Romantic Birthday Message For A Boyfriend

Romantic Birthday Message For A Boyfriend



birthday message for a boyfriend


A boyfriend is a lucky guy that a lady or girl has fallen in love with and is ready to give her heart and trust to. She cherishes him more than any other man or boy she meets every day of her life. Sometimes, the relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend could lead to marriage while sometimes they may break up along the line.

Our own mission here is to help achieve a sincere relationship goal through text messages. You can also check our previous messages to clear your doubts. We have written messages on 80 powerful motivational quotes for success in life or best 50 good morning messages for mom.

Here are the latest ones:

Cute And Best Of Happy Bday For Him

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1. My joy is found in you and truly I will always be happy in as much as you belong to me, want me, and cherish the kind of person I am. Happy birthday my love!



2. For the rest of my life, I will always be where you are to show you how much you mean to me; to show you the depth of my feelings for you. I love you and will like to say, happy birthday.



3. For you are my joy, success, and happiness. You are my dream the most handsome companion that has ever come into my life, just want to say, happy birthday.



4. I will always love you until the end of time and this very day of your new age, I am wishing you a prosperous life full of joy and success. Happy birthday my beloved sweetheart!



5. If you looked into the sky, you will realize how bright it is; that’s how I wish that your new age should look. I adore like never before because you are the most handsome guy ever. Happy birthday.



6. I always wish for the day too bright so that it could bring you close to me; truly, I have missed you a lot and only your beautiful face can bring back my joy. Happy birthday!



7. I want to say happy birthday to the one I love because you are an interesting prince, sweet to be within every second in life. This new age of yours will bring lots of blessings to you.



8. Today and forever, your face will never find a reason to cease smiling. This is because; you are a special kind of person and a superstar worthy of been celebrated, needed, and cherished.


Romantic Birthday Message For A Boyfriend



9. How I wish it is possible to make every moment spent with you last till eternity, I will have to make that happen so that I will always lean my head on your chest forever, happy birthday my love.


10. You can miss someone for many reasons but the most painful thing is to miss someone because you love them from the bottomless part of your heart. It really hurts.


11. The morning may come and go, the night may darken and darkens, time may count as it really wants to count but I will never lose the hope to show you how much you mean to me. Happy birthday!



12. Whenever I set my eyes on you, I feel a deep ocean of joy in my heart. I could not sleep because your thoughts refused to live my heart. Happy birthday my beloved boyfriend!



13. Every year is like a golden opportunity, it gives me joy and happiness to realize that you belong to me. To let you know that even though in a million years, always will you be my number one. Happy birthday!



14. I pray that this new age you just clock will be a pathway to your success, I pray that the Lord shall ease your affairs and bless you with your heart desires. Happy birthday my love!



15. I am still searching for the best word to qualify you because the power of your love in me is getting stronger that I can no longer do without thinking about you. Happy birthday!



16. Any moment you are far away from me, I get sad and wish I could be wherever you are so that my heart will always be fed with the joy it deserves, happy birthday.



17. I am so lucky to have met you in my life; you have given me a chance to learn how to love you till the end of time. Happy birthday!



18. You are a jewel of passion, a person worthy of been cherished to the extreme of the wall of love, a flower that drops passion onto my heart. Happy birthday, I love you.


19. You are my pear of joy, the most handsome guy in the arena of love and passion. I can actually do everything to make you happy. Today, you are plus one, I pray that God will bring complete joy into your life. Happy birthday!


20. Waking up to see a wonderful personality like you is a thing of joy because without you I will always be bored. I wish you a very beautiful happy birthday. May you live long to celebrate more.


21. You are so blessed in this very day in which you were born, may you be free from every obstacle that hinders your glory and prosperity. I just want to say happy birthday my love.


Birthday Message For Fiance Male


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22. I have been with you for so long that we are already used to each other; we have become so addicted to each other that no one but only God can separate us. I love you to the core, my sweetheart. I just want to say happy birthday.


23. This wish is for the only true love of my life the one I have been dreaming to lead the rest of my life with. My sweetheart; you are my joy and smile, be strong because this day shall bring you endless joy. Happy birthday!



24. I wish that I can show the deepest content of my heart. I wish I can display the entire truth about my heart to you so that you will rest assured that no other lady can love you as I do. Happy birthday!


25. To the sweetest guy that I have ever met in my life; to the pigeon of passion and compassion that God has sent to me; I wish you a great new age and a wonderful birthday.


Cute And Lovely Birthday Greetings For Him



26. Meeting you in life has really given me a great choice because you are the very choice that I have been searching for; that kind-hearted man that I cherished you with all my heart.


27. I am pleased to show you how wonderful your presence in my life has been; I am so glad to inform you that since the day you came into my world, everything has changed and the past sorrows of the past have found a reason to go away. Happy birthday!


28. Truly, you are a mercy in my life because, since the day you became part of it, the past worries and sorrows have been washed away. You are my dream husband and I pray that very soon my dream will come to the past. Happy birthday my joy!


29. I am so lucky that you belong to me; you are such an interesting guy the most cheerful one I have ever met in since I was born. You are the best friend and lovely lover so far. Happy birthday!


30. For the rest of my life, I will love to be with you as though there will be no other chance for me to love again. I will always cherish you till the end of time. I love you my darling sweetheart, happy birthday!


31. The flower that grows in my heart is you, joy and happiness that will continue to be my number one no matter what. I believe in you because you are that lovely companion that gives me joy whenever I set my eyes on you. Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend


32. The most interesting thing that God has given me is you and the truth is that you will always be my one and only love. I promise never to disappoint you as far as you are ready to be my husband. Happy birthday my love!


33. Wishing you a day with endless joy and it is no other day but this day on which you were born. I wish you a new age full of prosperous events. May you be celebrated until the end of time? Happy birthday!


The Sweetest Birthday wishes for my man





34. I beseech the Lord to make every single affair of your life easy for you. May you rise above the status that you can never imagine? I love you so much the one I cherish like never before. Happy birthday!



35. You are the blue flower I dreamed about, a light of joy a treasury of success and the most handsome guy that God has blessed me with. I feel like to be with you till the end of time. Happy birthday!


36. I wish you the most beautiful moment on this special day of your life. I am happy because you are so much close to my heart the lovely angel, my sweetheart, and a jewel of success that God has given to me. Happy birthday to you!


37. If there is any other world better than this, I will surely love to be raised along with you so that you will understand that I love you with all my heart. May you be blessed beyond imagination! Happy birthday!


38. What gives me joy most about you is the fact that you are so calm and respectful; you are my diamond treasure, a superstar that every woman will like to spend the rest of her life with. Happy birthday!


39. You belong to me the treasure of my heart, my man, and the comfort that God blessed me with. A light called love, a jewel called passion, and a pearl called compassion. I love you so much, my love. Happy birthday!


40. God has given you to me already, my love and dream of so many years. It brings joy to my heart as though there won’t be joy again. May the Lord bless you on this special day of your life, happy birthday!


Short Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend



41. I am wishing you a splendid day on this day that you were born. There is this feeling that keeps roaming on m mind–it never allows me to stop thinking about you even in the darkest of hours of the night. Happy birthday my love!


42. I pray that the Lord should be with you for the rest of my life; I love you more than you can think. I wish you a very fantastic birthday, may your new age be filled with endless joy and boundless happiness.


43. May this open the new chapter of prosperity in your life, I pray that your Lord is pleased with you in everything you lay your hands. I love you, my sweetheart. Happy birthday!


44. Loving you has been the most beautiful experience in my life; I love you and everything around you. No matter what the people may say about you, nothing will change my view towards you. Happy birthday to you!


45. To the most handsome guy in the world, I just want you to know that no one can take your space in my heart. No one can impress me the way you have always do. Happy birthday my sweetheart!


46. Whenever I think of you, I see a treasure tree bringing out some milk of passion that the taste will never end. Your handsome face finds its source from the blossom of love and compassion. I just want to say, happy birthday.


Sweet And Best Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend



47. A pillar of love like you should be well decorated with passion and compassion because the source of your beauty is from the blossom of pearl and boundless ruby. I love you with the bed of roses I have right here on my heart, happy birthday to you.


48. May God fill your heart with a handful of passion, joy, happiness and endless fortune on this special day of your life; happy birthday the only true love that God has given to me.


49. May you be free of all the pains that you might have gone through in your life; may you be free from every obstacle that might have been hindering your success. Happy birthday my dear love.


50. You belong to me and truly, your thoughts will never find any reason to leave my mind because I have dedicated my heart for you to show you how much you mean to me. Happy birthday the love of my life!



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