Birthday love Messages for her from the Husband

Birthday Love Messages for her from the Husband

Birthday Love Messages for her: These are some birthday messages for you to send to those who are important to you. These messages are specifically written for you to send to those that are close to you such as your dear wife, fiancée, girlfriend, sisters, and so on. Believe me, you are going to enjoy the whole thing. You may also like to read these ones: 60 Cute Goodnight Messages for Special Someone, Long Distance Birthday wishes for Girlfriend.

Birthday love Messages for her

Happy birthday message for love from the heart

1. I have vowed to be with you for the rest of my life. Believe me, it is the truth of which I will never fail the promise. Happy birthday my dearest.

2. You are the smile that overwhelms my face, with you I want to form a family that will never fail. A virtuous family with true love. Happy birthday.

3. I swear I am happy that I met you in this world. It is through you that I began to change my bad ways. I wish you all the best on your day.

4. The day you were born, some blessings came along with you, may you find them with you as soon as possible. Happy birthday.

5. Believe me, you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in this world. I will always love you for the rest of my life.

6. Meeting you in this world is one of the most precious things that has ever happened to me, I will never stop loving you. Happy birthday.

7. I woke up this night to say my prayers and when I remembered you, I have to be stronger in my prayers. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

8. I want you to understand that nothing can stop me from loving you for the rest of my life. You are my happiness. Happy birthday.

9. No one understands the reason why I used to smile anytime I see you but the beholder knows what he sees. Happy birthday.

10. Thank you for the precious time you have given me, you are the best lady in my entire world. Happy birthday.

11. I don’t actually know how to make you happier than this, but you must understand that you belong to me. Happy birthday.

12. I need you so much, and it is not for fun but for a blessed and devoted family in the future. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

13. Believe in this my love for you, for it is the trust I have ever shown to anyone before. Happy birthday my sweet lover.

14. For all I care, I will never forget you for the rest of my life for you have touched a part in my life in which no one has ever touched. Happy birthday.

15. I want to be the reason why you smile all your life. You are my nicest angel and the one I care about a lot. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

16. I want you to smile all your life. You don’t understand how much you mean to me for you are the sweetest angel.

17. Thank you for the kindness you have always shown to me. it is something worth celebrating. Happy birthday.

18. Thank God I found you. I will never forget everything you have done in my life. I miss you to the core the angel of my life.

19. For the rest of my life, no one will ever make me regret why I love you. I called upon the Lord to protect you for me. happy birthday dear.

20. What makes me happy the most is the feeling that you are happy too. Your smiling face is a remedy to my sorrow. Happy birthday sweet angel.

Birthday Love Messages for her from fiancé

21. In my eyes is a light that keeps moving to the direction of endless love and passion and when I looked very well, I realized you are the one. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

22. I have told you that nothing will stop me from loving you not even the worse of conditions that ever happened to you. Happy birthday sweet love.

23. In you, I want to dwell to enjoy the secret of a good life. I need you all my life and there is no single doubt about that. Happy birthday.

24. Nice meeting you in a boring world. You have made my life lively since the day you came into it. I will always love you forever.

25. I don’t just know why your thoughts never escape my mind. I will just be yours for the rest of my life. Happy birthday.

26. To you the best friend I have in this world. I know you don’t understand how much you mean to me. I miss you, my sweetheart.

27. Thank you forever being a supporting lady, I understand what you are going through as my fiancée but one day everything will be fine. Happy birthday.

28. I knew I have a brighter future with you since the first day we met. Now, I am confirming my dream the other day. Happy birthday.

29. I love you is a big world and it has a lot of effect on the mind of a human. I will never joke with it so believe me. I love you. Happy birthday.

30. Nice meeting you in this world. You are the most beloved person in my life. Whoever that is not satisfied with this should give us some space. Happy birthday.

31. There is no one special lover for me than you. A gorgeous woman with the prettiest face in the world. I love you, my dear. Have an awesome birthday.

32. Congratulations my sweetheart. You finally made it to a new year, new happiness and new fortune for a prosperous year.

33. I love you from head to toe. You are my complete angel. The finest and cleanest baby girl I have in this my lifetime. Happy birthday.

34. Thank you for bringing peace to my heart. I will for all I care to be with you anytime you need me. Happy birthday.

35. Thank my dearest God for you have brought to my heart the sweetest thing ever and it is the love of my fiancée.

36. I need you to understand that no one can take your place in my heart again. I am dedicated to loving you forever. Happy birthday sweet angel.

37. No one can separate us both. You are my life and the most beautiful girl I can always be with all my life. I miss you. I wish you a happy birthday.

38. Now that you are plus one, may you find it easy to do all good things in this world. I love you. Have a precious birthday.

39. As you are in my heart, I take good care of you so that you will always dwell in it all time. Happy birthday my dear love.

40. I don’t know why I miss you this much but I want you to be sure that I miss you to the core. I am wishing you a belated birthday.

Birthday Love Messages for her from boyfriend

41. To the super lady of my life, thank God that I met you in a world full of sorrow. Why am I happy that I met you? You are my joy in the same world. Happy birthday.

42. I love your dimple because anytime you smile, I see the most beautiful face ever seen on the surface of the earth. Happy birthday.

43. I am using this precious opportunity to say happy birthday to the most valuable lady in my life. I love you so much.

44. I have been looking for a day to show you the real impact of my love for you; a nice and precious person in the world.

45. No matter the situation I find myself, I already have crazy love for you so nothing will divert my heart away from you.

46. I didn’t understand the meaning of true love until you came into my world. You are my dearest angel and I will always love you.

47. Maybe the smile on my face is as a result of your excess beauty I didn’t know until you smiled at me this morning. Happy birthday.

48. I can do everything to please you. In as much as you are happy, I will always be happy too. Happy birthday my sweetest love.

49. You took good care of me when I was sick, this is the sign of true love. Your good heart will never fail you. Happy birthday.

50. Believe me, I am always in love with you. Wait a minute; is it actually possible for me to lead a life without you? Smile, my love.

51. Actually, we have many reasons why we live in this world and you are one of the greatest reasons in this world. Happy birthday.

52. I have searched the nooks and cranny of this world, there is no one that can replace you in my heart. I love you.

53. What a special lady is full of life. Your healthy life is amazing for I have never seen a strong girl like you before. Happy birthday.

54. With you, I will never be scared of life. I am not interested in a game with you, I am in need of a wife. Happy birthday.

55. Your sunshine face is brighter than the sun itself. This is meticulous, fabulous, nice and above all sweetest in the world. Happy birthday.

56. When I told you that the aura of your love has captured my heart, you thought it was a joke. Now that I cannot eat without you by my side, what will you say to it? Happy birthday.

57. I know I owe you a lot; it is the reason why I am standing here today to make a change for the best. Happy birthday sweet love.

58. You are the sweetest chocolate in the world. Loving you is a kind of joy everyone should search for. Happy birthday.

59. Take my heart, I give it to you. Take good care of it for it belongs to you now. In as much as I am alive, I will always love you. Happy birthday.

60. Thank you sweetest love. Do you know that your face alone is one of the reasons why I wake up every day? Happy birthday.

Birthday Love Messages for her from brother

61. You are my dearest sister. The reason why I am strong. You take good care of me and never let me down when I need you most.

62. Happy birthday to the best sister. She is the best because she is a great support in my life. I love her with all my heart.

63. Anytime you are not around, my heart goes soar, I don’t like living in a minute without you. Happy birthday.

64. Cutest sister in the world, you are plus one today. I beseech the Lord to promote you in all you do. Happy birthday.

65. Until you are back to say I miss you, I will never forgive myself for allowing you to go without me saying I love you. Happy birthday.

66. Your facial expression is of sweetness, love, and happiness. I will always stand by your side when you need me most. Happy birthday.

67. I just want to say, happy birthday to the most beautiful sister living. You are plus one today; may the Lord be with you always.

68. Just to tell you that my heart is always fixed to you. You are perfectly made for me the sweetest angel in the universe. Happy birthday.

69. Who will stop me from wishing my sister a belated birthday when the Lord has made it easy for me? Happy birthday sweet sister.

70. Believe me, she is the sweetest sister in the world. I thought of you last night having missed you in the day.

71. I will always find peace and support in as much as you are around. Your giggles, gist, and endless care have spoilt me. Happy birthday.

72. Whoever has a sister like you have found the best in this world. I mean my words for you are so sweet.

73. Thank you for the simple life you live. You are indeed a great role model. I wish you a great happy birthday.

74. Remember you have always stood by my side. I will also prove to you today that you are worth more than a billion dollars.

75. I need you to understand that as far as I am concerned, there is no lady as gorgeous as you. Happy birthday, sister.

76. I will always be yours all my life. You are my happiness, the true queen of our family. Happy birthday sweet sister.

77. You have also been among the best siblings. You are hardworking, skillful, and precious. Have a wonderful moment with everyone at home. I love you.

78. I want to say thank you to my dearest sister, you are better and more interesting than every other sister in the world.

79. In a million times, I appreciate you as a great sister. It is better to be with you than someone else. Happy birthday.

80. May you live long to enjoy the favor of the Lord upon you; happiness shall be your portion now and forever. Happy birthday.

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