Romantic Birthday Wishes For Friend On Facebook

Birthday Wishes for a Friend on Facebook



Birthday Wishes For Friend On Facebook

Birthday Wishes For Friend On Facebook: Indeed, it is a pure truth that our friends are part of our life whether in times of joy and happiness or in times of adversity and sadness. In as much as they are truthful to us, it is their right that we should actually celebrate them.

Today, we decided to take birthday text messages to the next level on this website. The next level is not new to anyone here, not even the original writer (A writer for this website) we decided to call it a ‘next level’ posts because this is our first time of creating content with a topic as stated in its title.

We have in the previous months written some interesting text messages on birthdays so you may like to read them too. We recommend these posts for you: 50 birthday messages for my girlfriend or boyfriend and happy birthday wishes for my love. You can now start enjoying our newly created Facebook birthday messages for friends.


Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook Status



1. I am pleased to come to the edge of the world to announce that my best friend is plus one today. Everybody, please wish him a very big happy birthday.

2. Hurray, happy birthday to a gem of passion and uncommon plum of kindness. I am wishing you all the best in life. Have a wonderful birthday my darling friend.


3. From the innermost part of my heart, I wish you a very palatable birthday and I am assuring you that every part of my existence celebrates you today been the special day of your life.


4. You are such an appealing angel and this is the very reason why I am willing to be close to you until the end of time; happy birthday to you my dear friend.

5. As I place this special message on your timeline, I pray that every eye that sees it comes with its own blessing for you. May the Lord endow you with a prosperous life ahead, happy birthday!

6. To the best of friends I am wishing you a very awesome birthday on this exceptional day of your life; may your days be filled with joy and success. Happy birthday.


7. Be happy because today is your day, may the Lord bless you with every single part of your heart desires. I cherish you so much, my dear friend. Just want to say, happy birthday to you.


8. Hello world, guess what? I am celebrating my best friend right now on her timeline I hope you will all join me to make her day more fulfilling? Happy birthday to you!


9. It is my pleasure to announce to the world that my best friend is plus one today. Have a splendid day ahead and celebrate your birthday like never before.


10. May the Lord be pleased with you on this special day of your life;  I beseech Him to ease all your affairs and crown your efforts with success. Happy birthday to you.


Happy Birthday Wishes for friend on Facebook



11. I decided to make my first post today to be your birthday wishes. I ask God to ease your affairs and protect you from all evil. Happy birthday to the best friend on earth.

12. May the door of success be opened for you, I pray that the Lord should bless you with every good thing your heart desires—happy birthday my beloved friend!

13. In this blessed morning hour of your day, I am begging God to grant you all the best in life, and God’s blessing and mercy shall descend in your home. Happy birthday.


14. Happy birthday to the sweet friend I am always proud of. Indeed,  you are a special gem worthy of been celebrated until the end. Happy birthday to you!


15. Blessed is this day of your life, may it bring lots of success into your home and serve as the beginning of success in your life. Happy birthday to you.


16. In my life, I have found something special and it is you—a special kind of friend I am proud of spending my life with; happy birthday to you!


17. Can I just tell what I have been keeping for all this while on your timeline? Yeah, it is the fact that I love you with all my heart and I want to say a very big happy birthday to you!


18. Nothing can stop me from admiring you as my one and only friend.  You give me endless reasons to want to stay with you for the rest of my life; happy birthday.


19. To the special friend of life, may the light of your new age never off again; I just want to say happy birthday to you.

20. May the gate of honor and success be opened for you from the highest point in heaven! Happy birthday my sweet romantic friend.


Birthday Wishes for Best Friend on Facebook


21. I want you to leave this piece of my heart I called message on your timeline to last forever. I want you to know that I love you so much as a friend. Happy birthday to you.


22. You are such an uncommon gem, a wonderful angel worthy of been celebrated for the rest of this world. I love you, my dear friend.  Happy birthday to you!


23. I hope you will make sure you are the happiest person on earth today? This is your day, so may your timeline be flooded with passion from the people. Happy birthday.


24. Your timeline will be decorated with lots of wishes and flowers today; it is my pleasure to witness it too. My beloved friend, have a new age filled with endless joy. Happy birthday to you.


25. I just want to appreciate you for everything you have done in my life; may you find a helper that will for you better things you have done in my life. Happy birthday.


26. You are an angel, a special flower of joy, and continuous happiness.
I wish you the best of things that will come along with this special day in your life; happy birthday.


27. Hurray, my darling friend is plus one today. See how cute and beautiful she is, a gem of unending happiness. Just want to happy birthday.


28. There is no one that can replace your throne of love in my heart as a good and best friend. You are my hope and will always count on you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday to you.


29. May the Lord rain success in your life and make you one of the best in this world. You are such an intelligent fellow. Happy birthday.


30. May this day bring lots of success into your world, may the gate of joy and prosperity be opened for you in this your new age until the kingdom come, happy birthday!


Animated Birthday Wishes for Friends Facebook



31. I love cakes so much; I hope you are going to make the biggest cake in the world so that I can swim in the cake. Happy birthday.


32. One of the criteria for identifying a romantic birthday is the kind of cake you make. I hope your birthday cake will be as big as a three-story building? I just want to say happy birthday to you.


33. Nice people like you deserved to be celebrated beyond what people think because you are such a special angel. Don’t forget to keep my cake.


34. I don’t there is any other gift I can give to you which will be better than the cake I’m going to present to you—to show you how much you mean to me—happy birthday to you.


35. Cakes are like delicious chocolate, I don’t think there is any other tasty baked material like them. Happy birthday to you.


36. The cake is as beautiful as roses, sweet like chocolate, and cute as a wonderful queen of the valley of love. Happy birthday to you.


37. Making a cake as tall as Kilimanjaro is a cute experience I will never forget. It gives me the joy to hear about you every now and then. Just want to say, happy birthday to you.


38. I want to eat a cake made from the alloy of love and passion and blended with diamond and ruby. Happy birthday my dear friend.


39. On this day of your new age, may the cake prepared be protected from all evil eyes so that we can eat it to our satisfaction, happy birthday to you!


40. You are a special angel, the one that keeps me busy when I’m lonely. I wish you all the best in life; your cake is the most delicious one I have ever tasted. Happy birthday to you.


Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook status in Hindi



41. Whenever I am sad, just do a favor by inviting me to a birthday party; why not throw a Facebook birthday party? Happy birthday.

42. Party is a wonderful experience and an opportunity to cheer up with your friends and family, lots of food and chicken. Happy birthday to you.


43. I love the way you were dancing at your birthday party. You are such a wonderful dancer, a nice move, and a sweet step you took. Happy birthday my beloved friend.


44. Wonders are not found anywhere else but in birthday parties, lots of characters, dances, games, and some other kind of ideas that pleases the heart. Happy birthday my friend.


45. I don’t have a choice than to bring this up to your timeline. You are the cutest friend ever and I wish to celebrate you. What a wonderful birthday party?


46. The cutest thing I love when it comes to the party is the party. I love the events that take place in it and it is a means to easily share our feelings for one and another. Happy birthday to you.


47. You are such an amazing friend, thank you for all the sacrifice you have taken in my life; I really enjoyed the birthday party. Happy birthday to you.


48. I love interacting with the audience and the master of the ceremony can be so fantastic. I just love a birthday party, hope you are going to organize one for us?


49. Last year’s birthday party is so fantastic and awesome; I hope this new one will be full of joy and happiness? Just want to say, happy birthday to you.


50. Dancing at birthday parties is my hobby; I derive so much joy when it comes to celebrating a gem like you. May your new age be filled with endless joy!


birthday Wishes for Friends in English on Facebook


51. Happy birthday to the most beautiful friend in the world. I am willing to make you happy, hoping that it will bring more peace to your heart. Happy birthday to you.


52. your smiling face is known for doing great things because it is always happy no matter the condition. Just want to say, happy birthday my beloved friend.


53. Loving you over and over will never get me tired because I love falling in love with you as a friend time without number. Happy birthday.


54. I love you with all my heart and truly no one can stop me from loving you. I wish you all the best in life; just want to say, happy birthday.


55. You are the most beautiful friend I have ever met in life; I can’t explain how I feel for you my darling friend but will always be yours forever. Happy birthday.


56. You are such an interesting person, a wonderful friend that God has given to me; I just want to let you know that you are my best friend. Happy birthday.


57. Happy birthday to my one only true friend, the one I can always count upon whenever I am weak in any way. You are my God sent companion. I just want to show you how you mean to me.


58. The lovely of mine is celebrating his birthday; I wish you all the best in life. May your new age be a source of happiness for you!


59. The day you were born, angels were singing and the sky was crying accompanying you with rain to cool the earth that will admit you—I am saying happy birthday to you.


60. You are such a special kind of friend that is rare to find on this earth. S charming and beautiful treasure that can never be forgotten.  Happy birthday to you.


61. I love everything about you because you are truthful in everything you do; such is the character of rare gems. Happy birthday my beloved friend.


62. The sky shall be the beginning of your success until God will bless you to the extent that you will say, God, ‘enough’ the love you have shown me is wonderful and permanent. Happy birthday.


63. Praise God for sparing your life up till this moment of your life.  Thank Him for everything He has done for you free of charge. Thank you,  Lord, for making this day special for my friend. Happy birthday.


64. May the gate of success and prosperity be opened for you in heaven, may the rain of health and wealth be poured on you from heaven; just want to say, happy birthday friend!

65. Happy birthday to the coolest, sweetest, loveliest, and most intelligent friend ever. I appreciate you for your endless love for me.


66. I am up here today to show you how much you mean to me. To show you how beautiful this special day is supposed to be for you but it will be ugly if you don’t cheer up. Happy birthday, friend.


67. May the Lord be pleased with you; I pray that the mercy of God should follow you till eternity. Happy birthday to the best companion ever.


68. You are the kind of friend that I have been searching for, a sweet angel that can sacrifice everything just to make me happy. I just want to say happy birthday to you.


69. You are my sweetest friend, a pillar of joy and happiness. Never mind what people say about you because I trusted you then I trusted them, happy birthday to you.


70. I have a lot of gifts to present to you but if I do not test this on your timeline, my heart will not forgive me. I just want to say
happy birthday to you.

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