can it actually withstand all this? Then what type of bag should you go for? Go for that very type made of vinyl fabrics, they are definitely tougher than those made with nylon.

You want to consider the weight of the bag

If your bag cannot carry the weight of your loads, what’s the essence of buying it? Does it make sense to anyone? No! You have to be vigilant before quickly pushing your money into any transaction out of gratification. The cargo bag you are intending to buy must be strong and tough enough to carry the valuables that are about to be placed in it. This is important to avoid unnecessary embarrassment due to sudden split into pieces.

My honest advice is that you should ensure that the material of your bag is tough enough to withstand the stress loaded on it by the items contained in it.

Looking into the security of the item: an item with great security will win the heart of the owner and beholders. Imagine when you are guaranteed that once you fix a door to your house no one can gain access except with your permission. How will you feel? Secured right? Exactly, a well-designed rooftop bag with high-quality material will do a similar job for you.

It doesn’t take you less than 10 minutes to activate this possibility of getting a cargo bag with good security but your time during the research actually worth it.

Check the zipper, the flaps of your bag, will they stay normal as you travel in high speed? The flaps should be durable enough that even wind shouldn’t be able to remove it from your car rooftop.

Once the zippers are of high quality, it means you have spent your money wisely and for sure you will get the best performance needed ever. Now, you want to consider even padlocks, they should be of high grades too. If you can understand me very well, don’t go for low-quality items they will end up frustrating you. Hammered!

Portable and easy to store experience: wow I am yet to see someone who wants to overweight or oversized item while he has an option of going with a portable product that will also easily agree for storage. I don’t know, or have you seen it too? Please, relate the story in the comment box.

Nonportable cargo bag? No! I am yet to see it. These items comply with easy folding, this enough is the reason why they are super portable compared to the counterpart, the rooftop box. Are the following? Now, don’t go out there to buy a concrete called cargo bag, if you cannot fold it, it is not a bag, and now you should know what a cargo box looks like. Gbam!( Just like when a judge hit a hammer on a ruling)

Not being portable can be caused sometimes by the size of your bag. That’s why I advised that you shouldn’t go beyond the capacity bigger than your car rooftop. The maximum size is one of 18 cubic feet.
Easy installation and mounting of the bag

Wow, this is nice to talk about. Imagine when a lecturer gives you an easy to do mathematics problems for a test in the class, for sure the entire good and smart students will smile out of the class after the test. The same is applicable in all aspects of life. We have easy and hard problems to solve What about when you have people that can make problems easy for you? Good, the manufacturers of good rooftop bags have made them easy to install. You don’t need a car rack to mount your cargo bag at all.

Rooftop bags have the ability to rest on a pad without the car roof rack, and then you will actually enjoy the magical way it passes through your car doors giving them extra security as well as giving itself extra rigidity. Tell me, guys, will still avoid such things?

You may actually want to buy a cargo box instead of for a cargo bag for these outlined reasons

• It may be that you want to increase the security of your valuables, then going for a rooftop box is the best option and the reason is that the shells are made of hard casings, tough enough to withstand attempts to break it.

• You can’t compare locks with zippers. The locks of a cargo box are there to protect your luggage and other items contained in it. So, if this is your mission, why not create a budget to meet up with purchasing such products?
• The ideal space it creates.

• It creates more space of 22 cubic feet compared to a cargo bag with 18 cubic feet. If you are considering this factor too, you may want to go for the box.

• Rooftop boxes can withstand harsher weather conditions, compared to the rooftop bags, so, which are you going for now if you have the money?

What are the benefits of a rooftop bag

The universal simplicity of a cargo bag gives it an advantage over the box, meaning you can change it into any shape and will easily comply with the shape of the item to be placed. It can as well help move other equipment such as sport, personal items, camping gear, and other things not mentioned.

You are guaranteed enough space for your vehicle. This item will create extra space for you in the inner space of your car, which means, if you are to carry just 2 people along your trip, you can now carry along 4 or more people for the journey.

The Security and Organization of your item for sure. If you have good rooftop bags, you will hardly misplace your valuables. This means that you have gone for a good cargo bag with high quality. So your items will be intact through the trip. Weather conditions will not be a treat to your luggage.

Are there any maintenance tips or protection tips

These two items without any doubt serve the same purpose, so we need to merge the protection tips together to give you the maintenance advantage. Check these tips:

• The cargo must be firmly the exact size of your car rooftop. This is necessarily necessary for a buyer to select a cargo bag or box that will fit the size of the car rooftop so that it doesn’t slide while at a high speed.

• The height of the bridges stationed in your roads should be considered. Do you want a carrier rooftop bag that will last long? You will have to load your cargo box or bag to a moderate height that will be free to pass under bridges or comply with the standard set by the state laws, rules, and regulations.

• Don’t under load your bag or box, it has to take the capacity that will make it stay firmly on the rooftop. So, be mindful of the weight and balance as well.


It is a good idea for you to consider high-quality cargo bags or boxes, that will serve you well during a journey. You shouldn’t quickly purchase any item without having complete knowledge about its quality and functionality. It is when you do so that you will be able to select the type that will last long with you.
What’s your take on this article? Can I read your opinion on the comment box?

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